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  1. Thank you so much Bolle! And thank you for the link!
  2. None at the moment, but I’m about to make an investment in a XYtronic LF-1600, 80W or similar. Other suggestions are very welcome!
  3. Hello, After watching several Youtube-DIY-re-cap programs and with envy studying the craftsmanship of the return-boards from Charles, I have decided to become an autodidact on the subject matter. The only problem is I’m utterly clueless. Since I have to start somewhere I thought I start with an IIsi motherboard that I found on flea-market for $5. I have counted and made a list of all the capacitors that need to be changed: C5 4.7 µf 16V C9 4.7 µf 16V C10 4.7 µf 16V C11 4.7 µf 16V C20 4.7 µf 16V C22 4.7 µf 16V C31 4.7 µf 16V C34 4.7 µf 16V C35 4.7 µf 16V C36 4.7 µf 16V C38 4.7 µf 16V C130 220 µf 16V C131 220 µf 16V At the moment I’m considering tantalum caps, for the most part, but since there are so many different kinds, brands and colours -- where do start? If someone have pre-filled part number list from DigiKey that would really help me out! Thanks! /ktkm
  4. ktkm

    Res Edit

    Sounds interesting! I’d like to try something similar. How does it work?
  5. ktkm

    TwinSpark Powercache incompatible?

    Interesting thanks! What versions of PowerCentral have you tried with?
  6. ktkm

    IIsi saved!

    No Maxell bomb! -- The one I removed was blue (can’t remember the brand). And thanks for all replies suggestions! Next step will be a meticulous cleaning, a new PRAM battery and than a recap. (I’ve been meaning to learn the recapping part for ages!) If the hard disk is dead I might consider a SCSI2SD (I’ve had good experience with 5.1 in an SE/30). That sound great! I feel like I have won the lottery! I happen to have an extra SE/30 at work as my office mascot.
  7. ktkm

    IIsi saved!

    Hello! I saved (from Swedish fleamarket) an IIsi, AppleColor High-Res Display and AEK II for 50 SEK (approximately 5.45825 USD) yesterday. No leaking caps and a MacCon ethernet adapter installed. This is my first IIsi so all tips, tricks or ideas are very welcome! Cheers from a sunny Stockholm! /KTKM
  8. ktkm

    Just got an SE/30, have a display issue

    The re-cap-job shown i the pictures looks like the works by Uniserver (Maccaps)! I had simular sympthoms with my ROM upgrade from BMOW. Try cleaning or switching to an other ROM.
  9. No smoke, is good enough for me! I think I’ll try it, just to have checked off the list. Thanks!
  10. Has anyone tried to fit a Turbo 601 66 MHz, in a socketed 040 Turbo adapter, in a Mac IIcx? I like to try it, but I don’t know what to expect? Perhaps smoke or explosion? Or is there slim a chance of success? /K
  11. Ah, I see. Thank you Bolle!
  12. I meant the Turbo 040 accelerator. Did the ROM dump from the IIci, with the 040 accelerator installed, result in a ROM-file named other than ”MacIIci.ROM”?
  13. I tried dumping the 040 ROM with my IIcx, but I only get the ”MacIIx.ROM”, with or without the cache installed. (Not that I would know what to do with it). I would gladly pay or help out in any way I’m capable of to get this ”Dream-ROM” done once and for all!
  14. I had som freeze-issues with my PowerCache (P34 33MHz), Ethernet card and Twin Spark adapter, and I have a Turbo 040 33MHz in a IIcx, that I wanted in to try out in my SE/30. So I decided to give the Stratos Technology PSU, from Artmix (Japan), a try. I’m not sure if it actually fixed the issue, since I already had swapped the P34 to a P33 50MHz. However, it did wonders for my display, pixel crispness and geometry is more even than ever! Artmix: http://www.artmix.com/hps_2009_EVO.html