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  1. Macintosh 128K Sad Icon error Code

    From where did you source the ram chips?
  2. NOS Batteries

    Is this correct, does anyone know?
  3. FWB NuBus SCSI Jackhammer Manual

    Great thing, but the link fails.
  4. Upgrade 2000 RAM

    That's interesting. I wonder whether even more DRAM is theoretically possible, i.e., if (big if) larger chips were now available.
  5. Upgrade 2000 RAM

    Not at all useless, if the donor had a cracked screen. In fact, I think a logic board swap is the way it was ordinarily done back in the day. It has been a very long time, but an official upgrade that involved replacing the logic board seems to ring a bell. Having said that, the only functional difference between the 2000/2100 boards was memory, so one would have to assume that additional memory can be soldered in. But finding the component and doing that would likely be more hassle these days than simply finding a donor machine and doing a transplant. If, on the other hand, it is just storage that you want, then shove a Newton-compatible card in the side slot. That's what I do with mine.
  6. Powerbook 1xx PRAM Battery question

    The backup battery (not PRAM, as its functions are more extensive) will not charge until the main battery reaches “terminal voltage”, which in my experience is compatible with having an ancient main battery that gives you as little as 30 seconds of runtime. Equill on here used used to be the master of these matters. He/she has (alas) disappeared from the forum for a few years now. But you could search, further to which, here is one sample of many such archived responses to a similar question:
  7. Loud 950s can be easily quietened by substituting a quieter, small fan. In mine I also opened up all the Nubus slots to increase airflow. The effect is a much lower, pleasant, rather throaty, grumbling sound. It’s unlike any other machine in my fold. I have run one for a long time that way with no ill effects, whereas a stock 950 is unbearable. Same for the 9150, by the way. The Pisces card is supposed to function as a L2 cache card only under 7.x, so no SCSI etc., but the cache is meant to work without further ado, so far as I know. That, mind, would obviously be dependent on having some unobtanium memory chips installed in it. Are you trying to do more than that with the card under 7.1? I’ve only in mine and would be interested to know if you have any leads on other capabilities.
  8. I received my AppleCD 300

    Check your pms.
  9. I received my AppleCD 300

    Yes. Where are you located? I have about 50 of them here and would be happy to send you one for the cost of shipping.
  10. I received my AppleCD 300

    1. Audio CD: A thrift store will have one for a pittance, and it would be an easy way to check to see if the drive is reading readable disks. Having said that, if your machine is not otherwise booting to the desktop, it's not going to be able to read an audio CD. 2. An OS8.1 68k installation from a CD requires a floppy boot drive, so far as I know, so it requires two disks rather than one (at least, all mine do). The disk image from which to make the floppy is normally archived on the CD, but originally a physical floppy would likely have come with the CD as purchased. So you are possibly in a circular trap: no system to use to make a floppy and no floppy to install a system. If so, you need more gear, all of which would in the old days have been assumed. And yes, a newfangled burned CD may well be problematic. I have found the System Extension that came with the ancient Toast burning software program (probably Toast 3 or the like for your vintage) to be useful in these situations. Slow burning is also recommended, and may be just as good; that should be tried first. Yes, you ought to be able to do that on a modern machine. 3. An external SCSI drive must, however, be terminated at the end of the SCSI chain. There are two large sockets on the rear of your external CD drive. Into one of them, you plug the cable; into the other, a 50-pin SCSI terminator (Google it) needs to be inserted. It that isn't done, it no workie, no matter how hard you work on the method-of-burning question. 4. If you've just gotten an LCIII that has no working system installation, then the best thing might well be to trade/ buy on here and get someone to send you a small SCSI drive with a system for the LCIII already installed, or else to purchase a set of installation floppies if you want to take a chance on your hard drive, floppy drive, logic board, etc. being in working condition so as to do the installation yourself. 5. It takes time to answer these questions. Whining at the responses does not encourage anyone to help you out, nor are the people responding able to change the facts of the matter. You have hit a learning curve, to which you need to respond, and that is what tinkering with old tech entails.
  11. I received my AppleCD 300

    1. Try an audio CD if you have no old Mac CDs like a game or a software installer, and see whether that works. 2. I've found that I need the Toast extension to read burned CDs reliably on machines that old. 3. You have the CD drive terminated?
  12. Upgrading a G4 Cube

    Jesuits: A Counter-Reformation Roman Catholic “Society,” the Society of Jesus (effectively a religious Order), but organized on a military metaphor, complete with a General (the founder was Ignatius Loyola, who had been a soldier). Most males would be priests. Some unusual religious practices, like use of imagination in prayer. Long famous as educators (Descartes went to a Jesuit school) and as progressives (e.g., they embraced Galileo’s science, and in fact took it to Japan and China in the 17th century), Jesuits are known for intellectual rigour and missionary labours. The film “The Mission” is pretty clearly based on a Jesuit narrative. The Jesuits were disbanded in the 18th century on papal authority over their refusal to impose a Latin set of norms on their Chinese mission (the Jesuits had become Mandarins and the Chinese Emperor at the time wrote hymns to Christ and required the civil service to attend church several times a year), and were only revived again in modern times. The current Pope was or I suppose still is a Jesuit.
  13. I seem to recall making something from some thin aluminum I had lying around. The measurements had to be right, and i was a bit nervous about the business, but it worked fine.
  14. I replaced mine in the same way as you, with an iMac G5 SuperDrive, reasoning that if I needed FireWire target mode, I could take it apart and reconfigure for those purposes. What would it take? 30 minutes? Having said that, where’d you get the information on the pins? That is interesting.
  15. Large Powerbook Lot (inc. 4 PB 2400c)

    I'd be interested in a GLOD-afflicted 2400c if you can get one going that far. My 2400c ist kaputt, but I'm pretty confident I could make one functional machine out of two, given the wherewithal. Plastics/ screen are of no concern. Alternatively, if anyone has a spare 2400c logic board.... Send me a PM.