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  1. Dog Cow

    800k Floppy drive question

    There were 3rd-party high density floppy drives. Applied Engineering made HD drives for Apple IIgs and Macintosh. Look into the AEHD+ Drive. AE Plus Drive Version 3.5 External Floppy "High Density for all Macs including Plus, SE and II" From the 68000 Mac FAQ: ...QueComp (tel: 612-623-0903) should have out-of-business Applied Engineering AEHD+ Drives for $99 (you may find one cheaper from flea markets or user groups). Resurrect your old Plus or SE that does not have a SuperDrive without having to replace the board in the computer (impossible on the Plus; expensive on the SE). AE made three external floppy disk drives for Macintosh and Apple II computers: 1. AEHD+ Drive - SuperDrive Compatibility for the Mac Plus, SE and II. 2. AEHD 3.5" Drive - 1.44MB Drive for SuperDrive Equipped Macs. 3. AE 3.5" 800K Drive - 800K Drive for Macintosh and Apple II Computers. The AE HD+ can read/write/format 1.4MB floppies on 800K floppy based compact Macs. The Mac II requires an optional (not included) AE floppy interface to use the AE HD+, since the Mac II case does not have a built-in external floppy connector. A major drawback is that the AE HD+ cannot be the startup disk drive; not as a 1.4MB floppy and not even as a 800K floppy. The other drawback is that you've got to have the AEHD+ extension (takes 32K on disk) to use the drive even as a 800K floppy drive (i.e. you must startup off another drive that contains the AEHD+ extension). AEHD+ extension is compatible at least with System 6.0.7 and 7.5.5. There also used to be Drive 2.4 from Kennect Technology that plugged into the floppy port of a MacPlus and allowed it to use 1.4MB disks. It could also format them to a proprietary 2.4MB size.
  2. Dog Cow

    800k Floppy drive question

    Yes. The upgrade from 800K to SuperDrive requires a new ROM too. ROMs were socketed on the logic board just for this eventuality. As far as I know, the only two Macintosh models which had an official Apple FDHD upgrade path were the Macintosh SE and the Macintosh II. See also: SE w/FDHD and lower price, August 1989
  3. Dog Cow

    800k Floppy drive question

    Yes. You can also put an FDHD SuperDrive in the Plus and it will function as an 800K drive.
  4. Dog Cow

    Early Mac LC proto?

  5. 1.) Be sure to hold down the Command and Option keys when you double-click the MultiFInder icon in the System Folder. This command forces the Finder to try to launch an icon whose file type is not APPL. 2.) Next, choose Set Startup... from the Special menu and select the MultiFinder radio button. Your disk image's boot blocks are currently set with Finder as the initial application, not MultiFinder. The Set Startup... command will change this.
  6. Dog Cow

    Help ID this port?

    Yes, it will be in the Mac 512K Blog.
  7. Dog Cow

    Help ID this port?

    Yeah, and I'm planning to build one too for my Mac 512K. I bought a NCR 5380 SCSI controller a couple months ago.
  8. Correct. Also, did you choose Set Startup... from the Special menu and ensure that the MultiFinder radio button is selected?
  9. What happens if you boot from your FloppyEmu, then switch-launch into MultiFinder by double-clicking its icon while holding Command and Option on the keyboard?
  10. The drivers should be in your System file already. Use ResEdit to check which DRVR resources are installed. System file 3.0 should have both .MPP and .ATP. I looked around, and I don't remember where I got NetCheck from. It probably came from some compilation.
  11. Dog Cow

    Help ID this port?

    There were at least half a dozen vendors of add-on SCSI for Mac 512K in the mid-1980s. You'll have to open the case and see who made it. Most, or probably all, of these designs had their genesis from a Dr. Dobb's article. Oh, and it doesn't really "replace" the battery slot, but grafts atop it. There could still be a battery back there, so you'll want to see about removing it if present.
  12. 1.) As long the application itself will run on those different Macs, it should work. MazeWars writes directly to the screen. Meaning that it's A-OK on an original 128K and 512K, but it has compatibility problems with some later machines, particularly those with more than 512K of RAM. There are patches, and newer versions available which correct some of these problems. 2.) MazeWars requires the .MPP and .ATP drivers to be in the System file on the boot disk when using an original Mac 128K or 512K. Beginning with the Mac 512Ke and Mac Plus, these drivers are in ROM. 3.) Yes, but be sure that it has all 4 conductors in it. Cheaper modular line cords will only have 2 conductors. 4.) That depends on what software you're using, and whether or not it was designed to use the Chooser to facilitate networking operations. MazeWars, for example, does not use the Chooser. But AppleShare, as we probably all know, does use the Chooser, as do the LaserWriter printer and the AppleTalk ImageWriter II. There was also an electronic mail system which used the Chooser. I use an application called NetCheck to ensure that all my Macs are reachable on the network. 5.) Probably so. By the way, if you only need to connect two Macs, you can use a serial cable. I used to use the Apple Stylewriter cable back in the day. For Mac 128K or 512K to any newer machine, you're going to need a cable with DB-9 at one end and mini DIN 8 at the other. It looks like this.
  13. Dog Cow

    Configure MacTCP?

    Probably this is the cause. Do you have any other computers on the local Ethernet network? If so, how do their TCP/IP settings compare to what MacTCP has? The router (gateway) address and subnet mask should be the same on all computers on your local network.
  14. Dog Cow

    Mac Rom Enhancer - Any idea what it did?

    Oh, you saw that too? I saw that last evening and was wondering the same thing. In MacUser March 1986, I found a listing for Micah ROM Enhancement. No idea if this is the same thing, though. Discussion of Micah and Micahdrive (it's near the top of this digest posting). Not sure if there's a connection, but they mention an internal ROM.
  15. Dog Cow

    Who knows HyperDrive boards?

    Ok, now this makes sense. It wasn't clear to me that that was your picture. Here are a couple good posts: Hyperdrive - overview, installation, and specs HyperDrive availability and price HyperDrive technical details and memory expansion This last post talks about how the board upgrades RAM on a Mac 128K, saying that you could put 256K chips and further increase RAM size.