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  1. EvieSigma

    eMac G4 A1002--Should i grab it?

    $35 is a great deal for an eMac, they're getting pretty uncommon.
  2. EvieSigma

    1988 RCA Dimensia TV

    I have lots of Laserdiscs, but that's mostly because they're relatively scarce around here so I just buy up every one I see.
  3. I have an iMac G5 (2.1GHz iSight model) I rescued from a certain death by replacing the power supply. It's working in the sense that it powers on and I was able to install an OS, but any RAM stick I've tried to put in the RAM slot so far is not recognized, the computer only ever reports the onboard 512MB of RAM. Is it possible my RAM slot went bad somehow, or did I just not clean it well enough?
  4. EvieSigma

    Found my old Mac in my parents' storage!

    Oddly enough, in my experience, the most reliable PCs are within 20 to 25 years old...I've only twice had a Pentium era box that just wouldn't work no matter what I tried.
  5. EvieSigma

    1988 RCA Dimensia TV

    I wish, I just have a Zenith and Mitsubishi (branded as MGA) VCR. The Zenith is actually made by JVC so it's a tank. I also have a much newer JVC Super-VHS VCR which is for when I care more about video quality than nostalgia. I actually have a mid-80s SuperBeta deck but right now it has a tape stuck in it that I can't get out.
  6. EvieSigma

    1988 RCA Dimensia TV

    That's why I have a small collection of working 80s VCRs. They aren't particularly impressive (monophonic but at least they have composite jacks) but finding 80s VCRs in nice condition is pretty hard nowadays. I still want a working top-loader but the last one I had wouldn't work and I gave up on it.
  7. EvieSigma

    1988 RCA Dimensia TV

    A Dimensia huh? Wow, those are pretty rare! I've only ever found ColorTrak and XL-100 sets.
  8. EvieSigma

    Evie's Conquests

    A few days ago a former coworker texted me saying he had found an old Mac basically in someone's trash, and it turned out to be a Power Macintosh (yes, Power Macintosh, not Performa) 5400/200. He brought it over here today so we could see if it worked and it did, it had a fully functional install of 7.6.1. Much to my surprise, he just...gave it to me, saying he didn't really have anything he could do with it. I couldn't pass it up, so now I'm the proud owner of a 5400 I guess!
  9. EvieSigma

    MarNo84's Collection & finds

    It's eerily reminiscent of the Sanyo MBC-775, an early 8088 based luggable. Though that machine had vertical floppy drives instead of horizontal.
  10. EvieSigma

    MarNo84's Collection & finds

    Is that a Sanyo luggable partially disassembled in the second to last picture?
  11. EvieSigma

    PowerBook G3 PDQ overclock to 333mhz?

    I always wondered if you could OC the bus in the PDQ to 83MHz like the non-PDQ models.
  12. EvieSigma

    iBook Clamshell Screen Replacement Advice

    I'm an unlucky girl, of course I open my Clamshell up and it's a Samsung LCD. Guess I'm gonna need a professional after all.
  13. EvieSigma

    iBook Clamshell Screen Replacement Advice

    Yeah, the LG panel I mentioned in the first post is a 1024x768 one. How do you take the screen bezel off? Is it just two screws and a ton of snaps?
  14. EvieSigma

    iBook Clamshell Screen Replacement Advice

    I don't actually know what screen the broken one is, taking apart a clamshell frankly scares me.
  15. I've got an iBook Clamshell (graphite 466MHz FireWire) with a bad screen and I was able to buy a screen that is supposed to work (it's a LG Phillips LP121X04). I don't actually know what brand the current broken screen is. What else do I need to prepare for this? The old guide I found says you need a specific LG display cable but I'm not even sure if I need that because I don't know what the screen currently in the clamshell is, and even if I do need it I'm not sure I'll be able to get it. Can I get some advice from someone who's actually done this?