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  1. Johnnya101

    Rusty Macintosh SE/30

    Ive got a spare compact CRT if ya ever need one if that one turns out to be dead
  2. That's what I thought. Just wanted a confirmation. Checked that battery I have now 10 minutes after posting my first post (last night) and it already sunk to 2.6 volts... So yeah that one is junk . Buying a new one now. Hope this is all it is.
  3. Hi all, Got my portable board back, and put it all together and am having some error messages and funky stuff happening (After being recapped). I am now starting to think that it is the "new" battery having of failed already and maybe be contributing. With the portable plugged in and battery in, death chimes most of the time and error 01000A82 00001D02 comes up. If I press interrupt, then 03021300 00001FFA comes up. Then, if I press reset (After pressing interupt), 01000200 00001FBA comes up. On the seldom chance it makes a healthy chime, it goes to a blank screen with either a frozen or movable cursor in the top left corner, no floppy image. ??? Not really sure how to read error codes. Havent seen these ones posted either. Am I dealing with a dead battery symptom? Wouldnt it still boot with it being plugged in, or does having a run into the ground dead battery put too much strain and cause it not to boot? Is it something else?? Floppy drive unplugged, no hard drive installed, no cards installed. Non backlit. Recapped board by a pro, tested and confirmed working after recapped. Cleaned. No smoke smell or smoke visible, or excess heat anywhere. Battery came with it when I bought it two years ago. Its a black 3D printed case. Have had it plugged in for a few hours now... Started out at 2.18 volts (Tested on digital multimeter at 20VDC) and after a few hours its at 2.71 and wont go any higher, which makes me think this battery is completely dead. Using stock power adapter that puts out correct voltage. Quite a difference between the needed 6V and 2.71. Any ideas folks? First portable and first time ive ever had an issue like this with one of my macs.
  4. Johnnya101

    New Quadra 700 Feet

    Youre welcome!
  5. Johnnya101

    New Quadra 700 Feet

    Hahaha, great to know! Wow, you got those fast!
  6. Johnnya101

    Restoring a Lisa widget drive

    Get one of those widget adapter things so you can use a modern HDD, it would be much much easier and would work better. They are a bit expensive though... forget the name.
  7. Johnnya101

    New Quadra 700 Feet

    First set of four is complete! Came out pretty nice, few little artifacts on the edges I had to trim, but dimension and fit wise, perfect. Ill have to work on that... I would THINK a dye would work... Hmmm.... Ill have to look around and see. That would be cool if it did.
  8. Johnnya101

    New Quadra 700 Feet

    Yeah I was really looking for that gray, but t was either really really expensive, or just didn't exist! I have noticed some photos of the original Feet are actually white, not that gray. Not bright white, but white. Oh well. It will help brighten it up I suppose.
  9. Johnnya101

    New Quadra 700 Feet

    Sounds great Trash, and thank you! If you'd like, send me a PM and we can discuss the 6100... I believe I will be creating a trading post thread now, so check there for updates.
  10. Johnnya101

    New Quadra 700 Feet

    Mission success! First batch (Well, only had time for two...) came out perfect! Its TPU, so not exactly rubber, but flexible and somewhat grippy. Good enough for a Quadra! They are Snow White colored, which is good and bad. The originals in ads looks very white, however the set of originals I have are light gray. So not exactly sure on how they should be colored? The edges to the "teeth" are a little messy, still working on them. They fit perfectly in my 700 and stay in place. Photo time! https://imgur.com/gallery/A9tzz Trash, thank you for your input. I'd be happy to try anything you'd want! I don't have either of those, so would just need measurements. Unsure of what I would price these at, but obviously everyone here that's a member will get Them cheaper! Will also be listed on eBay. Thinking $10 for four for members? Maybe we can work out a bundle deal if you need more than a set? eBay listed ones will probably be $15 ish... I think it was MJ who made the first batch, and was charging around that, so I'll keep it around there. Anyways, will be making lots more tonight and tomorrow, and if anyone is interested in purchasing some, PM me! I'll respond as soon as possible.
  11. Johnnya101

    Browsy - A browser for System 6

    Nope, system 6 as in Mac OS 6 Isnt there a browser already? Forget the name...
  12. Johnnya101

    Software Suffocation

    Start by sending it to me! Wow. Thats... alot. I see alot of Apple disks... thats always nice. What do you want to start? Uploading them or something or just sorting them out?
  13. Johnnya101

    New Quadra 700 Feet

    Thanks Trash, believe that that run ran out a year or two ago? I now remember I had another thread like this a while ago, with you saying "Don't knock mj's feets, kid, if you could pull it off even half as well it would be plenty good enough. My set rocks!" Challenge accepted Updates will be posted here. So far have the model made and everything measured down to .001". Waiting for shipping of materials needed! This will be considered batch 02 then?
  14. Johnnya101

    New Quadra 700 Feet

    Hello everyone, Thinking of making a batch of Quadra 700 feet. Would anyone be interested? Are designed exactly like the originals, since I have a set on hand to measure and copy. Just want to see if there is any interest... Would be ready beginning of next month maybe? Maybe a little later?
  15. Johnnya101

    Macintosh SE no video

    Hmmm... I'll have to check out one of my CRTs. If the tube is glowing however, I think the pins are fine?