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  1. Dog Cow

    Mac Plus (Probably) that Won't Boot

    Have you ever gotten these Macs to boot?
  2. Dog Cow

    Mac Plus (Probably) that Won't Boot

    Do you get the X floppy disk icon on the screen when it ejects the floppy?
  3. Dog Cow

    Floppy type utility?

    Probably there isn't a utility that does only that, but there's an existing disk utility which shows that information. Maybe something like Disk First Aid? Or another disk copy utility? There are plenty out there. I'm trying to think back if I can remember one specific application.
  4. Dog Cow

    asm blocks in THINK C

    Yes, the MFS distribution disks are both MFS. there's no problem if you use an MFS disk, because as I'm sure you know, MFS doesn't have directories. If you still want to use HFS, here is a patch by Andy Hertzfeld called HFS Open. It improves compatibility of older applications by patching the _Open OS call to scan all subdirectories on an HFS volume. Using this, you should be able to store your MFS includes and equates in any subdirectory and still have it work. But I haven't tested it.
  5. Dog Cow

    asm blocks in THINK C

    Correct. You need to put the includes in your root directory when using HFS.
  6. Dog Cow

    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    I'm willing to bet that it's an HTTP protocol issue. 10001001sos, is your browser HTTP/1.0 or HTTP/1.1? The former is incompatible with name based virtual hosting that's so prevalent around the web these days.
  7. I have a bondi iMac with the same symptoms, but I haven't done anything about it. Of course it's the flyback at fault, and not anything else. Energy that should go to the electron gun is instead being used to create the arc with its accompanying light and sound, which is why the display is momentarily affected.
  8. What happens when you boot with the Shift key held down to disable Extensions?
  9. Dog Cow

    Preventive recap Mac 128k & 512k

    No, certainly not on the logic board. Replace the caps on the analog board when you start to notice the CRT display fluttering or jittering, particularly with floppy drive activity.
  10. Dog Cow

    Simple file sharing (Mac SE/30 to Mac SE)

    I would verify your cabling first. What are you using? For a two-machine connection, I use an Apple StyleWriter cable, mini DIN 8 on both ends. That one pictured has the crossing arrows of LocalTalk, but other versions of the cable have an Apple logo on both ends instead.
  11. Dog Cow

    Different Macintosh in Original User Guide?

    You do not have pre-release ROMs. 7.0 on the ROM labels means the final shipping version of the 64K Macintosh ROM. These ROMs will have no trouble booting the usual System startup disks once you get your floppy drive working.
  12. Dog Cow

    Different Macintosh in Original User Guide?

    My research on MFS and the Sony drive uncovered the following dates: - May 1983: Larry Kenyon adapts Twiggy driver for Sony - June 1983: conditional assembly switch added to assemble driver for either Twiggy or Sony - August 1983: Larry Kenyon added support for double-sided Sony drives
  13. Dog Cow

    Different Macintosh in Original User Guide?

    Final layout had the modem port next to the sound out port. Andy Hertzfeld's recollection of dates, as with most people, isn't always spot-on and I've found a couple of instances while doing research for the Mac 512K Blog where he had some wrong dates in his Folklore blog.
  14. Dog Cow

    Different Macintosh in Original User Guide?

    You merely loosen the 2 top and bottom screws, then use the screwdriver to apply downward force on the screw head, while with your other hand you pull up on the top handle of the case. The screws never need to leave the case. You simply lift the case straight up, and set it down in the same way. Then you set the RFI shield on top so you don't forget to reinstall it.
  15. Dog Cow

    Different Macintosh in Original User Guide?

    This is the official Apple Service method to open a compact Mac case. In summary: the only tool you use is the screwdriver. You don't pry, or slap or shake, or do any other wonky thing. It's simple.