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  1. I set up my scsi2sd v5.5 to emulate one 1.5gb hard drive on ID 5. I use separate micro SD cards for each of my currently working 68K Macs. One card is a 2gb and the other is 8gb. When I format them in the patched version of HD SC setup, they show up as 1.5gb drives due to the scsi2sd’s configuration.
  2. MacFox

    MacFox's Finds

    Changed the configuration of the scsi2sd so that it emulates a 1.5 GB hard drive on ID 5. It works with my Centris, SE, and Classic II. All I have to do is swap SD cards between machines. I don’t have to reconfigure the scsi2sd each time I switch Macs anymore.
  3. MacFox

    MacFox's Finds

    The SCSI2SD arrived today. I decided to set the device up for my Centris 650 first. Using scsi2sd-util, I split the 8 GB micro SD card into three hard drives: a 2GB volume on ID 4, another 2GB volume on ID 5, and a 3.5GB volume on ID 6. I used the patched version of HD SC setup to format and mount the drives. I installed 7.5.3 on ID 5, and it worked perfectly. After updating to 7.5.5, I tried to boot from the Apple Legacy Recovery CD to install other System versions on the other two drives. Not sure if the Apple Legacy Recovery CD is not bootable or what, but I couldn't boot into it. Holding down "C" didn't work, Startup disk control panel didn't work either. I then tried command-option-shift-delete-3 (3 is the ID of my CD-ROM drive), but that didn't work either and the multiple restarts somehow made the drive on ID 5 unbootable. So, I put my modified 7.5.3 disk tools floppy back in and used HD SC setup to perform a test on the drive. The drive tested fine even though it wasn't mounted. I initialized it again and there it was back on my desktop. Aside from the patched HD SC setup, another modification I made to the 7.5.3 disk tools floppy was adding the Apple CD-ROM extension. Thanks to this, I was able to use the Legacy Recovery CD and installed a Centris 610/650 specific install of 7.1 on ID 4 and OS 8.1 on ID 6. I have a bootable System 7.5.3 install CD which I use to install 7.5.3 on Macs with CD-ROM drives. I rebooted and OS 8.1 booted up. It starts up slower than 7, but I think the SCSI2SD speeds things up a bit. After that, I put the 7.5.3 CD in and rebooted. I held down the "C" key and I was able to successfully boot from that CD. I installed 7.5.3 followed by 7.5.5 onto ID 5 again and it worked! I'm glad my Centris has a hard drive again! Was finally able to test the VRAM and that works too, giving me thousands of colors. 7.5.5 will be the main system that I use on the Centris, but I thought having the other System versions might be fun to experiment with. I just need to figure out the best way to switch between them. I took a break and then decided to setup the SCSI2SD with my Classic II and SE using a 2GB micro SD card I have laying around. The plan is to split the 2GB card into three drives: one for 6.0.8 (for the SE), one for 6.0.8L (for the Classic II), and one for 7.0.1 (for both the SE and Classic II). It was at this point, however, that I realized that the configuration information is not saved to the SD card, but to the board itself. So I'll have to run SCSI2SD-util every time I switch between the Centris and SE/Classic II. The SE still has a working internal hard drive, so I could leave the SCSI2SD in the Centris 650 configuration and just not boot off of it. I was planning on using the SCSI2SD on the SE as a backup method rather than as a hard drive replacement anyway. The Classic II can boot 7.5.5, but I'm not sure how well it runs because I have never tried 7.5.5 on the Classic II before. Another thing I discovered is that when I read the 8GB micro SD card in my SD card reader on my PM G4 running Leopard, I can only see the ID 4 drive with 7.1 on it, the other two drives aren't visible. Anyone know why this is?
  4. MacFox

    SCSI2SD v5.5 error opening HID device

    How did you run Lido? Asking because I recently bought a SCSI2SD v5.5 myself. I’ve tried to copy Lido to a system floppy in the past but it wouldn’t fit.
  5. MacFox

