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  1. You said it! Yes, it would be nice to get it started. I’ll keep my fingers crossed its salvageable by a simple cleaning and a re-cap. Does anyone know if the PRAM battery is soldered on directly the board?
  2. Radius Thunder IV, sweet! Thank you @Bolle good eyes (as always!). I’ll post some new pictures of every card on closer inspection.
  3. I bought an IIfx yesterday, probably none-working since the ad stated untested. What caught my interest was the Nubus cards, in this case, four of them. So far I have roughly identified three of them, I think, as one Ultra-wide SCSI controller card and two graphics card, but the fourth one was tricky for me. In my haste, I thought it was a Rocket because of the onboard sim slots and lack of output in the back. What could it be? I have yet to receive the parcel. Thanks!
  4. ktkm

    Daystar Universal PowerCache P33 in SE/30

    Super! Nothing better to match your profoundly gorgeous clear case!
  5. Thank you @netfreak very helpful! I’ll order the same set from Digikey. Did you keep the old 2uF cap in place?
  6. Please update, and show me how you made them fit
  7. Hello! I having trouble finding the right film capacitor replacement for an IIci Astec PSU, especially the large 2.0 µF 250 VAC. My local supplier doesn’t have them, so I thought I use Mouser for this order or any other suggestion for that matter. This is the entire capacitor list (red shows the ones I have trouble finding): 0.0033 µF Y 250 V (Film) ⌀ 10 mm 0.0047 µF Y 250 V (Film) ⌀ 10 mm 0.0047 µF Y 250 V (Film) ⌀ 10 mm 0.047 µF X2 (Film) ⌀ 15 mm 0.1 µF X2 250 V (Film) ⌀ 20 mm 2.0 µF 250 VAC (630 VDC?) (Film) ⌀ 27 mm 0.22 µF X2 50 V (Film) ⌀ 20 mm 10 µF 25 V ⌀ 3 mm 10 µF 50 V ⌀ 3 mm 1000 µF 16 V ⌀ 4 mm 1000 µF 16 V ⌀ 4 mm 2.2 µF 50 V ⌀ 3 mm 2200 µF 10 V ⌀ 6 mm 2200 µF 10 V ⌀ 6 mm 2200 µF 16 V ⌀ 4 mm 2200 µF 25 V ⌀ 8 mm 47 µF 100 V ⌀ 4 mm 47 µF 16 V ⌀ 3 mm 470 µF 16 V ⌀ 4 mm 470 µF 200 V ⌀ 10 mm 470 µF 200 V ⌀ 10 mm
  8. ktkm

    3D-printed Casing for LCD Panel?

    Thank you @Trash80toHP_Mini! It is about time finished it.
  9. ktkm

    3D-printed Casing for LCD Panel?

    It has been a while, and I have almost forgotten about the project. I made some wrong calculations regarding the mounting, so I have to do some filing and fiddling. The kick-stand was too advanced and expensive for me at this point, since this is my first print-out ever. But here are some pictures! Please, tell me what you think.
  10. I have checked the wire, it is no touching the via, but there were som tiny solder residues between the legs of 74HC74D and HC132A, however, removing them didn't change anything. I’m gonna check your markings thoroughly. Good eyes @Bolle! Here some more pictures.
  11. Hard for me to say. I think it works after I made a little extension lead replacing the pad. It might as well be wonky. I’ll post a close-up tonight.
  12. A morning update. 1. C133 fixed (small ceramic cap on the flip side had broken off). 2. The C10 plus-pad was ripped!!! I suspect this could be the reason for the floppy to behave strangely? I made a half-assed attempt to fix this, but with no luck. I would love some suggestion on this one! 3. Large capacitors in place (didn’t change much). I haven’t found any broken traces as @Bolle suggested, so I guess the IC:s are bad since I can’t turn it off. Does anyone know where replacements can be found? 4. Printer port works! I was able to move Apple diagnostics to the hard drive. To be continued.
  13. Thank you @Bolle this is new territory for me!