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  1. EvieSigma

    Broken icons in dock in Tiger?

    Too late to edit but I found out that the second disk is actually the applications disk and the first disk is just Panther on its own. So I can use those two disks to get the original installation and then upgrade to Tiger.
  2. EvieSigma

    Broken icons in dock in Tiger?

    I just realized I don't actually have the applications disk, only system software. So I would have to find that one and burn a copy.
  3. EvieSigma

    Broken icons in dock in Tiger?

    It has an 80GB disk that's about half full. Haven't even looked at all of the contents yet to determine what all is on there...
  4. EvieSigma

    Broken icons in dock in Tiger?

    I do have Tiger CDs so I could try the Archive and Install thing. I'm sure I don't have anything rare but reinstalling 40GB of software is a huge time commitment.
  5. EvieSigma

    Broken icons in dock in Tiger?

    I have a pair of original restore disks that came with the unit which I assume are OS X Panther so they wouldn't work. This is my model of eMac: https://everymac.com/systems/apple/emac/specs/emac_1.25.html
  6. So I got an eMac the other day with OS X 10.4.11 and it's fully functional except for the fact that most of the icons in the dock are ? icons that are non-functional. How exactly would I go about fixing this? This hard drive is packed with software and I don't currently have a way to back it up so I really don't want to reinstall Tiger and start over.
  7. EvieSigma

    Boxed eMac acquisition!

    I...kinda don't, is the thing. And I'm genuinely worried when I go to move the box the bottom is gonna fall out and my eMac is gonna get eCracked.
  8. EvieSigma

    Boxed eMac acquisition!

    Snagged this boxed 1.25GHz eMac for free, fully working. https://imgur.com/a/BUxUxJo Unfortunately the box is severely water damaged so I'm debating whether I'm going to keep it...
  9. EvieSigma

    4 iMacs & 1 eMac

    Nice score on the 1.25GHz eMac! A lot of eMacs out there are sub-1GHz.
  10. EvieSigma

    Are these computers worth getting?

    They're all worth getting, but the 550 is the most valuable.
  11. EvieSigma

    Color Classic doesn't boot off external HD

    I ended up fixing it thanks to an image provided by @IlikeTech. They gave me a 7.6.1 image that worked after being dd'ed to the card.
  12. EvieSigma

    Color Classic doesn't boot off external HD

    Okay, I started over, re-initializing the disk into two <4GB Mac OS Standard partitions using the OS 9 version of Drive Setup but otherwise using this guide: However, when I boot off a 7.5.3 Disk Tools disk my partitions don't show up. They show up just fine in OS 9 and OS X but on the actual machine using the SCSI2SD they're not there, in fact, when I use the patched version of HD SC Setup on my external HD with a System 7 install it recognizes Device 0's existence but there's no desktop icons to click on.
  13. EvieSigma

    Color Classic doesn't boot off external HD

    Well...it didn't work. The dd-ing worked but it doesn't boot. I have a system folder and such on the SD card but it must not be blessed or something? When I boot off a Disk Tools disk there's nothing detected, and for some reason I can't get patched HD SC Setup 7.3.5 to fit on a Disk Tools floppy.
  14. EvieSigma

    Color Classic doesn't boot off external HD

    Alright, I'll have to try out dd with my iBook G4 (running Tiger) and see if it works. Either it works or it doesn't.
  15. EvieSigma

    Color Classic doesn't boot off external HD

    Well that's the problem I have, I have a .dsk hard disk image but I don't know how to turn it into a .img image and still have it work. I do have an OS X machine I could use dd with but then how do I initialize the SD card?