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  1. MarNo84

    SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning thread

    ...hmmm, is this Micron Xceed Grayscale Kit so much special? What makes them so rare and pricy at all? I mean...mine just layed inside a cardboard box for some years now - never ever really used it, the kit came out of my SE/30 as I built it back to stock. I just tested/tried this Xceed Kit a few times this year but couldn't find much fun using it sure, 256+ gray scales look pretty fantastic but... My recorded video with this Micron Xceed Grayscale Kit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsUVtx3pP8Y I like my b/w SE/30 like it is ... I am open for trade offers if someone wants this 'Unicorn Kit' ...first time some of my tradeworthy stuff is kind of "goldweight" - there is also a thread already: cheers, Marcus
  2. Oh nice Idea Well I do in fact have both Apple IIc models around - the //c (5 25" floppy) and the IIc Plus (3.5" floppy). I mainly use the //c as a backup, copy & transfer station for my old disks or as a service to other people (who for example wants to get their old files or exams or just former work stuff transfered from their 30 years old 5.25" disks to a modern media) and rarely also sometimes just for a little BASIC fun The IIc Plus on the other side is just actually a small "gaming station" I'm not sure if these things are suitable for the Newsletter thing, but just my 2 cents Marcus (from Germany, actually on VAC in China)
  3. MarNo84

    MarNo84's Collection & finds

    Thanks @Trash80toHP_Mini I just thought it looks right perfect placed over my bench - it's the place where I service all my machines or other people's machines / Lisa's that come to me
  4. MarNo84

    MarNo84's Collection & finds

    a good frame can just make a huge difference on the wall I just got me a few deep/hollow frames from IKEA to put in some small stuff like the first iPhone or iPod
  5. MarNo84

    MarNo84's Collection & finds

    ah, an Siemens SPS thing I had one of these in the past too quite cool machine!
  6. MarNo84

    MarNo84's Collection & finds

    Yeah fun fact, I really tried on that Classic board even restored some traces and CPU pins with wires...but didn't help much - now it's a 'classy' art thing on the wall I did the same with some of my Lisa boards and an early Macintosh 128k board too - but good thing here is, they all still work after their repair
  7. MarNo84

    MarNo84's Collection & finds

    I know well, I took it from an local ad - it was just $10 so I had no other choice
  8. MarNo84

    MarNo84's Collection & finds

    Well it's sadly no Sanyo - it's a 286 AT clone computer I got in parts a while ago
  9. MarNo84

    MarNo84's Collection & finds

    This is my very first Apple //e I got a few years back due I only really use my Platinum IIe with DuoDisk this one is "obsolete" and well, I thought it just looks cool this way too Airconditioner ...I just fell of my seat xD
  10. MarNo84

