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  1. For non SCSI Macs, I mostly used Lacie usb optical drives with Toast in OS9
  2. Those upgrade boards are pretty rare. It’d be easier to locate a 333mhz card. A few people have been playing around with replacing G3 processors with G4s in various machines. Been meaning to give that a try when I have some spare time.
  3. A2 with weird Display

    I'd probably start by reseating all the chips. That's solved 99% of the II+ problems I've had
  4. MDD Dual G4 ATX Power Supply swap

    You could pick up one of the power supplies for adc monitors. Less load on the computers power supply and then you can use it with quite a few other macs
  5. You can even get localtalk though the Stealth serial port might be harder to find
  6. For OSX you need an 8gb or smaller partition. For OS 9 you can use anything up to 128gb on the built in bus.
  7. My // GS is ROM03

    Whereabouts in Canada are you?
  8. iMac G3 333 Battery 920-0980-A

    Years back, we did a fair bit of motherboard swapping between tray loading iMacs. Usually we'd swap the whole tray containing motherboard, HD and optical drive between machines. Never saw one where we could't make the swap. It was easier to swap the whole tray instead of moving just the hard drive. Did a lot of processor card upgrading. The 333mhz processor card will work in any tray loading iMac. I kept one tray loading iMac. When I can find time I'm going to try soldering on a G4.
  9. Sonnet made good cards. 1mb cache does make a difference. I’d definitely hold out for that. I’d probably look for a 400mhz. They come up often enough. Faster than that is a bit harder to find. G4s don’t add much unless you’re running OSX.
  10. A while back on his facebook page he mentioned that he might be producing one with larger ROM. Don't know what I'd put on 512k but a couple mb I could really put to use.
  11. SCSI2SD vs Floppy Emu

    I have a SCSI2SD, Aztecmonster and a Floppyemu. I installed one SCSI2SD at the front of an external SCSI case that came with an opening for small media. It lets me swap media and move the enclosure from one computer to another. The Aztecmonster feels a little faster. I’ve considered replacing the SCSI2SD as my mobile drive but haven’t gotten around to it. One bonus would be that it’s easier to label the media. I’ve ordered an extension with MicroSD on one end and regular SD on the other. I’ll see how that works out. The Floppyemu is very versatile. If you’re using a IIc or Fat Mac it’s the one to have.
  12. MDD Ultimate OS9 Machine Upgrades

    I've used a Sonnet SATA card in a MDD with both SSD and mechanical hard drive. They benchmarked the same. The only advantage was that the SSD didn't spin down. I liked the Kensington Turbomouse Pro trackball
  13. MDD Ultimate OS9 Machine Upgrades

    I'm using a MDD to play a few games. For gaming I found mechanical hard drives to be a pain. I tried various hard drive setups but right now I'm using a Compact Flash with ide adapter. Fast and inexpensive
  14. mSATA to ATA bus Macintosh (and also PCI Macintosh)

    What software did you use for benchmarking?