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  1. Dog Cow

    How interesting is the Lisa?

    Completely agree. If you're getting a Lisa, you should get one with the intent to program it.
  2. Dog Cow

    Identifying Cards in a II+

    Slot 0 -- RAM card, possibly a Microsoft RAM card Slot 1 -- probably a serial or parallel interface card. I doubt it's SCSI. Card looks too short for SCSI. Slot 4 -- Videx Videoterm (why is this in slot 4 and not slot 3???) Slot 6 -- Disk II controller
  3. Dog Cow

    Macintosh Plus won't boot from rare HDD

    It probably could be made to work with the Mac Plus. I think it needs to have the device driver updated. There are a couple of formatting utilities that can do this job.
  4. Dog Cow

    Macintosh Plus won't boot from rare HDD

    Most likely it's the device driver on the disk that is incompatible with the SCSI Manager in the Macintosh Plus. I don't believe that this hard drive was ever used with a Macintosh computer. It's not designed like a Macintosh SCSI peripheral.
  5. Dog Cow

    Macintosh Plus won't boot from rare HDD

    No, it has 25 pins on the Plus side, and 50 pins on the peripheral side. This cable was called the Apple SCSI System Cable. Find a pinout in Inside Macintosh, volume IV, or check this page: Macintosh Plus SCSI Pinouts But of course this Apple cable won't work for your hard drive, because the hard drive also has a DB25 port. I don't think your hard drive was designed to be used with a Macintosh. Apple's guidelines for SCSI was to use a 50 pin Centronics connector on all peripherals.
  6. Dog Cow

    Is my flyback transformer dead?

    No, that keyboard was introduced with the Macintosh Plus in January 1986.
  7. Dog Cow

    Is my flyback transformer dead?

    The give away is this little shiny metal guy that the red arrow is pointing to: When it's out in the center, then it's a Sony 800K drive. When it's at the right side, near the emergency eject paperclip hole, then it's a 400K drive.
  8. Dog Cow

    Macintosh Plus won't boot from rare HDD

    You just identified the problem. It's your cabling. Check the pinouts, as this hard drive and your cable for it are very likely using a different pinout than Apple's SCSI configuration (which by the way was non-standard), which is why your Mac Plus won't boot.
  9. Dog Cow

    Macintosh Plus won't boot from rare HDD

    This probably won't work. If the drive isn't powered on and responding to SCSI commands at boot time, then the Operating System won't add the drive to the Drive Queue. You were always supposed to power on all SCSI devices before powering on the Macintosh.
  10. Dog Cow

    Is my flyback transformer dead?

    The M0110A keyboard with numeric keypad and arrow keys could be purchased separately. It cost $129 in 1986. The Macintosh Plus Keyboard Kit (P/N M2519). This photo shows that it is an 800K drive:
  11. Dog Cow

    Need boot disk for Mac Plus

    More likely it's a gear with broken teeth. Take a look here: How to fix Mac 800K Disk Eject
  12. Nice! That game is truly legendary, and it's great that he posted the Pascal source code a while back too.
  13. Dog Cow

    Very quiet sound on SE/30

    Leave the SE/30 on for several hours, say from morning until evening. Then check if the sound is louder. If so, then it's probably due to capacitor failure.
  14. Dog Cow

    Macintosh HD Locked?

    Turn off File Sharing.
  15. Dog Cow

    Power Mac 7200 Broken Plastic Tabs

    I opened up my dictionary to look up that word, and some beige plastic shards fell out of the pages! I've just been using tape to hold those bits together. Fortunately I only have 2 mid-90s Macs.