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  1. AlpineRaven

    Just picked up a 128k

    How exciting! I did the same thing - it was plain front, I knew the sticker on the back and it only had "Macintosh" badge and I knew it was 128k - I didnt say anything and bought it, brought it home, fired it up - it needed RIFA chip and came up with RAM error - replaced all RAM chips to new ones, and fired her up - works well, even that original "tall boy" 400k floppy drive. Good score! Cheers AP
  2. AlpineRaven

    PowerBook 1400c/166 battery percentage

    If the battery hasnt been rebuilt is highly likely wouldn't charge - it'll try to charge but it won't. Ive always liked Jeremy control strip because it does show percentage. Cheers AP
  3. AlpineRaven

    LC475 / Power Macintosh 8200 / Performa 630

    Yep - we in Australia never got Quadra or Performa 630, it was just LC630. Cheers AP
  4. AlpineRaven

    LC475 / Power Macintosh 8200 / Performa 630

    What caused those PSU to explode? Cheers AP
  5. AlpineRaven

    190 —> 190cs upgrade?

    Yes you can do that. Both logicboards are basically the same. Cheers AP
  6. AlpineRaven

    PB 3400c Startup Issue - It Doesn't

    those caps are generally ok - so no... Cheers AP
  7. AlpineRaven

    LC 475 installation woes

    Hold option or command buttons or both (can't remember which) when you open the installer will bypass what mac you're installing on - did that recently with an LC475. Cheers AP
  8. AlpineRaven

    Beige G3 Strange Issues

    By now, I have noticed Beige G3s are starting to have issues that I have came across to, its the caps that will need replacing. I just restored Beige G3 Server 333mhz model and it was having so many issues, replaced the caps - problems solved. Cheers AP
  9. AlpineRaven

    PB 3400c Startup Issue - It Doesn't

    I've dealt similar issue you're having with one of 3400s I had - grey screen no mouse. It was caused by tiny leak from the PRAM battery around that area. I've had several of 3400s - the other symptoms for battery cancers on another 3400 I had was - • Constant Shift key in whole time (it'll start up with extensions disabled, you cannot click on items as it'll select icons, even menus etc) • Other 3400s HDD wouldn't boot, but it'll boot on floppy or CD ROM (even swapped the HDD and HDD cables etc) • Other 3400s - no display, but I could see via external display. • Other 3400s - will not power on. Cheers AP
  10. AlpineRaven

    VHS Video editing on early PowerPC macs.

    I used to do video production in late 90s - 2000s but greatly decline in late 2000s. Started off with Power Mac 7600/200 then later 8600/200 with dual CPU, then later Beige G3 Mini Tower, moved to firewire and used Canopus ADVC110 via firewire - much better quality than Apple's video. I still have that today and I still convert from VHS to DV via firewire and playback in Plex I use G4 MDD 1.42 for that today. Cheers AP
  11. AlpineRaven

    Performa 450 dead

    Switch on the PSU and test for power on the power plug - I bet you money the PSU is dead/needs recap. Cheers AP
  12. Evening all, As I have recapped and fully working Power Macintosh WGS 6150/66. Since the hard drive had been removed by previous owner who sold it to me, It came from an Doctors Surgery with a few other macs as well, and I couldn't tell what it had in it, I would like to resurrect of how it would've been back in 1994. It does have nubus ethernet card in it which I presume it would've been used as an server? What did it have installed from factory? How was it setup? Cheers AP
  13. AlpineRaven

    Should it be recapped?

    That means that board has been started up with leaked caps which is very common problem for people who pulled out those Duos and fire them up.. I have about 7 Duos that previous people have attempted to fire them up are no good - one day I am hoping to build 7 boards into one or 2. Cheers AP
  14. AlpineRaven

    PowerBook 550c SCSI2SD internal with SCSI2SD external

    Sorry I didn't comment re; termination and power - Yes to both - It is terminated and I do have Power to it. (it has custom built PSU to power it for Macs that cannot supply power via SCSI2SD) I am puzzled and its doing my head in wondering what isn't right? or you cannot use both 2x SCSI2SD on one mac? Cheers AP
  15. G'day all, I have came to a problem, My PowerBook 550c (same logicboard as PowerBook 540c) has SCSI2SD for PowerBook in it and if I connect up my external SCSI2SD to it, you cannot get it started and it'll have grey screen with mouse pointer for several minutes then flashing floppy icon comes up. It works fine in my PowerBook 540c but it has a spinner Hard Drive in it. Turn it off, remove SCSI devices, turn it on - it won't boot unless you put an floppy disk in to boot it up, then restart then the SCSI2SD internal Hard Drive will load up. I have kept the SCSI ID separate and its not conflicting at all - I have checked like 5 times now hehe. Why is it doing that? Have I configured something wrong? Cheers AP