    MacFox's Finds

    Ordered a scsi2sd v5.5 with an 8gb micro SD card along with a gender changer and a cn50 to db25 SCSI cable, so I can use it with my AppleCD 600e drive.
  6. In the event that I’m not using the CD-ROM drive, I’ll use the gender changer plus a male to male SCSI 25-pin cable instead of serial.
  7. The reason why I’ve been looking at SCSI cables lately is that I am planning on buying a SCSI2SD v5.5. I don’t want to plug it directly into my Macs because I still want to use my AppleCD 600e drive. The connector on the back of the SCSI2SD is male 25-pin. Based on the information from this thread I think I will use a serial gender changer to make the connector female along with a SCSI 50-pin centronics male to 25-pin male cable. I saw a cable on eBay that is listed as a SCSI 50-pin male to 25-pin female cable, but it doesn’t say whether or not the 50-pin end is the centronics type. I asked the seller, but haven’t gotten a response.
  8. Very interesting thread. I have often thought about getting a vintage Mac with AV capabilities myself or adding some to my Centris. Learned a lot in this thread.
  9. Thanks. What about gender changers for a 25-pin serial cable, would those work on a SCSI cable/device?
  10. I was just looking up SCSI cables on eBay and I notice that some of the listings say that the cable is for both SCSI and serial. Is it possible for a cable to work with both SCSI and Serial?
  11. MacFox

    MacFox's Finds

    Wow, it's been awhile since I lasted posted in this thread. I recently bought a Quadra VRAM upgrade kit from eBay still in the box. I heard that the Centris models take Quadra VRAM so I went for it. It was $22 with shipping. You can see a picture of it here: Opening up the Centris was kind of a pain, I had forgotten how frustrating it could be. VRAM SIMMs fit perfectly. Unfortunately, when I booted up the Centris, the dreaded blinking floppy icon appeared. I shut the machine off, waited, then opened it up again and reseated the cables. Powered on the Mac again and same result. The hard drive makes the usual noise it always makes on boot, then silence. At least I'm still able to boot from my floppy and CD drives. Disk Setup and Disk First Aid can not even see the hard drive. Guess I'm gonna have to buy a new HDD.
  12. MacFox

    Recent spike in PPC Mac prices?

    I've noticed this too. I like PPC Macs. I got most of the ones I want, but I'm always tempted to add more. The rising prices make me think twice before expanding my collection though. I got my 500mhz iceBook for around $60 shipped from eBay about 4 years ago. It's a nice machine.
  13. I just put in the CD I used last time and copied a program that gave me issues last time to the hard drive. No audio or video problems playing from the HDD. I ran a game demo from the CD and that played fine, so I guess it depends on the program/game. I think I'll hold off on the upgrade for now, though the idea of adding a burner is pretty tempting.
  14. Hello, So I've been thinking about adding a faster CD-ROM drive to my Centris 650. I currently use an Apple CD600e (4x speed) drive with the Centris. I also use that drive with my SE sometimes. The 600e is good, but on the Centris I notice that in programs that have multimedia components like QuickTime or in games that the audio and video will stutter at times. I'm thinking a faster CD-ROM drive might help? I would keep the 600e for use with my SE unless I get another external drive. Both my Centris and my SE are in the same room, but never on at the same time, so I can swap an external drive back and forth between them like I do now. So my big questions are: Would it be better to go internal or external? The HDD in my Centris is attached to the drive chassis by a wide zip tie that loops through the CD-ROM drive bay, so I will have to find the proper drive sled for the HDD if I go the internal route. I think the one from the Power Macintosh 7500 might be similar, but I'm not sure. I have a spare drive sled from a broken PM 7500 I used to have. Would also need to buy one for the CD-ROM if it doesn't come with it. Which brand other than Apple should I go with? If I find a better deal on a non-Apple CD-ROM drive which third-party brand would work on a Mac like this? Which brands could boot in a Centris 650? Thanks in advance.