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  1. MarNo84

    Connecting a ZIP drive to a Macintosh Plus

    You just need some drivers / tools - and for sure a suitable 25/25pin straight cable as scsi cable. If you have another Macintosh with OS 7.x available, I can send you my files/images it depends on your startup disk whre to put the iomega driver file. usually you have to put it under the System Folder .. take a look on my Video - sorry, it's long and only German audio .. but should help a little:
  2. MarNo84

    3D-Printed Objects

    Hi, sadly I couldn't find my fine measurement tools I just tried my best on some pictures maybe someone also has a CC and could make it much better than I did
  3. MarNo84

    3D-Printed Objects

    great sure, I will try to get you high resolution pictures of all sides and the exact measurements of the badge just give me a couple of minutes.
  4. MarNo84

    3D-Printed Objects

    Hi friends silly question... does someone already modeled the Color Classic front badge/logo? I really would like to print me a personalized insert logo for my Mystic & Takky upgrades .. I don't want to repaint or destroy their originals. I can print these myself (but I'm way too noob on free hand modeling) - got an small but awesome Prusa i3 for this job just yesterday I printed me a first try backbezel for my Mystic - not bad for the first time bezel print. ...sad (stupid) thing only was the finishing process with a cutter went wrong just cut myself Thanks Marcus
  5. MarNo84

    Macintosh Floppy Drive to PC Controller?

    Ah ok - right - this makes sense Well then I think I'll stick with one of those LS120 drives
  6. Hey folks, I'm thinking about a new project to start...and therefore I wanted to use a Apple Macintosh floppy FDHD a.k.a. superdrive on a regular PC mainboard/floppy controller. I've got some of these drives around in a box. Is this even possible? I know it's kinda different controller/hardware etc. - it should be possible? I know that for example on IBMs PS/2 the drives are similar difficult to adapt because of different wirings: power+data in one cable - you have to split it at the pcb side. Same or similar goes for the Mac drives? I think it's just a wiring ) cabke issue? I just want to use these functions like autoeject etc. - FYI - that project involves also a MacOS on PC HW thing Marcus
  7. Hmm...you mean, to cut off the internal drive and just use the external? Nope, not yet - worth a try
  8. OK strange - I did try out the dealer diagnostics disk again. Everything went through flawlessly (ok, I'm too stupid to use the keyboard test correctly) except the 5V memory test?? It starts loading from the disk and then nothing happens... I also did another memory direct test that went trough about 280 rounds of memory test without any errors? What could affect the logic and/or memory? I guess I won't do the cap swapping until the real issue is solved. So I need someone who can help me - preferably from germany or neighbour countries around germany - just because of shipping the board I will pay for the repair
  9. Final Update: I also did repair every left bad trace on this motherboard - I also did the first wireowrk again - now it looks better, more professional After I tested everything again, I did use some Urethan 71 (plastic based isolating lacquer) to finish and safe the polished traces from future corrosion. ...and the funny thing is - after all these weeks of adventuring work on this motherboard - I got me 2 other motherboards on eBay one is in nearly perfect condition and works like a charm but the other one is a little bit messed up with uncleaned battery leakage on the slots and connectors. It's already in a cleaning bath with lemon accid the good / awesome thing on the uncleaned one: it seems to be an original LISA 1 board with it's original metalframe - it has still the original writings and symbols for each port - especially the beautiful mouse port this means some exchange with my actual metalframe and motherboard xD
  10. true...damn -but I need to do something with it xD I don't know how to locate the faulty area or parts, so I just want to start doing the oneday neccessary swap of these caps
  11. Yeah great job done! Actually I bought me two motherboards from eBay - they look very clean and in nearly perfect optical condition (untested). Especially one board has the original Lisa 1 / 2 Mouse port - my Lisa 2/5 board already has the "modern" port, so I will swap my motherboard too I think I will keep that repaired board maybe..just as an example/spare and give the other good board to my friend in exchange. Hmm, I will report back when they arrived at my door.
  12. Hmm... I'm actually that far to just swap the few capacitors on the board first and hope to fix the issue ... I don't have anyone near me who could check it or help with oscilloscope
  13. JUST A QUICK UPDATE: it's alive and running again [ ] I finally found the bugger...it was just a broken trace between the lines R1 to C15/R15. I measured every part and trace again and finally found a missing signal - so d*mn easy at the end - no parts needed to swap, Did a quick solder work on that broken trace and everything works like a charme again The last steps / work to do will be the still cut serial connectors. That's a lot of wirework to do - I will rethink about that - no one needs serial connectors on their LISA? Everything was cleaned and neutralized - so no future damage. Well, I think this is done - any future updates will come here on the forums and on my repair blog / on my homepage and yery soon on my YT channel too - especially that complete repair process was recorded on every important step. Soon I will upload a special repair video on my channel as well. Thank you all for your assistance and your helpful advices
  14. OMG! Wow - good job Well, for my serial connections, I assume I have to do the same...- besides my connectors/slots didn't look that much corrodet. What did yours look like? Have any pictures? I will swap the small parts and report back ...I don't want to remove the slots
  15. Ahh wait...maybe there was an misunderstanding I didn't put the cardcage or boards into another working LISA - no, I just used my own LISA to test everything out. I did put the original Setup into my working LISA and there I have the same bad behavior with the CRT output. It is definetly something on that motherboard - not the CRT or adjustment/analogboard or any other part of the CRT/Videoparts of the LISA if it would be something with the adjustment or other video parts - well, then my original working card cage would't work either - but it works.