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  1. Still good, all ASD tests passed, and given the new heatsink compound I put on there when still trying to get the two original machines to run, I now have a nice quiet, fully working ppc machine.
  2. No response stopping me dead in my tracks, so I went ahead and did the swap late last night. The reason is that I have a 2003 dual 2.0GHz machine (M9032LL/A) with a bad processor, and no suitable spare card, and an 04 dual 1.8GHz with a bad logic board. I wondered whether one working unit could be made out of the two. The cards are an exact match in terms of physical fit, and even the smaller G5 decorate plates on the two heat sinks can be swapped for the larger, single aluminum plate originally on the 04 processors, so that the whole thing looks meant. Does it work? Yes, at this stage I can say that it seems to work, though thermal recalibration using ASD 2.5.8 is needed after the switch. This stops the fans trying to take the thing into orbit. I’ll need to do more testing to see whether there are any real anomalies. The only oddity I can spot so far is that the machine thinks it still has PPC970 processors installed (running at 1.8GHz). Meantime, in the System Profiler, the machine still reports itself as a Powermac7,2 (i.e., an M9032LL/A). It is currently running though the ASD tests, but earlier was running really cool with fans on a mere 300-400rpms at idle, while not ramping up more than expected at load. In short, forget everything you read online about this being in principle impossible. Whether it will run stably is the next question!
  3. It seems odd that both went out at the same time. Could it be software-related, I wonder? There is a utility called My Battery that gives a modicum of information, a little like Coconut Battery in OSX. You could try that.
  4. Is it possible to run a G5 PPC970fx (2004) in a logic board designed for the PPC 970 (2003), subject to recalibration? I read conflicting reports: some say they’ve done it, others say Apple says its impossible. Anyone here actually tried it?
  5. Quadra 950 NuBus issues.

    Glad to hear that one of my ideas worked (at last!).
  6. Yesterday while looking for an old SATA hard drive that used to live in a G5 iMac, I came across a set of four old PowerBook G4 batteries, stored in the same cardboard box as the said drive in the basement. Two batteries were for a 15" model, and two for a 12" model. Three of the four were third party batteries, and some had notes on them from 4-5 years ago, to the effect that they were defective. I don't remember the exact details relating to all of them, but I do recall that one charged to some piffling amount like 17% and then would do no more, so it was basically useless, and certainly one would take no charge at all, because that's what I had written on it before putting it away (this is the same one that I comment on again below). They were reasonably new batteries at the time, however, so I suppose for that reason I kept them, in hopes of miraculous revival, but I suppose I had figured that either the internal controller was no good, or the cells, and that really they were doomed. However, packrat that I am, I stuck them in a box and forgot all about them. So yesterday, after coming across these batteries, I decided that the time had come either for them to show that they could work, or to go off to the Lythium Fields, which is to say, to the reward of battery recycling heaven. So as a last gesture, I popped them in my two G4 PowerBooks. And lo and behold/ I'll be damned (tick one or both), all four were recognized, and three of the four charged right up to full capacity -- these three are now reporting charges in the mid-to-high 4000mahs (System Profile as well as Coconut Battery). So that is certainly a electrically positive result, assuming the good behaviour continues. I am using exactly the same power supplies as I always used, by the way, so that isn't the explanation. One battery for the 12" PB, alas, which I recall was more or less new when it failed originally, is still refusing to behave. Having said this, the system recognizes it, tells me that it had only done 3 cycles, reports a theoretical capacity of 4400mah, and encouragingly reports that it is charging, but the actual charge in the battery is still reported as 0%, and this after some hours plugged in with the various charge indicators glowing appropriately. HOWEVER, even that battery has taken in some minimal juice, as a light now flashes when it is removed from the machine and the battery button is pressed, whereas it was stone cold dead on removal from the box yesterday. So I have left it plugged in to see if any further progress takes place. Batteries are the great PITA where old portables are concerned, of course, so what I would love to have explained is why the batteries that have actually recharged have behaved in this way, because this knowledge could actually be of some use. Could it be, for instance, that the software parameters retained in the battery controller are powered by the cells, that misinformation here was the root of the failure years ago, and that this cleared and reset to defaults on complete discharge after years sitting in a box? Such storage is not normally thought good for a battery, but if the above were correct, then such storage might be better than thought, under the right circumstances. Now, truth be told, they could all fail again, so I'll not hold my breath, but over the next few weeks, I'll try to use/ recalibrate them all and report back on the results.
  7. Any opinions on new Ebay RAM?

