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  1. MacFox

    Original Battery in my Mac SE

    I removed the battery in mine even though it wasn't leaking. I just used a pair of side cutters to remove it along with the wire holding it in place. I didn't replace the battery though, since it's not required to boot the SE.
  2. MacFox

    Demand for Performa 630CD?

    Don't own a 630 myself, but I actually quite like the look of them. Would definitely pick one up if I found a good deal. I'm a fan of beige desktops.
  3. MacFox

    Got a free Power Macintosh 6500

    So true. Glad I got my working Macs when I did.
  4. MacFox

    What NOT to do with your Macintosh SE

    My SE is working again! Turns out I didn’t have the floppy controller chip pushed down all the way. I swapped the hard drive bays and I now have the Classic II’s HDD paired with the SE’s original 800K floppy drive. Would love to do a SuperDrive upgrade one day, but for now, I’ll stick with this configuration for my SE.
  5. MacFox

    MacFox's Finds

    Got a random assortment of CD-ROMs, mostly Mac shareware compilations, from 1994-95. Haven't had time to try them all since there's a lot of stuff crammed on these CDs. I also got a TV output PC card for Mac and Windows laptops. I don't really need it, but it was cheap and I thought it would be interesting to try out. Also bought an NIB USB 1.1 video capture device that works with OS 8.6. Got an LC II recently as well. It was an impulse buy I made because I got outbid on a Centris 650 from the same seller. I actually quite like the LC II, it's smaller than I thought it would be, which is good because of my limited space. I have it hooked up to a NEC 1970 NX Multi-sync montior using an adapter. The settings I use on the adapter is 1,2,3,4 on and 5, 6 off. The LC II is pretty similar to my Classic II speed wise. The LC II has the RAM maxed out to 10 MB and has an ethernet card. Only plans I have for the LC II so far is just the usual writing I do on my other Macs and also running color 68k software like I have on those shareware discs I just got.
  6. MacFox

    Software for Mac SE

    I used Microsoft Word 5.1 on my SE the most. If you're interested in word processing I recommend it.
  7. MacFox

    What NOT to do with your Macintosh SE

    Is it okay to put the superdrive back in the Classic II or is the drive toast?
  8. MacFox

    What NOT to do with your Macintosh SE

    I did use the same floppy and HDD cables from the Classic II.
  9. This is a cautionary tale on what not to do with your Macintosh SE. Ever since I replaced the HDD in my SE, I always felt the new drive wasn't secure enough. There are six screw points on the 40 MB Conner HD SC drive and only four screw points on the SE's HDD bay. Only two of the Conner's screw points (one on the left side of the drive and one on the right) lined up with the SE's screw points. This means that the HDD was only held in place by two screws. It was okay, but it could've been more secure. Sometimes when running the SE, I would hear a "klinking" sound, which I assumed had to do with the HDD. I found a 5.25'' to 3.5'' HDD bracket on ebay and thought maybe this bracket would help secure the drive. The bracket didn't fit no matter what way I tried to install it. I then gave up and tried to put the HDD back in its original place. Unfortunately, I used the wrong screw and bored into the drive's PCB board and knocked off one of the capacitors. After that happened I tried using a Segate Barracuda drive I pulled from a beat up Power Macintosh 7500 I bought a while back. The Segate drive fit the bay perfectly, except the screw points didn't line up at all. Curious to see if the drive would work, I secured it to the bay using electrical tape and hooked it up to the logic board. When I turned on my SE, this drive started up and was the loudest drive I had ever heard. It got louder as it spun up to the point where I was a afraid something was gonna blow up. I immediately turned off my SE and waited. After a couple minutes, I decided to swap out the Segate with the drive from my Classic II. The Classic II uses a 40 MB Conner, but the HDD bracket in the Classic II fits the drive perfectly. Instead of just swapping drives, I decided to swap brackets too including the floppy drive. I looked into swapping the ROMs in order to do a proper Superdrive upgrade to the SE (thought I might as well since I was going to put the Classic II's floppy drive in there along with the HDD), but the Classic II ROMs don't fit in the SE. After doing the swap, I put my SE back together and turned it on only to get a blank screen and a clicking noise coming from the power supply. I immediately turned off the SE. Looking up the clicking noise on this forum has led me to the conclusion that I must have killed the power supply when I put the Segate drive in the SE. I guess the lesson here is, be careful what kind of HDD you put in your SE.
  10. MacFox

    What vintage macs do you own?

    Macs that currently work: Classic II, Powerbook G3 PDQ, iBook G3 Dual USB, Power Macintosh G4 with 1.5ghz CPU upgrade Macs that no longer work: Macintosh SE, Powerbook 100, Powerbook 5300, Powerbook G3 Main Street
  11. No I haven't returned it. I'll just have to remember not to buy from that seller again. I don't want to start any e-drama. The card I have in this system currently is the original Rage 128 Pro that it shipped with back in the day. I wanted to upgrade to improve OS X performance mostly. I do plan on installing Photoshop or Illustrator for fun, though I might do that on 9 instead of X, haven't decided yet. I use OS X for TenFourFox and 9 for games and Office. I have iWork '09 installed under X because I like Pages, but I guess since I don't have the required VRAM, it refuses to load. I thought the VRAM requirement was just for advanced features, not basic functionality.
  12. I recently acquired an AGP Power Mac G4 Sawtooth with an upgraded CPU and 1 GB of RAM and it's been the main Mac I've been focusing on. OS-wise, I have a dual boot setup with OS X 10.5.8 on the primary HDD and OS 9.2.2 on the secondary HDD. I decided to make some upgrades of my own. I've added a USB 2.0 card and just ordered more RAM so I can reach the maximum of 2 GB. I also want to upgrade the graphics card. I bought a Radeon 8500 off of ebay and unfortunately it doesn't work. It lacked the face plate to screw it into the AGP slot, so the card wasn't secure. I assume that's why it didn't work, either that or the seller gave me the PC version by mistake. I chose that card because it has 64 MB of VRAM and doesn't require tapping into the power supply. What I'm asking is: Are there any other compatible graphics cards that don't require tapping into the power supply or should I not even bother upgrading the graphics card at all in this Mac? Thanks
  13. MacFox

    MacFox's Finds

    I just received a 1999 Power Macintosh G4 AGP Tower in the mail. It has an upgraded CPU (1.5 ghz) with 1 GB of RAM, a SCSI card, DVD-Rom, internal ZIP drive and two HDDs. It's pretty awesome! I'm typing this post from it right now via TenFourFox on OS X 10.5. Only thing not awesome about it is the rust on the vent covering the fan. I also can't seem to install OS 9 using my retail 9.2.1 CD that I use on my G3s. Was kind of hoping to install OS 9 on the second HDD. Is there a way to do this? Pretty happy with this machine overall though.
  14. Since my last post, I tried disabling the memory test, but I guess because the PRAM battery is dead my changes weren't saved. I have since downgraded the PDQ from OS 9.2.2 to OS 8.6 and it starts up a little quicker, the delay is only a minute now instead of two. The startup RAM test option no longer appears, was that not a thing in OS 8? Still, I really like the PDQ. It's currently my most used Mac.
  15. MacFox

    Giving Classic II something to do

    I'm always trying to find a "purpose" for each of my Macs too. I mainly use Word 5.1 on my Classic II. One thing my Classic II can do that my SE can't is convert Word 97/98 files to Word 5 format. The converter requires an '020 or better, so it won't run on my SE. Other than that, I had MacDraw II on it for a time, if you're interested in drawing you can check that out. Pretty much any black and white software that will run on an '030 and doesn't require 256 grays should work on the classic II.