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  1. waynestewart

    SCSI to IDE Adapter

    as well as SCSI2SD there's artmixs SCSI-CF and SCSI-SD adapters. I've never had an issue with them.
  2. Haven't tried Patriot. I did try 3 brands. An intel which initially worked but seemed to lose it's formatting repeatedly. Moved it over to a macbook where it worked fine. A Samsung worked fine until I got rid of the G5. I don't recall the third brand. It had issues as well but is working fine in my Mac Pro
  3. Which brand of SSD did you buy?
  4. waynestewart

    Kida on a IIe

    I have DazzleDraw somewhere. I'll see about getting some more software over to the IIe. Between them the kids spent about 8 hours on the IIe yesterday so I guess I'm not taking it home tonight. They won't use it much today as it's super busy with martial arts classes and dance. I'll leave it there another week.
  5. waynestewart

    Kida on a IIe

    I have those programs somewhere in storage but lack the time to look right now. There's not a lot of spare room there so I'll leave the IIe until the weekend. I'll bring it back after new years. By then I'll be better prepared I hope.
  6. waynestewart

    Kida on a IIe

    A nine year old kid I take care of a lot said he’d like to try one of those computers with the big keys. I was unsure what he meant so I showed him a pic of a IIe. Whereupon he said “That’s the one”. So I brought over a IIe with mouse, joystick, DuoDisk and ColorMonitor IIe. All the kids weren’t there but the 11 and 9 year old played a number of games. The 4 year old did well enough with Blazzing Paddles but poorly with the games. The 2 year old demonstrated a total lack of ability but enjoyed trying everything. There’s no room there but I’ll leave the IIe there for a couple of days. I’d like to see how the 6 year old is with a drawing program. She’s the artistic one in the family.
  7. waynestewart

    Apple IIc Flat Panel

    I've got an Apple and a C-vue IIc lcd and yes they are terrible displays. They aren't backlit and need either sunlight or a strong light source to be readable.
  8. I've tried three makes in older Macs. I had issues with Kingston and Intel though when I moved them to a newish machine they worked flawlessly. Samsung worked well with older and newer hardware so I've stuck with that brand. I haven't tried other brands
  9. waynestewart

    Loud fan in Sawtooth

    Could the thermal paste between the heat sink and the processor need replacing?
  10. waynestewart

    G4 processor swaps

    Physically fitting is one thing, working is another. The MDD has been out for over 15 years and in that time I haven't seen a single person demonstrate a MDD processor in anything else. The opposite also. All those processor upgrades for the QS, DA and so forth and none of those work in the MDD. I'd love it if I could move the 1.8ghz module from my DA to my MDD.
  11. waynestewart

    FlashPath SD to Floppy Disk Adapter (Actual Floppy Disk)

    I had a Sony one. As Cory5412 said you needed an App to read it. It wasn't overly fast. It was less trouble to use a reader or connect the camera to the computer. I'd bought it with the hope that I could access it like a regular but larger floppy. No such luck
  12. waynestewart


    Nice find SCSI DVD drives aren't very common
  13. waynestewart

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Most computer stores should stock adapters for mounting a SSD in a 3.5" bracket
  14. AMDOS will let you run some DOS 3.3 software on a 3.5" disk
  15. I pulled out my power logix cards and I misremembered how the heat sink was mounted. There was a plastic clip that hooked onto the processor and the center of the heat sink was threaded and screwed into that clip. Pictures will help