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  1. just.in.time

    SE/30 can’t find HD

    That sucks that it wasn’t properly cleaned last time. I’m wondering if you can give it a good wash to actually clear any remaining electrolitic fluid and then just resolder each pin one at a time along that side facing the capacitors. Just 11 pins right? If you have a solder sucked it shouldn’t be too horrible. Maybe someone with more experience around that chip can comment. At any rate, if previous owner screwed up cleaning there you can probably assume the rest of the board had a crap cleaning job as well. So a thorough washing is probably in order regardless before other common areas are damaged.
  2. just.in.time

    Couldn't help myself...

    Lol that’s not surprising at all. Literally the late 2009 Core2Duo original 13” MBP with a solid state drive, 4GB of ram and a hack to force Mojave to run on it would kick the crap out of ANY spinning disk MacBook Pro’s boot time (dual or quad core i3 to i7, doesn’t matter) assuming they still had their factory drives, which scuttled along at a leisurely 5400rpm. If you are trying to daily drive a Mac for the first time in 15 years at least stock it with hardware that will make it enjoyable and not migraine inducing. We’re over half a decade into the SSD age. Amazon has a Samsung 860 Evo 500GB SATA SSD for only $80. We’ve definitely hit affordable SSD storage prices.
  3. just.in.time

    Macintosh TV questions

    I’m glad you were able to get your Mac TV powering up! SCSI2SD will definitely work in there and should run just fine off of the SCSI bus power, no molex needed. At least that has been my experience. You may want to buy the mounting bracket adapter from there as well so you can secure it to the hard drive sled.
  4. just.in.time

    FTP and OS7.6

    Oh then really you could run any supported OS decently well, from 7.1 to 8.1.
  5. just.in.time

    Macintosh TV questions

    @Mac TV Diver your question might best fit in its own thread in this same area. That said, start by recapping the logic board. Don’t forget to rehwash while all the caps are off.
  6. Sometimes that happens if you don’t have a startup disk/system folder (later versions of 9) selected in the Startup Disk control panel.
  7. just.in.time

    FTP and OS7.6

    That changes everything. Assuming you have a decent bit of RAM... I’d say 16mb for 7.6 or 24mb for 8.1. But yes, with adequate RAM you should definitely consider those later OSes.
  8. I want to say there was some issue with the DOS Compatibility cards and OS 9.1. It may have been networking. I think the Read Me for the retail Mac OS 9.1 installer touched on the topic a bit. If in the end you can’t get everything ironed out I’d reccomend giving it a try with Mac OS 8.6 installed instead. Best of luck!
  9. just.in.time

    FTP and OS7.6

    Just a heads up, 7.6 is a tall order for a stock Color Classic. At least, that was my experience with it. Most things for 7.6 can work with 7.5.3. That aside, I agree with what others have said here. 7.6 will not likely address your concerns, especially if you already have OT installed on your 7.5.3 system.
  10. just.in.time

    Installing system 7.1.1 Pro on Color Classic?

    Is it having timeout errors? I’m wondering if that could be a cause of the FTP host/client software? Or potentially the wrong version of Ethernet card driver (assuming non-Apple)? On my CC with stock logic board I find 7.5.3/7.5.5 to offer a decent balance of performance vs features. Though my board is maxed out at 10mb of RAM. I typically run Net Presentz on it to act as an FTP server so I can push files to it from my MacBook.
  11. @mraroid, for OS go find that eMac 9.2.2 CD that @Cory5412 mentioned at the garden. Install that. Once done, install 10.4 (and update to 10.4.11) on the same partition. If you are only going with a 128gb disk I’d say stick to one partition. For OS X up to 10.4.11, as long as you have 512mb ram or more you generally got better performance from the same hardware the higher you pushed the OS. Assuming you have a CD burner installed, either OS (10.4 or 9.2) will be fine for writing your CDs. You may need Toast for OS 9 (or certain images in X). But really, networking will be much more convenient if you can do that. While booted in 10.4.11, use tenfourfox. While booted in 9.2.2, use classilla (my preference, some may prefer other vintage browsers but I think your G3 should be plenty fast for classilla). I agree with others, skip the G4 board swap. Your board you have now will be great for what you want to accomplish. If you want upgrades, I’d say do the following: RAM to at least 512mb PCI SATA card (gets around size limitation and way faster than onboard IDE. Plus you can use modern, aka cheap, disks and ssd... 1TB spinning disks are cheap) USB 2.0 card (requires at least 10.2.x[8?] to run at 2.0 speed, otherwise works but only at 1.1 speed). Good for transferring data to modern computers using USB sticks. USB floppy drive will likely not see any change in performance from this. Last, the Radeon 7000 PCI is a decent OS 9 and early X GPU for systems where AGP cards aren’t an option. It’s a good balance of affordability and performance. If buying one that wasn’t originally a Mac version, make sure the seller who flashed it to Mac did it right. I recall there being weird quirks if not done correctly. That said, this is last because what it came with is decent enough and the other upgrades will be more practical.
  12. just.in.time

    Building a Spotify player for my Mac SE/30

    Just kidding. My router was only "Supported*" where the asterisk was a whole lot of broken features. So I ordered a GL-AR300M. Amazon has a deal going on right now for the model without the external antennas for $40, plus 10% off at checkout. OpenWRT comes preinstalled. I'll update on my progress of following your setup in a week or so.
  13. just.in.time

    Building a Spotify player for my Mac SE/30

    This is way cool! I have everything necessary, except that specific router. However, my router is OpenWRT compatible. Maybe this is the project that makes it worth trying out. Also, for anyone interested, Amazon Echos can be used as Spotify connect targets as well. I imagine other smart speakers also work if they have Spotify support... maybe Sonos?
  14. just.in.time

    Recommend a support Mac for my Color Classic Mystic

    Ah okay, makes sense. Totally fair, I have a few systems running certain things certain ways for the exact same reason.
  15. just.in.time

    Recommend a support Mac for my Color Classic Mystic

    Just curious, why 4.7 instead of 4.8?