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  1. Hello folks, thanks for the replies. I removed the PDS expansion, all RAM and the cache module, reseated the ROM module. No SCSI stuff connected. The CPU thermal paste was crap, for the early testing I did not reseat the cooler yet. For sure, I did not operate it for more than a minute. With a good battery, it powered only on with the quick on/off/on trick. Could not see a leaking capacitor. The CPU cooling should not be an issue for the power-up behavior. So what's next? Recapping? Greetings Gonzo
  2. Hello, I recently got a 6100/66. It is really unstable, it only boots with zapped P-RAM (with fresh battery installed!), sometimes it just does the chime and brings up no picture (as said with a good battery) sometimes it reboots during boot up or even when running Mac OS. I managed to install 9.1 and it run 2 days and after an intended reboot only 10 minutes. Tried another power supply so far. Turning it off and on again very fast brings it up too. Gonzo
  3. Hi, now I'm stuck with the next issue: Networking. I've installed PCSetup 2.17 on the Mac side (on OS 9.1 english) and Windows 98 SE on the PC side. I've also installed the second disk of PC Setup 1.6.4 and got the MacODI drivers loading correctly. I've installed the Win98 legacy ODI driver as advised here: https://modelrail.otenko.com/category/apple/page/2 Then I wanted to install PCSetup217.exe on Win98 but this does not work. The exe termionates immediatly after I have started it. Any hint to get the networking up? Regards gonzo
  4. It's always the same drama, floppies work best if they are emulated I found a bootable harddisk image to get the initial setup of my disk image done and installed it this way. https://modelrail.otenko.com/category/apple/page/2 BTW: fdisk.exe from MS-DOS cannot set MBR and bootable flag for the second disk so I used the fdisk.exe from FreeDOS to do this task. Regards Gonzo
  5. Hello, on a fresh installed Mac 7300 (MacOS 9.1 with PC Setup 2.1.7) my DOS compatibility card is unable to boot from the floppy drive. Already tested three different drives with a DR-DOS 7.03 floppy which is known to work for different real PeeCees. When I insert the floppy while the PC is inactive, MacOS prompts to format or eject the floppy. What could be wrong here? Is an extension missing? Is it possible to boot the PC part from CD-ROM or an image (e.g. floppy dd/raw image or ISO file)? Greetings Florian
  6. Hello together, i'm currently trying to get my 475 into the LAN but it fails to enable both network cards which I have. The Asante EtherTalk driver 5.6.1 which I have states that it is not compatible with the 475. Is there any way to get it working. The ADLS tool detects the card and displays a MAC address but the cards do not get an IP via DHCP (Open Transport 1.3 on System 7.5.5). The same system disk works in a IIsi. Do you have any hints hot to get the network running? See the attached photos for the Extensions folder and the NICs I have tried. Greetings & thanks in advance Florian
  7. gonzo

    Mac II Standby Mod

    Hi, I finally did the mod. I added a Samsung USB wall charger into the case of the power supply and added two additional wires which connect to the batteries on the motherboard. I don't care for the clock batteries, no machine in my collection has them because I'm too afraid to loose one again because of battery acid. The 5V is OK for powering up the Mac. This way was fully reversible, I did not have to drill or even cut a wire. Greetings Florian
  8. gonzo

    Mac II Standby Mod

    Hi, I wanted something without batteries. My motherboard already has this dual battery circuit with an extra cpacitor. But it's good to know that the batteries are switched in series. Is the PWRON pin on ADB switched against ground our +5V for powering the system on? Greetings Florian
  9. Hello all, did some of you ever build a work around for the ugly standby battery in the Mac II's? Did industrially manufactured solutions ever exist which are worth for a replication? In the case there would be enough space to add a 5V power source (e.g. beside or beyond the harddisk mount) which could be powered from the AC input of the main power supply. Maybe there is even enough space inside the current power supply housing? I did not open it - yet. The AC-DC converter could be a cheap smart phone USB charger, A DC-DC converter from the China men in ebay would bring down the input to 3,6V, material value < 15€ / $. BTW: how do the power buttons on the ADB keyboards work? Greetings Florian
  10. gonzo

    Mac IIx Mainboard Repair

    yes the monitor did the trick but this is not my studio monitor, it's an ordanary PeeCee monitor with a VGA plug.
  11. gonzo

    Mac IIx Mainboard Repair

    Hi all, thank you all very much for the help, this repair was very successful. To be honest, I did not believe that the fixing of a such complex motherboard it possible. But it is. Cool. Best Regards Florian
  12. gonzo

    Mac IIx Mainboard Repair

    Hi again, a pic of the video card is here: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/x7sd5uwnbe It's a TFB Controller 20R6A The caps look OK is this one of those which need the recap? Does this produce RGB? Where can I find a pinout? What are its frequencies? I have a Sony studio monitor which I use together with my Commodore 128 also in 80 columns mode (640x200 RGB). I could try with this screen. Regards Florian
  13. gonzo

    Mac IIx Mainboard Repair

    Hello folks, when I place RAM in all slots now, I get the good chime. When I add RAM only to BANK A I still get the dead chime. But the connected monitor only turns on and still no picture. Do you have any suggestions what to check next? It was no keyboard/mouse connected. Macs do not need this, right? The display is capable of the Mac VGA signal, doublechecked with my IIsi before, used the same adaptor. Thanks in advance, Florian
  14. Hi all, I recently got some of those MPL units from scrapped military PCs: http://www.mpl.ch/t2332.htmlThey should behave like SCSI disks. So I tried to use one together with a PCMCIA to CF-Card Adaptor (which is just something mechanical, the bus protocol is the same) with my classic computer stuff. I patched DriveSetup 1.7.3 on OS 7.5.5 to accept the MCDISK. I was able to format a 512MB CF-Card in it and mount it. So I placed some files on it, ejected it (via DriveSetup) and put the CF-Card into a USB Card Reader connected to an iMac G4 running OS-X 10.4. I cound read the files and even use the CF-Card for data transfers beween the systems. But I also got some really strange things: When I format the CF Card on OS-X (HFS Standard format) I cannot mount it on the 7.5.5 system. I get the error that filesystems bigger than 4GB (on a 512MB flash card???) can only be mounted on 68040 and PowerPC when trying to mount it with DriveSetup. Huh? When I reboot the 7.5.5 system, I get the same strange message. --> I have to format the CF-Card on every startup! I checked the CF-Card's content with my workbench Linux PC with both the MCDISK and a USB card reader the contents of the CF-Card look OK. Do you folks here have an explanation for this behavior? Else those MPL devices would be a great option for Mac II and sort because they would fit greatly behind the slot meant for a floppy drive. Regards Florian
  15. gonzo

    IIci - best way for file transfers

    Hi all, I would say networking is the best option too. I got it working between my IIsi with a Asante NUBUS card and the iMac G4 (lamp) of my girlfriend running OS-X 10.4 on the lamp and Classic 7.5.5 on the IIsi. This page is a great resource: http://www.applefool.com/se30/ You can get the networking client software here: http://main.system7today.com/updates/75x_68k.html(OpenTransport and Apple File Sharing Client) Procedere: Install 7.5, the updates to 7.5.5 then OpenTransport, then Apple Sharing Client. For most NuBUS network cards no special drivers are needed. Best is when the file server is also a MacOS system, so the resource forks of your files will not be messed up. Regards Florian