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  1. PM 8600/200 Startup Annoyance

    Have you got any PCI Cards in it? My 8600 does that sometimes - It will boot at 2nd cycle power on and I think its the SCSI card I have in it that needs to be woken up/powered up. Cheers AP
  2. No I haven't seen an LC630 that needed re-cap... (I used to have 40 of them and already sold off, have kept 6 of them now and they still do work) but I have came across to LC630 that have gone haywire and cannot work out why (that one did replace the caps as last resort but it was dead as)... Cheers AP
  3. Flashing a PB3112 SATA card

    Any updates? Cheers AP
  4. Using Ram Doubler - Speed Doubler, Ram upgrade.

    Interesting results! Good on you showing us this! Cheers AP
  5. PowerBook 3400 - I've came to an issue, I thought I killed the battery, but it turns out that I didn't. This PB3400 240mhz - won't charge the battery. It'll charge for few seconds then it stops. I've just got another PB3400/200mhz that just arrived (it has battery cancer but working - well sorta) but it does charge the battery and I was excited that it did charge the battery!!!!!!! That is the main thing... SO..... this battery issue PB3400/240mhz - logicboard is clean as - A1 nick no leaks, very clean, It did charge the battery in the past but 4 weeks ago it stopped charging, I thought it was my fault for running the battery to dead flat and killed it!!! Before I start fault finding the issue & muck around, what would the problem be - would it be in the logic board or it would be the DC-DC Power board? Cheers AP
  6. Connecting my 1400c to wireless network

    Been there done that - Fine if you're using OSX but pre-OSX I use an Airport Express and I converted it to use Power Bank or via USB port off the laptop. This Express had blown PSU hence converted it. Plugged it in 1400/3400 PBG3 via ethernet/USB ports if available and you're on internet portability. Thats how I got the info from; http://evolver.fm/2013/06/06/airplay-on-the-highway-put-apple-airport-express-in-your-car/ You must get 5v to 3.3v precisely (if its 3.5v or more - or 3v it won't work) It works well! Even use AppleShare via this between my G4 MDD which is connected via Wifi. ** You wouldn't think using future objects on 20 plus years old macs! Cheers AP
  7. Using Ram Doubler - Speed Doubler, Ram upgrade.

    Yes its good to RAM Doubler to save using the Hard Drive space for the memory and performance reasons as well. Speed Doubler is good for speed copy or synchronise files difference. Ive always liked using RAM Doubler in pre-OS9 Macs. I use Speed Doubler on all systems except 9.2.2 (As it was changed to Copy Doubler). Cheers AP
  8. Designing a portable RAM card

    Are you able to tell us how do we get in contact as I'd like to purchase one Cheers AP
  9. Seriously corroded Macintosh color classic

    Its the rear cover housing - not the i/o panel. Problem is I am in Australia and its quite limited to find parts like that. It got damaged in transit due poor packaging. Cheers AP
  10. Seriously corroded Macintosh color classic

    Dont chuck out the CC!!!! (which people would! As I am looking for rear piece of CC too) - sad sight of the board I agree and looks like its beyond repair too. What I'd do either; find another CC board, or get LC550 or LC575 - if you're able to get 3/4 board - some other Macs such as LC630 have full size board, so 3/4 boards will fit but full size wont. Cheers AP
  11. Designing a portable RAM card

    Any updates regarding on the progress of the RAM cards for Portables? Cheers AP
  12. PowerBook LCD replacements: THE HUNT!

    Good to know! Cheers AP
  13. PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    Since this topic has mentioned - I am seeing more and more laptops of that era - Theres quite a few over in Japan as well. mine ones hasn't done that yet. Cheers AP
  14. Generally any brand it should work. Other option is to upgrade the internal slot loading to DVD burner - that what I would do.. Cheers AP
  15. Memory troubleshooting on a 128K

    I second that I wouldn’t get used memory either. I got mine as new old stock. Cheers AP