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  1. kerobaros

    Naive question: switchable CC VGA hack?

    My main goal here is to figure out a non-destructive way to use the higher resolution on my Mystic CC, but since it involves trace cutting, I guess that isn't very feasible. I wonder how much a spare analog board would be? Probably prohibitively expensive, haha.
  2. I have approximately nil analog electronics experience. Would it be possible to add a circuit to the Color Classic's analog board that would allow one to switch between the original resolution's signal path and the VGA signal path? I would assume the switching would have to take place while the machine was off, as opposed to switching resolutions in the control panel. Would this require an entirely new analog board? Is that even a feasible thing to design and build in 2019? Again, pretty inexperienced when it comes to this, please let me know if this is a ridiculous thought.
  3. kerobaros

    Want to buy: Apple PowerBook 2400c

    You might have better luck in the Trading Post forum. Good luck, those 2400c's are beautiful.
  4. I think that they deserve to be liberated, if he can dig them up. Please share with the class!
  5. kerobaros

    What vintage macs do you own?

    In something like chronological order: Macintosh SE Macintosh II Classic II Color Classic Mystic Quadra 660av Power Mac 5500/225 Power Mac 9600 PowerBook 3400c iMac G3 DV SE
  6. kerobaros

    PM 9600: 10/100 Ethernet card?

    Well, I went and answered my own question with a Google search. Silly me. This xlr8yourmac article lists details of a Gigabit chipset that is compatible with OS 9, using the drivers linked to on the page. This eBay search currently finds several quite reasonably-priced cards with that chipset.
  7. The 9600 has 10BaseT Ethernet built in. I'd like to speed up file transfers. Are there 10/100BaseT Ethernet PCI cards out there that are compatible with OS 9.2.2? I'd imagine there would have to be, but I have no idea what chipsets to look for, if any.
  8. kerobaros

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    Mark me as officially interested. Thanks for your work!
  9. kerobaros


    Do you hate Linux or BSD more than you hate Windows 10? Just a thought.
  10. I have one of those re-flashed Radeon 7000 cards. While it boots to a desktop and runs the OS just fine, if you try to run a 3d accelerated game (Mechwarrior 2 RAVE, Deus Ex in hardware mode) all I get is a black screen and a lockup. Is there a way to better diagnose this issue, or should I give up on it and look for an originally Mac-specific card?
  11. xboxown: I hate to disappoint you further, but I don't think anyone else has pointed out the fact that the accelerator discussed in the original post of the thread is only compatible with the IIe, not the IIgs. To get a IIgs accelerator, you'll either have to get one of the cloned TransWarp cards from ReactiveMicro or get exceedingly lucky on the used market.
  12. I've burned plenty of Toast images from a Linux computer by renaming the images from .toast to .iso. Works perfectly.
  13. kerobaros

    Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac Colour Classic

    TimHD: I'd seen those, but the shipping from Australia to Illinois is as much as the panel. If someone in the US was making them, I'd be more interested.
  14. kerobaros

    2017-09-23 Beta Site Testing

    I would like access to the beta, please!
  15. kerobaros

    Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac Colour Classic

    Gorgeous! Where did you get the back panel for your Mystic from?