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  1. On many of my 5xx chassis AIO boards, I've had issues with battery goop having corroded the traces on or around the CUDA chip. Resoldering (or replacing this chip using a suitable similar donor mac) usually fixes the problem right away. One of my MacTVs also had a trace corroded through UNDER the battery holder- so its worth desoldering and inspecting that as well.
  2. defor


    As far as your scaling using remote kvm- this is kinda a thing that happens in general- an IP KVM is not for day to day use pretty much pure and simple. I definitely used mine with an IP KVM, but OS level mouse acceleration is always at odds with the kvm... I even have issues with this on "Supported" windows machines... personally, I'd look into USB over IP and Video over IP solutions, and couple them with a PROPER manual kvm where your computers are, that way there's no virtual scaling or wierd web ui induced lag/interface.
  3. defor


    I have two belkin omniview adapters designed for just this purpose of connecting macs to an off the shelf PC KVM- ps/2 keyboard and mouse and vga monitor to mac adb and 15 pin monitor. I'm interested in letting them go as I've taken my classic Macs out of my rack and no longer use the KVM...
  4. defor

    Macintosh TV questions

    Also, the sony pcb on the tuner card can be replaced with a new pcb if it's easier than recapping, but if you're planning to recap the whole tuner, remember, theres a lot of caps INSIDE the RF cage as well. you'll need to remove the solder locking the shield shit, but then it just pops open. not easy to recap anything in there however, but for a true "proper" recap, it's going to be needed. (I personally decided to skip everything on my tuner boards as they're doing fine) sadly, I suffered battery damage on one of my boards, and need to replace the CUDA chip (thankfully a relatively easy replacement)
  5. defor

    Macintosh TV questions

    you know, I've been wondering if it might be worthwhile to create some premade scsi2sd images for systems such as the Macintosh TV and others where floppy install was the preferred restore disc format. I personally used the floppy images to make a restore set for my MacTVs, but would expect BMOW floppy emulator would work well too.
  6. defor

    Volume size limits under HFS and HFS+

    Maximum Bootable partition size by OS version: Macintosh Mac OS 1.x - 9.x : 200GB6 Maximum Bootable partition size by ROM Errata: Power Macintosh G3 (Beige) Mac OS 10.x : 8GB (And the extents of this partition must land within the confines of the first 8GB of the actual Disk) This means that while even though you may create a 2TB partition on a SCSI Manger 4.3 system, it will not be bootable. i.e. partitioning a larger drive into a 200GB "Boot Drive" and a 1.8TB "Data Drive" will work fine. As usual, these are all partition size limitations. Actual Drive limits will still apply first. i.e. an LBA32 ATA controller, like those found in most systems before the Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors)6, will limit the drive's actual size to 137GB. There are third party software solutions for allowing LBA48 support in these cases, but because the limitation exists in hardware, the solution is only viable once the OS is loaded, so the bootable partition's extents muyst be within the LBA32 region similar to the Power Macintosh (Beige) G3 limits. Many SIL3112 SATA and ATA/133 PCI upgrade cards properly support LBA48, and because of their presentation in hardware as "SCSI" devices, HFS/HFS+ partition size limits can be achieved without issue. 6 https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT2544
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    Personal Gallery
  9. defor

    Quadra 650 and Houdini II Dos Card

    Thanks! I've got a spare NIB Houdini 2 kit (and no 6100) and since they're not horribly valued, I might as well do something with it!
  10. defor

    Quadra 650 and Houdini II Dos Card

    Wait, the 6100 dos kit will work in a 650?
  11. There are two models of official compatible bezel, the caddy load 900/950 bezel and the 9150 tray load bezel- the latter seems to be more desirable (although I have no idea why, caddies are far cooler ) There is also at least one mostly "open" bezel that's basically just a frame- I don't recall if I have that model... but for the tray-load model, prices are all over, but I've seen them fetch upwards of 100USD in the near past even.
  12. defor

    Zif Carrier Advice

    there were 1.2ghz g3 zifs?
  13. defor

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    I'm pretty sure that in theory, probably just about anything you wanted- the problem here is that you'd need to develop a Mac OS driver for each feature (and in some cases, develop an entire stack to support features that had no equivalent, i.e. USB, on classic Mac) Also to clarify, K55 who started this thread was working to make a more accessible Mac-ready hardware kit using the schematics developed by kugimoto0715 (http://www.geocities.jp/kugimoto0715/), I don't think K55 or anyone else here has actually progressed down this route much further- I was originally interested (and have to return to the topic) in using the project to create a multi-game Apple/Bandai/Atmark Pippin game jukebox, as the SCSI2SD has some limitations to this regard that make implementation a bit difficult, but I haven't done any more investigation. On the topic of drivers, kugimoto0715 provides two drivers similar to what you're referring, but for x68000 (one that allows remote file system access, and one that allows the Pi's ethernet to be used directly, but both appear to have been developed through a mixture of already existing software to allow emulators to access their host os. I might look into an updated technically accurate re-translation of the page if no one's poked at it recently, as I see there's some updates since it first went live (I've also seen the compatible adapters for sale in shops such as BEEP recently, so it's no surprise that it's been gaining momentum). curious what this initiator and monitor mode options offer...
  14. Thanks for the reply- is there any chance you can get me some scans of the SCSI Stage II booster card's front and back in as high res as you can? I for some absolutely crazy reason sold the scsi I and II boosters I had to another member here, and I'm regretting it.. I have a DSP booster card still, and a few of the PCI booster adapters from an image rip made from the remnants of Skylab project, but clearly neither are really that useful these days (unless there's some DSP-accelerated system 7 MP3 player that will run stable inside a rocket, or something equally as obscure and stupid waste of hardware.
  15. Tape actually. Nothing some replacement 3M tape off Amazon can't fix though.