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  1. I started using my B&W Revision 2 G3 with a 20 GB drive in 2004, then I added a second disk, 80GB around 2007. The original 20 GB disk failed, so that was replaced with a 40 GB drive, so now I have 120 GB total storage on 2 drives in the machine. And it's still going strong at (or near) its 20th birthday!
  2. There's more to it than that with the Revision A motherboard G3. I had one of these for some time. The size of the hard drive also matters. You may be stuck with a small 6 GB HD in the earlier revision. Get the newer motherboard revision if you can!
  3. Dog Cow

    SCS2SD - Mac Plus bootable solution

    This is worth reading too. It was written by an Apple employee. Macintosh SCSI termination rules
  4. Dog Cow

    512k keyboard killed by a cable

    Try this: Engineering Specification for Macintosh Keyboard
  5. Dog Cow

    AppleCD 150 can't read CDs

    Try this: AppleCD Extension 5.1.1
  6. Dog Cow

    AppleCD 150 can't read CDs

    No, AppleCD extension was not a standard part of System 7.1. It came on a separate floppy. juanmas: you need the AppleCD extension for your Mac LC II. None of Apple's CD drives or external hard drives are SCSI terminated. You're supposed to have a terminator block on it, if it's the last device on the chain. Here's a good run-down of SCSI termination rules by an Apple employee from 1989.
  7. Dog Cow

    Next up...Mac 512k

    This was a known issue in 1987. It was caused by intermittent load on the power supply from the floppy drive. So the ticking is actually coming from a transformer on the analog board, but is ultimately caused by the Sony 800K drive. Read all about it: Ticking Mac
  8. Dog Cow

    Next up...Mac 512k

    My Macintosh Plus and 512Ke both make a soft ticking noise when no disk is inserted in the drive.
  9. Dog Cow

    Next up...Mac 512k

    I don't know either, but it's a typical situation. It's very quiet, isn't it? I would get the screen flicker issue sorted out first.
  10. Dog Cow

    Next up...Mac 512k

    As others have said, it's probably a stripped gear in the ejector. Here's how to fix the Mac 800K Disk Drive Eject Mechanism
  11. That config file should only have a single byte, a single hex digit for the slot number. You need to use a hex editor to do it.
  12. Dog Cow

    Floppy drive issue

    "Does the dual 800KB floppy drives supports 1,44MB drives?" No. The Mac SE needs a ROM upgrade and SuperDrive to use 1.44MB HD floppies.
  13. Dog Cow

    Hard drive unloading on shutdown

    Try SCSI Parker
  14. Dog Cow

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    You don't want to know.