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  1. Innes

    PB190 Battery Leak

    Interesting stuff. How do you go about cracking these batteries open?
  2. Just smashed it into Tin Eye, and there doesn't seem to be anything of better quality, just a few upscales, and this.
  3. Innes

    5300c keyboard

    Got me a parts donor, a CS with a knackard case and screen but a funtional keyboard. Unfourtunately the keys are covered in super glue so im now wondering how realistic it might to switch the caps over. Low I exspect, I cant imageing i'd manage that without snapping some things. Taking the wreck apart further has allowed me to see that the part of the battery connection pin that had corroded and fallen off actually wasnt connected to anything, so technically it should still function fine, not that it matters as I really dont think any batterys should be put back in those bays without the cells being removed first. The parts donor's battery had cracked and corroded stuff in the same way that the main one had, but worse. The hard disk in the donor works and has system 7.6 on it, and the logic board and video card look ok too. Haven't tested the floppy drive yet
  4. Innes

    5300c keyboard

    It's just dawned on me that this keyboard you have will be US layout, which is technically not that big-a-difference from UK, particually on laptops, but I may have sourced a full parts donor with a £ button and the power socket pin I need too. Very much appriciate the offer though. So I may have read that these things struggled to deliver enough power to everything that needed it, anyone know if this is the case? I've run up against an odd issue where the machine fails to completely boot if a keyboard and mouse via ADB, and CD burner via SCSI are plugged in at the same time. it's fine with one or the other so i'm just wondering if it's not disking out the right levels of juice.
  5. Innes

    5300c keyboard

    I'm in the UK, so postage is maybe feasible as it's nice and light, however I have had an idea, if it can get to an address in California for early next month, it could come back with some colleagues out there on a work trip. I'll have to worth this out but let me know how much you want for it in the meantime?
  6. Innes

    5300c keyboard

    Hello I got a PB 5300c recently, and as far as I can see only two things on it are broken (which given this models reputation, is probably quite good). The first is the battery which was at the early stages of leaking, caught it just in time before it did any serious damage, and the second is a diagonal strip of keys on the keyboard which are having none of it. I'm not expecting it to be fixable and will use an external until I get a dead parts donor, although I had this specific diagonal failure happen to a corsair strafe after I upset a glass of water on-top of it and was just wondering if anyone knows what component may have caused this specific failure. Otherwise, the machine is in superb condition. I can only assume it was docked for it's entire working life as it is practically blemish-less. It's also got 8.6 on it, and had the memory bumped up to 42mb. Most resources on the model say to take it up to 8.1 for a solid performance so I'm considering bumping it down as I have something running 8.6 already cheers
  7. Innes

    Performa 5320: what clock speed?

    So I guess what might have happened here is that the 5230 model was a configuration only for Japan, hence why the Japanese resource you have linked is saying 100. Everything else refers to the computer as 5230CD which is what (according to Wikipedia) Europe and presumably the rest of Asia got. Why did you picked a 53XX over a 54XX?
  8. Innes

    Performa 630 - RAM question

    Did the ROM slot have a purpose?
  9. I can get at the power supplies no problem, but for sure, im not sure where to stick a multimeter so a photo could be very useful. Not sure if this will effect it or not but the old dead 630's power supply was very different to the replacement one. Image below, the working one is behind. This weekend I'll eliminate the 'keyboard or front remote control box' possibilities as I have spares of both
  10. So more interestingly, the macine has taken to turning itself on, no input from my whatsoever. I'v been keeping it unplugged when not in use as a result...
  11. Innes

    Demand for Performa 630CD?

    Does anyone know much about the performance benefits of the full 040 over the LC counterpart? I think I remember reading somewhere that the FPU's presence didn't really effect the majority of things that these machines are used for these days.
  12. Innes

    Demand for Performa 630CD?

    The way I see it, if you wan't a System 7 68k Mac to actually use and it doesn't matter how rare or special it is, the 630 should be near the top of the list of considerations. They are cheaper than pretty much all other models (perhaps not as cheap as the LCs but most of those were compromised in one way or another) and the IDE hard disk means that newer HDs can be slotted in. A 630 I recently got came with it's original HD still working, but its bloody noisy and sounds like it doesn't have much time left. I've been using a much bigger drive from a dead B&W G3 in it and its silent in comparison.
  13. Hello Recently got a replacement Performa 630 after my last one croaked it. I have a quuck question about start-up. So this one needs to be plugged in for a minute or so before it fires up and i'm just wondering why that is. I'm guessing that as its soft power running through the keyboard that some capacitors or the PRAM brick need a bit of a charge first. Anyone able to confirm? In addition, I tried booting it with a Zip drive attached and it wasn't having any of it. I could hear it trying to do somthing, a noise from the main unit and some feedback through the speakers but i'm guessing that the additional power requirements from the Zip just meant it couldn't manage it. A Zip obviously wasn't the most obscure thing in the world, many would have been plugged into 630s so somthings clearly not right. Might a fresh PRAM with a proper charge help? I'm aware that the capacitors are old and all of them this age will need replacing at some point but i'm in no rush to learn how to soulder (yet, one day). Thanks in advance for any input
  14. Well i'v taken the pram out, inspected the logic board and pressed it's wee red button (all seems fine) and tried a different kettle lead to no avail, so i'm thinking it probably is the power supply. Bit of a shame, it gave no indications that it was on the blink
  15. Hi guys I've got a 630 that won't turn on. It sits on my desk in the warm and was last running quite happily maybe a month ago, playing some Diskworld. So i'm just wondering what the things are to check, i'll open it up and have a look for any damage/bad caps and disconnect the clock battery, are there any other little things I can try that might help? Already tried a second keyboard, unfortunately it wasn't that Cheers!