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  1. AlpineRaven

    Can anyone check their IIfx for C27?

    47uf 16v I think? Cheers AP
  2. AlpineRaven

    9500 SSD Benchmarks

    Bit off topic, Ive been testing 10,000 rpm 80 pin SCSI HDD in older macs - works really well. The 8600 and G4 MDD both has Sonnet PCI SATA card with SSD - it does flies - Love the way MDD runs. G4 MDD has SanDisk SATA SSD HDD. 8600 has m.2 SATA card. PowerBook G3 Pismo has 44-mSATA card in it. PowerBook PDQ and Kanga has 44-SD card. FYI - SCSI2SD is v5. Cheers AP
  3. AlpineRaven

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    Its because the cap leaks is toxic - do you want be eating your toxic cap leaks on your dinner plate and drinks?!? Cheers AP
  4. G'day all, I’ve got this nubus Ethernet Card, I haven’t yet tried using it. Does anyone know what extensions to use to get it to work? I have no idea where I got it from!!! Cheers AP
  5. G'day all Looking for Power Supply pinouts for those Macs - does anyone know? I've tried googling around and have found dead links. Cheers AP
  6. AlpineRaven

    8100 and 8500 PSU pinouts

    Still cannot find the 7500 pinouts either!!! Anyone? Cheers AP
  7. AlpineRaven

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    Ugh - dont put stuff in the dishwasher please.... lots of reasons why its not good... if you have access to ultrasonic washer - good go for it... I think at the end of the day you're better off getting someone to rebuild it for you. Cheers AP
  8. AlpineRaven

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    It’s really messy! i wouldn’t use it at all, it needs to be washed through fully - have you washed a logicboard before? Cheers AP
  9. AlpineRaven

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    Yep it will *need* recap, that’ll fix the stability issues you’re having. The Mac will work but not 100% and the longer you leave it (caps leaked) the electrical will shorten the components over use such as sound, Rom, cpu and scsi chips etc Thats the first thing I would do before muck around with anything else. Cheers AP
  10. AlpineRaven

    PowerBook G3 Wallstreet/PDQ Shark Wallpaper

    Yeah its the one - isnt there a better qaulity one? Cheers AP
  11. AlpineRaven

    8100 and 8500 PSU pinouts

    That what I thought about 3.3v too... I cannot find any diagram online for 8500 PSU pinouts. Yep I had a bit of scare tonight that my 840av wouldn't fire up so I started to fault find and found the SCSI adapter (50 to 80pin adapter) was touching on the hard drive body causing it short hence it wouldn't fire up - it was a big scare!!! So - still interested to see the pinouts for 8500 as I have spare one in the garage. I know that Q840/8100 PSU has 1 blank pin and I think that one is for 3.3v too. Cheers AP
  12. Evening all, Does anyone know the pinouts for Power Mac 8100 and 8500 pinouts - what is the difference between those two? Cheers AP
  13. Evening All, When PowerBook G3 Wallstreet/PDQ was released it had famous Shark wallpaper which Apple got sued by the photographer. Does anyone have a copy of that wallpaper of the shark as I would like to place it in my PDQ. Cheers AP
  14. AlpineRaven

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    Couple of more questions; Has the logic board been recapped? (if it hasn't, it does need it - my 660av was playing up and I recapped it and works really well) It is possible the CPU is faulty? (I've never seen 660av with 680LC40 CPU as they were low end workhorses with full 68040 cpu) You could try installing software FPU in extensions to see if that messages goes away. Have you got another 68040 cpu to test it out? Cheers AP
  15. Its all good then its working 100% Thanks once again Cheers AP