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  1. They're on Mac GUI, however, which is a much larger archive than Macintosh Garden.
  2. Dog Cow

    Classic Mac OS will survive Y2038 (and maybe longer)

    The Operating System and Toolbox dispatch tables are in RAM, so any OS or Toolbox trap can be patched or completely replaced. You would have to establish a new epoch, and a cut-off as well to make sure all dates from 1980s to 2038 still resolve correctly too. Pseudo code would look like: if (timestamp < x) { use_new_post_2038_epoch(); } else { use_old_1904_epoch(); } 'x' would probably be some timestamp resolving to 1980 or so under the current 1904 epoch.
  3. Dog Cow

    What mouse can i use for my mac classic

    Any working ADB mouse with an Apple logo on it is guaranteed to work with the Mac Classic.
  4. Dog Cow

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    It's Universal Disk Image.
  5. Dog Cow

    Mac Classic Capacitor Failure Cause

    Me too. I just replaced capacitors on a Revision A Mac Classic Analog Board. But after replacing the capacitors, now it has a short somewhere, probably caused by electrolytic fluid.
  6. Dog Cow

    Error 01FA00

    Who did you buy the disk from online? Maybe they will send you a replacement disk.
  7. Dog Cow

    Macintosh color classic won't power on

    Pull out the PRAM battery and remove the power cord for a while.
  8. Dog Cow

    Error 01FA00

    Has that system disk worked in the past for you? Are you booting the disk with the Mac completely reassembled?
  9. There's a bad branch somewhere, or perhaps a stack imbalance. Program execution is reaching the 68000 vectors in low memory. Double-check your source listing for errors; maybe you missed something from the listing in the book. If that still doesn't solve your problem, then you need to post the binary listing of your program so we can see what instructions are in your program after it's been assembled and linked.
  10. Dog Cow

    800k floppy drive wont go down

    This article shows what to do: Fixing Mac 800K Disk Drive Eject Mechanism
  11. Dog Cow

    800k floppy drive wont go down

    I recall this problem. I bet your drive is stuck in between states. This is the one that had problems ejecting a few days ago, correct? Can you take a picture showing the front of the drive, where you'd insert the floppy, but without any floppy, so we can see inside?
  12. Dog Cow

    512k Mac’s-a-Million Upgrade

    It was old? Its time was up? Blame it on the Russians? I've had this safety capacitor blow up in a few other power supplies from the same era too. I think the oldest supply was from about 1979 in an Apple II. What a nasty smell it made! Another power supply had two of these and they both cracked, popped and failed.
  13. You can pry it out carefully with your fingers. In my photo below, see that at the side of the switch there is a little gap between the switch itself and the Mac's case? You can pry there, pulling out away from the case, as if the switch is a door on a hinge, and the hinge is at the left side of the switch. Don't pull from the top or from the bottom, as you'll probably break the plastic arms that go inside the Mac's case and contact the reset and interrupt buttons on the motherboard. Only pull from the left or right sides, as if opening a door.
  14. Dog Cow

    512k Mac’s-a-Million Upgrade

    Maybe tease it out with a sewing pin? OK, here's your next tip. That's a safety film capacitor that exploded. Replace it with a Safety Capacitor 275V 0.1uF 20%, such as this PME271M610MR30. It's not necessary for operation, as you discovered, but it's a safety measure for the power supply. I advise against replacing any other capacitors, unless you see that the screen image is wobbly or wavy, such as when accessing the floppy disk drive.
  15. Dog Cow

    512k Mac’s-a-Million Upgrade

    That is a 2 MB RAM upgrade. That board has 48x256kbit DRAMs on it, 1.5MB there, meaning your 512K will have a total of 2 MB of RAM. Coupled with the SCSI daughter board and the 800K drive which I see is installed, you now effectively have a Macintosh Plus, and you can run System 7 if you want. I would keep this upgrade, by the way. It's far much more trouble to downgrade this machine that you now have back to a stock 512K.... Unless you already have these parts on hand: You'd need to get the old 64K ROMs, plus the 400K drive and its mounting bracket. Easier to get a stock 512K. Almost certainly a loose connection between one of the daughter cards and the main logic board. Probably the RAM board, and I assume you've already tried reseating the small SCSI board.