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  1. waynestewart

    800k drive won’t spin

    Ok but I was meaning the case which would likely be one of these numbers A2M2053, M0131, A9M0106, G7287
  2. waynestewart

    800k drive won’t spin

    What's the model number on the drive case?
  3. waynestewart

    Profile rifas

    A Profile drive let out a huge amount of smoke. Opened it up and in the power supply I found four rifa caps. Three were the same size as in Apple II power supplies. The bad one was several times that size. Wondering why so many and about the big one.
  4. waynestewart


    9.1 Have a couple of them. Also a Color Classic modified to take a 6500 motherboard
  5. waynestewart


    I've mostly used mine with a G3 card. The hard drive is ide so I've been using an ide to Cf adapter. Speeds up booting.
  6. waynestewart

    PCI SATA card for Blue & White?

    Well, when you have over 100 computers and you're tied up with work or kids 14-16 hours a day, 7 days a week then they don't get a lot of use. However I'm planning on cutting back on work so around Sept or Oct I can start taking an occasional day off. On the plus side there's also the excitement of rediscovering hardware I've forgotten I had.
  7. waynestewart

    early Disk II drive

    Makes me want to crack open up all my Disk IIs when I get back. I have a couple dozen or so. Might find something interesting.
  8. waynestewart

    early Disk II drive

    Are you sure it's an Apple Disk II and not a clone? There were a lot of full height clones out there.
  9. waynestewart

    Collectorism again

    Collectorism is threatening again. Shelled out $5 for an Apple II cassette yesterday. I normally only buy items I'll use not items to look at. I rarely play games but to avoid feeling like a collector I guess I'll have to dig out a cassette player and try one of the games.
  10. waynestewart

    G4 processor swaps

    It's not bus speed as they made a couple of MDD models with 133 mhz bus speed. If it was otherwise hardware compatible then some of the aftermarket suppliers would have made their cpu upgrades for all G4s
  11. waynestewart

    Blue and White G3 Lives Again!

    The DVD decoder only works with OS 9. With OSX try VLC
  12. waynestewart

    SCSI to IDE adapters (bridges)

    I was given a number of them a dozen or so years ago. They work pretty flawlessly with everything I've tried. I've tried them with ide drives, optical drives, CF adapters. Even tried them with a data adapter to connect a SSD and a blu-ray drive. Wish I had more of them.
  13. waynestewart

    UltraDrive 80 external SCSI HD replacment

    I have some Ultradrives. They're just standard SCSI boxes so you can easily swap out the drive
  14. waynestewart

    G4 Cube DVDRW drive

    I replaced the optical drive in my cube with one from a slot loading iMac. There's a little adapter circuitboard that plugged into the back of the cube drive that I moved over to the iMac drive. Like Franklinstein I mostly used an external.
  15. waynestewart

    PCI SATA card for Blue & White?

    At one time I used my MDD with eyeTV to record and watch TV. Then my MDD died and I wasn’t in the best financial condition to replace it. The Elgato manual said I needed a minimum of a G4 and USB 2.0. Didn’t have it but I had a B&W G3 with a 1.1ghz upgrade and a USB 2.0 card. That worked out very well I did a Mystic and a Takky. I had planned on doing one with the motherboard from a tray loading iMac. It’d fit in the CC case. Have a box with the parts for the conversion but never found the time. As I get older spare time is getting to be a rare item