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  1. Carboy7

    haplain's never-ending quest

    What a funny little prototype, HDI ports and all. Would you be able to boot from regular PowerBook HDD, or would some modification be required? I suppose that the stylus likely wouldn't work without the WALT programs on the HDD.
  2. Carboy7

    PowerBook 550c

    I didn't even notice that the PS4 had a clear shell, probably looks better in person.
  3. Carboy7

    Carboy7's conquests!

    Just got an SE/30 today, in okay condition. It has those stupid velcro strips on the front for those "screen protectors".
  4. Carboy7

    peafour's finds

    Yep! That is a Lisa mouse. I was interested in the Ethernet card out of the SE/30...
  5. Carboy7

    Evie's Conquests

    My iMac G4 still only has 256mb of RAM! It didn't have a SODIMM in it, but it did have an AirPort Express card.
  6. Carboy7

    My Pride and Joy Conquest - Complete

    That looks really nice! How much did the Sound Sticks (with sub) cost?
  7. Carboy7

    PowerBook 520c

  8. Carboy7

    Carboy7's conquests!

    Check out this! It's a Panasonic Let'snote, available only in the Japanese market.
  9. Carboy7

    My PowerBook 145B had an accident

    Yeah, I know! It booted fine and everything! Even reminded me that I "didn't shut the Macintosh down" correctly.
  10. I just pulled out my PowerBook 145B and tested the "known-working" battery. It stayed on for about two seconds. But then something extremely horrifying happened. The screen went to a weird flickering black, and a LOUD grinding noise started happening! That lasted until I plugged in the AC adapter again, upon which it restarted with *no issue.* Could it have been the hard drive grinding in indignation?
  11. Carboy7

    Clamshell iBook!

    Nice Clamshell! The Wi-Fi can be a bit of a bummer. The funny thing is, my iMac G4 with AirPort Extreme connects just fine, but the older AirPort card won't work! I've thought of setting up an older router piggybacking off our regular router, so my older machines can connect.
  12. Carboy7

    Evie's Conquests

    I got the 4th Edition of Macs for Dummies!
  13. Carboy7

    Carboy7's conquests!

    Thanks for the offer, CC! But you can pass it along to Belgaonkar, because I don't want it!
  14. Carboy7

    Carboy7's conquests!

    And the conclusion: Getting a Power Mac 8100/80AV halfway across the country really does a number on it. There's Spindler plastic EVERYWHERE! The front CD bezel and blank bezel are broken off, the front plastic part has a hole in it, not to mention the entire back plate is broken off... (Well, at least it was better than some of the LC 5xx series that I've seen on here!) Does anyone know why there are four "Steward" chips on the logic board?
  15. My Classic II had some sticky stuff on the anode cap too, and was on the top and the bottom of the cap. I don't know about rubbing it off, but it probably won't do anything.