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  1. Good morning all, PowerBook 5x0 series battery rebuild/recell Is the battery bricked if they show "X" on the icon in finder? This is the 2nd battery I've tried rebuilding the pack and it still shows X and I seem cannot get the battery charged up or recognised - what am I doing wrong? So far I've tried; Emmpathy Lind Battery Utility BU 500 Deluxe Zap the pram Reset the PMU Neither can get the battery working again? The batteries are fully charged/ready to go Cheers AP
  2. AlpineRaven

    Desintegrated Powerbook 3400c

    I have gone thru several 3400s - they are *brittle* as - it all comes down to how they were stored/used etc.. my current 3400 is pretty good and it hasn't cracked or anything... Ive got a few cracked as well. Cheers AP
  3. AlpineRaven

    PowerBook 550c

    Yep - its slow, If you wanted 100mhz 603 - Just get PB5300. I do have that CPU as well in 540c as well and if it had 68040 originally just stick with it. But bonus if you have SCSI to IDE adapter and use SSD in it then its kinda different story. Cheers AP
  4. AlpineRaven

    PowerBook 550c

    Another 550c on ebay! Wonder who it belongs to!... Cheers AP
  5. AlpineRaven

    New 1400 Battery?

    Interesting what Battery is that? (edit: realised that's PowerBook Duo battery) This battery pack is from my 1400c/166 which is why I looked up that pack with that link above. Cheers AP
  6. AlpineRaven

    New 1400 Battery?

    Ive been eying on this one for a while - I am suspected its the same as 1400 pack. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Replacement-Battery-For-FUKUDA-CardiMax-FCP-7101/292068610746?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=591046782145&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Cheers AP
  7. I do recap myself but I dont want to say "I'll do it" but I dont have the time, or I will do it but like in 3 months.. SO I'd say no, but I can suggest you Bruce Rayne to help you out, he's also from Sydney too. Cheers AP
  8. Yep common issue as stated above. I used to have PowerBook 5300ce back in late 90s and it was a nice laptop. Saw that on ebay recently - congratulations - I was one of bidders as well but I got outbid. Cheers AP
  9. AlpineRaven

    Powerbook 3400c Logic Board Help

    Around the area where the PRAM battery is located - would be the issue. It would be caused by slight battery leak which is very common issue for those. Cheers AP
  10. AlpineRaven

    You can never have too many storage options...

    ha.... recently did that - My Quadra 700 has ultra wide SCSI via adapter in it - its 36gb, I've partitioned it in 2x 1.2gb, 4x 2gb - works well! Cheers AP
  11. AlpineRaven

    PowerBook 500 series Battery Rebuild

    Keep us updated - keen to do it Cheers AP
  12. AlpineRaven

    Recap Uh-Oh

    Perhaps upload a photo for us to have a look of the board - might be able to help. Ive done 660av myself as well Cheers AP
  13. AlpineRaven

    PB540 no sound?

    Morning all, Can someone enlighten me to trouble-shoot this one; PowerBook 540 does not have any sound output. It was working 2 weeks ago when I last used it because I was playing games with it and now it doesnt.Swapped over to 520 screen - no sound Swapped over known working ribbon cable (logicboard to display) - no sound I dont *think* its the screen itself because I swapped over with another display. IMO it might be the logicboard at fault? I haven't checked the sound output port yet. Any suggestions? Cheers AP
  14. AlpineRaven

    Make 8.1 look like system 7

    Yep that above.. Cheers AP
  15. AlpineRaven

    Drive setup help needed for 128GB dual-boot (7.5.3 + 8.1)

    The earlier system the better/faster than newer system. ie. on 68k Mac 8.1 was slow to perform over System 7.1 which is tons faster. As what Gorgonops is correct. Some Macs doesn't like dual booting - your 1400c is more likely will accept dual booting. That is why I have Macs there with specific system software there, ie. Macintosh IIsi has System 6.0.8, PowerBook 540c has System 7.1, Quadra 840av 7.1, Quadra 700 has 7.1.2 (PowerPC), PowerBook 3400 has System 8.6, Pismo has 9.2.2. If I wanted to use later system I will pick the Mac that has/compatible to run that system comfortably. What I am saying above - think about why you want to run 8.1 or 7.5.3? If you like 8.1 GUI feel - you can pull out the Appearance control panels and extensions and plop them in 7.5.3 then you will get 8.1 feel. Cheers AP