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  1. Yep thats a thermal PAD - you can buy those and stick it on - they come in 0.5mm and 1.0mm. Better than using thermal paste due thickness. Cheers AP
  2. AlpineRaven

    IIsi works, then doesn't

    Sounds like the PSU has done it - its not a easy one to re-cap the PSU - also its a common issue. IIsi needs recapping anyway. Ive just recapped 2x IIsi's to 100% recapped, works really well. Cheers AP
  3. IMO - I think it should be fine - just keep eye on it for couple of days Cheers AP
  4. AlpineRaven

    restoring Li Ion batteries

    They are around - you gotta look and look for new old stock Cheers AP
  5. AlpineRaven

    6100/66 is very unstable

    Yep recap before you eliminate any other issues. I have seen quite a few of 6100s in need recap. Even tho they may look ok. Cheers AP
  6. AlpineRaven

    Macintosh Quadra 700 Battery Leakage

    Ive got one as well - exact same problem as yours, re-soldered the resisters what fallen off. Fired her up - I all I can is hear chime of death. I noticed 3x RAM chips isn't really soldered onto the board/corroded and one or two chips is dead/fried in my suspicion. At this stage I am saving up for heat gun so I can remove the RAM Chips and replace with new ones. Cheers AP
  7. AlpineRaven

    Pismo drive replacement - what type of SSD do I need?

    No questions asked mate... you'll be blown away - heres the benchmarks See PoweBook G3 500mhz with spinner HDD (835) and Kingspec is mSATA adapter (2084). Cheers AP
  8. AlpineRaven

    Pismo drive replacement - what type of SSD do I need?

    Oh big time! Cheers AP
  9. AlpineRaven

    China Ebay 68040 processor

    Can you share which seller it is? I am in market for 68040 40mhz again. Cheers AP
  10. AlpineRaven

    PowerBook G4 TiBook - screen bezel

    Had a look at the videos - ouch not good... No worries! Ill find another TiBook with good lid!! (mine one has a dint and the catch does not work) Cheers AP
  11. I need to replace the front screen surround bezel (that goes around the LCD) as its damaged and I've located a new one. How hard is it to replace it? Cheers AP
  12. AlpineRaven

    Best macOS version for IIci?

    The basic stuff - 6.0.8 upto at least 7.1.2 - no higher. They are sluggish above 7.1.2. For networking Ive injected open transport & appletalk from 7.5 in 7.1.2 and works fine. Cheers AP
  13. AlpineRaven

    Pismo drive replacement - what type of SSD do I need?

    Heres a link for m.2 adapter; https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/M-2-NGFF-SATA-SSD-to-2-5-IDE-44pin-Converter-Adapter-with-Case-Converter/233081662155?hash=item3644bfeacb:g:uZEAAOSwMQ1cMFc2&frcectupt=true Heres a link for mSATA adapter; https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/44PIN-mSATA-to-2-5-IDE-HDD-SSD-mSATA-to-PATA-Adapter-Converter-Card-with-Case/292973693249?hash=item443697c941:g:T5kAAOSwGoRcbhLS&frcectupt=true That small angled adapter does not work. Cheers AP
  14. AlpineRaven

    Pismo drive replacement - what type of SSD do I need?

    I have confirmed and tested; 44pin to m.2 SSD (Green one) 44pin to mSATA (Black one) 44pin to SD (was slower than above two) I strongly recommend and is widely available is m.2 and mSATA SSD. Don't bother with 44-CF, - its much slower than 44-SD in Pismo, Pismo has 66mhz bandwidth and you might as well put fastest SSD as possible for what It can use. So, get that black full size 2.5" mSATA or m.2 adapter, bear in mind - Pismo will only read upto 128gb. If the media is bigger than 128gb you'll have to partition it, but you'll have to do that external drive. I have confirmed that 540gb works (it was m.2 SSD) in Pismo (partition it in PowerBook G4 into 3 - 2x 128gb and 3rd partition was whatever left over it was). Now that m.2 SSD is in TiBook 1ghz, and the Pismo has 256gb mSATA partitioned into 2x 128gb - one of 9 and X. Cheers AP
  15. Evening all, I have MicroMac's Carrera040 CPU card and thought would Daystar Nubus adapter/pass through would work in Macintosh IIsi for the Carrera040 to work - would that work? I don't have MicroMac's actual adapter (the seller lost it) but I have the CPU and I would like to use it in Macintosh IIsi. Cheers AP