    MarNo84's Collection & finds

    Thanks I always try my best to keep it as organised as possible
  11. MarNo84

    MarNo84's Collection & finds

    Hi friends, as I just discovered this area here on 68kmla - I felt that I need to give my input too My actual collection consists mostly of Apple stuff, followed by NeXT and a few other nice things. You can always keep an eye on my webpage and/or my small YouTube channel: http://www.marnoweb.de & https://www.youtube.com/marnoweb By December 11th, 2019 I have in my hands: APPLE Periphals/Drives&Storage/Printer/Displays etc: - Apple Color Monitor 100 [Apple's 1st RGB display] - Apple Color Composite Monitor IIe [Apple's 2nd RGB display] - Apple Monitor //c - Apple Monitor //e - Apple Monitor /// - Apple ProFile 5MB [A9M0005, Lisa & Apple ///, ext. hard drive] - Apple ProFile 10MB [A9M0100, Lisa & Apple ///, ext. hard drive] - Apple Macintosh HD20 [Apple's first ext. HDD, 20MB, floppy port] - Rodime 20 Plus [highly compatible ext. 20MB HDD, SCSI] - Apple disk][ [5.25" ext. floppy drive] - Apple DuoDisk [ext. dual 5.25" floppy drive] - Apple 5.25" UniDisk [ext. floppy drive] - Apple 5.25" //c [ext. floppy drive] - Apple 3.5" 400KB M0130 [Apple's first ext. Macintosh floppy drive] - Apple 3.5" UniDisk [ext. floppy drive] - Apple 3.5" DiskDrive [IIgs, ext. floppy drive] - Apple ImageWriter [pinwriter, Macintosh / Apple II series] - Apple ImageWriter II [pinwriter, Macintosh / Apple II series] - Apple LaserWriter [Laserprinter Macintosh / Apple II series] - Micron Xceed Grayscale Kit for the SE/30 [MacroColor30, wiring harness, neckboard, ext. display connector] - Apple PowerCD - Apple Design Powered Speakers - Apple II series Joystick(s) - Apple Macintosh keyboards ADB & oldstyle RJ11 - Apple ADB & oldstyle 9pin mice Computers, Consoles & Specials: - Apple LISA 2/5 [QWERTZ / EU] - 20th Anniversary Macintosh [TAM, AiO Design] - Apple Pippin Gaming console [atmark by Bandai, Japan] - Apple /// [256KB / QWERTZ /EU] - Apple ][ europlus - Apple //c [QWERTZ / EU] - Apple IIc Plus [QWERTY / US] - Apple //e [QWERTZ / EU] - Apple IIe Platinum [QWERTY / US] - Apple IIgs WOZ Edition - Macintosh [pre-128k batch 1984, 128K, QWERTZ / EU] - Macintosh 512K [QWERTZ] - Macintosh Plus [QWERTZ] - Macintosh Plus ED [QWERTZ] - Macintosh SE [Dual 800k Floppy, M5010] - Macintosh SE [800k Floppy, 20MB HD] - Macintosh SE FDHD - Macintosh SE 1/20 [CRT-Swap: green phosphor] - Macintosh SE 1/40 - Macintosh SE/30 - Macintosh Classic - Macintosh Classic II - Macintosh Performa 200 [= Classic II] - Macintosh Colour Classic [QWERTZ / EU] - Macintosh Color Classic II [japanese] - Macintosh Colour Classic [Mystic Upgrade] - Macintosh Colour Classic [Takky Upgrade] - Macintosh LC580 [AiO design] - Macintosh Performa 580CD [AiO design] - Apple Macintosh Performa 5500/250 - Macintosh LC475 - Macintosh Quadra 840av - Macintosh Quadra 950 - Apple Power Macintosh 6100/66 - Macintosh Portable [M5126, backlight] - PowerBook 100 - PowerBook 165 - PowerBook 190cs - PowerBook 540c - iBook ClamShell [G3, Tangerine/orange] - iBook ClamShell [G3, Indigo/blue] - iMac G3 Bondiblue [1. Gen.] - iMac G3 Orange/Tangerine [1. Gen.] - iMac G4 (15", the lamp design) - PowerMac G4 Cube - iMac G5 - iMac 2012er (24' Core i3, 4GB-RAM, spare machine, guest-room) - iMac 2011er (27' Core i5, 16GB-RAM, 1TB SSD; my actual daily-use machine) NeXT - NeXTcomputer [Cube, upgraded to 68040, 64MB, 2GB, 3.5" Floppy, original MO-drive] - NeXTstation - NeXTstation Turbo - NeXTstation Color - NeXTstation Turbo Color - NeXT MegaPixel Display N4000 - NeXT MegaPixel Display N4000A - NeXT external Caddy CD-ROM drive - NeXT LaserPrinter DP400 小霸王 Xiao Ba Wang / Subor - SB-486D [chinese Famicom clone computer] Commodore - C64 Breadbin - C64-II - SX64 [luggable C64 computer with 5" built-in color CRT display & 5.25" floppy drive] - 1541 floppy drive - 1541-II floppy drive - original C64 Datasette tape drive - Flight Stick and several other Joysticks Grid - GridCase 2 [heavy Laptop device] Gaming Consoles & Vintage VR Stuff - Virtual IO i-Glasses [for PC systems] - VictorMaxx CyberMaxx Headgear [for PC systems] - VictorMaxx StuntMaster [for Nintendo SNES & Sega MegaDrive/MasterSystems] - AURA Interactor Virtual Reality Gaming Vest [for Nintendo SNES] - MB Vectrex [cabinet style, vector graphics gaming console] - NES Nintendo Entertainment System - SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo N64 - Nintendo GameCube - Nintendo GameBoy Classic - Nintendo GameBoy Advance - Nintendo Wii - Sega Mega Drive - Sega Saturn - Sega GameGear [handheld gaming console] - Sega Dreamcast - Atari Lynx II [handheld gaming console] - Sony Playstation 1st Generation - Sony Playstation PSX One - Sony Playstation Portable PSP [different revisions] Ok - not mentioned are all my vintage video gaming PC & console games/cartridges, Software, manuals, Computer magazines, spare parts and other small stuff Cheers, Marcus
  12. MarNo84

    Connecting a ZIP drive to a Macintosh Plus

    You just need some drivers / tools - and for sure a suitable 25/25pin straight cable as scsi cable. If you have another Macintosh with OS 7.x available, I can send you my files/images it depends on your startup disk whre to put the iomega driver file. usually you have to put it under the System Folder .. take a look on my Video - sorry, it's long and only German audio .. but should help a little:
  13. MarNo84

    3D-Printed Objects

    Hi, sadly I couldn't find my fine measurement tools I just tried my best on some pictures maybe someone also has a CC and could make it much better than I did
  14. MarNo84

    3D-Printed Objects

    great sure, I will try to get you high resolution pictures of all sides and the exact measurements of the badge just give me a couple of minutes.
  15. MarNo84

    3D-Printed Objects

    Hi friends silly question... does someone already modeled the Color Classic front badge/logo? I really would like to print me a personalized insert logo for my Mystic & Takky upgrades .. I don't want to repaint or destroy their originals. I can print these myself (but I'm way too noob on free hand modeling) - got an small but awesome Prusa i3 for this job just yesterday I printed me a first try backbezel for my Mystic - not bad for the first time bezel print. ...sad (stupid) thing only was the finishing process with a cutter went wrong just cut myself Thanks Marcus