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  1. I pulled out my power logix cards and I misremembered how the heat sink was mounted. There was a plastic clip that hooked onto the processor and the center of the heat sink was threaded and screwed into that clip. Pictures will help
  2. On mine the heat sinks are just glued on. I won't be home tonight until after 11 but I'll get some pics tonight or tomorrow. The G3s don't get as hot as the 604 and likely owners now aren't doing heavy computing with those machines like many were back then. Still if I had to add a heat sink I like the idea of extra cooling.
  3. I have some powerlogix cards so if you want any measurements I can do that. However if I had to make my own heat sink, I'd go bigger than stock
  4. I was given a number of acard adapters a number of years ago. Originally they had ide drives attached to them but I opted to CF adapters. Did use a SATA drive with one for a while but since I couldn't see a speed difference I went to a CF with that one too. I've been using CF & SD cards as HDs for a number of years and have yet to have one die. Maybe part of it is because I've changed my habits. I used to empty the trash right after I deleted a file. Now since the card is usually many times the size of the original HD, I now wait until I have a few hundred mb in the trash. I have this idea that I'm not constantly rewriting the same areas.
  5. There's adapters that convert ADB to USB and ones that convert USB to ADB. There's also A-B switches for both ADB and USB so I'd imagine something should be doable.
  6. waynestewart

    Clicking IIe power supply (no visible damage)

    The clicking noise is generally referred to as chirping. Usually it’ll chirp if there’s no load like being unplugged. It’ll also chirp if there’s too much load. That can be because of a short or that the power supply has become so weak that any load is too much for it. Your IIe might startup if you pull all the cards out.
  7. waynestewart

    Aeroflex SCSI to USB adaptor?

    I have a number of SCSI to USB adapters. Not sure of the brands. Used one once to connect a SCSI drive to a newer Mac. A lot of stores thought they would be big sellers and bought a number of them. That didn't end up being the case. I got mine when a couple of stores were tossing them. Could have had a lot more but I couldn't see much of a use for them at the time.
  8. waynestewart


    Good deal. I always liked the 6500. When I had to downsize I mostly got rid of duplicate machines but I kept 2 6500s. Getting a G3 card might be a nice addition.
  9. waynestewart

    800k drive won’t spin

    Ok but I was meaning the case which would likely be one of these numbers A2M2053, M0131, A9M0106, G7287
  10. waynestewart

    800k drive won’t spin

    What's the model number on the drive case?
  11. waynestewart

    Profile rifas

    A Profile drive let out a huge amount of smoke. Opened it up and in the power supply I found four rifa caps. Three were the same size as in Apple II power supplies. The bad one was several times that size. Wondering why so many and about the big one.
  12. waynestewart


    9.1 Have a couple of them. Also a Color Classic modified to take a 6500 motherboard
  13. waynestewart


    I've mostly used mine with a G3 card. The hard drive is ide so I've been using an ide to Cf adapter. Speeds up booting.
  14. waynestewart

    PCI SATA card for Blue & White?

    Well, when you have over 100 computers and you're tied up with work or kids 14-16 hours a day, 7 days a week then they don't get a lot of use. However I'm planning on cutting back on work so around Sept or Oct I can start taking an occasional day off. On the plus side there's also the excitement of rediscovering hardware I've forgotten I had.
  15. waynestewart

    early Disk II drive

    Makes me want to crack open up all my Disk IIs when I get back. I have a couple dozen or so. Might find something interesting.