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  1. PM 8600/200 Startup Annoyance

    Did you find a solution to this? I have a PowerMac G3 Beige tower that does the same thing. It always takes the 3 finger reset after first power on to startup and then it works fine. This one came to me with battery damage that I repaired. This G3 also has an aftermarket ZIF CPU upgrade that I have not yet identified. It has a rotary switch, and I don't have an original 266mhz CPU to test it.
  2. Powerbook G3 "Main Street" Long Startup

    Mine also does the first part when you plug it in and the HDD spins for a second. I think as pointed out it is because of the dead PRAM battery. They are rechargeable but I have 3 PBG3s and none of them will charge. They are a pain to replace in the first gen models but a bit easier in the lombard/bronze keyboard models. Of course the cells are pricey. I wish there was an alternative. Mine, however, turn on and boot right away. There is not a 2 minute delay.
  3. Thinking about a Beige G3 - Questions

    Good advice on the SATA card conversion although those SIL 3112 based cards are pretty sparse these days and no longer $10. Usually $20 - $40. I too prefer IDE but only because I have a ton of IDE drives. SCSI drives are more rare these days, unless you go after a SCA 80-pin server drive and use a SCA 80 pin to 50 pin adapter. Those server drives are built like tanks and have MTBF in millions of hours usually. They are a bit loud though as they are usually 10k RPM to 15k. I have plenty of dead quantum SCSI drives that were from Apple systems. One just died from a Performan 6116CD about a month ago.
  4. 7200/75 Sound problem

    That sounds more like a faulty chip or logic or something on the board. Have you tried zapping PRAM? I would have to check my 7200/75 board to be sure but my *guess* would be the first 2 are codes for manufacturing or something like that. 16 volt 47uf and 6 volt 100uf as you probably figured out. The last one is different in that it is probably 16 volt (16S), 10uf (10). The 5B6 is probably a code. Again this is my guess based only on my experience replacing caps and I am a hack at best and far from an electronics guru.
  5. Troublesome 9600 won't put out video...

    This probably won't help you but just in case. I have a Beige G3 that when I first turn it on gives a chime but no video and no boot. If I hold down Cmd + Option + (keyboard) power button it will reset and then boot normally. This unit has an aftermarket CPU card so it could definitely be related to your daughter card.
  6. Dead PM 7600 ?

    I second the CPU daughter card. Also try removing the cache DIMM. I have had those stop a PM 7500 from booting. The plastics in these era systems are so brittle it is almost impossible not to receive one damaged no matter how well it is packed. It is a shame really that they didn't use softer plastics.
  7. PM/WS 8500 needs AV module to boot?

    Neat thread. So if I understand this correct when you put a stock 7500/7600/8500 CPU card in the machine boots? You have to love those cases these days, so brittle. I hope you found better case parts for it. I have an 8100 and the case is falling apart. Every time I move it something inside breaks. Ugh, these cases might as well have been made out of potato chips!
  8. Maxell should have stuck to making tapes and disks. Why they blow up more then any other brand I am not sure, but they seem to.
  9. LC III found curbside

    Nice! Sheesh the only thing I ever found on the curb was some boxes with clothes in them. They weren't even in Apple boxes.
  10. Unfortunately the main batteries for the PBG3 are dying for many and there are no replacements beyond rarely finding NOS that may not even work or rebuilding yourself, which is an iffy proposition. At least with a working rechargeable PRAM battery the unit can sit without power or battery and still keep time/settings for a period. I have 2 different PBG3s a Wallstreet and a Lombard and neither has a working main battery or PRAM. The wallstreet i purchased some time ago came with 2 modules installed in the bays but no batteries so I don't even have a battery for the wallstreet. The lombard has a battery that is dead and won't take a charge.
  11. I am trying to build the PRAM battery with cheaper, smaller cells then what it calls for (same voltage and chemistry) because the cells that it uses are redicoulesly expensive. The site you listed does not actually have any to sell it is just a listing. You might want to ask one of the mods to move this to the PPC PowerBook and iBook section as it might get more hits...
  12. Thanks guys for the info. I found a less gimped CPU board that is 266mhz with L2 cache, so that should work. This is the model with the 66mhz bus (the 250 and 292 had 83mhz bus), so glad to know it is workable with the CPU cards from the later model Wallstreets. Fortunately this model has a 14.1" TFT so the screen looks great. I am glad it is not a DS as, ugh, those screens are hard on the eyes and not easy to follow your mouse. Slow motion ghost displays...
  13. I bought a PowerBook G3 WallStreet model a while back that appears to be the first revision 233mhz with the lame zero L2 cache. It came with 2 floppy modules installed and no battery or optical drive. I got a new in box CD module for next to nothing but I have been unable to find a battery. Does anyone know of any replacements, aftermarket, etc? I can live without it but it would be nice to have. The PRAM battery is dead and unlike my TiBook G4 that is 2 years newer it won't charge the PRAM battery even after being plugged in for a week now. Oh well, not critical I guess. I can probably shoehorn some other cells that are the same voltage and Lithium rechargeable in there as the cells they used are quite pricey. If I had a battery pack then that would be unnecessary anyway. As for the gimped no cache 233mhz is it possible to install a CPU card from the 266 or 300mhz PDQ, which was the next revision of WallStreet? I have read that they work but I didn't want to try it for fear of frying the logic board or something. Has anyone any information on this or tried it? I believe there were also aftermarket CPU upgrades but I am sure those are pretty rare and pricey. None of these things are crucial but I do know the CPU upgrade with cache would be a decent boost as I have seen the difference in two models with and without. Overall this is a great machine and I think I prefer these over the Ti G4's.
  14. Upgrading a powermac 7200/90

    Yeah, if your goal is to transfer files from a PC or use it to write floppy images you really don't need anything else and upgrades aren't really going to change that. You have a CD drive and it is easy to use that as a transfer medium.
  15. Upgrading a powermac 7200/90

    The 7200/90 is a great machine for running older software. As mentioned you could find a logic board to a 7500/7600 and then you can bring it up pretty cheaply. I did this to my original 7200/75 directly from Apple. It cost quite a bit in 1996 but it was a good upgrade and since the case and Power Supply on the 7200 are identical it was pretty easy. I have a 7200/90 and if it were me I would install L2 Cache, VRAM and RAM as I have done and use it. Those upgrades make a noticeable improvement. Although the G3 Desktops use a similar case, is the internal mounting the same? I thought I read that it is different. Hmm I will have to check my G3 for comparison.