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  1. Wow, that looks awesome. I will have one made and try it out. All of the bezels on my 8100 are toast. Even my blank that was perfect just recently broke when I moved the dumb thing. Thanks!!
  2. Zippy Zapp

    ABD Keyboard and Mouse Options?

    Gotcha. Yeah, like I said above, I know it was the ADK and I know it shipped inside the 7200 box as I only received one box and it was the PowerMac box. I never used an AEKII until about 2010 when someone gave me one. I was oblivious to the fact back then that PowerMacs did not come with a keyboard. I didn't even know that officially the 7200 didn't come with one until this thread, which is why I was amazed. Some of my Amiga friends moved over to Macintosh in the early 90's and I actually went the DOS route because I thought the Mac prices were a total joke. The only reason I bought the 7200 was because it was a PCI PowerMac and it was a special deal at $499 + shipping, brand new. Yep, it was a steal and I could not pass it up. Thanks for cluing me in on these interesting history facts as I had no idea Apple didn't provide keyboards in the box of all Macs. Was it to save money or was it to give you choice? Since I didn't know about it at the time, I can't really say. My friends mostly bought Performa models and they always came with a keyboard, to my knowledge. As for back to the threads topic with all the mouse and keyboard options what is your favorite? I have 3 different models of keyboards. I have several Apple Design keyboards and I consider them to be the cost reduced model. Good asthetics, decent typing. I have an Apple Extended II and of course these are amazing with alps switches. I also have a Japanese version of the MacAlly 105 keyboard. I like this keyboard because it has that clicky sound. Well, more like a clacky sound, since it is mechanical. The only other keyboard I have owned was one that my friend gave me, a split ergonomic keyboard that I hated and gave away recently. As for mouse selections: The ADB II was the first mouse I used. I still have it and a couple of Kensington trackballs which are cool. Someone gave me one of the original Apple square ADB mouse versions and it is decent too.
  3. Zippy Zapp

    ABD Keyboard and Mouse Options?

    Both my 7200/75 and 8600/300 came with Apple Design keyboards for which I still have. I believe at the time the AEKII was premium and they probably wouldn't have bundled it. All the Performas and the 4400 and 6400 came with ADK too. Looking back to 1996 when I received the 7200 I know for sure it shipped in the box and I am almost certain it came in the accessories box inside. I only received one box from MacZone. And it shipped in the Power Macintosh 7200 box with no outer box. I actually didn't buy a Mac at a retail store until the PowerMac G5 came out, for which I bought at CompUSA so who knows what store retailers did at the time. Perhaps it was an automatic to include the ADK as part of the bundle with a monitor for people that were buying Macs at the time. It seems like Apple did this cheap maneuver only for a year or two. The 4400 came out in 1996 and the 8600 in 1997. What about Quadras and earlier Mac II's etc. Did they not include the keyboard with those? I was not a Mac user until the PowerPC era so I didn't pay much attention until then.
  4. Zippy Zapp

    ABD Keyboard and Mouse Options?

    You are correct. It was my 8600 that came with the Apple design keyboard. However, my 7200 was a clearance item from MacZone and it actually did include the keyboard. Probably packed in by them. It was my first Mac, which is why I know for sure as it was all in the box. Just to add a little more history to this sidetone: It was not uncommon for retailers, especially mail order retailers which were hugely popular back then, to bundle keyboards (or other things) in with their units. Most of the time they were included inside the box as mine was. I bought many systems over the years from MacZone/Mac Warehouse all the way through the G4 era. Often times you would get extras that you didn't get if you bought it at an actual store. That's not correct. Actually the 8600 did indeed come with an Apple Keyboard, Here is the spec sheet
  5. Zippy Zapp

    ABD Keyboard and Mouse Options?

    The Apple Design keyboard is what came with the 7200 and I think pretty much all the PowerMacs that didn't use USB. My 6100 came with it as did my later 7600 and G3 Desktop. The thing about the Apple Design keyboard is the placement of the ADB port. It is underneath near the center. And the built in cable so your ADB cable can't get lost. The Extended II, as many other ADB keyboards, has the ports on the sides. The Extended II also has nice Alps mechanical key switches versus the cheaper rubber dome on the Apple Design..
  6. Zippy Zapp

    Incorrect time on Mac Mini G4

    Once you do it once it is not that hard at all. It sounds like you may be breaking something but you aren't. As stated above a nice putty knife is decent to help too. A screwdriver works but it can leave nicks on the aluminum housing, as you can see in the video. CR2032s are cheap at dollar stores and Diaso Japan stores. Usually a pack of 2 for $1. And if you want to upgrade the HD while you are in there a cheap SD to IDE 44 pin adapter works wonders. You can easily find 128GB 80MB/sec SD cards for $20 on sale. They make for a speedy HD replacement.
  7. Thanks for the tip but I actually searched the forums before posting and found, blank, cd-rom and Jaz drive bezels. No floppy bezel yet. If anyone knows of one I am sure people would use it as these things disintegrate just looking at them
  8. Hi All, I have found on the internet and in a thread on this forum bezels for the 8100 for the CD-ROM and the Blank. I had a CD-ROM bezel made and it works perfectly. I just need to match the color and paint it. Does anyone know if there is a floppy Bezel available for 3D printing? I have been unable to find one and my bezel has broken latches, of course. Thanks!
  9. Zippy Zapp

    restoring Li Ion batteries

    Bummer. I am in need of a G3 Wallstreet and a Lombard battery and they are impossible to find as it seems no one makes a replacement.
  10. Zippy Zapp

    6100/66 is very unstable

    That is weird. It is acting like the battery is dead as this model requires a good PRAM battery to boot. I would probably check to make sure the battery socket and connections are good and that the voltage is getting to the board. I did have one that had a corroded pin on the battery holder and it prevented voltage from getting to the board. I had to remove the holder and solder in a new one and then create a jumper wire to a near by via since the negative side was ruined. This doesn't sound like the typical bad cap behavior to me but I am no expert. Not sure what else to try.
  11. Zippy Zapp

    6100/66 is very unstable

    +1 for the CPU thermal paste. You can also fit a small fan inside the heatsink and connect it to one of the molex connectors. There was a 3rd party that sold one just for this but any fan that will fit should work. Also check for leaking caps, as mentioned, as they are starting to fail on this series PowerMac/Performa probably because of the heat inside. Not a great design for heat dissipation.
  12. Zippy Zapp

    No sound from Color Classic

    It is often hard to tell because the dust can stick to the fluid and it just looks like dust. But if you were to hold it to the light at a certain angle you can sometimes see it but not always. Dull or crusty solder pads/component legs are a dead giveaway.
  13. Zippy Zapp

    My First Recap - LC

    One thing about cap replacement is you may not find the exact size at the value you are looking for. The caps on these systems, are 25 years old and since then technology has improved so some caps, even though they are the correct value, are going to be smaller. Maybe not too much smaller but there may be instances where you can only get close. Don't fret about that and more importantly make sure you get caps with good Lifetime @105 degrees specs and from a quality brand. Nichichon and Panasonic is what I usually buy.
  14. Zippy Zapp

    Preferred heat sink grease

    Arctic Silver takes a tiny bit and works great. Also you can get a good size container of Cooler Master Ice fusion that also works well.
  15. Zippy Zapp

    Problem with Power Mac floppy drive

    Take it apart and clean the heads gently with Isopropyl alcohol 91% and a cotton swab. While you have it open clean off the rails and apply a bit of molykote, silicon oil or lithium grease to a cotton swab and lubricate the rails and the drive screw. Put it back together and see if that fixes it up.