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  1. PowerBook 2400c vs Mac OS 8.5

    There is a modification in the PowerBook PCMCIA cage that you can do so you don’t have to shave off a bit of the leading plastic from every CardBus card. Also, that wire modification in the PowerBook is for the grounding plate (present on most CardBus cards, not present on standard PCMCIA cards) located on the CardBus cards. Some CardBus cards can work without the ground plate grounded (some USB 1.1 cards, especially models that only provided low power to the ports), others will not work at all (many FireWire cards).
  2. PowerBook 2400c vs Mac OS 8.5

    I think the 2400 and 3400 can use Cardbus cards but they require a modification inside the computer itself (to accept the physical card) and wiring up a ground plate to the frame. Something to that effect. Best of luck! If it works for you please let me know. I’ve always been interested in trying it on my 2400c.
  3. Any opinions on new Ebay RAM?

    To play devil’s advocate, if you plan on using the 8500 as a bridge machine I would max the RAM to 1gb. If you are using Classilla to download old software you will be very greatful to have the RAM. Modern web pages tend to eat right through it.
  4. Performa 6116 video and sound issues

    In the Sound control panel, go to output and verify that output is set to line out. My 6100 series running 8.1 also seems to default to internal speaker, even with external speakers plugged in. I was able to resolve that from the control panel.
  5. PowerBook 2400c vs Mac OS 8.5

    I have a PCMCIA to SD adapter, and cards over 2gb have issues. This is true in OS 9.1 back to 7.6.1. if you happen to have an old 256mb or 512mb card laying around I would recommend trying that just to see. Also, on a side note, if you are going to 8.5, you might as well update to 8.6. It runs smoothly on my 2400c with 80mb RAM.
  6. Thinking about a Beige G3 - Questions

    Also, try to get a later logic board. They came with the Rage II Pro graphics instead of just the Rage II. Gejerally, these boards also had a REV B or C ROM, so you can cover both bases at once.
  7. Thinking about a Beige G3 - Questions

    @boitoy1996What did you end up doing? If you are still working on this project, just remember to take your time and all the right parts will pop up at reasonable prices. If you haven’t gotten to the PCI cards yet, I put the following in mine: Radeon 7000 MAC Edition USB2.0/FW400/1000mbit Ethernet combo card SATA card Im very happy with the build. And I did it incredibly cheap. (Unlike my 6100, which probably has $350 sunk into it -_-, all because I wasn’t patient) Also, with 512mb RAM I’m seeing decent performance from Tiger on this computer. That said, it could never be a daily driver for me. YMMV. Best of luck!
  8. Want to watch movies in 720p on your higher end G4 without maxing the CPU? Good, there is a way! All of this is referenced on a 20” iMac G4 1.25ghz w/ 2GB RAM running OS X 10.5.8. CPU usage for the playback runs right around 50% utilization. Based on that, playback is using up ~625mhz of the CPU. The remaining system is using 10% CPU, so ~125mhz. With all that said, I’d say this probably won’t work smoothly for single CPU systems clocked below 750mhz. I’m not sure if it can split into multiple threads, so a safe bet for dual CPU systems is probably at least 625mhz clock. At any rate, the instructions... Download MPlayer OSX PPC 1.0 rc1 With the playback controller selected, go to MPlayer OSX -> Preferences Select Video & Audio tab check Drop frames on slower machines set video out module to CoreVideo(BETA) Select Miscellaneous tab check Enable AltiVec check Use Cache (I set the slider to 8 ) Click OK, quit MPlayer completely. Reopen and load a 720p divx video file. Video plays smoothly in window and full screen. I have tested this on a divx version of Sunshine (2007), and there is no stutter, dropped frames, or video - soundtrack separation throughout the entire movie. MPlayer_OSX_PPC.zip
  9. Performa 6116 video and sound issues

    @trag i was actually hoping to put two 128mb sticks in my 61xx. You think they will not work (or address the full space)? I am hopeful based on the fact that the 575 logic board can address a 128mb SIMM on its 72pin slot.
  10. Performa 6116 video and sound issues

    kan.org has a great page on the resolutions and color depths supported by the 6100 and its various pds cards. http://www.kan.org/6100/FAQ.html#whatres
  11. Advice needed! Macintosh Portable Non backlit

    @techknight regarding the tunnel vision issue, I’ve heard that other PowerBooks with B&W active matrix displays with tunnel vision brought to dry locations (most of AZ, Las Vegas, etc) will see the issue fade away after some time. Let me know if you ever need a place to park a panel for a couple months, I’m in Phoenix. That said, I’ve never tested it first hand. However, that may be because I’ve never found a local machine experiencing the tunnel vision. Lending some credit to the claim above.
  12. I have a slightly later machine (Power Macintosh 6100). While it is fine, it’s Apple HPV card has leaked at all 8 capacitors on the board. This is a circa 1993-1995 era card. This weekend I plan on recapping that card, as well as my LC 520 board (my last unrecapped 030/040 era board). In a few weeks I’ll probably recap my 6100. I already have the capacitors in from @trag. I think we are rapidly approaching the point where anything up to 1995 or so should be considered for recapping. Analog boards and power supplies on the other hand... haven’t had to touch any of those yet. Though I have a feeling one of my CC ABs are about done and due for a recapping.
  13. SE/30 CRT issues

    I think the second analog board was just a bad luck coincidence. Do you have any SE (non /30) boards? If so, you can use that to test the analog boards with a different logic board to rule out the SE/30 logic board being bad.
  14. Best Way to Ship a 5xx?

    Drive it. Put a towel down on the back seat, then screen face down, with true bottom against the back of the seat. Another towel draped over, then buckle it in with a 3 point seat belt (don’t want a 50 pound projectile if you get in a crash). I’m being serious. It’s been a while since I have heard of anyone shipping one without at least a little damage. Another (expensive) idea is shipping in 3 separate packages: CRT, main cage with logic board, analog board, etc, and finally the case itself. Lots and lots of bubble wrap will get the last two items delivered no problem. The CRT tube would require some special form-fitting foam to form a caccoon of sorts to protect the neck, then a bunch of bubble wrap.
  15. My new Colour Classic is tripping on acid

    I think the Color Classic that you saw a while back was mine. In my case, it was the aperture grill had shifted inside the CRT. This is a non-reparable problem. GOOD NEWS! Mine looked slightly different than yours. My messed up colors were uniform across the display. Yours, as you mentioned, are acid-trip in nature. That said, I don’t think the issue is inside the CRT tube. Hopefully it is just the degaussing circuit Best of luck!