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  1. I would highly recommend getting all three boards recapped. Analog, PSU, and logic. Then you'll be set for decades. Let it sit turned off and unplugged for an hour, and then discharge it. It should have a bleeder installed. You might see a spark but probably not. After that, remove the cap and you can continue on taking it apart. Make sure to lube the floppy drive while it's out, and you should probably replace the eject gear.
  2. Johnnya101

    Macintosh Front Panal protptype

    Holy burn in
  3. Johnnya101

    PowerBook 180 hard drive died today

    I have a couple of dead Connors and a working Quantum Go Drive, but I'd like to sell them with at least one of my parts powerbooks. An SCSI2SD is a much better choice. I have one in my 140. Fast. I made a 3d printed bracket too.
  4. Johnnya101

    Free Macintosh Plus!

    No Jinnai, you're correct. Well, really the cap is there because without it the anode wire itself would be arcing everywhere. You NEED the cap to stay "glued" down. That's what the red you usually see in that area is. Glue. You also don't want any nicks damaging the cap. So it sounds like you should reglue the cap somehow. Or, like one of my junk SEs had, duck tape it.
  5. Johnnya101

    Free Macintosh Plus!

    Desk lamp too close is my guess.
  6. Johnnya101

    PowerBook 165 Grid Effect on LCD

    Looks like you used a bunch of solder on those caps. You sure the blobs of solder aren't touching other traces or ics? I can't really tell from the photos.
  7. Johnnya101

    PowerBook 165 Grid Effect on LCD

    Yup, that happened to be a speck of solder shorting out a trace. It appears to be in the top section, so check around the top section of the PCB for that. Should be close to where the pads are.
  8. You can look on eBay, but expect to pay at least $100 for one.
  9. Johnnya101

    Advice on repairing Mac IIx

    Replace caps first. Thats at least the cause of your power issues.
  10. Johnnya101

    Need some quick opinions on this 160 LCD.

    It is the IC itself, so I am going to skip trying to repair it. Its for sale with a bunch of other Powerbook stuff. Thanks Techknight for chiming it.
  11. Johnnya101

    Diagnosing the 9600 From Hell(tm)

    Yup. If theres continuity then it can be ignored.
  12. Johnnya101

    Diagnosing the 9600 From Hell(tm)

    Just get a multimeter and test for continuity. That will tell you right away.
  13. Johnnya101

    Portable and 12 volts !!!

    Keep it and talk with the all knowing Portable wizard. Techknight.
  14. I personally would sell the whole thing as a parts/repair machine. Dont separate anything. That ways you are not liable if a part doesnt work.