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    • What mounts on that big heatsink you are heating?    I guess you have already looked at the back of the CRT under the sheet of white plastic covering the solder side of the small board? I just found two cracked joints on mine that were the cause of a problem I was sure was on the analog board.
    • Got the proper mouse for it!     It’s the correct one with the squared connector end. The newer ones work, but having this one makes me feel better!     I’m amazed how usable this machine really is. I wasn’t sure if a 512 would be really limited to use or not, and it most certainly isn’t! Pretty much everything I have tried so far works fine on it.  Incredible what all you can do with 512KB!
    • In an effort to nail down a potential replacement SWIM for my 5120, I began looking at SWIMs on other boards of a similar vintage. I have narrowed down the potential options to: 344S1029: the direct replacement, what I pulled off my 5120 344S1029-A: seen on 5126, PB100, 140, 170 343S1029-A: seen on PB100, 140, 170, 145B, 165, 180c (and I assume all others prior to the 150).   The SE/30, IIvi, LC, LCII, Classic, IIsi etc. all use the 344S0061-A, which is also PLCC-44 like the above but I'm not sure if they would be suitable as a replacement if power is a factor. My understanding is that SWIM is 100% backward compatible, even with IWC... and seeing that the PB100 / 140 / 170 are seen with two versions of the SWIM, one of those versions is found on the 5126, I'm venturing that early PB SWIMs would work just fine as a replacement on the 5120.   Does anyone have any specific knowledge about this? I haven't been able to find anything in search.
    • Good afternoon folks. I recently picked up a dead IIx. It wouldn't even bumpstart when I first saw it, but I'm not sure why as it sort of did once I got it home (it chimed and showed the happy mac before doing a weird restart with no chime - after a couple of times it froze). Note that it does not restart if there is no disks connected. Additionally, the video is pale and washed out, except once in a while when it is normal.   It is now a couple of weeks later and I've spent the weekend researching and repairing. I've fixed 6 broken traces and checked lots more in the power circuit. I've re-capped most of the motherboard (I don't have a replacement for the yellow 10uF or the axial 220uF (might have the value wrong - it almost faces the board!). The power on circuit now works from ADB and the button on the back.   Machine is a late variant (March 1990) and has a soldered CPU and factory battery holders (no funny little board or capacitor). 8mb of RAM, Radius 24 Pro XK, ethernet and a 540mb disk. At some point someone had a Radius Rocket in it, but sadly that is gone.   Does anyone have any suggestions for what might be wrong? I don't know the machine's history so it could even have the wrong RAM fitted for all I know.   Issue summary: 1. Restarts silently without an error while showing the Happy Mac. 2. Video is washed out.   Youtube video for reference :   https://youtu.be/Dca4S1n8_VI  
    • Alright, round 2!    Bit of an update: After much time and sparks, the Q610 is recapped. After following the idea of cleaning the cap areas and setting the termination jumpers correctly (HDD=0, CD = 3), i'm still stuck. No drives show and scsiprobe show the bus still as not terminated.  Can anyone guide me as to what I should do? If pictures are needed, I'll send some