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    Macs, Commodore, Amiga, DOS, Windows, really anything computer related. Also enjoy consoles from Atari to PS4.

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  1. Zippy Zapp

    PM 7300/7500/7600/8500/9500 PSU Pinouts?

    IIRC they changed it with the 7300. The 7600 is identical to the 7500 in every way except for the CPU card and the badge. The logic board and PSU are the same. Of course the configurations options are different.
  2. Zippy Zapp

    PM 7300/7500/7600/8500/9500 PSU Pinouts?

    I think the 7200 PSU has the same pinout too. I remember back when it was a thing, I bought an upgrade kit from Apple to upgrade my 7200/75 to a 7600. It included a new logic board, CPU daughter card and video input/output board. I do not believe it included a PSU and the stock 7200 PSU was used. That was 20+ years ago so I could be wrong but that is what I remember. I found the receipt for it recently in some old papers and it lists logic board but no PSU so I am reasonably sure about it. Here is a website that appears to have a pinout of the connector: https://modelrail.otenko.com/apple/power-mac-7200-power-supply
  3. Zippy Zapp

    Another Laserwriter

    No, I guess I am a nut too. I still have an old Samsung Laser Printer circa 2000 that has Epson emulation so it works with everything, I also have an Epson LQ 590 Dot matrix (Recent model), A star NX-1000C Rainbow, Star NX-2420 Rainbow, StyleWriter 2400 and a couple of USB Canon bubble jets that use the same ink tanks as the StyleWriter (not surprising since the StyleWriters were mostly Canon mechanisms). I don't yet have any LaserWriter printers and I would like to have one but am out of room as printers take up a lot of space.
  4. Zippy Zapp

    Performa 200 - Original Loaded Software?

    I just recently recapped a Performa 200. I will have to look on the hard drive. I am pretty sure it has the original software, outside of someone upgrading it to System 7.5 but I know it has Claris Works on it. I will check. Does the Apple Legacy CD-ROM have the disk images on it? I have used that to get the original software for my LC, and IIsi.
  5. Zippy Zapp

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    Cool. Thanks for the info. This is the first Apple II I have ever owned. I used them in high school but that was the extent.
  6. Zippy Zapp

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    Hmm. Mine is the A9M0106. Weird it is 800k model but the label on the drive says 1.4MB. I haven't opened it in a while. Do these drives also work with Macs that have an external floppy drive connector?
  7. Zippy Zapp

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    I have a picture of it on my MacBook here so I have attached it so you can see the front of the drive. I don't have a picture of the model number, though. I will check it when I get home.
  8. Zippy Zapp

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    I have a variety of Macs that can write images back to floppy. I mainly use a Beige G3 desktop for that because it has a decent sized HD and USB. I wrote my IIGS disks using that. Curious though, my Apple IIGS floppy drive says 1.4MB near the eject. It is an Apple drive but it only reads 800k. Didn't Apple sell an interface board that you had to plug the 1.4MB drives into because the built in one can never work with a full 1.4? IIRC that is the expensive part. I could be wrong because I was never really into Apple that much until later on.
  9. Zippy Zapp

    Macintosh II - Revival and overhaul

    Polymer caps will be better because, as you say they don't leak. I have found that some are rated for very high hours life but some are not. Usually they have a rating like 5000 hours @ 105c. I have seen some that are rated for 10-15,000 hours. But it seems usually they are in the 2000-5000 range. My last few recaps I have been using high quality electrolytic that are rated for 10,000 hours. They are 1/3 the price, or more, of the Polymer caps. The also have hybrid caps too. As far as I understand they are functionally equivalent to electrolytic caps, so you should be good. Of course, just because it is rated for so many hours doesn't mean it is going to only last that long. The ratings are if the cap is operated at that constant temperature. Most of the caps in Macs, (with exception to those near the power supply or CRT iMac caps) will not get anywhere close to that temperature and will usually be cool to the touch. So that means that they will last many more times longer then what they are rated. I think also this is why many people that do recaps use tantalum. They won't leak either. I, however, always do like for like.
  10. Zippy Zapp

    Macintosh II - Revival and overhaul

    I love it when they are all the same! The PM6100 is the same 47uf caps too. I looked at the picture and that is exactly what I thought it would be because they looked the same in my situation.
  11. Zippy Zapp

    Bolles finds

    NIce finds. Maxell, more like Maxhell. I guess it is not surprising that a media company doesn't know how to make batteries, if they even actually made them to start with vs relabel some cheap crap.
  12. Zippy Zapp

    Macintosh II - Revival and overhaul

    I see the corrosion on the IC legs next to the SMD cap in the close up but it doesn't look bad to me. It probably just needs a cleanup with a brush and some Isoprop. This board looks in much better condition then the Classic II I just re-capped, if that is any reassurance, and after re-cap and cleanup it now works fine. As for the batteries, I don't know much about the Mac II but aren't these the same 3.6v batteries as just about every other Mac but soldered directly? If so check the measurements for this part: https://www.digikey.com/short/jd8772 See if those battery holders will work then just use the regular 1/2AA battery that we always use. If they don't matchup you could just install wires between the board and the holder and velcro the hoders someplace. I did this with a G3 Tower that had a corroded battery and I needed to replace and relocate the battery holder. It also gets it off the logic board so if for some reason it ever leaked the board would be safe.
  13. Zippy Zapp

    Macintosh Plus White bars issue

    I wouldn't dismiss the capacitors so quickly. They can look clean and not bulged but still be out of spec or shorted dead. I have never had one of these to repair but my understanding is there is a lot of heat generated from the analog board and the life of those caps are shortened because of that. That said, voltages should be something to check. This video shows a Classic II but the screen looks similar (caused by caps): https://youtu.be/mBnQXqRjrCc Of course, the Classic used SMD caps and they are much more likely to leak then the 30 year old through-hole caps in the older Macs.
  14. Zippy Zapp

    System Saver And Hard Drive Enclosure

    I have found several old HDs over the years and found all sorts of interesting things on them. This is the first SCSI HD I have found that was in this form factor for the compact Macs as I was never really a compact Mac user. I didn't like B&W computers at all in those days. I will image it as is though before I format it.
  15. Zippy Zapp

    System Saver And Hard Drive Enclosure

    I just hooked it up to the Classic II and low and behold it popped up on the desktop, after system software 7.5 updated the driver and rebuilt the database. It didn't have very much on it. Best I can tell it was used with something that had System 6.05 on it as there is a system folder. It is the 170MB model and it has 150MB free so it only had a little over 10MB used. There was a copy of Write Now 4.0 and about 10 personal documents with someones list of stocks and assets and other stuff. Looks like it was last used in 1997. Since the docs have BOB in the names I assume it is Bob's old docs. I am going to browse the system folder to see if there is anything good in there but personal docs will get deleted. I haven't browsed all the folders yet but since it was a boot drive and the system software is pretty small in size I would say it was used with some model of a Compact Mac.