    Ah, yes, but you could set up a RAM disk using a RAM disk utility and run the whole system from it, for lightning fast responses.
  8. Quadra 950 NuBus issues.

    Some thoughts that may or may not be of use: 1. My first thought is that it sounds like a driver issue. Could the Jackhammer driver that you have installed possibly be corrupt? Lots of downloads get corrupted because of resource fork issues, etc. Try another source, preferably downloading directly onto a machine running classic MacOS, from a reputable user's site like https://www.fenestrated.net/mac/random/JackHammer/ , rather than from a generic Internet archive. 2. Since the JackHammer's basic role is to provide another scsi bus, what would happen in a machine with a Jackhammer card with drives that are not functional or not properly terminated: could the machine still boot on the logic board's scsi bus but not be able to "see" either the Jackhammer's scsi bus, or the additional drives? I don't know.... 3. Is the machine unstable or stable as things stand? Instability under these circumstances could be indicative of a scsi voodoo issue. 4. Have you tried other utilities like SCSI Probe, TechTool, and similar to see whether anything is seen in the Nubus slot, with and without drives attached to the Jackhammer? 5. Were Jackhammers flashable for use in PPC Nubus Macs as opposed to 68k hardware? If so, it might need to be reflashed. The requisite software was typically included in Nubus card driver updates. I have one here that I need to get running too, so I'll be interested to see if you make progress.
  9. PowerBook G4 Aluminium disassembly?

    IFixit has guides, with numbered steps. Make a numbered grid on paper and put the screws by step in the appropriately numbered grid space. I once did this surgery on a 12” PowerBook G4 and it was not so very bad, honestly.
  10. End of the line for my Q800?

    I had a Quadra 950 here at one time that I was fiddling with, managing to connect together the wrong pins of the Molex power connection when adding one of those little m/f Molex extensions (I was adding a drive and did not have the proper power cables, when the pins came out and I put them back incorrectly). Things went bang in one of the drives, magic smoke emerged, and the darned thing wouldn’t subsequently boot. Eventually I gave up and put it away. Then before scrapping and selling parts, I tried one more time, after changing the ram, and lo and behold, up she booted. All the ram involved subsequently worked, so I don’t think it was to blame. I think the pram got royally buggered up and that it just needed a wee rest to clear. Anyway, it subsequently worked like nature intended, though I had been 99.999% certain that I’d fried the poor thing. Removing all power for a while, therefore, incl pram battery, might be something to try.
  11. I was away from home for six months this year and stupidly left my two Pismos turned off and disconnected from mains power. Both batteries went flat, and I now find that my two previously working batteries will not charge fully: the older one will only charge about 25% (two lights), and a newish one that gave me about 4 hrs when I left will not not take a charge at all, beyond one blinking light. To be clear, the latter battery is recognized, and there is an initial charge taken (so the battery monitor says and so the blinking light indicates) for a couple of minutes, and then the charging stops. Eventually, however, if I leave the battery inserted, the PB no longer sees the battery, until it is removed and reinserted. On my old Wallstreet, it was often possible to revive a disused battery by repeatedly reinserting the battery so that an initial "burst" charge was taken for 15 seconds or some such. After maybe 50 tries, the charge would or could eventually "take," and all would be well. I've been trying this with the Pismo batteries. The old battery that charges to about 25% may be beyond redemption, as I have seen that behaviour before (I'm going to try cycling it next, so see if that improves matters), but I am hoping that the other newer and better one in particular can be rehabilitated. So far, however, the insertion/ reinsertion until charging stops method has not worked. Has anyone managed to revive a Pismo battery by insertion/ reinsertion, along well-worn Wallstreet lines, or am I flogging a dead horse?
  12. End of the line for my Q800?

    Can you try another power supply? Or swap the logic board into a Iivx, 7100, etc., to see if the problem persists with one of those power supplies?
  13. iPhone 4

    I still run ios7 on a 4s. It’s complete and honestly does all I need it to do for the most part. I have therefore resisted all further software upgrades. I reckon HQ wants to make the thing unusable so I’ll buy another one. Not cooperating with that one.... Mind you, the web just makes it crawl, but as I am not on FaceBook (at all, never mind 24/7) or the like, I tend to use a text-only browser to make that very occasional experience more bearable. YMMD.
  14. Ultrasonic Cleaner Build (subsonic kluge?)

    Yes, that’s all well and good, but surely use of a sander or the like could never prove quite so satisfying as proper manipulation of the Elphenian tool!
  15. iPhone 4

    iOS9 on a 4?