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  1. MacFox

    Centris 650 surprise

    I have a Centris 650 too and I love it!
  2. MacFox

    Loud fan in Sawtooth

    I’m not sure what to look for when it comes to whether or thermal paste needs to be replaced, but I know that the heat sink is still firmly attached to the cpu. There is also a fan attached to the top of the heat sink. Unsure if the cpu came like that or if the previous owner attached the fan to the heat sink for some reason. CPU is an accelerator so maybe that’s why there is both a fan and a heat sink?
  3. Hello all, So I was using my Sawtooth today and after about an hour or two of use I could hear a noise coming from inside the machine getting louder and louder. It sounded like an engine revving up. It happens when the Mac is sitting idle. This is the second time I have heard this. I have owned this Mac for over a year and it has only been within the past month that I have heard this revving up noise. I think it’s coming from one of the fans. I blew some compressed air on them, but that hasn’t made a difference. Are one of the fans dying? Maybe something else entirely? Thanks in advance
  4. MacFox

    Mac G4 Sawtooth Upgraded

    Back when Other World Computing still sold the Radeon 7500, I remember reading on the product page that the Sawtooth had issues with ADC. I use a multi-sync PC monitor with mine.
  5. MacFox

    Mac G4 Sawtooth Upgraded

    Here you go: http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/ati-os-9-drivers-january-2005
  6. MacFox

    Mac G4 Sawtooth Upgraded

    Have you tried the 2005 OS9 Ati Drivers from Macintosh Garden?
  7. MacFox

    My Pismo lives again!

    For Wi-Fi I would recommend an Ethernet to wireless bridge. I use one and it works on everything from my Centris 650 to my modern machines. The one I use is made by IoGear. I got it from Amazon.
  8. MacFox

    Mac G4 Sawtooth Upgraded

    I also have an upgraded Sawtooth (got mine from eBay) and my feelings towards it are the same as yours. I have both 9 and X on mine, but I love using 9 the most on it. I really enjoy mine and it's become one of my favorite Macs in my collection.
  9. MacFox

    SCSI2SD as an External HDD for Multiple Macs?

    That’s good. I just noticed on Inertial Computing’s website that they have SCSI2SD v5.5 in place of the previous external enclosure for the v5.1. The v5.5 is an external only option that plugs directly onto the SCSI port without needing a cable. I think the v5.5 should work for my use case if I use an adapter and an extension cable with it, but I don’t know for sure. Should I get the v5.5 from Inertial Computing or a v5.1/v6 with a third-party enclosure from eBay?
  10. MacFox

    SCSI2SD as an External HDD for Multiple Macs?

    That's good. Something I forgot to ask earlier, can the SCSI2SD be used with other SCSI devices? I occasionally use an external SCSI CD-ROM drive with my 68k macs. Would I be able to daisy-chain the SCSI2SD to the CD-ROM drive?
  11. Hello all, I decided to create this thread because of an idea I had and I wanted to know if this idea would be possible. The idea came to me while I was using my SE a couple days ago. My SE only has an 800K drive, so when I want to back up the documents I created to something like an SD or CF card, I have to copy the file to an 800K floppy first and then use my PDQ to copy the file over to SD or CF. As much as I love floppies, I don't exclusively rely on them for backing things up like I did in the past. The process of backing up to SD via the PDQ isn't bad, but it's kind of inconvenient. I remembered that there's an external enclosure you could get for the SCSI2SD, so I figured maybe I could use it as a backup drive? I've had SCSI HDDs fail on me in the past, so I would install system 6.0.8 on the SCSI2SD so I can boot from it in case the SE's HDD dies. I then thought to myself "what if I created multiple partitions/drives on the SCSI2SD? One for each of my SCSI HDD Macs?" I have three Macs that use SCSI HDDs (SE, Classic II, and Centris 650), so my plan would be to create a partition/drive on the SCSI2SD for each Mac. One partition would be System 6.0.8 for the SE, another partition would be System 7.1 for the Classic II, and finally one partition would be System 7.5.3 for the Centris 650. I never have more than one of my 68k Macs on at the same time, so the idea would be to share the SCSI2SD between the Macs, plugging in the SCSI2SD into whichever Mac is in use at the time. I would use the SCSI2SD like an external HDD and should the internal HDD fail in any of these Macs I could boot into the appropriate version of System from the SCSI2SD. Would this work and if so what would be the best way to do it? Thanks in advance.
  12. I haven’t used the FireWire port in about a year, but it worked when I last used it. The only ports I never tested were the microphone and modem. All the other ports work. I have a USB 2.0 card and gigabit Ethernet card in two of the PCI slots, so I don’t use the built-in USB 1.1 or 10/100 mb Ethernet ports anymore. The CPU upgrade is the main reason I bought this Mac. It’s a 1.5ghz model. I don’t know who made it. I think it was made in 2007 according to a sticker I found on it.
  13. How should I clean up the water damage?
  14. Decided to take a picture of the board.
  15. Hello all, About a year or so ago, I saw a Power Macintosh G4 on ebay that had some rust on the case. After searching online, the consensus seemed to be that rust on a computer case isn't a big deal, so I went ahead and bought the G4. What I didn't notice until recently, however, was that the screw on the top right corner of the motherboard was rusted. I removed the screw only to find that a small bit of rust had formed around the screw hole where the screw had been. Should I be worried? If so, any tips on how to remove the rust? Thanks in advance.