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  1. AlpineRaven

    PBG3 PDQ 14.1 TFT LCD Display replacement

    Yep - Its LT141X2 thats correct - I haven’t yet locate one, I had a spare one from PowerBook Pismo plugged it in and it works but the holes does not line up. Worst case - I can make a bracket for it. Ive done basic research and Ive found but the price is too high for what its worth at this stage. At this stage - I’m considering modifiying & retrofit Pismo’s LCD in PB G3 PDQ. Cheers AP
  2. G'day all, Ive recently obtained an PowerPC LC PDS card (Daystar 601 LC PDS card) that replaces 68040 cpu socket to PowerPC. Since I have 575 board in my Colour Classic, so I thought I'd give PowerPC a go. Updated to 7.5 as per instructions from this site; http://colourclassicfaq.com/mobo/mystic.shtml in 68040 its working well, I have 20mb RAM installed. As soon I turn on PowerPC and restart - it won't boot up and the screen is all black, it does have a chime. Which leads me to think its because the screen is 512x384 not 640x480. DO you know if there is a work around to get PowerPC to work? Cheers AP FYI: its working in actual LC575 and LC475 as I tested it in both.
  3. Hey all, Without opening up the LCD up what LCD Panel does it use - I would like to replace it. (I don't want to open it up and put it back together and open it up again in few weeks when new one comes) Thanks Cheers AP
  4. AlpineRaven

    Powerbook G3 PDQ/Wallstreet SSD

    Yep I've just put one in this morning in PBG3 PDQ and G3 Kanga, they're fussy what type of Hard Drives to put it in, I find those 44pin to SD card works the best in those. see link https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/44-Pin-Male-IDE-To-SD-Card-Adapter-H7U3/282672901358?epid=1259821274&hash=item41d09e2cee Ive already tried; 44pin to CF - failed and very slow. 44pin to mSATA - wouldnt be found in Disk Utl. - works fine in Lombard/Pismo 44 pin to PATA Kingspec - failed to pick up in Disk Utl. End result - 44 pin to SD is best way to go. Cheers AP
  5. From what I've heard from other source - just be patience with him, it will come around. Be positive for him. Cheers AP
  6. AlpineRaven

    3D printed PowerBook battery case

    G'day all, I have this 3D printed battery case for Powerbook 160 (which also applies to other PB models too) My question is - I know it is designed for NiCad battery system (I've also seen NiMH batteries cases too) Would it be safe to use and charge at the same time with 5x NiCad batteries in it? Original battery is 6v as well hence 5x 1.2v = 6v. Cheers AP
  7. If it fits, if it boots and shows L2 cache then it'll work. If it doesnt above then it doesnt. Cheers AP
  8. AlpineRaven

    G4 MDD PSU

    I've got this G4 MDD (Mirror Drive Doors) FW400 1.42ghz, it's a such a good workhorse and fastest genuine Mac/last Mac to be able to run Mac OS 9.2.2 and OSX, and it has been beefed up with heaps of upgrades (ie. SCSI, Sonnet SATA, GPU etc), to date it has been working very well and I need to look after it. Number one I need to focus is the Power Supply.... It has Samsung PSU from G4 MDD FW800 in it, I am hearing reports that they do go, I want to rebuild it before it goes. Any suggestions re; rebuilding it? Cheers AP
  9. AlpineRaven

    Macintosh Portable error code

    I agree above - usually first signs if messages like that you need recap it asap - dont use it. Cheers AP
  10. AlpineRaven

    Need help identifying Macintosh portable card

    its a RAM Card - hard to say what size Cheers AP
  11. Why did you install to 50v 47uf caps? There is also axial caps on the board as well - they may need replacing to. 100% for sure the PSU does need recap - It has known it gets shorten to start it up on its own. Yes IIci/Quadra 700 PSU does fit on IIsi board - I've done that to eliminate the power on test/shutdown test etc. FYI - Maccaps is not 100% accurate some caps may be different as per spec so double check what you're replacing to same value. Cheers AP
  12. AlpineRaven

    PB1400 - Recell Batteries

    Evening all - I cannot pinpoint on re-cell PowerBook 1400 Battery - does anyone know any info? Cheers AP
  13. AlpineRaven

    SE/30 RAM speed. <120ns ok?

    I was taught "the lower nanoseconds the better" Cheers AP
  14. AlpineRaven

    Fitting a SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac

    You are correct, if its under 7.6.1, it is (2gb is 7.1) and 7.5.5 is 4gb limit. If you're in 7.6.1 you can have more than 4gb/less than 128gb. On my PowerBook G3 Pismo is limited to 128gb, you have to format it externally to partition it to get bigger than 128gb (PBG3 has 256gb partitioned into 128gb each) I actually forgotten about the power from bus/powered externally - Will give that a go later today, SCSI2SD never came out from its enclosure since I got it. Cheers AP
  15. AlpineRaven

    PowerBook 1400 CD ROM

    G'day all, I have 4x PowerBook 1400 CD ROM drives and neither works. What options do I have and does anyone know direct replacement for those? Any suggestions to get them working again? Cheers AP