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    Email on Powermac G4? (OSX 10.4 Tiger)

    Would Thunderbird built from Macports do the trick, I wonder?
  2. beachycove

    PowerPC 604 swap

    As I recall, the “Kansas” machines and the 8500 are sufficiently different as to make this impossible. Oddly enough, they will nevertheless take the same G3 upgrade cards.
  3. beachycove

    Quadra 650 and Houdini II Dos Card

    The 6100 right angle adapter converts the 6100 PDS to a 68040 PDS, so the only thing not used is the angle adapter in the 040 machine. Fitment, however, is an issue.... I'd be interested to know more about fitting in the 040 machines. I had understood that you couldn't get the lid on any of those mentioned when the Houdini card is installed, not just the Q700, but you can?
  4. beachycove

    SE/30 CMD-CTRL-POWER Reset

    The Pkey INIT referenced three posts back in the link from DogCow would be interesting to try on the SE/30.
  5. beachycove

    SE/30 CMD-CTRL-POWER Reset

    Wouldn’t it be technically related to “softpower” capability, which requires both ps and logic board support, and in some systems, it seems, System software (the Autopower On Control Panel, or whatever)? Some of the later Mac functionalities required a clock, I seem to recall. Obviously, on an SE/30, there’s a switch round the back. Once running, though, you’ve got something akin to what you want in the programmer’s/ reset and interrupt button around the side; it is possible to do some mildly interesting things via the programmer’s button, including a soft reboot. Maybe that was the engineers’ expectation. It’d be interesting to know whether or not the “three fingered salute” simply duplicated what you can do via the programmer’s switch and the command line that comes up there.... Anyone know?
  6. beachycove

    Will a IIx accept this RAM?

    I have a large number of 2mb PAL SIMMs here if you want to shoot me a message. Just be aware that there are other things in a Mac II that can cause the chimes of death/ a Sad Mac. The problem might not be your RAM. You’ve got those SIMMs installed right, have you, in a single bank of four identical pieces? Tried both banks, one at a time?
  7. beachycove

    Will a IIx accept this RAM?

    Have a look here. You apparently need PAL SIMMs.
  8. beachycove

    Dual 600MHz Cube

    How did you “pull” the processors?
  9. beachycove

    Bad caps leading to slow performance ?

    More likely the hard drive.
  10. Ahhh. Password fatigue. No help in the software manual?
  11. What happens if you boot with Extensions off, or boot from a floppy?
  12. beachycove

    Free Macintosh Plus!

    Do you have details? I have an SE here that is the same. Resoldering J1 did no good. Where was the filter?
  13. beachycove

    Apple 40SC strange power supply...

    It is controlled by a jumper on some drives. Yours seems to be one with such a jumper, set to auto spin up. Here from a roughly contemporary IBM drive manual: Enable auto spin up (JP5) This jumper controls how the drive starts when power is applied. If the jumper is NOT installed then the drive will spin up automatically after power-on reset. If the jumper IS installed the drive will NOT spin up unless the host system issues a 'START UNIT' command to the file.
  14. Woohoo! I have a new reason to live fire up that 9150! And in that same spirit, say I had a Radius LeMans, or a Jackhammer, or something equally exotic. Could I expect them to perform markedly better in their own right in the 9150 than in, say, a Quadra 650? It’d be interesting to try and measure the difference somehow, as has been happening in this excellent thread.
  15. Would the AWS9150 be the same? I have the last iteration here, running at 120mhz.
  16. beachycove

    My quest to see video output

    One of the surprising things from the Gamba matrix (RIP) is how relatively unsupported the Portrait Display was -- lots of NS registered there. It's easy to see how a newfangled 17" screen would be unsupported c. 1992, say, but why not an older 256 greyscale screen?
  17. beachycove

    Recapped my 840av

    I finally got around to recapping (the logic board of) my 840av today. It had been washed years ago in a dishwasher cycle, so I wasn’t especially paranoid about losing traces etc., but it had ceased to function and needed further TLC. Washing years ago did some good, because it then worked for some years, but then it gave up booting again. Truth be told, there was fresh capacitor leakage in one or two places, and there was a fair amount of dried crud under many of those 47μF caps.... I’m glad I did the machine at last. Small clearances for the soldering iron are a problem for working on the 840av, but much of the space limitation can be gotten around by cutting off the old caps where needed with pliers, which allows getting in with the iron once everything is removed. I also find it easier to solder in the new tantaliums than it is to remove the old electrolytics, for some reason, so space on reassembly is less of a problem, in my experience. That may be because I use one of those syringes with solder rather than wire. Anyway, the job is done now and it works great. Nice to see the old gal in action again. On the whole, my 840av plastics haven’t gone brittle, by the way, nor has the machine yellowed. The only plastics lost in the entire machine is the little set of clips that hold down nubus cards at the rear. Everything else seems to be holding up pretty good.
  18. Appletalk Internet Router runs on anything 68030/40, and will bridge LocalTalk and EtherTalk. The machine will need both ports. If you have an old machine lying around, it’s a good way to give it a use. The software is very reliable, and you get Zones too! It is, however, Appletalk only (no IP).
  19. beachycove

    Quadra 950 PSU pains

    Loose connection talk has me thinking, especially given the fact that it was shipped. Are the key leads securely connected to the logic board? You’d need the top sled out to check properly.
  20. beachycove

    Preferred heat sink grease

    A 604e gets pretty toasty sometimes, actually.
  21. beachycove

    Edit CWK Files On Newton?

    Yes. I did this a fair bit back in the 90s and then again for a while in a particular context around a decade ago. Newton Connection Utilities and NewtonWorks allow export as plain text, ClarisWorks format (CW v.4 would be about the right vintage), and either .RTF or .DOC for Word, I forget. And there is a similar import function, of course. In my experience, transfer of content from the MessagePad to the Mac worked best if the target was Word, right up to Word 2001 in OS9. Such transfer of content was even capable of preserving graphics in the NewtonWorks file. ClarisWorks was not so good at graphics, which is a bit counterintuitive, but there you have it. I did not do much importing from Mac to Newton, but going the other way from Word would have to be less reliable -- e.g., in relation to footnotes and named styles. The Newton did not do footnotes, NCU could not deal with them, and NewtonWorks itself did not have named styles of the Word variety, but just local styles. Word itself, of course, is built around named styles, so you would be bound to have frustrations, even if content were kept simple, owing to the way Word works, if going back and forth between the two platforms. As we all know, Word is fussy, so at this point, ClarisWorks might have advantages, but I can't say for sure. There were add-ons that gave footnotes and named styles in NewtonWorks, but they were third party, licenses today are usually unobtainable, and it is hard to imagine that those modifications to Newton software meshed with NCU anyway.
  22. beachycove

    Farallon ETHERMAC LC NSC w/NuBus drivers in the SE/30 PDS?

    Could that Supermac card serve an actual function if this works, or must it just serve as a pass-through?
  23. beachycove

    Macintosh IICX No Video After Recap

    Have you cleaned and lubed the floppy drive as directed? I'd start there, and assume a signal is coming from the drive that a disk is inserted, because some sensor has been tripped by the sticking mechanics.
  24. $18 then is maybe $50 today, so many people made them out of cardboard and tape at the time instead of forking out for something so ridiculous -- but would you really have wanted anyone to see you with a dunce hat on your Mac?