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    Macs, Commodore, Amiga, DOS, Windows, really anything computer related. Also enjoy consoles from Atari to PS4.

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  1. Zippy Zapp

    restoring Li Ion batteries

    Bummer. I am in need of a G3 Wallstreet and a Lombard battery and they are impossible to find as it seems no one makes a replacement.
  2. Zippy Zapp

    6100/66 is very unstable

    That is weird. It is acting like the battery is dead as this model requires a good PRAM battery to boot. I would probably check to make sure the battery socket and connections are good and that the voltage is getting to the board. I did have one that had a corroded pin on the battery holder and it prevented voltage from getting to the board. I had to remove the holder and solder in a new one and then create a jumper wire to a near by via since the negative side was ruined. This doesn't sound like the typical bad cap behavior to me but I am no expert. Not sure what else to try.
  3. Zippy Zapp

    6100/66 is very unstable

    +1 for the CPU thermal paste. You can also fit a small fan inside the heatsink and connect it to one of the molex connectors. There was a 3rd party that sold one just for this but any fan that will fit should work. Also check for leaking caps, as mentioned, as they are starting to fail on this series PowerMac/Performa probably because of the heat inside. Not a great design for heat dissipation.
  4. Zippy Zapp

    No sound from Color Classic

    It is often hard to tell because the dust can stick to the fluid and it just looks like dust. But if you were to hold it to the light at a certain angle you can sometimes see it but not always. Dull or crusty solder pads/component legs are a dead giveaway.
  5. Zippy Zapp

    My First Recap - LC

    One thing about cap replacement is you may not find the exact size at the value you are looking for. The caps on these systems, are 25 years old and since then technology has improved so some caps, even though they are the correct value, are going to be smaller. Maybe not too much smaller but there may be instances where you can only get close. Don't fret about that and more importantly make sure you get caps with good Lifetime @105 degrees specs and from a quality brand. Nichichon and Panasonic is what I usually buy.
  6. Zippy Zapp

    Preferred heat sink grease

    Arctic Silver takes a tiny bit and works great. Also you can get a good size container of Cooler Master Ice fusion that also works well.
  7. Zippy Zapp

    Problem with Power Mac floppy drive

    Take it apart and clean the heads gently with Isopropyl alcohol 91% and a cotton swab. While you have it open clean off the rails and apply a bit of molykote, silicon oil or lithium grease to a cotton swab and lubricate the rails and the drive screw. Put it back together and see if that fixes it up.
  8. I also use the 3 AA holder for the 6320 and 640 and I prefer to use Heavy Duty Carbon Zinc vs Alakaline. Not sure why but all of the batteries that I have removed from devices over the years that have leaked have been alkaline. Keeping the time and settings is also a low drain application so heavy duty carbon zinc batteries should be ideal. Here is something interesting, Panasonic batteries have, according to them, anti-leaking technology. https://www.panasonic-batteries.com/en/news/alkaline-batteries-versus-zinc-batteries
  9. Zippy Zapp

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    Very Cool. Nice upgrade for that machine too. I always liked the IIsi since it was a unique form factor for that machine only.
  10. Zippy Zapp

    How do I burn a CD-Rom to be read in OS 7.0?

    Make sure you are using something like Toast to burn the CD on your G5. Forget Apple's built in cd burning. Depending on the version of Toast you have you may need to enable legacy formats in the prefs. Also if your Classic has not been recapped and you are still seeing issues it most certainly needs it. Even if you don't see residue, it can be hard to spot at a glance as dust can cover it up some. Take a cotton swab and swab some areas near the caps and you will probably see some residue on it. I would remove the caps, clean the board and pads and reinstall new caps then clean the board again or at least the areas near the caps.
  11. Zippy Zapp

    VIDEO: Recapping the SE or SE/30 Analog Board

    I enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing. It is nice to see a video on YouTube that is accurate as so many of these refurb/repair type videos have so many things wrong with them that it is hard to watch. Keep up the good work.
  12. Zippy Zapp

    Macintosh IIsi display issues.

    I had the same problem and for me it was indeed the adapter I had. As pointed out you need a monitor that supports Sync on Green but you also need to make sure the adapter supports SOG too. I have a Sony CPD 17" that does support it and it came with and Mac adapter that does not. Sony monitors were popular with Macs back in the day. NEC also made monitors that seem to support Mac on some models. The adapter I ended up digging up was one that had dip switches and specifically supported Sync on Green.
  13. Zippy Zapp

    $30 LCII from eBay

    Yeah, Not too bad. Nothing a little IPA can't fix. The last Mac I recapped was a Classic II and it had gook all over the board.
  14. Zippy Zapp

    Demand for Performa 630CD?

    The nice thing about the 630/640 is that it has IDE. So you can replace the HD with an IDE to SD or CF card. If you like spinning drives, like I do, it is not too hard to get older IDE drives. On that note, I finally found an original 640CD restore CD. I know you can download one now from various sources but I like to have the original software to a system if I can.
  15. If this is the same keyboard that came with the iMacs and Blue and White G3, the small size keyboard, then there are clips all the way around the front, sides and IIRC one or two in the back. They are like latches and they are super easy to break trying to unhook them. If they break then the two halves will not stay closed. You have to carefully push in with a plastic pick or separator and push in the right spot while pushing upward to unhook the latch.