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  1. I have a box of 20 or so caddies here if you’d like to replace your’s. I could sell you two or three, for spares. Go on, help me empty the box! PM is best.
  2. beachycove

    Need help with 140 broken hinges

    Shoo goop or any of those similar “goop” products have amazing adhesive qualities. Here’s what I would try: Embed the nut in it, reinforced over top by a thin metal shim/ piece of rigid plastic maybe .75” square, or better if it would fit, with a (small) hole for the screw(s) drilled through, laid on top and all secured to the PB casing by/ in the goop. Assemble thus with the necessary screws inserted, because it won’t move once set, and given that you need to be able to get that screw in there to put the thing together at the end. Dry well. The goop product sets pretty hard, over a few days, but it also flexes once set for years without cracking. The nut, since immediately underneath and abutted to the shim, would not be expected to take all the mechanical forces — those would be transferred to the shim. The shim and goop would provide most of the holding power. You’ll never get that from just gluing down the nut alone, even in epoxy. Betcha it would hold, though obviously you’d have to watch the clearances involved, and the fitment would be a fiddle. Alternatively, someone may have a set of intact PB 145 plastics around here somewhere....
  3. beachycove


    The daughter card is missing. It connects to the white-ish socket at the left on the first photo. It is a little like a BNC connector, but about ⅓ the size.
  4. beachycove

    transceiver networking

    Is it connected through a dumb hub? That is often what is necessary.
  5. beachycove


    What’s that board. IIvx?
  6. beachycove

    Are vintage injket printers useable still?

    If you are looking for a printer, a StyleWriter 2200 is one of the machines a Newton 2100/eMate most likes to see connected to it, them being contemporaries and all that. The 2200’s cartridges are also easily refilled, as they are just ink containers, with no printhead. You just add (Canon) ink through the hole in the bottom, right into the sponge, until saturated. Getting the separate printhead cleaned out can be a challenge, mind, but it can be done. Your eMate will also print to a Laserwriter, either Postscript (i.e., most of them) or QuickDraw (there was at least one little Personal LW that had no postscript support). It will handle serial or AppleTalk connection as needed.
  7. beachycove

    Help Identifying SE/30 NIC

    Install A/UX and it should work, plus give you the details with a little prodding. It only takes an hour or so, assuming you have the right gear.
  8. beachycove

    iMac G4 3 beeps

    Tried 512MB and 1GB, and one of each, top and bottom. Which was quite the operation.... I gather that it will take 2GB, but I don't have the sticks to try. Mind you, if the thing won't boot, there's hardly any point. My question is whether anything other than the memory controller could cause this behaviour. The machine has been put together from parts, so it is possible that, like many a marriage, what I've joined together should have been kept asunder.... It's also perfectly possible that the logic board is toast.
  9. 1.25ghz iMac G4, tried two sets of pc2100 RAM, three beeps immediately on powering on, no screen, both times with each set of RAM. Could it be the memory controller AND is there a fix to be attempted, OR is it scrap?
  10. beachycove

    Problems with IIsi and Portrait Display

    I have two, one with DB15 (tested working, VRAM complete) and one with 13w3 (untested, as I don't have the cable). PM me if interested in one or both.
  11. beachycove

    Problems with IIsi and Portrait Display

    I’ve got a couple here with the odd connector, as I recall. Is that what you are looking for?
  12. I'd just clean it with a toothbrush and alcohol, wait 5 minutes, and then use it. The sticker signifies that it was Quality Control Passed, so one has to assume that it was plugged in and tested at the factory, even if the makers did not rise to the level of washing the thing off once it was soldered together. Cheaply made, but it should work.
  13. beachycove

    PowerBook 1400 Hinge Repair

    I’d probably go with a tube of Goop/ ShooGoo/ other brand names that all seem about the same thing. The tube is large, and contains a clear viscous liquid that dries somewhat flexible, but with an astonishing holding power. It would do for both the crack and the brass thingie. I’d let it dry for a week or so before reassembly, and I’d also overfill slightly to maximize surface contact. Recently, the leg broke off my daughter’s glasses at the metal hinge. They were irreparable. New glasses had to be ordered, which involved waiting for an appointment, etc., so while waiting, I glued the leg back to the frame with this stuff, in a simple butt joint. The joint was made in just a tiny physical area, but Goop held that pair of broken glasses on her head, with them being removed and adjusted and so on, for a week or more until her new glasses were available, and then they made it home in her handbag, still holding together. There’s no way that an epoxy adhesive could have withstood the flexing and held in the same way.
  14. I've always found the zip drive/disk (100mb) very useful for old Mac tinkering, I have to say. Never had one fail, but I will confess that my usage is only occasional, for software installers and the like. Back in the day, a 100mb zip was serious kit. My hard drive in the early 90s afforded a grand total of 80mb of storage.
  15. beachycove

    601 processor replacement experiments

    For further reference, a 120mhz 601 is physically big. My 9150 logic board: