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  1. just.in.time

    SE/30 APD VRAM Fail Daystar

    I have an SE/30 with a Daystar Powercache installed (the 40mhz 030 board that replaces the stock socketed CPU). Wheb I run the Apple Personal Diagnostics Logic Board Test, it tells me the Video RAM test failed. However, the image looks fine on the computer screen. The only video issues I’ve ever noticed is Backdrop doesn’t refresh correctly and the scores in Shufflepuck Cafe run the length of the display. So is this an issue to be concerned about?
  2. just.in.time

    Macintosh Portable error code

    Definitely caps. to answer your question about the RAM, generally no. Backlit has its ram, and non-backlit has its RAM. There are some exceptions, such as the techknight-designed 8mb board.
  3. just.in.time

    Will a Color Classic fit in this apple bag?

    I agree with @Cory5412 on this one. I’d go with an LC III, get a vga adapter, and a decent quality 15” 4:3 ratio display with a quick release base, smaller Apple keyboard, and a mouse. That setup could easily fit in a larger backpack and under most airline seats. I’ve never seen an airline where fitting a CC under the seat would work. Maybe in the overhead bin on its side with no case, but that’s about it for carry on of a CC. Security may ask questions about hauling around an almost 30 year old computer.
  4. just.in.time

    LCII Death Chimes (Already Recapped)

    @bibilit im thinking it may be soldered RAM then. Fixable, but not fun to do so.
  5. just.in.time

    Macintosh SE/30 Digi-Key Capacitor List

    Can we get this stickied?
  6. just.in.time

    LCII Death Chimes (Already Recapped)

    If you haven’t already, try removing any extra ram sticks (should have 4mb soldered in), and make sure the vram stick is seated properly (I believe it is required, but may be wrong), as well as the ROMs. Also, disconnect the floppy disk drive and hard drive. Then try powering on. If that works, begin to slowly add things back to find what causes the chimes of death.
  7. just.in.time

    Macintosh Plus R8 resistor value

    I’m restoring a Macintosh Plus to 1mb of RAM. The resistor at R8 is completely gone and I need to replace it. Does anyone know what the correct value for that resistor is? Or can I just use a piece of wire?
  8. just.in.time

    Brand new PowerBook 1400 CD-ROM

    nice find!
  9. just.in.time

    Best options for SSD in MDD G4?

    If you get a SATA PCI card then it will give you a few internal SATA ports allowing you to use any standardized SATA SSD drive. If you use a 2.5” laptop drive you will need an adapter to secure it to the mounting bracket. IDE SSD drives seem rare and more expensive for the same size as a SATA variant. i went with the SATA card in my Beige G3
  10. just.in.time

    Power Mac 5500 picture problem

    Nice machine!
  11. Definitely one of the best cases I’ve seen in a while. Let us know if it works out.
  12. just.in.time

    Software for Mac SE

    I have 7.1 on one SE, and 7.0.1 on another SE. System 7.1 seems to use more RAM and disk space without adding much to the experience. If you are on 7.0 I’d recommend upgrading to 7.0.1 as I believe it had several bug fixes and should’t use much more (if any) RAM. As for SuperClock!, consider me another happy user. AfterDark is very cool, but does use a noticeable amount of RAM. I use that on the 7.1 SE, and Moire on the 7.0.1 system. Moire is significantly lighter on resources. The only quirk is that SuperClock! continues to be displayed when Moire runs. Moire also has a built in (not as good as SuperClock) clock, but lays in the wrong spot on System 7. Kinda a catch22 in that situation. I don’t use any desk accessories, so I can’t comment there. How large is your hard drive? Looking for any other app/game suggestions?
  13. just.in.time

    Picked up a QS'02, and other updates.

    @Cory5412 I’m glad to hear the 20” survived the trip. That plastic felt so brittle, but the image on that Trinitron was still so impressive. From what I understand, that model was sold along side the x100 series of Powermacs, but it really does look great alongside the Beige G3 models. And they actually have enough GPU grunt to push the display at a respectable resolution (with the VRAM maxed out or a PCI graphics card) in Mac OS 8/9.
  14. just.in.time

    PowerBook 2400c vs Mac OS 8.5

    There is a modification in the PowerBook PCMCIA cage that you can do so you don’t have to shave off a bit of the leading plastic from every CardBus card. Also, that wire modification in the PowerBook is for the grounding plate (present on most CardBus cards, not present on standard PCMCIA cards) located on the CardBus cards. Some CardBus cards can work without the ground plate grounded (some USB 1.1 cards, especially models that only provided low power to the ports), others will not work at all (many FireWire cards).
  15. just.in.time

    PowerBook 2400c vs Mac OS 8.5

    I think the 2400 and 3400 can use Cardbus cards but they require a modification inside the computer itself (to accept the physical card) and wiring up a ground plate to the frame. Something to that effect. Best of luck! If it works for you please let me know. I’ve always been interested in trying it on my 2400c.