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    CRT repair?

    Hi all, I am having issues with my best CRT monitor. Basically it started with random refreshes/zaps, it would happen sporadically while I am using it. But then I started having an issue where there would just be no picture. The light would turn green but the screen would remain black. I know that the tube is still good because of how sometimes I still get a picture. I thought it might be the video card, but I plugged the computer into a different monitor and it worked fine. I am wondering how hard it would be to fix something like this. It sounds like maybe a bad relay or something; or if it is blown caps then that is easy to fix. Anyone had experience with this before? I had it happen to an old CRT and I put that one in recycling. I just got this monitor a couple of years back and never had problems with it until I started using it again a few weeks ago. It is a really nice monitor and I would hate to junk it.
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    Evie's Conquests

    This makes me chuckle a little bit, because I remember when I was in high school and Apple started selling these G5s... and at that time 100 for it would be an absolute steal, even with no ram and hd. They were top of the line at the time. I remember the web form where you could build your mac to order, and I maxed everything out and the estimated total was like $3K or something crazy like that. They had these in the computer lab at the community college where I took dual credit courses, and I used to drool over them.
  3. I have recently installed and initialized an external mass storage drive for my Apple IIGS and installed System 6.0.1 on it. I had been able to access floppies just fine from within GSOS booted from the hard drive. But I had noticed that the 5.25 wasn't working, and then I noticed that the second floppy wasn't working. I rebooted and messed with the slots and set the startup slot to 5, and it seems I am able to boot from the bottom floppy, but when I boot back up from the hard drive even this floppy is not showing up on the desktop when I insert one. I am wondering if it is possible that my slot configuration is wrong or something. Also I am unable to boot from my 5.25, which I was able to do before. I have checked and the drivers are there for the 3.5 and 5.25 drives in GSOS on the hard drive.
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    Floppy drives stopped working in IIGS

    I opened up the drive tonight and I believe I have spotted a blown capacitor.
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    Floppy drives stopped working in IIGS

    OK, so now I am able to access both 3.5 drives from GS/OS and boot from them as well. However, my 5.25 drive is not working at all. I have tried even plugging just that one in. I had another very rusty looking one lying around, I tried that one and it didn't work either. When I power on the machine there is this tiny, extremely brief flash from the red light ont he 5.25 drive, and when I turn the computer off there is another one that is slightly brighter. But there is no indication that the GS is even trying to read from this drive. Could it be a hardware failure? I am still thinking this is a misconfiguration issue, because nothing has really changed hardware-wise. The 5.25 drive was just plugged in this whole time and the only thing I was changing was the slots and the startup slot. The 5.25 drive was working fine before and I have booted up oregon trial plenty of times and played it. This is really making me sad because I have a ton of software on 5.25 disks. I really want this to work.
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    Need help with SCSI2SD in a IIGS

    I figured it out. I had to use a SCSI utilities disk (Chinook) in order to properly partition the hard drive. Apparently doing it from my LC III was the wrong thing to do, and Copy II Plus didn't cut it either. Now the installer recognizes my drive just fine.
  7. I have set up my SCSI2SD with SCSI ID 6 (needed for the IIGS to recognize it, apparently) and a 30MB drive. Here are my results. When I load Copy II Plus, it recognizes the drive. I can format it from there. There isn't an option to initialize it. I am not entirely sure what that actually means anyhow. From Copy II Plus, I can also copy the contents of my System 6.0.1 disk onto it (although there is an error at some point) and it becomes bootable (almost), but then says that I need a SCSI driver on it in order to boot. How it begins to boot in the first place without the SCSI driver in place is beyond me. If I put in the System 6.0.1 drive and boot it up (I have to manually set startup slot to 5 in this case), there is no hard drive icon on the desktop. When I pop in the system tools disk and run advanced disk utility, I can't see the hard drive anywhere no matter how many times I click the "disk" button. I just can't figure out how to get System 6.0.1 to recognize the disk. It seems the IIGS itself is recognizing it just fine. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
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    Need help with SCSI2SD in a IIGS

    So I realized that the GSOS system disk does not contain a SCSI driver on it, but the System Tools 1 disk does. Unfortunately the System Tools 1 disk is not bootable, and there is not enough room on the system disk to just copy the driver over. I have tried to create a kind of "frankenstein" disk from the two with no success. According to this page I am supposed to load up a system disk with SCSI support. How am I to do this??
  9. agent_js03

