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  1. omidimo

    G3s, G3s everywhere

    You have 8.6 on the 4400 and 9.2 on the G3MT, so you can have the best of both worlds. My Beige G3 is primary used as a bridge machine where I make floppies off images, burn CDs, etc.
  2. omidimo

    G3s, G3s everywhere

    I don't recall the exact part numbers but I extracted mine off an old ATI PCI card, but you will find numerous FPM are readily available, this should do the trick : https://www.ebay.com/itm/192472059043
  3. omidimo

    G3s, G3s everywhere

    Very nice! That L2 is a thing of beauty! You are going to end up on a hunt for quite a few upgrades soon, as that G3 be made into a nice classic beast. You can also find the Vram upgrade chips for the PC Card on eBay.
  4. I never upgraded the ram in my 4400, side effect of having too many Macs, but on a Beige G3 a similar problem exists, and the machine only saw half of the ram. I never had a problem with that anomaly though.
  5. omidimo

    Bad caps leading to slow performance ?

    Maxis lists the color classics and LCs that leads to 16mhz being considered as acceptable, and Moby Games lists 68020 as base. Might not handle large cities well though if you went with base requirements. early box
  6. omidimo

    Does anyone know how I might get this off?

    Try Goo-Gone first, it is gentler than Goo-off.
  7. omidimo

    4400/200 - dirty to clean

    MacTracker lists Original OS as 7.5.2 via System Enabler 827
  8. omidimo

    Yellowed(brown?) Performa 550

    Now that is a Pasta! Be very careful with the plastic, it is probably very brittle too. Alternative [insane] option... spray painted black for Macintosh TV Clonery!
  9. omidimo

    Boxed 4400/200

    Vpower 325/1MB would have been a nice boost if it was compatible, but was not, only the 300/1MB. Still when you think about it, Interware did a great job making solid cards for a short lived line.
  10. Solid advice, a lot of the older disks are still floating out there. When the machines were pulled from service and sent to recyclers they sometimes took the drives out to sell separately or to "destroy" if required. I installed many DeskStar 75GXPs around that time, and somehow survived without data loss, but they were replaced with larger drives after the DeathStar scare.
  11. For what its worth, at the time I recall a lot of the stock drives we (being the lab I worked in) was getting Quantums, but on bare bones (5400rpm) stock configurtions they might have been WD or Maxtors. Suffice it to say, most of those stock drives were yanked out immediately and replaced with a better drive.
  12. omidimo

    Carrera040 in Daystar adapter?

    @Bolle is the man to know! Thanks for the clarification.
  13. omidimo

    Carrera040 in Daystar adapter?

    Generally cache cards (Daystar, Carrera, etc) all need CACHE-slot adapters, that is clearly marked cache (and in some later adapters are marked accelerator). Any other type of slot adapter (nubus/pds) would be bad, very bad. (The term cache is confusing, but that applies to all upgrade cards including the cache-only ones.) You could use any adapter that had a proper cache slot with any cache card, for example a Daystar card in a MicroMac adapter, or a Sonnet Card in a TwinSpark. I have used a few interchangeably with no issues. The only exception was the Turbo 601 that needed a special IIsi only adapter that iirc had a single cache slot.
  14. omidimo

    Boxed 4400/200

    Boxed 4400, did not think anyone would save it, but the Japanese market is wonderful. The closest I will get to a boxed 4400 is the complete Accessory Kit. G3 Upgrade to boot! Is it a 4400/StarMax specific model or could it also work in 5x00/6x00/TAMs? I did consider trying one of my Crescendos in my 4400 at one point, but opted against it, as they made specific models for 4400/StarMaxes and the ones I have are the standard ones. FireWire/USB Card came right up? No bottle-neck issues?
  15. omidimo

    PCI cards for PM5500?

    FireWire/USB Card, but there are only two cards that are compatible: Sonnet Tempo (First model) & OrangeLink (Original model) These cards use a patch to allow the machine to see them, all other FW/USB cards wont work sadly.