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  1. Thought I would give an update. Since my last post, I've purchased a couple different graphics cards for the G4 with the most recent being the Radeon 9000 with 128 MB of VRAM. I could've went with the 256 MB 9800 (I found a driver from Ati that forces the card to work under OS 9 with just basic display functionality no acceleration), but that would've required a PSU upgrade with a spare molex cable. The 9000 works great, but there's a downside: DVD playback doesn't work right in OS 9 now (works fine in OS X Tiger though). I've noticed with this upgraded G4 that some things that would work fine on one of my G3s, won't work at all on this G4 (Example: Toast 5). I do like the fact that iWork '09 woks properly now and TenFourFox is slightly faster on some sites. I might even put Leopard back on here (I downgraded to Tiger to help with iWork a few months ago). OS 9 itself works fine and Classila and Office 98 are fine with the upgrades. To sum it up, I've gained capability in some areas, but lost compatibility in others. Something I'll keep in mind if I consider upgrades for my other Macs.
  2. My AGP graphics Power Mac G4 still has the 128 GB limit.
  3. MacFox

    MacFox's Finds

    (Just to clarify: One HDD has OS X and the other has OS 9.2.2.)
  4. MacFox

    MacFox's Finds

    Haven't gotten around to all of them yet, but I have started imaging them. I did three today. Once I upload them to the garden, I'll post an update in this thread. Wow, I haven't updated this thread in awhile. Since my last post the only mac-related things I've been acquiring are upgrades for the Sawtooth G4. Here's what I have done to it so far: -added USB 2.0 -upgraded the VRAM to 64 MB -added a gigabit Ethernet card I ordered a Radeon 9000 card thinking it was the 128 MB version, but it turned out to be the 64 MB one instead. I then ordered a NIB Radeon 9000 that should hopefully be the 128 MB version. I installed the gigabit Ethernet card (TrendNet TGE-PCITXR) today. Not much of a difference between that and the old built-in Ethernet port, which surprises me. I did have to downgrade the OS X HDD from Leopard to Tiger because iWork '09 wasn't working due to only having 32 MB of VRAM at the time (though I might try Leopard again after I get my new Radeon 9000 in the mail).
  5. Forgot to mention this, the zip bezel is missing.
  6. I’m neutral when it comes to Zip. I never owned a Zip drive until I got this Mac. I transfer files to my oldest Macs via my Powerbook G3 PDQ and on that machine I use either standard floppies or AppleTalk to move files to/from my SE or Classic II. I already get more convenient USB ports thanks to my monitor, So I don’t know what I would use to fill the space the Zip drive currently occupies. I suppose I could move the second HDD up to that space. Would that work? Or Would the HDD be too exposed?
  7. My Power Macintosh G4 Sawtooth came with an internal Zip drive, but it doesn’t work. I installed IomegaWare under OS 9 and I could see the drive light up and make noise, but IomegaWare told me there was no disk. The disks I was using were NOS Fujifilm PC formatted Zip 100 disks. The front flap of the drive fell inside it at some point, but I was able to get that piece out. When I realized the drive wasn’t working, I disconnected the power and data cables from it. I intended to remove it, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it out, so I let it stay in there. I’m now wondering if I should attempt to fix this drive or if I should remove it? What do you guys think? I don’t own any other Zip disks or drives. Thanks in advance.
  8. MacFox

    Original Battery in my Mac SE

    I removed the battery in mine even though it wasn't leaking. I just used a pair of side cutters to remove it along with the wire holding it in place. I didn't replace the battery though, since it's not required to boot the SE.
  9. MacFox

    Demand for Performa 630CD?

    Don't own a 630 myself, but I actually quite like the look of them. Would definitely pick one up if I found a good deal. I'm a fan of beige desktops.
  10. MacFox

    Got a free Power Macintosh 6500

    So true. Glad I got my working Macs when I did.
  11. MacFox

    What NOT to do with your Macintosh SE

    My SE is working again! Turns out I didn’t have the floppy controller chip pushed down all the way. I swapped the hard drive bays and I now have the Classic II’s HDD paired with the SE’s original 800K floppy drive. Would love to do a SuperDrive upgrade one day, but for now, I’ll stick with this configuration for my SE.
  12. MacFox

    MacFox's Finds

    Got a random assortment of CD-ROMs, mostly Mac shareware compilations, from 1994-95. Haven't had time to try them all since there's a lot of stuff crammed on these CDs. I also got a TV output PC card for Mac and Windows laptops. I don't really need it, but it was cheap and I thought it would be interesting to try out. Also bought an NIB USB 1.1 video capture device that works with OS 8.6. Got an LC II recently as well. It was an impulse buy I made because I got outbid on a Centris 650 from the same seller. I actually quite like the LC II, it's smaller than I thought it would be, which is good because of my limited space. I have it hooked up to a NEC 1970 NX Multi-sync montior using an adapter. The settings I use on the adapter is 1,2,3,4 on and 5, 6 off. The LC II is pretty similar to my Classic II speed wise. The LC II has the RAM maxed out to 10 MB and has an ethernet card. Only plans I have for the LC II so far is just the usual writing I do on my other Macs and also running color 68k software like I have on those shareware discs I just got.
  13. MacFox

    Software for Mac SE

    I used Microsoft Word 5.1 on my SE the most. If you're interested in word processing I recommend it.
  14. MacFox

    What NOT to do with your Macintosh SE

    Is it okay to put the superdrive back in the Classic II or is the drive toast?