    Need help with SCSI2SD in a IIGS

    Apple II High Speed SCSI card
  10. Ok guys this is what I have tried. I loaded system 6.0.1 and then went to the floppy II emu and selected Music Studio 2.0. I ejected the system floppy and then popped in a blank one and initialized/erased it. I dragged the Music2.0 disk to the blank disk and copied it all over. But the thing is, it didn't work because when I try to boot from the floppy then it just gives me a blank white screen and plays the startup sound over and over again. If I boot from the image on the floppy emu then it works fine. Is there an application specifically for copying disks byte by byte? I tried to load up Copy II plus but for some reason it was not able to even catalog the Music Studio 2.0 image loaded from the floppy ii emu.
  11. Nevermind I figured it out. Turns out you have to eject the copy ii plus disk after it boots up. Then you have an option "disk with format" after you select "copy." This makes a byte-by-byte copy of the disk.
  12. I have a SCSI2SD card which I am currently using in my LC III. A coworker of mine has given me a complete Apple IIGS system complete with printer and a buttload of software. It has a SCSI card installed but the hard drive it came with does not work. According to the codesrc website: http://www.codesrc.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=SCSI2SD the SCSI2SD should work in the Apple IIGS with my SCSI interface card. When I google about it, I have found many people who have photos of their IIgs booting GS/OS from their SCSI2SD. But none of them go into detail on how they managed to set up the disk in the first place. There is a lot more info on the macintosh. I know one guy said he transferred hard disk images to it via ADTPro, but that doesn't explain how he set up the partitioning in the first place. I am wondering what I need to do to get the partitions right and get format/initialize the sd card for my Apple IIGS (rom 01). Anyone have any good links? I have a Copy II plus disk and some other disk utilities. Maybe those will help. Thanks in advance
  13. agent_js03

    SCSI2SD and Apple IIGS?

    Seven months later, I decided to start playing with the IIGS again. I ordered the gears and fixed the floppy drives (woohoo!) I have a floppy emu and used this to copy 6.0.1 onto physical floppy disks. Now I just need to dig out the old LC III and format a sd card with 32mb image and I should be able to just pop in the System 6 disk, open advanced disk utils, initialize the disk and install.
  14. agent_js03

    Old Mac, Modern Internet

    It's funny you mention it, I had actually started working a while back on a python project to mock the OSCAR protocol used by AOL instant messenger. The goal being that you could write another component that links to, say, facebook chat, and then delivers buddy lists, IMs, etc. to the AIM client as if it were to an AIM account. I had gotten as far as successfully mocking an login, and fetching some statistics. I then gave up on it. It's actually not horribly onerous, but for one guy with very little time on his hands, it got to be too much. When I get home I will look on my personal laptop and find out what git repo I was committing to, if anyone is interested.
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    Old Mac, Modern Internet

    Clarification needed here... I am not really using a "proxy" solution per se for web pages, I am developing individual pages that use APIs (such as Google Maps, weather, etc.) to serve that data to the older pc/mac. Also as demonstrated by this thread: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/30827-testing-the-legacywebnet-project-use-modern-web-on-older-softwarehardware/ the ansibleized is not fully working yet on the raspberry pi. I have modified it manually to work on my raspberry pi, but haven't checked in those changes yet or made them more "productionized." I plan to do this when I have the time. I am currently about to have two kids under 2 and also have some home related projects going on, so time is a commodity and I admit progress on this project is about to come to a very slow creep.
  16. Hello all, I have an iMac G3 Indigo that appears to have some yellowing, either to the translucent casing or to the plastic that is underneath. I am wondering, first of all, how difficult these are to take apart. I have seen some youtube videos of people taking them apart, but most of them do not involve removing these plastic case parts, or the ones that do seem to be doing it wrong and do a lot of damage to the case. Second of all, if I can remove these plastic case parts, can this problem be solved using retrobrite? I have had success with it in the past when using it on beige plastics. I really do not want to crack/break the case in any way. But the yellow-ness of the iMac is depressing. I remember what iMacs looked like back when they were new; their appearance was half of what attracted me to them.
  17. Hi mactjaap, thanks for testing this. I also had tested it recently on my raspberry pi and found the same thing. Sorry it has been taking so long to respond, I am a family man and don't have a whole lot of time these days with my second little one coming soon... I have an explanation why everything doesn't work out of the box. Basically I had been developing everything in a virtualbox vm running (what I believed to be) the same version of debian that was running on the raspberry pi. But apparently the versions were quite different between raspbian repos and the main debian release, and these differences were apparently significant enough to break legacyweb. I have a lot of changes I made manually on the pi and wanted to upload them to the git repo. When I have the time I will do this and it should fix things. To answer your questions, yes there should be an apache server running, and stunnel is necessary if you want email. Can you type: systemctl status stunnel4.service and also: journalctl -xe I forget what exactly goes wrong with stunnel. I know it has to do with the configuration file... I can tell you exactly what to type in.
  18. agent_js03

