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  1. waynestewart

    Blue and White G3 Lives Again!

    The DVD decoder only works with OS 9. With OSX try VLC
  2. waynestewart

    SCSI to IDE adapters (bridges)

    I was given a number of them a dozen or so years ago. They work pretty flawlessly with everything I've tried. I've tried them with ide drives, optical drives, CF adapters. Even tried them with a data adapter to connect a SSD and a blu-ray drive. Wish I had more of them.
  3. waynestewart

    UltraDrive 80 external SCSI HD replacment

    I have some Ultradrives. They're just standard SCSI boxes so you can easily swap out the drive
  4. waynestewart

    G4 Cube DVDRW drive

    I replaced the optical drive in my cube with one from a slot loading iMac. There's a little adapter circuitboard that plugged into the back of the cube drive that I moved over to the iMac drive. Like Franklinstein I mostly used an external.
  5. waynestewart

    PCI SATA card for Blue & White?

    At one time I used my MDD with eyeTV to record and watch TV. Then my MDD died and I wasn’t in the best financial condition to replace it. The Elgato manual said I needed a minimum of a G4 and USB 2.0. Didn’t have it but I had a B&W G3 with a 1.1ghz upgrade and a USB 2.0 card. That worked out very well I did a Mystic and a Takky. I had planned on doing one with the motherboard from a tray loading iMac. It’d fit in the CC case. Have a box with the parts for the conversion but never found the time. As I get older spare time is getting to be a rare item
  6. waynestewart

    is this card anything special?

    don't know what the going rate is but that's a IIsi NuBus adapter It's for using NuBus cards in the IIsi
  7. I prefer my fw400 MDD with a dual 1.42ghz overclocked to 1.5ghz and SATA SSD for OS 9. It's faster than anything else I have for OS 9. I guess my second choice would be my QS with dual 1.8ghz upgrade. It's noticeably slower than the MDD but still pretty good
  8. It’s an ATI 3D Rage pro 8mb video card http://www.welovemacs.com/1095410000r.html
  9. waynestewart

    Performa 6200 and 5400 Mother Board.

    I believe the issue is that the 5400 MB requires 3.3 volts for the RAM. That was an issue for people using the 5400 MB in the Color Classic. Take a look at one of the Color Classic Takky upgrade sites for a solution
  10. waynestewart

    17" powerbook

    Dragged it out of the closet long enough to discover that it's the lower resolution model. Also decided to leave the battery out of it while it's stored.
  11. waynestewart

    17" powerbook

    I didn't know there was more than 1 version of the 1.67ghz 17" powerbook. I'll take a look when I get home. I'm not really a powerbook fan though you'd think that I would be from the amount of them in my closet
  12. waynestewart

    17" powerbook

    Was given a 1.67ghz 17” G4 powerbook with 1.5 gb RAM. Hasn’t been used in a while. Came with 3 batteries. One was basically junk. One holds an hours charge and there was a new battery with the plastic still on it. I ran the powerbook for an hour on it and it still showed 3 ½ hours left. I'm starting to run out of closet space for any more Apple laptops.
  13. waynestewart

    DC50 take apart

    Disassembled a DC50 key switch to evaluate repair options
  14. waynestewart

    Questions about ImageWriter II

    You can use normal paper in the Imagewriter II if you're printing one sheet at a time. Most of the printing I've done with the IW 1 & 2 has been with regular paper
  15. waynestewart

    Less than bright

    I picked up a 867mhz QuickSilver because it was advertised as having a SATA card and the price was less than I would have paid for the SATA card alone.. No drives though. I installed an ATA drive off my other QS as well as a SATA drive. Booted the machine and installed OSX on the SATA drive. Then booted off the SATA drive. Next I installed OS 9 off a CD. When I tried booting OS 9 off the SATA drive it went as far the OS 9 toaster Mac icon and stopped. I tried copying my system from the ATA drive with the same results. The card had 5.3.1 firmware so I tried the 5.1.3 firmware. Same results. Then I tried moving the card and drive over to my 933mhz QS but that didn’t help. Then I stopped for a coffee and my brain started functioning a little better. Of course, no OS 9 driver. Formatted the drive under OS 9, copied everything over and booted OS 9. Everything's working well. Now I have to decide what to do with the older QS. I’ve got way too many Macs and Apple IIs right now. Get rid of it? Pull the power supply and get rid of it?