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  1. There are two models of official compatible bezel, the caddy load 900/950 bezel and the 9150 tray load bezel- the latter seems to be more desirable (although I have no idea why, caddies are far cooler ) There is also at least one mostly "open" bezel that's basically just a frame- I don't recall if I have that model... but for the tray-load model, prices are all over, but I've seen them fetch upwards of 100USD in the near past even.
  2. defor

    Zif Carrier Advice

    there were 1.2ghz g3 zifs?
  3. defor

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    I'm pretty sure that in theory, probably just about anything you wanted- the problem here is that you'd need to develop a Mac OS driver for each feature (and in some cases, develop an entire stack to support features that had no equivalent, i.e. USB, on classic Mac) Also to clarify, K55 who started this thread was working to make a more accessible Mac-ready hardware kit using the schematics developed by kugimoto0715 (http://www.geocities.jp/kugimoto0715/), I don't think K55 or anyone else here has actually progressed down this route much further- I was originally interested (and have to return to the topic) in using the project to create a multi-game Apple/Bandai/Atmark Pippin game jukebox, as the SCSI2SD has some limitations to this regard that make implementation a bit difficult, but I haven't done any more investigation. On the topic of drivers, kugimoto0715 provides two drivers similar to what you're referring, but for x68000 (one that allows remote file system access, and one that allows the Pi's ethernet to be used directly, but both appear to have been developed through a mixture of already existing software to allow emulators to access their host os. I might look into an updated technically accurate re-translation of the page if no one's poked at it recently, as I see there's some updates since it first went live (I've also seen the compatible adapters for sale in shops such as BEEP recently, so it's no surprise that it's been gaining momentum). curious what this initiator and monitor mode options offer...
  4. Thanks for the reply- is there any chance you can get me some scans of the SCSI Stage II booster card's front and back in as high res as you can? I for some absolutely crazy reason sold the scsi I and II boosters I had to another member here, and I'm regretting it.. I have a DSP booster card still, and a few of the PCI booster adapters from an image rip made from the remnants of Skylab project, but clearly neither are really that useful these days (unless there's some DSP-accelerated system 7 MP3 player that will run stable inside a rocket, or something equally as obscure and stupid waste of hardware.
  5. Tape actually. Nothing some replacement 3M tape off Amazon can't fix though.
  6. Where are you finding all these SCSI-2 Boosters?
  7. defor

    Powermac 9600 G3 problems

    What kind of errors do you get? Do you get a boot chime when it fails to power up? If so, how far does it get into the boot? How much RAM are you using, and have you tried installing only the minimum possible, using the fastest (based on refresh rate) dimes you have? More details would be appreciated.
  8. defor

    M1212 RGB display colors...rotated?

    This looks like one of two symptoms: 1) hue adjustment's been fiddled with (adjusting the hue on monitors will usually cycle the colors like that) 2) the RGB signal connections to the monitor may be in the wrong order if it's been serviced before. also the M1212 should be the "Macintosh Color Display" - I think this is a 13", capable of 640x480, not 12" capable of only 512x384
  9. I'd love to see some disk performance test results with something relevant to old Macs (MacBench 5 for example) Also curious to know if speed of SD matters at all on a machine this slow.
  10. defor

    Radius RocketShare & SoftPC 3.1

    I'm really not surprised, but I feel that there's no reason it shouldn't work with some work... there's also not much reason a rocket can't boot A/UX either TECHNICALLY, but it also won't boot. I suspect that there's some core differences in the rocket rom as compared to the 900/950 rom that it pretends to be, but I haven't looked closely or bothered to think about it much... would be nice to know...
  11. Apple Video Player comes with Mac OS 8/9 when it's installed and it detects a video capture device (apple card specifically). If you're running an already-installed build, you may have to rerun the installer. I installed 9.2.1 on the G3 that's in front of me, and the application's default location is inside "Applications (Mac OS 9)" I feel like older versions of MacOS put it in "Apple Extras" Also I think some put an alias to it in the Apple Menu.
  12. if you want bootability, there's only a few Mac-compatible pci SATA cards. The most common are based on the SIL3112 chipset, but stock PC Cards will require an eprom reprogramming to function. On the upside, they work well with classic MacOS as well as MacOS X as they emulate a bootable SCSI adapter. I'm not aware of any PC "RAID" cards that can be reflashed, so it's unlikely your card will be able to function natively, except a slim chance as a secondary (not bootable) card in OS X. You COULD get a SATA to IDE adapter- I've had good luck with these in a number of IDE-ony Macs, or you could buy a genuine Sonnet Tempo SATA card or reflash a compatible card. Sometimes both originals and refreshed cards go up for sale on the trading post.
  13. defor

    Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac SE/30

    This is very nice! great size, and works as a proper bridge- (unlikely) but is there any support for WPA2-Ent in the module? The data sheet doesn't seem to indicate.
  14. defor

    A mod is defor!

    Thanks all, hopefully I can make some difference around here!