    Old Mac, Modern Internet

    I have often thought of this as a solution as well. It is challenging because HTML/javascript/etc keeps changing constantly, plus to my understanding there is always more than one way to do something. So for example translating the newer 'divs' to tables and whatnot may not end up looking the way you want them to, not to mention that with javascript functionality increasing, you would have to somehow simulate the newer javascript functionality at the server level and then use the older javascript on the client. I can't think of any way of doing this other than manually.
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    Old Mac, Modern Internet

    Hi, I am the author of that project. If you look at the github, part of the appeal is that it uses ansible to automatically configure your stunnel for you. In fact, it configures pretty much everything for you. All you do is edit a configuration file, run it and bam, you are done. I can see however that having everything configurable in the same place post-installation, such as through a UI, would be preferable. Maybe that should be your focus. There is no need to "reinvent the wheel" so to speak by writing software that all these other components already do. Just write a web interface or something where you can configure your mail settings, etc. and then click save, and it will automatically update all the configuration files. I guarantee you it is a lot easier to install packages and edit configuration files than it is to write your own version of all these things.
  20. agent_js03

    Left behind a Newton OMP H1000 in a thrift shop

    Yikes, $189?? I just bought a Sony Mavica a couple months ago on eBay, perfect cosmetic/working condition including battery, for about 7 dollars with free shipping.
  21. I realize that there was another thread a couple before this one that I had started, and could probably have continued. I hope that it isn't a problem starting a new thread. Anyways, as some of you have read about in the last thread, I had bought a Performa 6500 board on eBay to stick in my Performa 6300CD to give it a little performance boost (starcraft runs too slow on my 6300CD though most everything else runs ok). The board was marked tested and working but when it arrived it didn't work at all. I had to repair some horribly bent pins on the part of the board that plugs into the wiring harness, and then basically I found that when I stick the board in and turn it on, it either chimes and doesn't do anything after that (nothing on screen, etc.) or it doesn't chime at all, and the fan just spins and hard drive clicks a little bit (the hard drive doesn't click after it chimes, for some reason). I tried reseating the RAM, which caused me to void my "warranty" and the seller then refused to offer a return or refund, and eBay sided with him. At least I didn't pay a lot of money for it. Anyways, since I had a chime from this thing at all, that makes me wonder if this thing might still be repairable. Here is a picture of the board itself (sorry for the flash): I suspect that the capacitors in the bottom right are probably leaky due to the residue all over the board. It reminds me of my experience with a color classic I fixed last year. The whole board is extremely dirty. I remember last year someone recommended that I run the CC board through the dishwasher after removing RAM, etc. I remember this cleaned it up significantly. Do you think this would be a good idea? I should use detergent right? (I use the powder kind now, not the liquid) Thanks in advance.
  22. agent_js03

    Internet on older macs

    Are you the big mess o' wires that makes the floppy 2 emu? I bought one earlier this year and it works great!
  23. agent_js03

    Internet on older macs

    I have never heard of Classilla. Is it actively supported? How does it handle SSL sites? I remember iCab used to do a lot for me on my old 68k/PPC ten years ago, but the classic versions became unsupported a while back. It's kind of silly, but for me using the same browsers that I used in the late 90s early 2000s is part of the nostalgia. Granted the sites probably don't look the same, but they have the same "retro" plain html style
  24. agent_js03

    Internet on older macs

    I have played with web rendering proxy. I found that most of the links do not work, and I was unable to type anything in to search boxes on most of the sites. So basically it wasn't super useful for me. This is why I was just writing "mini-pages" instead, using php apis for sites like wikipedia and google maps and making fully functional pages that are as light on the client as possible. MacIP looks pretty good at least for the file sharing capability and localtalk bridging. I haven't been able to set up an appletalk file server yet in linux, even after playing around with netatalk for quite some time.
  25. agent_js03

    Should I get this 5260?

    There is someone in my city who is offering a working Power Macintosh 5260 on craigslist for 25 dollars with keyboard, mouse and original software. I know this is one of the road apples, as they call them, but I wanted to mention that I have a 6500 motherboard that I had bought for my 6300CD, and if it will fit in there then I might be wanting to get it. So my first question is, will the motherboard fit and work, and my second question is, with the newer motherboard, will I be able to get a screen resolution above 640x480? If not, then I don't want this computer. But I do like the all-in-one form factor so I am tempted.