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  1. MacCon SE/30 component values

    Your second card repair sounds like a reasonable precedent for mine. I've ordered four of the requisite tants from digikey, to have some to hand, but will try replacing C7 on its own in the first instance. As for C17 and C20, well, I finally managed to find a high-ish resolution photo (from Trash, on here as it happens), and it appears that the original caps are the same as the many small dark ones on the card. I will leave what's there in place for the present, however, since for all i know presently, they might actually be the right components. I very much appreciate your help. If C7 can be established as a common item needing repair, it would be a real help to people trying to revive these old and now rather valuable cards. Give me a week or so to get the parts and pop C7 in, and I will be back.
  2. Mac LC III don't boot up from a non apple HD

    Does it have a working pram battery?
  3. 2008 macbook pro any good?

    The 2009 15" MBP is a better machine.
  4. lithium batteries - longevity of them

    Half charged and cool is all I've seen. The trouble with that is that old cells don't seem to hold a charge for long, so long-term storage is a real problem. I'd probably try to rotate them in and out of the machines rather than just use two of them.
  5. My half-informed hunch is that you have a Nubus card that is either confusing the software or frying something in the hardware, possibly because it is itself fried. Fixing a fried Q950 is beyond my ken. However, the other possibility (system software confusion) would be a relatively easy thing to set right. A/UX is supposed to rebuild the unix kernel when a nubus card is newly installed. I don't know for sure whether it does this for video cards or not, but let's assume that it does. I would therefore remove the card and run newconfig, ideally in conjunction with booting into single user mode or whatever it was in the 1990s, all of which details can be found in the troubleshooting sections of the old A/UX manuals. I have in the past had really weird anomalies in A/UX involving a Supermac Spectrum 24 card, with text getting jumbled up on the screen (as in, the arse end of a line of text being run into the beginning of the line, so that the whole line is illegible, or just five or six letters being run together in the middle of a line on occasion, piled on top of each other). A/UX does not like certain fancypants video cards, essentially, and this has got to be software-related, as no such problems appear outside of A/UX with said card. So my working hypothesis would be that popping in an exotic video card occasionally buggers up the software, which then needs to be put right. In your situation, I would test out the limits of that hypothesis, methinks, for a while before tearing the machine apart with a soldering iron.
  6. Sorry, I somehow overlooked that you had cross that bridge already. Do you get this behaviour when the monitor is plugged into logic board video, or the Nubus card, or both?
  7. Very odd, but the key position is related to the ADB system....
  8. MacCon SE/30 component values

    It is unseen by Tattletech. So I'd still like to know the values of those two components at C17 and C20 (all the stock ones have some tiny writing on them, so these should too -- if you have a MacCon card, can you take a look?). I think I'll see if I can replace them along with C7 and maybe all four tantalum pearls. The latter should be a doddle, so maybe I'll do them first and see how far that gets me; the former are likely to be difficult because of the tight clearances, but I am sure it can be done if the new cap/s don't make it work. Mind you, there is nothing physically wrong with the caps that make it obvious that one has failed. Do tantalum pearls burn out/ explode on failure, or can they go bad more quietly?
  9. MacCon SE/30 component values

    Yes. I will get Tattletech installed in the next day or so and see how far I get.
  10. MacCon SE/30 component values

    I haven't tried Tattletech. The light is on on the daughtercard, with blinking as if sending/ receiving. Software is duly installed (on System 6.0.7, and System 7.1). Switching to Ethertalk in the networking control panels yields an error, with reversion to Localtalk. The supplied Asante Troubleshooting utility tells me that it can find no NIC installed in the machine (SE/30, running at last!). Same behaviour observed the day before in a IIsi. The SE/30 has been recapped, the IIsi has not but still boots fine. Tattletech is the superior tool?
  11. MacCon SE/30 component values

    That's very useful, thanks -- there's more information in that answer than I have found in hours of searching elsewhere. Would it also blow if the cable were installed in reverse, by any chance? The thing isn't keyed, so it is easy to get wrong, but I don't know if that causes failure or not. I still want to know what those C17 and C20 values are, though.
  12. MacCon SE/30 component values

    I have a non-functional Asanté MacCon SE/30 network card, with an obviously botched repair (replaced components) at C17 and C20. Top left. It is a Revision 2 MacCon. Can anyone tell me the original values? I would like to see if I can get it fixed, and starting with getting C17 and C20 replaced properly seems the obvious thing.
  13. Macintosh SE no video

    Well, that would require more or less complete disassembly of both machines, though I suppose it would make sense to swap parts one by one to nail down the problem. Having said that, I was kind of hoping for something simpler from one of the electronics geniuses that even a duffer like me could do, like (safely) checking DC voltages on some doohickey with a voltmeter.
  14. Macintosh SE no video

    The neck has a faint glow, enough to see it clearly in a dark room. I’m not sure how much glow is a good glow. The fan runs, the hard drive spins up and the machine appears to boot. But no video.... The vertical board is indeed all the way on. The pins, however, are actually a bit dark (and shiny) but not corroded per se. Is this darkening a sign of something?
  15. Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCards... HO!

    Some more information on the card here: https://web.archive.org/web/20170420075235/http://vintagemacworld.com/radius/spigpowerav.html