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  1. superpantoufle

    Floppy Emu Disk Emulator Updates

    I received mine yesterday, and just tried it on the Plus tonight. It's awesome!!! Thanks again BMOW for that incredible work!
  2. superpantoufle

    What is the Coolest Mac Hack/Mod you have ever seen?

    The coolest hack/mod I've ever seen... is most defintely my very own Macminitosh!
  3. superpantoufle

    Macintosh 128 Proto (as far as i can tell)

    Wow! Can't wait to read/hear more!
  4. superpantoufle

    My PowerBook 145 is dying… anything to save her?

    I forgot to mention that I took her apart, disconnected the inverter board and interconnect board, and reseatted everything. Thanks bibilit! Are those caps easy to change? I'm no soldering master… I've recapped my LC III and plan to do it on my compacts when I find some time, but I fear it's not as easy on a PowerBook!
  5. Hi all! I have a PowerBook 145 that's been running 24/7 for the last year or so, serving pommel-s.ch, a website about my collection (down at the moment, obviously). Yesterday I noticed the site was down. I checked the PowerBook, only to found she had crashed, and the lower half of its screen was bright orange. I rebooted and cold booted her a couple of times. She's running fine, but the lower half of her screen is dead. The upper half acts normally, while the picture is blurry with a lot of artefacts. It's nothing but bright orange. It also stay orange when the backlighting is turned off. Here are two pictures. The first one just after a cold boot, the second one with backlighting off. Any clue to what happened? Any chance to fix this easily, or is the LCD panel just dead?
  6. superpantoufle

    "Apple Personal Computers" flag from 1985

    Thank you very much! I had seen that thread and pictures, but didn't link them to my flag... so cool to have the historical testimony in context!
  7. superpantoufle

    "Apple Personal Computers" flag from 1985

    Cool! 1985 is the year I heard from the guy I bought my flag from, but I obviously can't be sure. So you have pictures of trade show with this flag? Would you mind sharing those here? I would be very interested in seeing them!
  8. superpantoufle

    "Apple Personal Computers" flag from 1985

    If it's genuine and the backstory is true, this one is my coolest conquest in years. Well, I have to confess I haven't conquered that much lately… I bought that flag on a local auction site a couple of days ago, and received it this morning. The seller told me the flag was left over at an Apple expo in Switzerland in 1985 and would have been trashed if he hadn't picked it up. So did he! It cost me CHF 100.- (roughly $100 as of today), but it fits perfectly on that wall!
  9. superpantoufle

    Here comes the Macminitosh!

    No problem, you're welcome! Thanks!
  10. superpantoufle

    Here comes the Macminitosh!

    Ok, then here is a new album on flickr with most pictures of the Macminitosh: It's the album I uploaded at Bunsen's request for that other thread. May I suggest Bunsen or Trash edit the original post of this thread with the new link? Thanks!
  11. superpantoufle

    Finally, an Intel

    It most certainly is! What I meant was that Core Duo Macs (especially compared to the first Core 2 Duos) didn't feel that fast back then.
  12. superpantoufle

    Finally, an Intel

    2006 MacBook Pro? Hopefully it's a late 2006 Core 2 Duo, and not the terrible 1st gen Core Duo MacBook Pro, with which you'd be far from four Moore's law generations away from your Quicksilver! Actually the Quicksilver I use as my backup Mac feels faster running Leopard today than my first Core Duo MacBook felt running Tiger in 2006-2007.
  13. superpantoufle

    Here comes the Macminitosh!

    Yes! Why not? But wouldn't it make more sense tu attach them to this post? Actually I have to confess that my Macminitosh is retired. It was way cooler to build it than to use it... I sold the Mini last year, but kept my custom SE case and the monitor for who knows what the next project is! Imho it would be weird to post now pictures of a 3-4 years old projet!
  14. superpantoufle

    Here comes the Macminitosh!

    Wow, it's been a long time! Actually the Macminitosh is now "dormant"… I sold my Mini about a year ago. I kept the SE case and all the cables and stuff, though. Maybe I'll put another Mac in there some time! The LCD has standard VGA. First it was connected through an Apple DVI to VGA converter. Then I changed it for a Kensington VGA to USB converter, so I could use the Mini's DVI port with a HDMI cable to my TV. My fault, sorry! I forgot about this thread and deleted that gallery. Another one can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/solsyl/sets/72157629437538092/. Trash80, could you ar another mod edit the original post with that new link?
  15. superpantoufle

    Twiggy 128K prototype, again.

    Did you see this? http://www.cultofmac.com/160279/pick-up-this-extremely-rare-128k-mac-prototype-for-a-cool-100000/ Most certainly not Wozniak's, but impressive pics. Is it the same that surfaced some months ago?