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  1. 145 seems to equate to both 640x480 66hz, and Hi-Res 12-14". Not sure what the difference is but both are in in Composite Sync. I was rather hoping I would be able to feed the signal into my capture card so that another monitor on the desk wasn't nececery, however it doesn't seem to be able to pick up the signal. Same goes for my 630 in this resolution however its fine with that machine running in 800x600 and I don't know enough to know why. (832x624 also works but there is interfearence when putting out that). Perhaps one of these other combinations may help (sans those with too high a resolution).
  2. Oh i see, its the converter itself. Thanks for that Switches 1,4 and 5 are turned on, I'll have to wait to this eve to check what that means in it's guide.
  3. Hi all I got a IIsi today, its jolly nice and up and running, just finished the long runaround of finding and putting a copy of stuffit on it that isn't compressed with stuffit, thats always fun :/ I have it outputting to an LCD screen via a converter to VGA but im not entirely sure what its actually outputting, as System 7.1 doesn't seem to have any resolution options in the monitor control panel. So its onboard video is either outputting 512 x 384 or 640 x 480. Is there a best way to find out which? Cheers!
  4. Hello I have a 6200 with what I think is a borked power supply, as the logic board and hard disk are all ok when inserted into another one. Trying to turn it on makes the speaker pop faintly and holding the button down results in the noise happening every couple of seconds. Just wondering if anyone could confirm this and if it sounds like a standard caps issue or something lousier. Cheers!
  5. I thought about that, but my Pismos which don't really differ from Lombards all that much, both boot to the last selected drive without a PRAM inserted. I removed them when they started preventing them from starting up at all
  6. Ctrl+Apple+Power forces a reboot. If your pressing and holding the power button without any response then I'd suggest that something is wrong. One other option is the reset switch between the VGA port and modem, the icon is a triangle in a circle. The inability for it to remember the startup disk that has been selected isn't standard behavior either. Perhaps it's a quirk of using compact flash as the main drive.
  7. Neat. I'm definitely snagging one myself then. Cheers!
  8. Do these bring any noticeable performance improvements?
  9. Innes

    Iomega Jaz SCSI cable

    Sure. I'm not around the specific unit at the moment but heres one I found on google https://s1.dmcdn.net/LE6C9/x1080-p1r.jpg
  10. Innes

    Iomega Jaz SCSI cable

    Hello I've got a jaz drive sat around which sounds like it works, it spins a disk up and ejects and so fourth. Now I just need the right cable but im not having much luck finding anything confirming what sort of SCSI is on the back of it. Just from looking at pictures and going on what it looks like, im guessing its HPDB50? Can anyone confirm, and by extension confirm that this is the cable I'll need to connect it to my 630. Many thanks
  11. Innes

    Dying PowerBook G4 chargers

    Well they come in two parts, (brick and plug), you could check the separate bits with each other to see if you can salvage a full one out of the two dead supplies. I've had a plug fail and continued using the brick with another one.
  12. Innes

    PowerBook 5300ce

    Neat. Is it a stock 5300ce or did it go through Apple's rebuild programme? There should be a date printed on the copper sheet that sits underneath the battery if so. Soldering the power connector on is all you need to do, as thats all that holds it on in the first place. That said, just being attached by solder was what caused the problem in the first place. I'm very curious to find out how to open the batteries up in order to re-cell them so if you do it, hit me up with the technique
  13. Innes

    PB190 Battery Leak

    Interesting stuff. How do you go about cracking these batteries open?
  14. Just smashed it into Tin Eye, and there doesn't seem to be anything of better quality, just a few upscales, and this.
  15. Innes

    5300c keyboard

    Got me a parts donor, a CS with a knackard case and screen but a funtional keyboard. Unfourtunately the keys are covered in super glue so im now wondering how realistic it might to switch the caps over. Low I exspect, I cant imageing i'd manage that without snapping some things. Taking the wreck apart further has allowed me to see that the part of the battery connection pin that had corroded and fallen off actually wasnt connected to anything, so technically it should still function fine, not that it matters as I really dont think any batterys should be put back in those bays without the cells being removed first. The parts donor's battery had cracked and corroded stuff in the same way that the main one had, but worse. The hard disk in the donor works and has system 7.6 on it, and the logic board and video card look ok too. Haven't tested the floppy drive yet