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  1. omidimo

    Sonnet Crescendo L2 500MHz 1M

    The Tempo Trio was very finicky and there were numerous silent hardware revisions. Many early ones were problematic. That model is kind of a weird one, I have 3 of them and there are two distinct variations in chipsets. Always worth grabbing if they come up cheap on eBay.
  2. omidimo

    040 Recommendations?

    Deals can be found... like this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/124030250746
  3. They are surprisingly helpful, I have called them numerous times over the years about their Thunderbolt and PCIe cards and always got a tech immediately who would talk even if the product was out of date... though NuBus is decades out of date.
  4. omidimo

    040 Recommendations?

    I agree the Q650 is a great all around machine that does not cost a fortune, reliable, and can come with a built in CD
  5. I was thinking of a recreation of the Radius case as it is a tank, and that different drawers could be added for additional board layouts. If one wanted to have a 9x00 in there too, then we are talking a little more DayStar Millennium/Genesis. I think such a thing would need a modified modern PSU to replace the older design for better thermal management. What the Amiga guys have been doing with new cases is pretty smart.
  6. Well, if would great if there was a multi purpose modern case option for 800/840AV/8100/8500 motherboards a la the Amiga 3000 Kickstarter run. Imagine not having to worry about breaking plastic.
  7. omidimo

    SCSI Castlewood ORB Drive connected to iPhone?

    They were very temperamental, we used them to store students projects, and if they were dropped it was over, a little dust, it could be over, not as bad Jaz drives, but they still could fail. They did not last long as part of the workflow, I think 1.5 years. We switched over to DVD-RAM and FireWire drives when we switched to B&W G3s. I still have a drive in storage and a dozen or so Orb disks in storage, not sure if I will ever be able to read them, or even if they work.
  8. omidimo

    SCSI Castlewood ORB Drive connected to iPhone?

    OH wow! HAHA! Love it! Used these in Film School... loved/hated them.
  9. omidimo

    G5 Standing desk

    Umm... where is the Macquarium!? If you are going to repurpose... got to start with the original! (I kid, I kid!) Great concept, and nice use of the wonderful Mac Pro for shelving. I still have 5 2009/2010s, might have to get a sixth someday to create my own MacProShelving, but only after I stop using them.
  10. omidimo

    Daystar Genesis MP 600 + WGS 60

    Damn, I am a little envious, but 3D models would be nice if anyone with the skills can help.
  11. omidimo

    Daystar Genesis MP 600 + WGS 60

    Always nice to see another DayStar tower, my Millennium (MacWorks edition) came with a G3 card that also had the screw tab bracket for extra stability. With so many drives, its nuts they did not put in some dummy drives to have the brackets handy. My tower came with only one set, and since it was plastic I never took it out fearing it would break due to age. Due to its monster size my tower is relegated to storage for the time being.
  12. omidimo

    Apple TechStep Overview Video

    This is going to sound a little lame, but I don't even remember, I got them a few years ago and during the last apartment move, they were boxed up and put Into storage with all the other stuff. I totally forgot to remove the batteries, so I might have to go digging for them soon.
  13. omidimo

    Apple TechStep Overview Video

    Fantastic Video! You sir are a scholar and gentleman. It is nice to see one working. I have two of them, and never really got past the "well I got a complete set" phase.
  14. omidimo

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    This should work okay: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016498CK0/ It has screws on the bottom, which some 2.5 to 3.5 adapters tend not to.
  15. omidimo

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    OWC sells PATA SSD drives, but they carry a premium, or you can get PATA to mSATA/m.2 SATA adapters from eBay/Amazon and make your own. You will need to get proper 2.5 to 3.5 adapters with IDE pin adapter for the ribbon, but those are readily available too.