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  1. You think VNC would support more Mac stuff than built-in Screen Sharing?
  2. johnklos

    Turbo040 in SE/30 "bad F-line instruction"

    Someone should make a binary patcher. Floating point exceptions will work on older LC040s so long as the previous instruction to any FPU instruction is not a write. It'd be tricky because you can't change the size of the executable section reliably unless you can also patch all jumps and call addresses, but a patcher could just make an external location where the write + FPU calls are overwritten with a call to the same write, a NOP, then the FPU operation, then a return. Amigas had a program called CyberPatcher which would patch Amiga binaries at load time to replace instructions which are emulated on the m68060 with calls, since they're faster than a full exception.
  3. Have you tried simply switching TCP/IP from Ethernet to Modem, closing, then switching back from Modem to Ethernet? Sometimes the prefs get screwy.
  4. Interesting reading, particularly about the XCOFF support similarities between AIX and Mac OS. https://belkadan.com/blog/2020/04/Swift-on-Mac-OS-9/
  5. You can probably get the mode(s) you want by buying a Mac video to VGA adapter with DIP switches. I have lots of universal adapters that don't have switches, but when I use one on my LC II, for instance, I only get 512x348. When I use the one with DIP switches, I can also get 640x480.
  6. johnklos

    Imagewriter II ribbon cartridge sources?

    I bought some black ribbons on Amazon many years ago, but it was too long ago to find in my history. Just read the reviews and look for ones written by people who can write in complete sentences and convey information unambiguously. I didn't know that about color ribbons, but it's good to know. I bought a few color ribbons a few years back based on a thread here about someone sourcing new components, and although I haven't gotten to use them much, it's good that they're new
  7. johnklos

    Imagewriter II ribbon cartridge sources?

    What have you heard? I've used ancient ribbons without any issues.
  8. Ah. I see. That sounds like it's not happy. Good luck!
  9. I highly recommend you don't open it up. It spins up, you've already said, and a noise shortly after spinning up is quite normal for older drives like these. Opening it up may permanently ruin it because you'll be introducing dust. Just curious - what does "HHD" stand for? As you've said, SCSI Probe sees the drive, but you can't mount it. Ok. So now download a patched copy of Apple HD SC or Apple Drive Setup, then use that to partition the drive.
  10. johnklos

    m68882 made in 2012?

    I think the problem is more prevalent with larger ceramic chips where people want one type and there's a glut of another. I have two FPU-less LC040s that were reprinted as MC68040s and I have an MC68060 that's really an EC (no FPU, no MMU). Luckily, there are no FPU-less MC68881 or MC68882
  11. johnklos

    m68882 made in 2012?

    I recently recapped my LC III motherboard and it works wonderfully. I had an extra m68881, but it's only rated at 16 MHz and the LC III is running at 33 MHz, so I decided to buy a faster rated m68882 from eBay for $6. I've gotten lots of fake m68040 and m68060 chips from eBay, so I was a little suspicious, but I installed it, and it's a real m68882! Now the strange part: According to the markings on the package, it was made by Motorola, not Freescale, and it was made in 2012! I wonder why Motorola is still making these. Also, even while running FPU intensive tests, it runs cool, so I'm guessing this is a newer mask made on a smaller process than old m68882 chips made in the 1980s.
  12. I've set up many SSDs, although all were either Toshiba or Samsung, on various models of G4 and G5, without any problems. This is the first I've heard of any problems with booting. Not seeing drives, sure, but I've only ever seen all or nothing - either the drive isn't seen at all, or it's seen and works fine. It'd be interesting to see what your device tree looks like from Open Firmware.
  13. If a Power Mac G5 can see a drive, then it can boot off of it. There are issues with certain drives that don't properly fall back to 1.5 Gbps, but if you can use CCC to clone, then your drives are working. If your SSDs are larger than the 160 gig drive, then boot off of another drive or DVD, then use `dd` to copy the 160 gig drive exactly as-is. Or just do a clean install on the SSD.
  14. Many older NuBus / LC ethernet cards work fine with 100 Mbps and gigabit switches with auto negotiation. However, certain cards seem to not want to work. Some have a jumper which causes the link to stay on regardless of the physical connection. Does anyone know how to make these cards work with standard 100 Mbps / gigabit switches? For instance, I have a couple of Asante "MacCon LC-A" version 1.1 cards. I prefer to use them because they have a socket for the m68881 or m68882 FPU. However, I can't get a link on anything. Without the jumper, it gives a blinking link LED, and with it, it gives me a solid link LED, but nothing on the other end either way. In the past I used to keep around 10 Mbps hubs just for connecting older machines with cards like these. Is this still the most straightforward way?
  15. johnklos

    Apple Imagewriter II Restoration

    I would love to get an ImageWriter LQ... I have a beat up ImageWriter II that I found in a Dumpster many years ago. The knob is broken, the plastic is cracked, it's rusty as heck, but it still prints beautifully. I wrote drivers to print color graphics and screen shots to an ImageWriter II from my Sinclair QL (m68008 processor). It's pretty straightforward. I even found some of my program listings from the '80s recently. I'll have to post them somewhere some time soon. You probably don't want to do software flow control - it's a pain. Hardware handshaking works just fine on the ImageWriter II, once you make the cable.