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  1. AlpineRaven

    Ethernet in DOS Compatible Macintosh

    G'day all, Upon discussing with a mate of mine who wants to setup LAN party, I want to join but unique way - I want to use Macintosh with DOS Compatible. (to be specific - Power Mac 6100/66 DOS or Quadra 800 with DOS card which is 486 100mhz) I thought I did connect to ethernet network on my 8600 with PC Compatible card back in late 90s/early 2000s but I cannot remember if It was via ethernet or modem. Anyway - does anyone know how to setup on Power Mac 6100 with AAUI ethernet? Cheers AP
  2. AlpineRaven

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    Give maceffects a buzz he has some ribbons Cheers AP
  3. AlpineRaven

    550c power issues

    That what I second that too - check for broken/rotted traces etc - my 550c had broken trace which caused issues and since then its fixed. Cheers AP
  4. AlpineRaven

    Pb 3400c wont startup!!

    Has the PRAM battery been removed and checked the logicboard is clean and clear of any leakage? Cheers AP
  5. AlpineRaven

    Did Color Classic use any tantalum capacitor?

    Quick answer from top of my head - yes they did it was only a couple. Cheers AP
  6. AlpineRaven

    Carrera040 Info / Hacking Thread

    Wow thats good news... good on ya - Ive got one of those CPU cards and very keen to use one day! If someone is able to make an PDS adapter. Cheers AP
  7. AlpineRaven

    PowerBook G3 PDQ overclock to 333mhz?

    I was thinking about that - and I thought because I really like the PDQ and I didnt want to push it, 333mhz is good enough as it is. If I get another 300mhz (3rd CPU) then I'd consider it. No difference between 300 and 333mhz. While I was benchmarking I was touching the CPU area and I was able just to touch it it was hot to begin with - IMO both 300 and 333mhz felt the same "heat" from it. It has been more than 32 hours now - Ive copied about 8gb across network from the server to PDQ last night and it performed well. I tried installing OSX.3 - wouldnt allow to install, Ive forgotten what the program was called to boot into un-supported OSX! Edit: it was XPostFacto. that I needed... Cheers AP
  8. AlpineRaven

    6100 Sonnet sticker location.

    Couldnt choose 2, In the middle below CD Drive or below left from CD drive. Cheers AP
  9. AlpineRaven

    PowerBook G3 PDQ overclock to 333mhz?

    Confirmed. Since I had a spare 300mhz CPU I decided to see it myself. Moved the resisters over and put it back in PDQ and powered on - at first go it fired up! System info shows 333mhz - Ripper! As I really wanted 333mhz. Decided to benchmark it - same specs as iMac 333mhz except the Hard Drive (PDQ has IDE to SD adapter in it) I don't have access to PowerBook G3 Lombard to see what the difference would be. Cheers AP
  10. AlpineRaven

    PowerBook 3400 Battery Rebuild?

    Anyone? Cheers AP
  11. Good evening all, Can PowerBook 3400 Batteries be rebuilt, I've got 9 Batteries that will not charge, any instructions or information regarding this? If I am able to recell them and get them working again - can that be done? Cheers AP
  12. AlpineRaven

    Centris 650 surprise

    Love Quadra 650/800 board - solid macs they are.. Cheers AP
  13. Hey all - I have 300mhz G3 PDQ PowerBook G3. I was wondering if I could overlock to 333mhz? I seem cannot find concrete info so far. Cheers AP
  14. G'day all, I have this spare PowerPC 604ev 300mhz Daughter Card for Power Mac 8600/9600. Currently my 8600 has 250mhz card in it. I was reading up on XLR8 page about overclock to 350mhz or 400mhz. Should I do it? (FYI my soldering skills is good) Cheers AP
  15. Good morning all, PowerBook 5x0 series battery rebuild/recell Is the battery bricked if they show "X" on the icon in finder? This is the 2nd battery I've tried rebuilding the pack and it still shows X and I seem cannot get the battery charged up or recognised - what am I doing wrong? So far I've tried; Emmpathy Lind Battery Utility BU 500 Deluxe Zap the pram Reset the PMU Neither can get the battery working again? The batteries are fully charged/ready to go Cheers AP