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  1. That page is really a lot more popular than I ever thought it would be. Now that it's on its own subdomain, it should be a piece of cake to run it forever... or at least until the very last beige Mac on earth dies.
  2. Greetings all! To all the users of my Vintage Software Library, please note the URL has changed to: http://obsolete.macfixer.com/vintage-software/ This will let me implement SSL on my main site without killing the vintage software library for old browsers. If it's possssssible for you to edit your posts, could ya? The old link redirects now, but one SSL is up and running, old browsers loading the old URL will fail spectacularly.
  3. Uh yeah, I am. www.whatsmyip.org is me too
  4. I actually remember that control panel. But isn't the ability to sync time over the internet built in to OS 8?
  5. Don't forget, http://www.whatsmyip.org also works for super old browsers, as long as they have virtual host support. So Netscape 2+ I believe. It does redirect old browsers to a different subdomain, but that redirect happens at the header level, meaning it's seamless even for old browsers. Thus I'd rather you add the full, proper domain, not the one you get redirected to. Know what I'm saying? Also @mraroid, if you know of any good additions to the vintage software library, feel free to suggest them. I'm not going to add everything that's ever existed (like macintosh garden), but there's always one more "basic" piece of software you wish you could get your hands on!
  6. l008com

    The $60 Intel iMac

    You always want to run the latest of the generation you're on. In other words, you should definitely go to 10.6.8 now if you are on 10.6.0. It's not going to use any more RAM but it sill have lots of bug fixes and potential performance improvements.
  7. l008com

    Identify the IIsi RAM?

    Ok why don't you PM me
  8. l008com

    Identify the IIsi RAM?

    Are you talking about the computer or the RAM? I'm definitely not listing the computer (although someone on the forum may be coming to get it today).
  9. l008com

    Identify the IIsi RAM?

    I'm getting mixed messages. If I list it on ebay, you're not going to get it (most likely)
  10. l008com

    Identify the IIsi RAM?

    Well, before its off to the recycler, anyone want to purchase this ram (will ship) or grab the broken IIsi for free (will not ship)? Otherwise it's off to ebay with this memory.
  11. So I have this Mac IIsi that won't power on. Completely dead. I assume it needs a power supply. There's not much inside this thing to salvage. Given the limited number of components, I'm assuming the 4 chips in brackets below are the RAM right? Assuming they way, is it possible to determine the capacity of each chip from whats printed on them?
  12. l008com

    Apple HD SC Setup, is Initialize = Zero?

    hmmm thats possible I suppose. too late but possible. next time ill try that
  13. l008com

    Apple HD SC Setup, is Initialize = Zero?

    If only these older Macs could NetBoot
  14. l008com

    Apple HD SC Setup, is Initialize = Zero?

    Yeah I'm not going through all that trouble. Like I said I just ended up doing a clean 7.6. install and then filling the drive with system updates. Oh well.
  15. l008com

    Apple HD SC Setup, is Initialize = Zero?

    I have the disk tools floppies that came with my retail 8.0 CD, but they dont' have drive setup on them, they have HD SC setup.