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  1. Next question: Does the Classic II have Color QuickDraw in ROM?
  2. Dog Cow

    The cast of characters in the Mac SE Easter Egg

    For compact Macs, only the SE/30 (and maybe the Classic II???) can run QuickTime, since it requires Color QuickDraw. QuickTime as you probably know is a System Extension. During Macintosh startup, when the icons are showing across the bottom of the screen, press and hold Command-Option-Q-T. You will see a slideshow with some music playing. This slideshow is in almost all versions of QuickTime, at least through version 4.
  3. Dog Cow

    Mac 128K factory photos

    Note that whoever wrote the caption doesn't even know what date the photo was taken. Circa 1986. Chances are, the person who wrote the caption also got the computer model wrong, and it's a Mac 128K or 512K.
  4. Dog Cow

    Mac 128K factory photos

    Yes, it was a calibration tool. They needed to set alignment, focus, screen size (to get precise WYSIWYG), and brightness. All these were calibrated at that factory.
  5. Dog Cow

    Mac 128K factory photos

    27/sec was a production goal, and from what I've read, was not regularly achieved. The other important metric is that it took about 26 minutes to assemble a Macintosh. Probably most of us here could reassemble our Macintosh in less time than that, but recall that the factory workers didn't have all the parts on one table all around them, and plus they had to stuff the motherboard with ICs, and you'll see from those photos there was some soldering work to be done too.
  6. Dog Cow

    The cast of characters in the Mac SE Easter Egg

    Do the QuickTime slideshow where you press Command-Option-Q-T. I recognize some faces from the slideshow, and the QuickTime slideshow has names too.
  7. Dog Cow

    SE/30 repair help

    Black with zero activity. You can freely interchange SE and SE/30 motherboards.
  8. Dog Cow

    Auto inject floppy lubrication

    Great work!
  9. Dog Cow

    Archiving Lisa Floppies

    FEdit Plus, for when you know what you're doing. And then there's Alsoft DiskExpress for when you don't. Btw, FEdit will let you look at the contents of your Lisa disks, block by block.
  10. Dog Cow

    Archiving Lisa Floppies

    LisaEm comes with a CLI utility that will extract files from Lisa disk images. For Mac, there's an application called ReadLisa which will allow you to look at TEXT files on Lisa Workshop disks.
  11. Dog Cow

    Macintosh Plus Startup Issues

    Probably a problem with your disk. Next time, ask here on this 68kmla site if someone can send you a disk. That's what we're here for. :-) If you send me an email (my address is below) I will send you a couple boot disks for your Plus.
  12. Dog Cow

    Best way to open Mac Classic

    This way: How to Open a Compact Mac Case Basically, the only tool you use is the screwdriver. The Mac is face down. Loosen, but don't remove all 4 screws. Then with the screwdriver on a screw head in the top handle, push down on the shaft with one hand, while using your other hand to pull up on the plastic handle of the Mac's case. The screws never leave the Mac's case. Set the case with the back of it facing up and then set the RFI shield on top. With practice, you can open any compact Mac in 30 seconds using this technique.
  13. Dog Cow

    The biggest haul I’ve ever made.

    If you have a Mac 128K motherboard, or a 512K motherboard with socketed RAM in that stack, I'd be interested.
  14. Dog Cow

    How to bless an original system suitcase.

    Probably missing boot blocks. There is no concept of a blessed System folder on 400K MFS disk because MFS doesn’t have real folders like HFS. Finder is supposed to copy boot blocks when you copy System file from one disk to another. Suggest you use FEdit to examine and write, if indeed missing, boot blocks.
  15. Dog Cow

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    You definitely want to stick with tractor-fed paper for the ImageWriter. Sheet-fed paper will lead to a high-percentage of jams and misfeeds (like pulling 2 sheets at a time).