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  1. beachycove

    601 processor replacement experiments

    For further reference, a 120mhz 601 is physically big. My 9150 logic board:
  2. beachycove

    AAUI to Ethernet and System 7.6 - am I missing something?

    Use of a "dumb hub" is generally recommended for IP networking on 68k era hardware. A surprising number of my stash of AAUI transceivers are also borked, so in my book, that's another thing to watch out for.
  3. beachycove

    about powerbook 170

    Did I not say unto ye, that if ye search, ye shall find? https://www.macintoshrepository.org/2449-mac-system-6-0-8-for-powerbook-140-145-and-170
  4. beachycove

    about powerbook 170

    The 170 will run a particular iteration of System 6 (if you search, it will come).
  5. beachycove

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    From the old AV Mac FAQ: ”[AV] FPU (floating point unit) bombs Of crashes attributed to the lack of a FPU, Noah Price (noah@apple.com) has one theory: It can be caused by applications that are not fully 68040 cache compatible. To test this theory, use the Cache control panel from your Tidbits disk to turn of the 040 cache and see if things improve. If the 040-cache is not the culprit, open the case cover and make sure the CPU is not labeled as a 68LC040. Apparently the wrong CPU was used in a very small number of machines, for which a replacement will be provided. However, the problem can also be caused by bad or poorly seated DRAM, remove or re-seat the SIMM's to check.” Source file https://imagej.nih.gov/nih-image/download/documents/av-faq-156.rtf Evidently the 660av is meant to have an FPU.
  6. beachycove

    Classic II + FPU = A/UX?

    A/UX is very hardware-specific and can't even run bog-standard accelerated Nubus video cards of the period, including Apple's own. You'd have to be a genius to get it to run on a Classic II, in my view. Much easier to run it on an SE/30; on an SE/30, mind, it (v.3 at any rate), makes only plodding progress. An SE/30 might do better with v.1 or v.2 of A/UX, which were issued in the 68030-era.
  7. beachycove

    9600 Floppy Drive

    You could try cleaning and lubrication first. It only takes about half an hour.
  8. beachycove

    Connecting an Imagewriter II to a OS 9 Pismo?

    What I'd do is set up a print spooler in A/UX. Where's the fun in a dongle? Seriously, that's what I'd do. YMMD.
  9. beachycove

    Building the fastest Power Mac 9600

    What is the performance of the stock machine like when running Tiger? And would your build (made on a dual G5) run both processors of a dual 604e card, do you think? Or is that a limitation in xpostfacto?
  10. beachycove

    Another Laserwriter

    Snagged a (second) Laserwriter 8500 today, with 500 sheet feeder and envelope cassette add-ons, which are nice to get. Now, if only I had the duplex option! I haven’t seen it working yet, so perhaps it will be for spares only, but the hope is to put it into service on the home network. Much faster than my Laserwriter Pro 630, which has the usual episodic accordion paper fault, anyway. Am I the only person in the world who likes old printers? Is there a treatment for this illness, do you suppose?
  11. beachycove

    Stress testing an SE/30?

    I think Apple Personal Diagnostics can be set to loop, in which case you could run it for an hour or two. There are some basic graphics tests there, along with logic board tests, etc. You can select which tests to run. Alternatively, for b&w Graphics, Dark Castle will run a demo happily for hours. I once had it running as a hallowe’en display. I seem to recall that Lode Runner will run a demo, but can’t say for how long.
  12. beachycove

    PRAM battery

    Thanks for this, btw. The upshot was that I removed the battery and unplugged it, as the machine will be idle for several months. (It’s at the cottage.)
  13. beachycove

    PRAM battery

    A Compact Mac such as an SE/30 with a (new) working PRAM battery installed: when turned off but plugged in, does it preserve settings by drawing power from the battery or from an early form of trickle power? The reason for asking is that I am wondering whether it makes any difference to the longevity of the battery whether the machine is plugged in or not.
  14. beachycove

    Colour Classic, 575 board & PowerPC

    As I recall, the ResEdit hack relies on fooling the machine into thinking it isn’t a Color Classic, but another machine (a 580 or some such). If you are relying on that hack, the ppc card might be asking the machine to believe too much, as ‘twere.
  15. beachycove

    SSD in a 6500, anyone successfull?

    On hissing/ crackling AppleDesign speakers, one of the things that sometimes helps is simply to clean the volume control internals as best you can by taking off the knob and spraying right in there with electronics contact cleaner, through the little tube that comes with the aerosol can. Then let it evaporate for a short time (that stuff is highly volatile). Could be capacitors or the power supply as well, of course, but corrosion and dust in the internals can afflict any such device with a certain unhappiness. Works well enough to help old radios function again, too.