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  1. Johnnya101

    Faint lines on white backgrounds

    Ill have to get some plastic adjusting tools. I tried using a skewer but it doesnt want to turn anything. I also need to adjust the size. Ill try and do that at the same time. Are you sure cut off would cause perfectly horizontal line though? Arent cutoff lines kind of angled? It also doesnt matter on brightness. Again, it might just be my eyes since CRTs looks so different than LCDs, and it is just how the smaller compact CRTs are.
  2. Johnnya101

    Faint lines on white backgrounds

    It must just be my eyes being used to a perfect modern LCD. I turned the SE/30 on again. Very very VERY faint lines. They are horizontal and go from the bottom up. Very hard to see. You really have to be within a few inches from the screen to see them, from normal viewing distance they are not visible. I'm sure having an original PSU doesn't help, but Id say these are normal for an 80s CRT when being inches away? They don't get worse with reading from a floppy, indicating the PSU is handling a load okay. Don't have another compact to test to see if I see them.
  3. Johnnya101

    Compact Mac Repair Guide

  4. Johnnya101

    Faint lines on white backgrounds

    -Mac SE/30 with recapped analog and logic, original power supply- I noticed today on my se/30 that when there is a running program with a white background, there are super faint almost like scan lines on the screen. They just roll from bottom to top. Super super faint. There at all brightness levels. That was in a paint program. At desktop or in a white finder window they are not there. Is this yet another power supply issue? Is it showing signs of needing new caps? I can upload a video but it's hard to see them. Edit: video. You can barely see the almost shimmering effect I guess? Hard to see. If this is an issue I'd like to catch it quick. 20190121_080207.mp4
  5. I would install 9.2.2 first, it's easier to get classic set up. Classilla is the latest and best.
  6. Johnnya101

    Source for flyback transformer?

    Try swapping the PSU. Bet that will be your issue. The PSU outputting the wrong voltages could possibly cause no boot, and could definitely be the cause of the unstable display. It COULD be the logic board, I suppose, but that is not behind the unstable display. When my SE/30 had a bad PSU, I would have an unstable display when cold, and also when booting to the ROM image I would get weird and random disk errors. It all went away when I replaced it.
  7. Johnnya101

    Source for flyback transformer?

    68MB is a lot. My Quadra takes a full minute or two to do the memory check. I still would try and make another disk if possible. System 6 or a system 7. Just something to verify it will boot. I had a system 6.0.5 disk I made and used it to install an OS for my portable. I tried using it with my SE/30 and it got stuck at welcome to Macintosh every boot. A new disk fixed that. Sometimes they just get corrupted.
  8. Johnnya101

    Source for flyback transformer?

    Yay! Glad that was a simple fix. So its just stuck at a gray screen with cursor? Id say thats a memory check issue. Does it ever reach the question mark floppy icon? How much RAM is installed? If possibly, try creating another boot disk and trying that.
  9. Johnnya101

    Source for flyback transformer?

    Jittery right side display I think could be a loose or bad ground for the PSU and AB. Is the screw for the green wire tight? And yes, they are the same. Look up Dead Mac Scrolls PDF. It should be in there and youll see what Im talking about. This says that there is a sizzling though... I was having a sort of similar issue with my SE/30. on cold boots, and only sometimes, the display would change in size and flash with white lines. It was a bad PSU. That could be your issue too (Unless someone else has something else to check). You probably should recap your AB and PSU soon though for best reliability.
  10. Just a guess, bad solder joint? Try smacking the side of the case while on and see if it changes anything. Edit: Watched the garbled video. Looks like an issue I had with my SE/30 and didnt you have this before as well? SE30_Neal is having a similar issue too. Thats a bad PSU (Or potentially AB, but Id say more PSU). Swap it and see if it goes away. You can see the video size shrinking and jittering. Of course, could be something else, but Id start there. You may also want to measure the voltages from the floppy port and report back what they are. Im betting they wont be anywhere near correct.
  11. Johnnya101

    Source for flyback transformer?

    It could be the FBT, but try swapping or recapping your PSU and analog board first. Mine had some jittering, but it ended up being a bad PSU. Are you hearing any weird sounds? Whining? Video collapse? That would point to the flyback. Any artifacting on the screen, especially when reading or writing to a disk? That would point to power supply. Does it only jitter when cold? Hot? Random?
  12. Johnnya101

    Recapped SE PSU vs new?

    Thank you. Guess Ill go the recap route then.
  13. Johnnya101

    Recapped SE PSU vs new?

    I had to replace a faulty PSU in my SE/30 recently with a non recapped original. I'm wondering how a recapped original compares with a new atx or that thing a guy in Japan makes (artmix?)? I just would want something solid and reliable. Won't be used 24/7. Maybe a couple times a week at the most for an hour.
  14. Johnnya101

    Powerbook 540c won't startup

    You could try measuring the output voltage of the brick, however that wont tell you if its dipping under load. They usually all need to be recapped at this point. Edit: Also, Im not sure on the later Powerbooks, but on the 100 series, if theres a battery short it will cause issues. You could try removing the battery?
  15. Johnnya101

    Broken floppy drive?

    Those little motors need to output quite a bit of force to eject the disk. If you remove the gear box, you will see the circular cutout in the metal below it. Try putting in a disk and trying to push it. Its not too easy to eject it by hand from that point, so imagine a little motor. I wouldn't doubt a straining or weak sound is normal. Mine all sound kind of weak and whiny.