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    PowerBook-1400c-G3-333mhz-SONNET-CPU-MAX-RAM-MORE . . . $124

    Haha nice! I was watching that. Glad someone here got it! Listing said it woul sometimes have boot issues, but was likely a dead clock battery. Let us know if that was the case.
  2. just.in.time

    SE/30 display crashing to black with a raspberry sound

    @macclassic I agree with @Johnnya101, that sounds like your power supply is dropping out. Specifically, for me, that T shaped flash you are seeing. The sound almost identical to the flash you would see if the machine was running and you suddenly yanked out the power cable. Additionally, the raspberry (I’m assuming fart) sound emitted from the speaker at the same time could be from the power dropping off at the logic board not quite instantly, but near instant (say a span of 100 milliseconds). The fan will continue to spin until the voltages coming off the PSU get really low, with just some gradual loss of RPM on the way down. So if your PSU is dropping the 12/5 volt rails suddenly to 8 or 9 and 3 volts, I’d expect most of what you are describing, but the fan to keep going at a decent pace. Luckily, the SE/30 has an external floppy disk port. That is probably the easiest place to monitor the voltages from. There are several mappings around the internet that describe which pins are the ground, +5, +12, and -12. Likely the capacitors, though there are also some potentiometers to manually adjust the voltage by some weird ratio. Yours may just be shorting out in relation to how much amperage is being loaded onto the PSU (so less ram, less power needed, longer time before short causing voltage drop off???) at any rate, start with a voltmeter and track your PSU. You don’t even need to open the case for that. Good luck!
  3. just.in.time

    LCD screen in a Color Classic

    The display panel used in the iPad 2 should be pretty good for a project like this, and was 1024*768. Personally, I'd never do that type of mod to a good condition system (electronically working or not). However, I have a CC that took one hell of a beating during shipping, causing several stress cracks, and with a CRT that has some bad hot spots from magnetic exposure. On that particular unit I wouldn't be opposed to doing a mod similar to this. But wow, that price. For the asking price, I'd expect that microphone issue to be fixed and integrated internally, along with the wifi solution being internal. Otherwise the work looks decent. Idk about asking price decent, but decent. Everything is secured down and the keyboard soft-power still works despite a modern PSU. If I built the same thing, but with the notes I mentioned fixed, then I'd probably expect offers around the 800-1200 range. However, I also value my time highly and I expect that took many hours to build. So I guess I wouldn't do something like this to sell, but rather just for myself as a keeper as I'd probably want more money than it is worth on the eBay market.
  4. just.in.time

    iBook G3 2002 unable to run OS 9(?)

    Based on the Everymac page, this unit will definitely need a special version of 9.2.2 to boot up properly. However, it looks like you already got it from the garden. Next, I'd try two things (assuming you still have a "good" system folder for 9.2.2 copied over to the hard drive from the iBook specific discs, open up System Preferences and hop into the Classic panel. Somewhere in there should be a button to "Rebuild Desktop File" or something like that (going based off memory here). Then use Startup Disk control panel to select the 9.2.2 folder for startup. Hopefully that works. If that works, awesome! If not, reset the PRAM (apple-option-p-r at boot, hold down until you hear the startup chime five times), then hold down option before the display comes back on. Hopefully a boot option should come up showing OS X and OS 9, and click on 9. Best of luck!
  5. just.in.time

    The Holy Grail of PCI Macs: Daystar Millennium Quad 604.

    @Compgeke No MacOS 8.6 support?
  6. just.in.time

    $25 PowerBook 190CS with 32MB RAM expansion

    The 190/5300 shipped with some middle version of 7 (7.5.3 maybe?). At any rate, as long as you use one version later you shouldn’t need to worry about enablers. Any Disk Tools disk from 7.6/7.6.1 or 8.0/8.1 should work without any special setup. Congrats on the sweet find!
  7. just.in.time

    Stress testing an SE/30?

    @Daniël Oosterhuis very cool, your system is probably in good shape then
  8. just.in.time

    Stress testing an SE/30?

