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  1. beachycove

    how to remove cpu from Quadra 840 AV

    I use a 1.5” chisel and slowly lift a little each side, going around three or four times. The pins might bend but not if you do it bit by bit all around. If they do bend, just bend em back. Very easily done. I don’t think I’d try it with a screwdriver, though.
  2. On the question of the Q950 not powering on: Check the key position, as it won't turn on if the key has turned it off. It's an unusual security setup, as the machine was intended for server duty. If I were you and I could buy a Q950 with good prospect of getting it working, I'd go ahead and get one. The Q950 cost something like $10000, which is 900% or so more than the LC475, so there is a sort of cachet attaching to the machine. But you'd need room, as it is a big, Big, BIG machine! If you wanted to develop for A/UX at any stage, then ditto, as the 475 won't run it. Another small thing I've found is that you can make the Q950 run very quietly by replacing the fan; stock, it sounds more or less like a Vulcan bomber (man, were they loud).
  3. beachycove

    Quicksilver zip-drives

    My wife has friends who last year took their son to McDonalds while in Geneva on holiday. The child doesn't normally get such fare, and the parents otherwise avoid it for medical reasons (mother has irritable bowel). Anyway, in they went, buying some sort of Happy Meal for the kid and two coffees with a single fries to be shared between the parents. They paid by plastic, and having sat down, got out a calculator on the phone to see what they had been charged, as it seemed a lot. It turned out to be close to $60 Canadian, apparently. They maybe might not have known the numbers, but that's about x3 the cost of it here. My $5CAD is, of course, more like $4US, which means, I guess, that your $50 conversion is more like $60 to me. And that's about the going rate for a local machine like the one in question in my part of the world. Older ones tend to go for more, of course, as well. What I didn't know is what has emerged from others' comments in this thread: that the Zip bezel is a relative rarity. I really like the Zip option, because it makes things easy to move around between beige and older machines before USB, so am glad I've got one.
  4. beachycove

    Quicksilver zip-drives

    I'm not sure what you are asking: how rare is a QS with a Zip drive installed? They are obviously getting rarer the more they are scrapped, but I don't think they are especially scarce as G4 towers go. Many of them shipped with a Zip drive, since that's what the lower front bay is sized for. I'm not sure how the machine could be adapted to accommodate anything larger than a Zip in that lower bay. The Zip in question would normally be a standard 250MB IDE drive. I'd say that $50 for a QS is not bad in a place as expensive as Switzerland, assuming you can avoid shipping charges. A cup of coffee there would run to what, $5? So it's ten cups of coffee, taking that as a "translatable" measure of the price. Ten cups of coffee is probably the going rate for a QS! I like them. They are about as quiet as the G4 towers get, and are to my eye the most attractive of the series. I just parted out a dead 733mhz QS, as it happens, that I could not fix (Oh how I tried), and transplanted its Zip and the accompanying bezel into a working dual 1ghz model, which didn't have one. That QS is destined to be my kick-ass OS9 machine.
  5. Does anyone know if the late 2003 iMac g4 screens (with arm etc.) can be swapped with the screen of the earlier models? Are the logic board connections the same?
  6. beachycove

    Lapis ProColorServer 24 II and System 7.5

    Your Quadra has better onboard video anyway. I tend to think that, short of a dual or specialist monitor setup (e.g., when requiring 24-bit colour at high resolution, or the ability to zoom in on individual pixels for graphics work), almost any nubus graphics card is best installed in an 030 machine, if sheer video speed is the goal. That is, I suppose, what explains the demise of cards like the Lapis ProColorServer 24 II, and Lapis support beyond 7.1. By the time 7.5 came out (1993?), the Quadra and the Power Mac had left almost all nubus video technology in the rearview mirror. The golden age of nubus was the 030 era. Having said this, the software capabilities latent in Control Panels and Extensions are often fun to play with where video cards are concerned. E.g., some of the cards with SIMM slots will allow use of that memory for more than simply driving a screen.... It is interesting to see how the more imaginative small third party vendors extended the capabilities of machines through their nubus products.
  7. beachycove

    Mighty Jabba's Conquests

    It has had a 500mhz CPU swapped in -- trivially easy to do.
  8. beachycove

    PowerBook 500 series battery rebuild with "X"

    Pay attention to Equill's comments, by the way, as he was very knowledgable and generally is a fund of helpful information. He is a much-missed contributor around here.
  9. beachycove

    PowerBook 500 series battery rebuild with "X"

    Read of my sorrows (and solutions) here:
  10. beachycove

    Bricking a floppy disk drive

    I recently had a whole box of floppies in my hands that had gone bad in such a way as to bork a floppy drive repeatedly, one after another. I can only assume that the floppy disks were disintegrating or "shedding," as a quick clean of the heads cured the problem each time. It wasn't dust, as they were well protected in a plastic disk box kept in a drawer, but it might have been moisture that caused the trouble.... As all this happened repeatedly, and as the machine was a Classic II, I soon got tired of the disassembly required. The upshot was that, in the end, I just taped a coffee filter to a scrap floppy (metal shield removed), wet the filter with alcohol, inserted the thing in the drive with the machine turned off, removed it with a paper clip, and presto, that was enough: the drive worked again. It's been good ever since. The box of offending floppies, for their part, went out next day in the trash.
  11. beachycove

    Bricking a floppy disk drive

    It is hard to see how a bad floppy could cause a bad drive, beyond dirt/ disintegration of the floppy plastics contaminating the heads (I've had that happen). Have you serviced the drive following instructions in the wiki?
  12. beachycove

    Soph's mac finds

    You mean the Radius card plus software improves logic board video? Can you quantify the speed boost?
  13. beachycove

    Dead Powerbook 170 - Help about the resistor

    Have you tried with no battery in?
  14. beachycove

    Email on Powermac G4? (OSX 10.4 Tiger)

    Would Thunderbird built from Macports do the trick, I wonder?
  15. beachycove

    PowerPC 604 swap

    As I recall, the “Kansas” machines and the 8500 are sufficiently different as to make this impossible. Oddly enough, they will nevertheless take the same G3 upgrade cards.