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  1. androda

    PowerBook 190

    Yes, they do. I also have a 190 (CS) and haven't gotten around to it. The power circuitry under the trackpad needs to be recapped, probably the power adapters, and probably the LCD.
  2. androda

    Androda's random finds

    I figure it's better to have one thread for all instead of a thread each. Yesterday I found a Smart and Friendly CD Copy Rocket Mach 12, complete in box! For $25. Imgur link: https://imgur.com/gallery/MwSZ3nq This thing is a monster for its time. 12x SCSI CD burner and 32x SCSI CD reader. Smoking fast. The most interesting thing about this setup is how the duplicator works. It's just two SCSI devices hooked up to the SCSI bus, reader is ID 5 and writer is ID 6. To do the computer-less duplication, you use this little blue plugin which connects to the SCSI bus and actually does the copying. For some reason, this particular unit has two of the blue controller boxes. I bet this would work with any SCSI disc reader/writer. The nasty buggers scrubbed the chip numbers off from the control chips, but one of the two blue controllers had a partial marking on what looks like the control chip. I think it's an Xilinx. The other side of the board has a scrubbed chip with traces clearly leading to the SCSI port pins, so obvious what that one is. The cd burner doesn't want to work, even when plugged into a known-good power supply. Sometimes it's happy and will open and close, but most of the time it doesn't. My guess : flaky capacitors. There are a ton on the control board. The reader opens and closes happily.
  3. androda

    $25 PowerBook 190CS with 32MB RAM expansion

    I think it's mostly the 'eBay effect' where the seller has to charge more. eBay takes 10% of the final sell price including shipping. So people are incentivized to mega overcharge.
  4. Perhaps not as cool as some of the other conquests here, but I recently bought a PowerBook 190CS 'for parts' from eBay. (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Apple-Macintosh-PowerBook-190cs-Powers-on-Parts-or-Repair/263974755872) Upon receipt of the laptop, I took it apart and what do you know? A 32MB RAM upgrade card! I was expecting none at all, or at most a 4MB one. I suspect that the floppy drive may be bad because it's not reading my boot disks. Need to make another one and see what happens. Anyone remember whether the 190 needs a system enabler? If the floppy drive doesn't work, I'm not too worried. Should be able to boot from PCMCIA or SD/CF to IDE. Mostly I'm just excited about the RAM card. Those things are expensive.
  5. androda

    Beige G3 Strange Issues

    How long are you waiting to see whether the video out works? My beige g3 will often sit for two or three minutes inexplicably before suddenly the video comes in and the machine boots up. Currently unknown cause. Do you have the power supply jumper on the logic board set to the PC setting?
  6. androda

    Not a "Classic" Checkerboard Issue

    If you decide that you need to replace the BU406 transistor, I have a few of them left over from repairing an SE/30 with that 'right side of the screen wiggles' issue.
  7. androda

    Just got an SE/30, have a display issue

    Could reseating the RAM resolve this issue? If full columns are appearing and disappearing, then maybe those pins on the RAM simms are not making full contact?
  8. androda

    Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    I recently re-capped a Quadra 610 for a friend, and his board is in way better shape than mine (no damaged traces that I can see). I verified that all of my bodge wires are in the right places by tracing the circuits on that other board. But his has the same issue as mine: chimes of death, even after washing the board and replacing the capacitors. This seems to be a common problem for Quadra 610s. I've been doing a lot of research and have found basically the same theme: Q610 is working fine for a long time, followed by sudden unexpected chimes of death. I think this points to the death of some component from capacitor leakage, which washing the board and replacing the capacitors does not fix. Given that the 610s do the startup chime and then the chimes of death, the system is certainly trying to boot. Does this mean that the CPU is OK? The built-in DRAM? I haven't found any good information about debugging the chimes of death from a hardware level on the Q610. Maybe I get to be the one which stumbles into the cause of death of so many of these old Macs by poking around and trying things.
  9. androda

    Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    Thanks. Now I know that C197 and C196 are only connected to the vias on either side of them. Time to do more trace-tracing - my vias there look eaten through. On another kind of interesting note, if I completely remove U46 I still get sound and the chimes of death. I'm wondering what that chip is for. Still haven't found schematics for the 610, and still looking around from time to time.
  10. androda

    Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    I'm still looking for a picture of the bottom of the Q610 motherboard, right near the power supply cable pins. C197, C196, C195, that sort of area. The traces between C197 and C196 are all completely gone. Looks like there's a wide trace and maybe some thinner ones. @360alaska When you have time, could you upload a picture of that area?
  11. @tanaquil I often use Noctua NT-H1, because I often buy Noctua fans. It's not the ultimate high-end stuff, but it's definitely top tier.
  12. androda

    Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    Thanks @Bolle. I have a lot more wire tracing to do. I did mostly check that visibly broken wires were actually broken. On my next sweep of the board I'm going to check more carefully. There are a lot of smeared traces from the capacitor stuff.
  13. androda

    Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    This project is not dead! I'm waiting for some things to come in the mail so I can do hot air desoldering and clean up some chips which have corrosion on their pins. And I'll clean up the connections to U46 while I'm at it.
  14. androda

    Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    I've repaired (bodged) all the traces I knew were broken, and made a little progress. Instead of silence and no video when I push the power button, I get the usual startup tone followed by the eight tone chime of death (and still no video). Edit: anyone have a good resource for figuring out which components failed on the logic board to cause the chimes of death? I've read that system ram/vram often causes this. I don't have any ram installed of either kind, so it seems likely the pre-installed stuff has gone bad. At this point I'm starting to think that getting a good 610 board and maintaining it might be a better choice.
  15. androda

    Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    @360alaska thanks. Can you also get a picture of the first area, with c194 through c197? It's next to the power supply plug on the bottom of the board.