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  1. It’s an ATI 3D Rage pro 8mb video card http://www.welovemacs.com/1095410000r.html
  2. waynestewart

    Performa 6200 and 5400 Mother Board.

    I believe the issue is that the 5400 MB requires 3.3 volts for the RAM. That was an issue for people using the 5400 MB in the Color Classic. Take a look at one of the Color Classic Takky upgrade sites for a solution
  3. waynestewart

    17" powerbook

    Dragged it out of the closet long enough to discover that it's the lower resolution model. Also decided to leave the battery out of it while it's stored.
  4. waynestewart

    17" powerbook

    I didn't know there was more than 1 version of the 1.67ghz 17" powerbook. I'll take a look when I get home. I'm not really a powerbook fan though you'd think that I would be from the amount of them in my closet
  5. waynestewart

    17" powerbook

    Was given a 1.67ghz 17” G4 powerbook with 1.5 gb RAM. Hasn’t been used in a while. Came with 3 batteries. One was basically junk. One holds an hours charge and there was a new battery with the plastic still on it. I ran the powerbook for an hour on it and it still showed 3 ½ hours left. I'm starting to run out of closet space for any more Apple laptops.
  6. waynestewart

    DC50 take apart

    Disassembled a DC50 key switch to evaluate repair options
  7. waynestewart

    Questions about ImageWriter II

    You can use normal paper in the Imagewriter II if you're printing one sheet at a time. Most of the printing I've done with the IW 1 & 2 has been with regular paper
  8. waynestewart

    Less than bright

    I picked up a 867mhz QuickSilver because it was advertised as having a SATA card and the price was less than I would have paid for the SATA card alone.. No drives though. I installed an ATA drive off my other QS as well as a SATA drive. Booted the machine and installed OSX on the SATA drive. Then booted off the SATA drive. Next I installed OS 9 off a CD. When I tried booting OS 9 off the SATA drive it went as far the OS 9 toaster Mac icon and stopped. I tried copying my system from the ATA drive with the same results. The card had 5.3.1 firmware so I tried the 5.1.3 firmware. Same results. Then I tried moving the card and drive over to my 933mhz QS but that didn’t help. Then I stopped for a coffee and my brain started functioning a little better. Of course, no OS 9 driver. Formatted the drive under OS 9, copied everything over and booted OS 9. Everything's working well. Now I have to decide what to do with the older QS. I’ve got way too many Macs and Apple IIs right now. Get rid of it? Pull the power supply and get rid of it?
  9. waynestewart

    What is this

    Could just be that they were having keyboard problems and swapped in this one. One of my acquisitions was a clone with an Apple II power supply and on the lid was an apple II badge.
  10. waynestewart

    Benchmarking SCSI2SD Devices in a PCI powermac

    Haven’t used the ATTO cards in probably 15 years and the first three I tried didn’t seem to work. I’ll put those aside and maybe try them on another Mac before considering recycling them. I’m getting pretty low on ATTO cards now if those are history. Wasted a lot of time on them before I found one that worked. Sonnet SATA card with a SD adapter 20834 KB/s read 19271 KB/s write. Samsung 128gb 840 evo 20389 KB/s read 25315 KB/s write Internal fast SCSI Quantum Fireball 4gb 8142 KB/s read 7496 KB/s write Raizinmonster (CF) 8323 KB/s read 8813 KB/s write Fuzinmonster(SD) 8412 KB/s read 8919 KB/s ATTO SCSI card Raizinmonster (CF) 14361 KB/s read 14476 KB/s write Fuzinmonster(SD) 17879 KB/s read 17992 KB/s write Seagate 36gb 10,000rpm 24406 KB/s read 35339 KB/s write Jackhammer SCSI card Raizinmonster(CF) 14348 KB/s read 16093 KB/s write Fuzinmonster(SD) 17923 KB/s read 16569 KB/s write
  11. waynestewart

    Benchmarking SCSI2SD Devices in a PCI powermac

    I have a Raizinmonster(CF) and a Fuzinmonster(SD) and was curious about how well they did on the Mac. I’ve been using them on the Apple II. The closest machine to yours I have handy is a 8600 with a 450mhz G3 card and 512mb RAM running 9.1. I don’t have Norton so I tried FWB. The Raizinmonster and Fuzinmonster are in external cases and I didn’t have time to remove them this morning. Will do that over the weekend. Also have a ATTO SCSI card I can install. Also have a Sonnet SATA card I can try. The external SCSI bus is slow but since I only had a little time I thought I’d see how they did on it. I tried a couple of SD and 1 CF card. 16gb SanDisk SD sustained read – 4358 KB/sec Sustained write – 4537 KB/sec 2gb SanDisk SD sustained read – 4757 KB/sec Sustained write – 4114 KB/sec 2gb SanDisk CF sustained read – 4727 KB/sec Sustained write – 4094 KB/sec Picture 8 SD Picture 9 SD Picture 11CF
  12. waynestewart

    Benchmarking SCSI2SD Devices in a PCI powermac

    There was an old discussion here that got me wondering about formatting.
  13. waynestewart

    Benchmarking SCSI2SD Devices in a PCI powermac

    What was the SCSI2SD formatted with?
  14. waynestewart

    Benchmarking SCSI2SD Devices in a PCI powermac

    It'd be interesting to compare all the available SCSI devices: the SCSI2SD versions, Artmixes SD & CF adapters, SCM PCD-50B, Acard SCSI bridges and ?
  15. waynestewart

    Apple II Plus Card Identification

    From top Modem card 80 column card serial card 16K RAM Floppy drive controller Parallel printer card