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  1. Does the SE/30 live up to the hype?

    I have a few B&W era games that have problems when 32bit addressing is enabled on my SE/30. That, and most software that could take advantage of the speed expected a color 640*480 display really limit theSE/30. So it really is an odd machine. LC5xx series makes for a better 68030 experience, and Plus-SE makes for a better/more cost effective B&W machine.
  2. Macintosh TV

    More like the same logic board (performance wise) as a color classic.... so less than an LC520. But still fun:
  3. I’ve also had generally good luck with Charles. That said, I’ve also started learning how to do my own recapping. It’s a lot cheaper to do your self and is generally a good skill to have
  4. Does the SE/30 live up to the hype?

    Nice I have an SE/30, with 20mb RAM and an Ethernet card. It’s okay, but I’d say a bit over hyped. It REALLY should have had grayscale from the factory. That, combined with its extensive use of leaky caps knocks it down in my book. Personally, an SE FDHD makes a great and reliable System 6/7.1 B&W machine By far my favorite compact.
  5. Apple Hard Disk 20 repair: A success story

    That’s awesome, good job!
  6. 2017-09-23 Beta Site Testing

    I’d be interested in checking it out as well, if new beta testers are still being accepted.
  7. Secured and trying to get(IIci, powerbooks)

    Where are you located? I have a CRT.
  8. USB/Firewire cards (or chipsets) that work in the TAM

    Did that version 2 card end up working?
  9. Quadra 650 ATX/MicroMac Conversion

    Did you complete this hack?
  10. Mac Plus & scsi2sd bizarro behavior.

    The Plus has a strange implementation of the SCSI protocol. Most of the time, not an issue. Except for when it is. Also, your partition sizes are less than 2gb right? I usually aim for 1.9gb to play it safe. Never seen your screen issue while using Zip disks. Never tried my SCSI2SD with my plus. I’m pretty busy already this week, but post back if you haven’t figured it out next Monday. I have the older zip drivers and have made several bootable Zip disks for my Plus. I could probably do a clean install onto a Zip disk then use my G3 to make an image of the disk via dd. It would probably only be 10mb or so, easy email. Then you would just do as Techknight said in regards to using dd to write the image.
  11. First Compact Recap Success - Color Classic

    Bright side, nothing broke!
  12. Color Classic x2, Classic, SE/30, PB180 x2, PB3400, etc

    The first board I did was a Mac TV. Probably a bad idea to learn on a rare board like that. I’d start on a color classic board (especially since you got a 575 as well), and get your method squared away there first. How many Apple IIe LC cards did you get? Did they come with the breakout Y cables?
  13. SE/30 & Micron Xceed & clear plastic goodie

    That is amazing!!! Good job
  14. Macintosh TV Recap Issue

    I may have to find on on Craigslist between that and a PlayStation 2 for games and DVDs, I would be happy to accept the compromised performance/memory limits of this board.