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  1. I have checked the wire, it is no touching the via, but there were som tiny solder residues between the legs of 74HC74D and HC132A, however, removing them didn't change anything. I’m gonna check your markings thoroughly. Good eyes @Bolle! Here some more pictures.
  2. Hard for me to say. I think it works after I made a little extension lead replacing the pad. It might as well be wonky. I’ll post a close-up tonight.
  3. A morning update. 1. C133 fixed (small ceramic cap on the flip side had broken off). 2. The C10 plus-pad was ripped!!! I suspect this could be the reason for the floppy to behave strangely? I made a half-assed attempt to fix this, but with no luck. I would love some suggestion on this one! 3. Large capacitors in place (didn’t change much). I haven’t found any broken traces as @Bolle suggested, so I guess the IC:s are bad since I can’t turn it off. Does anyone know where replacements can be found? 4. Printer port works! I was able to move Apple diagnostics to the hard drive. To be continued.
  4. Thank you @Bolle this is new territory for me!
  5. I might add that I have yet to replace the large caps since they Looked okay. I’ll start with replacing those.
  6. I see, how can I test it?
  7. I’m having a problem with a motherboard that has have been recently re-capped. First thing, the IIci behaves like a compact mac when turning off. Second, the floppy drive is recognised as an 800K drive, it won’t boot, and can’t format disks. Sound only works through the headphone jack. SCSI behaves as normal. Is this a ROM issue?
  8. Do you have any news regarding your speaker problem? I have the same issue with an IIci.
  9. That is comforting
  10. Looks wierd? It seem to be wrapped in paper, besides the heat-shrink.
  11. No extra wrapping. I uploaded some pictures! Now that was precisely what I wanted to hear! Thank you!
  12. I’m planning an IIcx/ci PSU re-cap. When I opened the PSU, I noticed that some of the capacitors have shrink-tube on them. Is this really a necessity?
  13. My IIsi PSU was blowing fuses after I recapped the daughter card, it turned out that the resistor at TH101 had blown!? Replacing that, and everything started to work as intended.
  14. I agree! And just like @CC_333, I have longed for one for quite some time now.
  15. Yes! And accelerated graphics would be great! I would back an SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning project.