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  1. I love monologues (and the effort of course)! And better yet, the day I get hold of Quadra 900/950 this will be gold! Keep it up!
  2. Thank you @AwkwardPotato That is the best guess so far.
  3. ktkm

    AdobePS & PostScript Printers

    That did it! Now, for the first time ever, I can print from system 7.1 to my OKI C841! Thank you so much! By enabling the EtherTalk protocol in the printer menu /Admin/Network Setup/EtherTalk) everything works like a charm! I have always assumed EtherTalk was active since it was listed together with TCP/IP, IPX/SPX (who are active by default). Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups!
  4. ktkm

    AdobePS & PostScript Printers

    This sounds interesting! I have an Oki C841 that I have been trying to hook up, but never made it.
  5. The video suddenly became raggedy and stripy in right edges of windows, menus, and other GUI elements (only when displaying millions of colours). Upon closer inspection, I found a blown ceramic capacitor on the back of the card. I thought I replace it, but I don‘t know the value, or where to retrieve it. Where can I find such information? Help much appreciated. Here is a picture. I tested the traces close the blown capacitor, and they are fine.
  6. I have never heard that sound from a PPC, sounds like something went really wrong!?
  7. This would be a perfect opportunity for 68k genius to figure it out (I have a Turbo 601 and extra SE/30 standing by for that day).
  8. ktkm

    Asante MacCon daughterboard question

    Sweet! Thank you @Bolle ! And nice feature regarding the detachable AUI port! I will put it to good use the day I figure out how to fit my Rasterops card on top of the TwinSpark/Daystar/MacCon configuration.
  9. Picked this daughterboard up, to use it with my MacCon IIsi/SE30 ethernet card, in the hope I could skip the use of a transceiver since my currently installed daughterboard only has thick and thin connections. Question is, are they compatible?
  10. Sounds interesting! I’m currently testing different graphics/music software with system 6.0.7, 7.1, 7.5.3 and 7.6.1.
  11. ktkm

    Portable 26-pin monitor cable broken

    Thanks! Two weeks ago I had a stripy LCD and didn’t know what crimping was. Hope my simple documentation can be of some help in the future.
  12. ktkm

    Portable 26-pin monitor cable broken

    My first re-crimping and it worked out alright! Thank you @bibilit and @techknight.
  13. I’ll see what I can find
  14. ktkm

    Portable 26-pin monitor cable broken

    Success! But it took some force. Oh, and I found the ‘modern’ ribbon cable The clerk at ‘MHz Data’(a vintage PC-store) didn’t even wanna charge me for it!
  15. Finally, some good news! I think I found someone local who sits on a load of IIs, shall I ask him if he has any of your requests mentioned above? Thank you Bolle!