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  1. MacFox's Finds

    I recently bought a Power Macintosh 7500/100. It was an impulse buy. I was interested in it due to the AV input and the aesthetic of it. The thing that frustrates me is that the plastic broke and fell inside the machine. The power button broke off too. Must have happened during shipping because no plastic was broken in the auction pictures. I'm weary of turning this thing on, so what I think I'm going to do is just salvage the drives and the RAM. I paid $60 including shipping, which I consider a bargain in today's world where every old computer is considered "rare".
  2. Apple Imagewriter II Restoration

    Never thought a printer would have capacitor leakage. Learn something new everyday.
  3. MacFox's Finds

    Thanks. My Wallstreet/PDQ actually plays DVDs better than the 2017 Lenovo laptop I am currently typing on. I have DVDs from 15+ years ago where the video stutters on the Lenovo, but plays just fine on the PDQ.
  4. MacFox's Finds

    I liked Windows 2000. I used it on a IBM ThinkCentre which managed my music collection back in the late '00s. It's a good Windows OS.
  5. Mac SE Problems

    I didn't mention this earlier, but the SE still had the PRAM battery soldered on. It was a Varta which, according to old threads I found, is not infamous for leaking like the Maxells are. I decided to remove the battery anyway using a side cutter. How I did it was I gripped the bottom of each of the two wires holding the battery in place and twisted them until they came loose. The one on the right came clean off without a problem, but the one on the left snapped in half. I pulled out what remained of the left wire and while there is probably still old solder left, the wires were completely removed. After that, I booted up the SE again and it still works.
  6. Mac SE Problems

    Thanks. I followed your instructions and it worked.
  7. MacFox's Finds

    Well, I thought I would update this thread since I have since added two computers to my collection. First, is a Compaq Deskpro EN. It's a P3 1.0ghz with 384 MB of RAM and a 20 gig HDD. I go it because I figured since I have old Macs why not have an old PC? It's got Windows 98 SE, my favorite Windows OS. I'm mainly using it for Windows exclusive games. Might upgrade it to a DVD-ROM/CD-RW at some point and maybe add a video capture card because these are things I always wanted back when 98 was my daily driver, but never got. More recently, I added a Classic II to my Mac collection. It's got 4 MB of RAM and a 40 MB HDD. Main reason for getting this was because it was already recapped and it has a superdrive. At some point I may upgrade the HDD and max out the RAM and see how 7.5.3 runs on it (I like experimenting with different system/OS versions on my computers). It currently has 7.0.1 on it, a version of 7 I hadn't used before. It's pretty much the same as 7.0 to me and the Classic II runs 7 faster than my SE did when it had 7 on it. Both my SE and Classic II have the same amount of RAM.
  8. Thanks for your input everyone. I've always been interested in this series of Mac due to its look and because it is a late 68k machine. I'll keep what you all have said in mind.
  9. Hello, I haven't seen any threads about this particular group of Performas needing a recap, but I wanted to know for sure whether or not these models require a recap. Thanks in advance.
  10. I see. I always get confused what is actually considered an "Icebook", so thanks for clearing that up. I have an iBook G3 Dual USB from 2001 that I have seen people call an "Icebook".
  11. MacFox's Finds

    I recently bought a 1998 Powerbook G3 DVD-ROM Expansion module used in the original box for $25. It came with the DVD Video PC Card thankfully (the card by itself goes for like over $60 on ebay these days.) No drivers to install, just swapped out the CD-ROM and replaced it with the DVD-ROM, inserted the included PC Card and viola! I used this on my PDQ and the picture and sound is good. Did I need this upgrade? No, but I felt it was appropriate for the machine. I have many devices that can play DVDs. Some DVDs I have have trouble playing on my PC, I wonder if these will play better on my PDQ? Wouldn't that be something? A 1998 Mac laptop being better at playing DVDs than my 2017 PC? That would be pretty funny.
  12. MacFox's Finds

    Thanks. I'll keep what you said in mind.
  13. Hello, So back in the day I used to see ads for the fruit color iMac G3s and I always wanted one, but couldn't have one. Fast forward to today and I have a small collection of old Macs. I already have three G3 machines (Powerbook G3 Main Street, PDQ, and an Icebook), yet I still desire a fruit color iMac. The reason is really just aesthetics and nostalgia. I know the specs won't be any better than the other G3s I have (correct me if I'm wrong). I mainly collect Mac laptops due to space concerns, though I could squeeze in another desktop/compact if I wanted to. I like that the iBooks of the time came in fruit colors as well and I would be willing to compromise some of the nostalgia factor by getting the laptop version. What I'm asking is, is it better to get a fruit color iBook or a fruit color iMac? Are there any problems particular to these models that I should be concerned about? Thanks
  14. I have read all of your replies and I will keep what you guys said in mind. Since making my last post, I have added a PDQ to my collection and it starts up about the same length of time as the Main Street, but it behaves a bit differently. Instead of silence I can hear HDD activity the whole time. Despite this, this laptop has a great screen, which is much better to look at than the passive matrix screen I had to stare at while writing 800K disk images to floppy for my SE.
  15. Thanks for the tip.