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  1. SE/30 Battery victim revived

    Beautiful! This really brings hope! Nice work!
  2. 32-bit Clean ROM vs MODE32

    If you want the original start-up chime and feel? I’ve would go for the GGLabs IIsi ROM. I have both the ROM-Inator II and the GGLabs ROM, and the SE/30 can be a little picky regarding the ROM-socket and the ROM-Inator II.
  3. Supermac Spectrum SE/30 and IIsi ROM?

    Yes, System 7.1 is my all-time favorit! Could this be of any help? My SE/30 spec with Supermac Spectrum SE/30 System: S1-7.1.1 (Swedish) ROM: IIsi (v124, 512K, GGLABS) RAM: 69632K (64+4=68MB) Board: Green Board number: 820-0260-A Manufactured in: Cork Year: 1991 Week: 11 Number: 511 Model ID: 00YA Other: PDS: TwinSpark 2.0, Daystar PowerCache 50MHz (P33), Supermac Spectrum SE/30* *I don’t have it handy in writing. Tests was carried out with and without the TwinSpark 2.0 and Daystar PowerCache 50MHz (P33), and the results where the same. Note: Supermac Spectrum SE/30 works with the TwinSpark 2.0, ”dirty” SE/30 ROM and System 6.0.8.
  4. Supermac Spectrum SE/30 and IIsi ROM?

    Thanks Trash! Do you think it could be the ROM socket? I use a GGLABS IIsi ROM SIMM, and it never cheated on me before? However the board I’m using did have som glitches with BMOW’s ROM-inator II, and I do have another SE/30 board to test it with. As soon as get my new FPM memory (should be in the mail by now) I’m gonna try it again!
  5. I would like to know if anyone has gotten this combo to work ”SE/30 with IIsi ROM and Supermac Spectrum SE/30 graphics card”? As you can can see from the attached clip -- I have no clue whatsoever. /K SE30IIsiROM_SMSSE30.MOV
  6. TwinSpark Powercache incompatible?

    Hello Bolle, I’m not ready to part with it just yet, since I still want to test the P33 thoroughly, and perhaps use it the IIcx again. But I could perhaps lend it to you? If I get it back in one pice ]'>
  7. TwinSpark Powercache incompatible?

    P33 is the shit! Same software configuration and adapter (TwinSpark) new PowerCache (Daystar PowerCache P33 50MHz). (Thanks omidimo for helping me out!) System is stable (no more freezing-up) and works with Power Central 1.3 and 2.0.
  8. IIcx - ROM SIMM for 32bit cleanup?

    I use the ROM-inator II in my IIcx, thus 80 MB RAM of possible 128 MB, but since the ROM-slot is empty you need to remove a jumper on the logic board.
  9. TwinSpark Powercache incompatible?

    Yes, I have the Daystar Cache Adapter for the IIcx. Thanks!
  10. TwinSpark Powercache incompatible?

    Finally some good news! But I still can’t rule the fact that something could be wrong with board? However it did work great in an IIcx a couple of weeks ago. Next step is to check the voltage.
  11. TwinSpark Powercache incompatible?

    I have tried Power Central 1.3 and 2.0 in System 7.1 and 7.5.3 is there perhaps a later version I don’t know about?
  12. TwinSpark Powercache incompatible?

    A little update: I pulled the FPU from the board, but the problem persist. However, without the FPU and Power Central installed, the system was stable but the CPU upgrade tested insignificant.
  13. TwinSpark Powercache incompatible?

    I just read about your work, looks very promising! I’m interested! No, problem in times like these! ]'> Bolle, where do you dwell? I’d like to help out! You imagined correctly! ]'> Here are some pictures!
  14. TwinSpark Powercache incompatible?

    It says “Universal Powercache” on the back, but the description dosen’t match the ones in the manual, for instance the CPU is black and soldered to the board, and the FPU is socketed and black. Intersting about the FPU removal, I’ll look it up! Thanks!
  15. TwinSpark Powercache incompatible?

    Dang! Missed that one! The manual clearly states P33! Thanks omidimo! (If you ever want to part with a P33, P34 or Turbo 040 for that matter don’t hesitate to contact me!) ]'>