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  1. AppleCD Plus M3021 won't mount cd's and cd-roms

    The iron should be OK for removing the old capacitors, you might want to grab some flux and solder braid to remove the old solder. With these SMD capacitors, heating up the other side is not needed as the solder joint is mounted on the surface of the PCB, hence the name. However, should you have any difficulties doing this repair, I'm more than happy to lend a hand. I have a hot air soldering station, which makes replacing SMD caps a breeze. I'd gladly replace the caps for you if you want, I just am waiting on some solder paste to come my way from the slowboat from China, then I should have everything needed for a simple recap job. I'm going to have to do some recapping on my Macintoshes soon, I've started out with my iron on my SE/30, but got really frustrated at how hard it is to solder the caps down due to the small leads. Having practiced a bit with my hot air station, removing the caps without damaging the board so far has been really easy, and soldering new caps back on should be just as easy.
  2. iMac G3 (Rev A -> C) G4 CPU Upgrade

    @dosdude1 happened to do the same mod as @LightBulbFun at almost the same time. Here is his video on his completed Clamshell G4, which runs at 500MHz, but has a custom active cooling system installed.
  3. My new Colour Classic is tripping on acid

    No way that bad VRAM is going to create color distortion that looks that distinctively as a magnetized CRT monitor. Especially his mention of the French flag regaining its colors temporarily when degaussing debunks that.
  4. iMac G3 Fruit Colors vs iBook G3 Fruit Colors

    In my experience, the iBooks will likely be more reliable in the future than the iMacs will be. With all of my iMac G3s, I've had CRT/PSU related issues, and getting to the CRT and power supply board in them, especially with the earlier trayloading models, is a nightmare. While the iBook Clamshells are also rather difficult to disassemble, I haven't heard of much problems with them, other than maybe needing a new hard drive, and having dead batteries of course. The earlier "ice" iBook Clamshells do have a tendency to develop cracks in certain areas, like the little Apple logo under the display. The "ice" iBooks are the Blueberry, Tangerine and first gen Graphite. The second generation of iBooks consisted of Lime, Graphite, and Indigo, and instead of having an ice-like look to the plastic, they have white plastic, which fixed the cracking problem. One downside of course, is that Apple seriously ramped down the color options on the Clamshells. I never understood why they didn't put out at least Strawberry, Grape, and Lime when they launched the Clamshell iBook. I mean, yeah, they eventually did make a Lime iBook, but it's a different color from the lush, dark green of the Lime iMacs, and was an Apple Online Store exclusive, which meant fewer were sold, making them rare nowadays. And the second generation Clamshells never got Sage, Ruby, Blue Dalmation or Flower Power either (Technically not Snow either, but white on white probably wouldn't have looked all that great, and the Snow iBook G3 that replaced the Clamshell makes it a moot point). It's just a pity, because I'd have loved to collect those colors of Clamshell! Anyways, long story short: The Clamshells are definitely a reliable choice, and space-saving to boot. But if you want to collect more colors, the iMac G3 can't be beat.
  5. iMac G3 (Rev A -> C) G4 CPU Upgrade

    That does make me wonder if a PowerLogix G3 ZIF card, like @LightBulbFun has, would work on those IBMs. Like he said, all there's to those cards is either the 750FX or 750GX, and some passives.
  6. iMac G3 (Rev A -> C) G4 CPU Upgrade

    You can't. The 750CX used in the 700MHz iMac G3 isn't in the same BGA package. It's like attempting to put an LGA1156 CPU in an LGA775 socket. Unless you design a ZIF PCB that can take the CX, which would be fairly difficult as no one has reverse engineered the ZIF cards (yet), as far as I know.
  7. iMac G3 (Rev A -> C) G4 CPU Upgrade

