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  1. Removing IIci motherboard

    OK got it out. Just use a lot of force.
  2. I have bought a IIci. I want to remove the motherboard but I can`t slide it all the way to lift it out. I watched this video: So I removed the speaker and the reset switches, but I can`t slide it all the way. Just one mm before I could take it out, it blocks. Am I missing something?
  3. I have had a greenish screen connecting an IBM 15" lcd to a Q700. Trying different adapters and settings didn't help. A Viewsonic 15" lcd gave no problems though.
  4. The quadra 700 only uses 256k vram chips. Six slots filled, gives you 2mb total (512k on board). It takes 512k's but only sees 256k of them.
  5. Yes, Aan De Slag means Getting Started. It contains some general info about the hardware, connecting and installing the system software. The label on the box says "Quadra 700 7.0.1 7up"
  6. This is what came with a quadra (Dutch): Macintosh User Manual and Quadra 700 Read Me First.
  7. Performa 476

    My first computer was a Performa 475 in 1995. After a couple of years it began to shut down after a while. With the top removed, it kept going for longer. Later I got the chimes of death and threw it away. That case didn`t cool a 68LC040 enough I suppose.