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  1. Sil3132 Flashing (SATA II) (G5) (PCIE)

    Hi, I would like to refresh this thread a bit. I have two (Sil3132 based) different designed cards flashed for mac. Ofcourse both are partially working or better words both are not working at all (Freezes mac with connected HDD) One card is Rosewill RC-211 and (I suppose) Belkin F5U197 (blue PCB). I attached pictures for PCB comparision. I'm wondering how to mod thoose cards to work with Mac? From my side I'm gonna investigate this subject in next days. If you have any questions/sugestions do not hesitate to tell me. Kristoffer. PS StarTech card pictures taken from internet (I do not have that card) Looks almost same as SeriTek but.... First original SeriTek, 2nd Rosewill, 3rd Belkin?, 4th StarTech
  2. Hotline Server is up

    Thank's and I'm waiting for GOOD NEWS NOW!
  3. Hotline Server is up

    HELP!!! My favourite server NOT WORKING!!!! If anybody knows why does not work?