    So I've finally ordered a hot air station, and I'm slowly getting closer to finally being able to take the CPU board out of my trashed, dead iMac G3 Tangerine (whose logic board one day will be put in a desktop case, and used as a standalone desktop PPC machine, since it's just the CRT that's gone bad), and upgrade it to a 7410 G4 processor I've had lying around for way too long now. But, that's not all I'm going to try. It's my intention to attempt to take the processor out of a dead Nintendo GameCube, and put it on an iBook G3 logic board. Now, before you call me absolutely nuts, let me explain. The IBM Gekko processor in the GameCube is based on the 750CXe, and looks identical to it. If my findings are correct, the chip should be the same size as the 750CX line, and have the same amount of pins, presumably all mapped the same except for maybe some special pins for the GameCube that the regular 750CX processors do not use. Either way, I'll be attempting to get one or two dead GameCubes to get the CPU out of, and then compare them size-wise to the CX in one of my iMac G3s. If the size is the same, I'll find a dead iBook G3 logic board with the CX(e) processor, and try my luck with that. There's really no point other than to be the first guy to try this, and potentially have the first ever Mac with a GameCube brain transplant Also, I've found out that the IBM Broadway processor used in the Wii is a 750CL, a processor that wasn't ever used in any PowerPC Mac, but seemingly has the same pinout and size as the 750FX and 750GX chips, both found in either PowerPC Macs, or upgrade cards. Other than a few discrepancies, specifically the lack of dual PLL on the 750CL, it might just work on an iBook G3 logic board with a 750FX processor. In QEMU-KVM, the 750CL processor option actually did allow OS X to boot, but while About This Mac knew it was a 750 processor, CHUD Tools just reported the processor to be a "PowerPC ". So it's definitely an interesting thought to see what an actual 750CL would do in a Mac. This would be the closest thing to Mac OS X running on a GameCube and/or Wii! And yes, I am a mad PowerPC scientist.
  8. 3D-Printed Objects

    With a script, a motor and a gearbox, that shouldn't be impossible to do with a RPi.
  9. 3D-Printed Objects

    I know this has been requested before, but by the sheer need for them, can anyone do the gears for the Compact Mac floppy drive ejection mechanism? I thankfully don't need them myself, but I do know people who do, and it would be a relief if they were available so that in case I somehow do break mine (my drives are lubed, but still), I can at least replace them. I know someone on either eBay or Shapeways (can't remember) offers some, but I think he had a fairly high mark up on them. I suspect the average (semi-)affordable 3D printer isn't going to do the small gears well, but then the 3D models could still be printed by services like SW without the high mark up.
  10. Thinking about a Beige G3 - Questions

    That must have happened relatively recently since I remember they still were that cheap not too long ago. I guess the SIL3112 chipset is deprecated and running out, with the SIL3114 being used as a replacement as I did see cheap PCI SATA cards with that chipset.
  11. 15" ADC Cinema Display on IIsi possible?

    They are all just passthroughs. If it doesn't take any power, it doesn't actually convert it. You need to find an active VGA to DVI-D converter, or an active VGA to HDMI converter. You can connect a HDMI to a DVI port with a passthrough, as they both use the same digital standard of video, HDMI just supports some more features like audio and DRM, but those are irrelevant for your use.
  12. 15" ADC Cinema Display on IIsi possible?

    That passive VGA DVI-I adapter just passes through analog signals, the ADC monitor probably only takes digital signals. Look for an active VGA DVI-D adapter that actually converts the analog signals to digital ones.
  13. Thinking about a Beige G3 - Questions

    You can also buy extremely cheap SATA cards from China on eBay, as long as they have a single SIL3112 SATA controller, it can be flashed on a regular PC with a PCI port, and then the card will work on any PowerPC Mac, sans the odd Quicksilver PowerMac G4 (those are just really picky with cards). Those cards are often $10 or less with free shipping, and the one I've been using in my PowerMac G4 MDD has yet to fail me.
  14. Drivers for Sonnet Crescendo L2 500MHz/1M?

    Thanks! That should come in handy. I'm still trying to look if I can find a cheap 6500, 5500, or something like that to test the card in before selling it, as I was told it was working when it was pulled, but that was a while ago.
  15. Drivers for Sonnet Crescendo L2 500MHz/1M?

    A while back when I bought a bundle of Mac stuff, one of the included peripherals was a Sonnet Crescendo L2 upgrade card (the TAM/6500/etc. one). I have no way to test it due to not having a compatible Mac, and am planning on selling it on, but the problem is that it didn't come with the appropriate software disk, which I'd like to include if I do sell it on. I tried checking out Sonnet's site, but all they have is the manual for the Crescendo L2 card series. Does anyone here happen to have a copy of it?