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  1. beachycove

    Macintosh Plus no display, any ideas how to fix it?

    Wow. I'll have to try swapping some RAM in my SE and see if that cures it of screen failure.
  2. beachycove

    Quadra 650 refuses to boot internal drive!

    Isn't the drive limit in 7.5.5—8.0 just 4,063 MB, rather than 4.3GB? As Byrd says, I'd try a smaller partition. Having said which, I can't understand why formatting and an installation would go so swimmingly on an oversized drive that cannot serve as a boot drive.
  3. beachycove

    Mac SE/30 Grey Screen Logic Board Problem

    The SE/30 in my experience can be very picky about RAM, and bad/ poorly seated/ incorrectly configured RAM can give you death chimes.
  4. beachycove

    PowerBook 1400c/166 battery percentage

    You could try freezing the battery to break down the dendrites, allow it to thaw and dry a couple of days, and then attempt charging. Chances are that it's beyond salvation, but you never know, you might get some signs of life. If so, then cycle the battery 100% once or twice and it's just possible that you'd get an hour or more of life out of it.
  5. beachycove

    Possible to share one ADB keyboard among two Macs?

    I have a couple of old ADB/ DB15 KVMs that are non-branded, and must be around 25+ years old. No shutting down is required on shifting to another machine. The only limitation I discover in using them is that large monitors do not work especially well with the old hardware. 640x480 works fine.
  6. beachycove

    Terminal emulators

    PT100 is the best of a very small herd: http://www.unna.org/view.php?/internet/PT100v1.1
  7. beachycove

    web browser

    PT100 is the usual port of call when on this small, green voyage of discovery: http://www.unna.org/view.php?/internet/PT100v1.1
  8. beachycove

    Apple DOS Compatibility Card

    This it? https://web.archive.org/web/20150611065741/http://download.info.apple.com/Apple_Support_Area/Manuals/desktops/0307149AMPERF640UG.pdf A good place to start for such things these days is the excellent website https://vintageapple.org
  9. beachycove

    web browser

    In theory, you could access the Terminal by connecting to a Mac or Linux machine and thus use Lynx on the eMate.... That might be your best bet. I find that Lynx can often circumvent newspaper paywalls and such, so it is very handy for text-only browsing. I should add that I haven't done this eMate voodoo myself, and have only ever thought of trying it on an AWS95 running A/UX -- where a serial connection is easier to manage -- but apparently it can be done: https://bytecellar.com/2007/09/11/newton_emate_30/
  10. beachycove

    Printing on a Powerbook 165c

    Some of the personal LaserWriters were Quickdraw printers. To answer your question, however, some version of the the necessary software ought to be in any standard System 7.1+ installation, so your post makes me wonder what is going on. One possibility is that you need to configure Appletalk properly in the Network Control Panel, else the machine will not be able to see the printer and set it up. But let's assume you've done all that. Basically, the relevant Extensions and Control Panels need to be loaded into the operating system at boot. That means that the machine needs to know to load them. To do this: In System 7.1, in the System Folder, check to see if there is anything likely looking in the following folders: Control Panels (Disabled) and Extensions (Disabled). Move those pieces into the Control Panels and Extensions folders. Reboot. If you are using 7.5+, just use the Extensions Manager in the Control Panels in the System Folder (or look under the Apple Menu in the Finder) to turn on what is needed. If that doesn't work, then someone may have done a cut-down installation or else deleted key parts of the System software. If so, you could leave things more or less as they are but get hold of the standalone LaserWriter 8.x software installation package and install it. Version 7 would do just as well if you can't find 8. Or jyou could ust re-install the whole System from scratch, which is the nuclear option but probably a good idea if someone has been deleting things like printer drivers from the machine in the past. The latter is what I routinely do with an old machine.
  11. beachycove

    Good experience with this battery rebuilder

    I think I put you on to them, three or four weeks ago when I was about to get mine done (like you, I suspect, I've been waiting on Irina saying that the cells had come in). I just picked mine up on Saturday, however, and I was going to post on here about it once the batteries had been cycled a few times -- you beat me to it. My batteries now seem to work perfectly and also do look really good cosmetically, but I still haven't cycled them properly. The cost is just $49CAD if you can do local pickup, which I can. I had two Pismo batteries rebuilt for $98 and am probably going to get at least one more done so as to sell a spare Pismo with it in, along with a Wallstreet battery -- assuming I can get my Wallstreet's screen fixed, I'd like to get that machine operational. What Chan's Battery appear to do is to replace the original cells with cells of the same rating, so as I started with a dead set of 4800MAh batteries, I now have two working batteries with that rating. The tech is Russian, and speaks little English, so contact is through his partner/ wife. Nice people, prompt service, and frankly I think they'd appreciate any business we could drum up. As I understand it, LiIon batteries can still be shipped domestically in Canada by surface mail, and to the US at least by the same means, so this is a mail order solution for someone on the continent looking to have an old battery re-packed, but not knowing where to look for that. What I haven't managed to do yet is to see what the cycle count is in my batteries, not having a Tiger installation on my Pismo (I seem to recall that the count is available in System Profiler under Power in Tiger). Mine runs OS9.2, and I don't really want it for OSX, better options being available to me there, but when I get a moment, I'll pop Tiger onto my spare Pismo and see what I can find out. Are you able to check yours for the cycle count, by any chance? I'm interested to know whether the counter has been reset somehow.
  12. My Wallstreet, 266mhz, 14" screen, has developed screen artifacts that I would like to ask the wisdom of the group about. I have some spare parts here, but don't want just to go swapping random parts in and out, as these machines would be tedious to work on in that way. I am looking for the likely cause of the following pattern of behaviour. On startup, I get this (in this case, I restarted and got the disk utility, but it is the same however you boot): That pattern would ordinarily make me think that a screen cable was pinched or the like. However, what happens if I begin to use applications is that the screen artifacts move around with the windows. The following images show this behaviour, within a minute or two of the first image (these pics were all just taken in rapid sequence). Here we have BBEdit open in its initial location on screen, and obviously unusable: Then this happens if the BBEdit window is dragged a couple of inches to the right of the screen, which also makes the artifacts extend a couple of inches to the right: And similarly, when the window is dragged down to the bottom of the screen, the artifacts move down and are again extended: I am inclined to think that the likely culprit is VRAM or perhaps the graphics card, because of this behaviour. That would mean that the logic board needs replaced. Would that be a sensible working hypothesis? The implication would be that I could leave software, screen, and video cables alone and concentrate on replacing the logic board only. Your $0.02 would be valued!
  13. beachycove

    Removing corrosion from Mac SE/30 chassis and floppy cage

    Sorry, I only meant to ask how long it took to get the rust off in the cider vinegar. I suppose my question was, how effective an agent is it? I have an SE chassis that needs similar attention, so there is a reason for asking, especially as your "solution" must be a good deal cheaper than a commercial de-ruster! Impressive results, btw. Given the timeline overall, it obviously took you hours rather than days or weeks. Overnight or some such thing?
  14. beachycove

    Removing corrosion from Mac SE/30 chassis and floppy cage

    How long did it take?