    My main SE/30 fails the apple diagnostics video RAM check, but runs fine otherwise with no symptoms. I wouldn’t worry too much if something does come back with failures.
  9. just.in.time

    My quest is at an end

    So freakin lucky. Good find.
  10. just.in.time

    Macintosh Classic Ram problem

    Glad you got yours going! Always awesome to see a success story!
  11. just.in.time

    An Expensive TV...Macintosh TV Logic Board in a Color Classic

    @Trash80toHP_Mini Ah yes, the LC PDS slot exchange for the tuner card, forgot that one. I think we covered it @KnobsNSwitches if you do get it working please share what you did. Definitely a cool project for the pure case of “why not?”
  12. just.in.time

    An Expensive TV...Macintosh TV Logic Board in a Color Classic

    I believe the CC can handle 10mb RAM where as the TV logic board can only address 8mb RAM. Also, CC supports FPU, TV does not, iirc. that said, hooking up a PlayStation 1 to a color classic sounds cool. And the TV logic board can run 7.1 plenty confidently, and up to 7.5.5 reasonably well if you keep your expectations tempered appropriately. (Speaking from my own experience there)
  13. I ran (well.. walked I suppose) my Dos Compatibility 6100 card with Windows 95. Between the PC Setup 1.6.4 disks (2 of them I believe) and Windows 95 install CD everything worked as i’d expected it to. This was with the Mac running 8.1. Were you trying Windows 3.1 or just DOS? Just curious in case I try to go to something more responsive in the future if I ever put the card back in.
  14. just.in.time

    Floppy drive compatibility question

    If you plan to keep the Performance 630, I second getting an Ethernet card for it. Otherwise, picking up a USB floppy drive will allow the sawtooth and iMac to work with floppies. USB floppy drives can usually be found in the $5 to $15 range.
  15. just.in.time

    Beige G3 Strange Issues

    Have you tried unplugging the hard drive(s)? My beige G3 takes a minute to display video when booting OSX. If yours has that issue AND is freezing in middle of boot, could leave you on a blank screen. Also, any PCI cards installed?
  16. just.in.time

    Not a "Classic" Checkerboard Issue

    @DistantStar001 everyone has given some great advice here. Best of luck, should be fixable . @techknight and @Alex I generally bake my boards at 160 (lowest my oven goes) for 45 minutes after cleaning. I also do a final rinse with 91% alcohol immediately before baking, so it should evaporate much faster than water anyways. Seems like everyone has their own variation of the process.
  17. just.in.time

    Question on graphics on Color Classic

    But in all seriousness, aside from your “colourresolution” issue, your image looks like crap and you DO need to adjust it. It isn’t sized right, appears to be bowing slightly at the edges and (depending on your phone camera), may have a slight focus issue. Good luck dude.
  18. just.in.time

    Question on graphics on Color Classic

    ... well clearly you seem to know what is right and wrong so I’m sure you will figure it out.
  19. just.in.time

    Question on graphics on Color Classic

    Display adjustment, see service manual.
  20. just.in.time

    Question on graphics on Color Classic

    The website uses screenshots (cmd-shift-3), and on a modern iPad will look perfect.
  21. just.in.time

    32-bit Clean ROM

    After years of waiting I finally got around to getting a 32-bit clean ROM SIMM for my SE/30 (I believe it is from a IIsi). The real conquest is that I now have Mac OS 8.1 running smoothly on my SE/30
  22. just.in.time

    32-bit Clean ROM

    @olePigeon I was thinking replacing the slot with one fit for the modern board thickness. Part shouldn’t be too expensive.
  23. just.in.time

    32-bit Clean ROM

    @Crutch @Von my SE/30 also does the top artifacts for ~3 seconds. I have 20mb of RAM installed, for reference. I also have a 40mhz 030 upgrade so RAM check goes decently quick (compared to before). @olePigeon yeah, some people get lucky and don’t need anything, others do require shims else the machine won’t boot. I decided to not take the gamble since I already had a SCSI2SD as well. I may still pick one up at a later date to play around with, but for now the IIsi SIMM that I got on the cheap gets the job done. THAT said, I do have the Rominator 1 installed in my Mac Plus and absolutely love it. Highly recommend to anyone with a 128, 512, or Plus.
  24. just.in.time

    32-bit Clean ROM

    Personally, I like my ROM SIMM to fit without having to use shims of some sort to hold it in place. Apparently the board thickness the original SIMMs used is hard to come by now. Some IIsi models came with SIMMs, some had the ROM soldered in. So when people say the are using a IIsi ROM, they generally mean the original Apple branded SIMM that has proper fit. The IIci ROM code can be used, but only if flashed to another product. Not on an original Apple part. As for the artifacts, they are really a non issue. They show up for 2 or 3 seconds, then disappear completely and the happy Mac logo appears and boot up continues as normal.
  25. just.in.time

    32-bit Clean ROM

    So interestingly, about 2/3 cold boots have the artifacts at boot time for a few seconds, then they go away and happy Mac shows up. That said, I think there are several versions of the IIsi ROM, so it may vary from rom to rom. Mine starts with rom chip 341S0820.