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  1. Interware Booster 68040/40mhz

    I just realised that I placed in incorrect position - needs to be moved to LC/ColourClassic section - Admin could you move please? Cheers AP
  2. Good afternoon all, Has anyone fitted an Interware Booster CL40-40 in LC/Colour Classic or macs with PDS slots? If so, how did you go with it? Specs - 68040 40mhz with cache card attached. (photo is showing 33mhz, I have 40mhz on its way from Japan) Cheers AP
  3. IIsi Sony PSU cap list

    those PSUs are terrible.... Cheers AP
  4. Fitting a SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac

    It wont be much of improvement, correct me wrong it has internal 10mbs SCSI, the SCSI2SD v6 is also 10mbs as well? Cheers AP
  5. I've probably destroyed my 5500/275 logic board

    I agree above said - it can boot without PRAM battery. Check RAM and remove anything that is connected to the board even when you re-insert the tray back in make sure nothing is jamming up the connectors. The fan on the CPU would have dried up bearings hence noisy Cheers AP
  6. PM 8600 reports wrong size RAM?

    My 8600/250 does have 1gb of RAM - 8x 128gb sticks and is showing 1gb in 7.5.5 so the OS version is irrelevant. Cheers AP
  7. LC 575 board (in Color Classic) - funky vertical lines

    Can you send a pic of the VRAM modules up? Cheers AP
  8. Good morning all, Is there instructions or tutorial regarding calibrating those 3.5" floppy disk drives? I've seen the video about lubricating it - but Is there specific point that the heads or sensor needs to be calibrated? I've got a stack of 7x 1.4mb and 2x 800k are not working/won't read/format or spits out - Too many drives that are non working sitting there, and I want them fixed! NB: All moving parts have been cleaned/lubricated. Cheers AP
  9. Newton eMate 300 - whats card is this?

    G'day all, Purchased this Newton and the seller had no idea if it worked or not so took a gamble to purchase this cheaply - pretty much either; I want the stylus pen and if it doesn't work - would be good to see parts. I noticed there is a card in it on the side - what might it be? Cheers AP
  10. FYI - I have tested Q950 logicboard with CPU still attached but no VRAM/RAM - I bought it years ago as NOS - basically its brand new in original Apple Service box. But I am in Australia. I did test it 3 weeks ago as I thought my Quadra 950 was dead but turns out it was PSU. I'm in Australia. Cheers AP
  11. PowerBook 5300ce startup problem

    need to open it up to find out why - do you know someone local that can help? or follow this; https://www.ifixit.com/Device/Apple_Powerbook_5300 Cheers AP
  12. Power Mac 5500 picture problem

    With those displays you need to calibrate with special tool or apple device to calibrate. Its not simple like old macs can with pots. Cheers AP
  13. PowerBook 5300ce startup problem

    I think they can run without PRAM battery Cheers AP
  14. Macintosh Colour Classic - no sound

    Hey All, A mate of mine bought an Macintosh Colour Classic, when he obtained it obviously the board has leaked the caps out of it, when you switch it on it doesn't have sound at all, which is caps of course. Last night I/we recapped the board with him, teaching him how to re-cap it. All caps have been replaced 47uf, 100uf and 10uf ones - all correct value as per spec. (I've done other 5 CC boards same as this one and have bene successful) Plugged the board back in CC, waited for startup chime, nothing, once the finder loads, went to Sound control panel - no sound output. We decided to plug the speakers in - it does have sound via speakers. What else should I check? Doesn't sound jack have pass thru for internal sound? Cheers AP
  15. Fitting a SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac

    What is the largest SD Card I could use in SCSI2SD v5? I have 220gb of legacy software, my whole purpose of having SCSI2SD is to store all those software on it and be able to install on macs via external SCSI. So, in theory - I was hoped to 4 partitions via SCSI2SD - 2gb (System 7.5.5 for earlier macs), 4gb (for Mac OS 8.6 for Power Macs) , 128gb and 128gb both for software. Would that work? Cheers AP