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  1. omidimo

    Soph's mac finds

    Radius is special indeed. The stuff of my childhood dreams. I have been lucky and have gathered quite a few pieces over the past few years including the later and rarer graphics cards. The Pivots are nice but bulky. I have a grayscale one but its in storage mode. Picked up a 17" Trinitron one, and that one is a beast as well.
  2. omidimo

    Soph's mac finds

    If you keep an eye out on eBay you might snatch up a Booster card. I have the Photoshop and SCSI cards. Funny thing is I have 3 NuBus VideoVisions and I thought I was a little nutty, but I guess I am not alone! Though I fried one by accident, bent pins are bad news.
  3. Kodak killed off their line in 1986. Fujifilm picked up the technology and created what later became Instax. It may not be a useful camera, but a a nice relic of technology from the early 80s.
  4. omidimo

    Bolles finds

    Very cool. Looking forward to what you do with the PAK68/2.
  5. omidimo

    ROMBUS - 64 MB flash interface for Mac Plus

    Very cool! Definitely would buy one.
  6. @mraroid The Acard 6280M card supports OS X and OS 9 boot drives. Acard even advertised it as having 8.5 support. Sonnet sold some rebadged versions of this card in the early 2000s along side their Promise derived ones. In fact Sonnet was selling a lot of rebadged products; their PCI SATA cards were all derived from the FirmTek/SeriTek cards.
  7. omidimo

    Daystar Universal PowerCache P33 in SE/30

    @Bolle Any discernible difference in speeds between socket and PDS cards?
  8. omidimo

    Micron Xceed w/ Grayscale Adapter Questions

    An additional purchase I made for my SE/30 was a better PSU from Artmix (when he made them), and replaced the fan to help with airflow.
  9. omidimo

    Micron Xceed w/ Grayscale Adapter Questions

    Congrats! You can use it with the TwinSpark, but not with Turbo 040.
  10. Outside of the compatibility factor, on a practical level, power and heat are issues to contend with, but easily mitigated with modern PSU and superior fan.
  11. omidimo

    Daystar Universal PowerCache P33 in SE/30

    The P33 added support for a slew of later 68K machines: l Looking at this, the design was modernized with fewer chips but DayStar altered the location of the support spacer hole: The spacer optimization is clear on this image: I have both card versions, but I never tried either in my SE/30s... got the Diimo and a couple of Turbo 040s.
  12. omidimo

    Daystar Universal PowerCache P33 in SE/30

    The PoweCache (pre P33) was designed to work in the Iici and IIs though the manual states LC and SE/30 support via adapters.
  13. omidimo

    ABD Keyboard and Mouse Options?

    One can assume that Apple had overlapping stock of keyboards in 1991 after the LC introduction in 1990. It would be interesting to know the sales figures of that era to see what was current manufactured product or simply old stock that had been over manufactured in the preceding period. Looking through my old catalogs and brochures, the product line goes from clean in 1989 to more confused as the 90s dawned. I wish I could find the book, articles on Apple's inventory, as that era had some issues.
  14. omidimo

    Best games/apps to showcase B&W mac?

    Shufflepuck Cafe, SimCity 1.1, Manhole to name a few good ones from that era.
  15. omidimo

    Bolles finds

    Oh you are right! Just look at the old catalog and noticed there were different versions. Derp me!