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  1. Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    Thanks. Now I know that C197 and C196 are only connected to the vias on either side of them. Time to do more trace-tracing - my vias there look eaten through. On another kind of interesting note, if I completely remove U46 I still get sound and the chimes of death. I'm wondering what that chip is for. Still haven't found schematics for the 610, and still looking around from time to time.
  2. Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    I'm still looking for a picture of the bottom of the Q610 motherboard, right near the power supply cable pins. C197, C196, C195, that sort of area. The traces between C197 and C196 are all completely gone. Looks like there's a wide trace and maybe some thinner ones. @360alaska When you have time, could you upload a picture of that area?
  3. @tanaquil I often use Noctua NT-H1, because I often buy Noctua fans. It's not the ultimate high-end stuff, but it's definitely top tier.
  4. Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    Thanks @Bolle. I have a lot more wire tracing to do. I did mostly check that visibly broken wires were actually broken. On my next sweep of the board I'm going to check more carefully. There are a lot of smeared traces from the capacitor stuff.
  5. Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    This project is not dead! I'm waiting for some things to come in the mail so I can do hot air desoldering and clean up some chips which have corrosion on their pins. And I'll clean up the connections to U46 while I'm at it.
  6. Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    I've repaired (bodged) all the traces I knew were broken, and made a little progress. Instead of silence and no video when I push the power button, I get the usual startup tone followed by the eight tone chime of death (and still no video). Edit: anyone have a good resource for figuring out which components failed on the logic board to cause the chimes of death? I've read that system ram/vram often causes this. I don't have any ram installed of either kind, so it seems likely the pre-installed stuff has gone bad. At this point I'm starting to think that getting a good 610 board and maintaining it might be a better choice.
  7. Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    @360alaska thanks. Can you also get a picture of the first area, with c194 through c197? It's next to the power supply plug on the bottom of the board.
  8. Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    @360alaska pictures would be very helpful. I pulled all the capacitors if the board and looked around some more and found a few more broken traces by the capacitor near the edge of the board by the ram 3 Simms. Now I just hope that my soldering skills are up to the task of fixing these tiny tiny traces. I might end up resorting to conductive silver epoxy.
  9. Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    Does anyone have or know where I could find a schematic for the quadra 610? As I was poking around with a multimeter testing for continuity, one of the chips on the board near the CPU decided it wanted to be a bird and flew away. Never seen that before (didn't think I was pushing that hard). This chip is right next to a capacitor and its legs were bright blue/green even after scrubbing the board. It was U46, 74HC132. One of the pads ripped off the board. I fear that my project is over now that the leg ripped. I can only really know if it's being used by checking a schematic.
  10. Quadra 610 Restoration Project

    @360alaska Thanks. Yes, the power supply voltages are basically perfect. I haven't taken it apart though. Do they tend to need new caps as well?
  11. Hello everyone, I have a Quadra 610 DOS Compatible which I'm hoping to restore. This machine has been unused for years and was given to me by someone who just wanted the data from it (easy task, hard drive is fine). The power supply is in good shape, so that's helpful. Symptoms: * No video signal * No startup chime * No sounds of hard drive access (as if the system was booting) Steps I've taken to address the issue: * Washed logic board * Replaced capacitors Now that I've given the board a more thorough once-over it looks like there are traces which were erased by the capacitor leakage. The attached pictures are from the bottom of the board (leaked through vias). The red lines show where I have tested for continuity. Broken lines indicate lack of connection. The more I look at this board, the more traces I think I find which have been eaten away. I think I'll pull off my replacement caps and check all the traces there too. Probably some damage. Does anyone have a Q610 and would be willing to pull out the motherboard and get pictures of these areas? It's no easy task - I had to use a magnifying glass to get the pics I attached. If I find any more badly corroded areas, I'll post back with more questions and images. My fear is that I'm going to have bodge wires all over the place once I'm done with this machine. But as long as I manage to fix it, that's fine with me. This may be an impossible project given my soldering ability (these vias are 0.3mm, pretty darn tiny). But I'm up for a challenge here.
  12. That kind of display is exactly what I had before replacing the capacitors on the SE/30 logic board. After replacing them, the screen looks normal (but in my case, a little wobbly and the refresh rate is low, so I have more work to do).