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  1. hfrazier

    Mac SE Monitor On/Off Switch

    @techknight Thank you for the help! I'll add those in.
  2. hfrazier

    Mac SE Monitor On/Off Switch

    I tried that first, actually. Switching it back on made the logic board brownout and reset. You are probably right, let's add those. Can you show me where to make those mods and I will add it to my original post so we can make the mod better? Side note- I thought about using a piece of hollowed coax cable.. but thought that the twisted pair would be good enough for EMI.
  3. hfrazier

    Daystar Universal PowerCache P33 in SE/30

    @Bolle I have two GAL T040's that I just can't seem to get to stay stable, and aim to do the MacCon -> Short Adapter + T040 -> iisi Pivot combo.. I have a few 74*68 chips laying around, and your ProtoCache1.1 short adapter I can modify. What are the jumper settings I need and besides the 5V and GND, how should I connect the logic chip to invert the clock? A38 through a gate and then out to pin 18 where the GAL was? This is an awesome discovery!
  4. hfrazier

    Mac SE Monitor On/Off Switch

    Good questions! Yes, you will have to cut the case and some of the inner metal chassis. ...but the SE/30's are so awesomely hackable, why not? If you wish to run it as a server, the switch is fairly inconspicuous. As for the reasoning... (besides bringing power consumption down to 34W from 47W) When you turn down the brightness, all you do is save the screen from burn-in. The filament of the CRT is still powered and thus slowly burning up, and the flyback and horizontal/vertical deflectors are still running, consuming power (and shortening their lifespan.) This switch effectively cuts power to U1 which buffers the video signal going in to the driver circuitry and also cuts power to the CRT filament. The red circles are where the jumper wires are and the green circle is all of U1:
  5. Hi Everyone, I would like to present my SE/30 monitor on/off switch. It's only a matter of removing two jumper wires on the analog board - W4 and W5 - and switching each of them on either pole of a DPST switch. (With optional LED, DigiKey P/N CKN2068-ND). Full instructions and more photos here in the album: https://imgur.com/gallery/m4IMHGU
  6. hfrazier

    Asanté MacCon SE/30 clone

    I’m not sure, but as far as I’m concerned an open-source route is the way to go!
  7. hfrazier


    This is great, especially for those machines where it’s near impossible to put a NiC in, like my Macintosh portable!
  8. hfrazier

    Asanté MacCon SE/30 clone

    I want to chime in on the OpenWRT/Vonets discussion- I have found that the Vonets is quite finnicky. A solution that incorporates a device running OpenWRT will be way more functional. Heck- I believe that you can even install it on a Raspberry Pi.
  9. hfrazier

    Asanté MacCon SE/30 clone

    You are awesome! Put me down for two as well please!
  10. Nevermind... I needed to ground pin 4 to 11 (C&VSYNC.GND) and not pin 1 (1 RED GND/Chassis)! http://old.pinouts.ru/VideoCables/MacVideoToVGA_pinout.shtml ...In case there's anyone who also has this issue.
  11. Hi Everyone! I am trying to get my 'AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor' (M1297) working with my SE/30 with a hacked-in IIsi pivot. It just doesn't want to detect it... However if I first connect a VGA monitor through a Mac to VGA monitor adapter, let the computer boot, then switch over to the RGB AppleColor monitor it works. Otherwise, the pivot does not initialize (or will initialize at the default portrait mode that the RGB monitor ignores.) I have the pivot directly wired at the moment to a DA-15 connector, as shown here. Does anyone have any thoughts?? I've experimented jumping the sense lines to no avail. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!
  12. hfrazier

    Ethertalk crossover cable

    This guy on eBay has been selling off a huge lot of these cards for like two years. $10?? I bought three. Don't even worry about crossover cables.. Install Open Transport and Fetch, hook it into your LAN and then FTP/AppleShare over IP everything! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Macintosh-Color-Classic-Ethernet-Card-Apple-LC-575-PDS-Farallon-New-Networking/231332620598?epid=1431958381&hash=item35dc7fa936:g:zSgAAOxyyFhTeL5i You will need to do a bit of configuration but it looks like it's clearly outlined here: http://appletothecore.me/files/color_classc_network_card_install.php
  13. hfrazier

    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    Oh, absolutely! Just a matter of writing the software.
  14. hfrazier

    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    That and it's way more capable and expandable if you know your way around linux!
  15. hfrazier

    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    @ants This is so awesome, great work! I wish I hadn't gone MIA for the entire summer.. (That other router really is so fast!) BTW .... I broke out my Macintosh portable the other day. Its internal modem port has serial lines just like the modem port on the rear.. I wonder how difficult it would be to make that mini router communicate with the portable over PPP or SLIP ...