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  1. LCD monitors can be very picky. I have a high end PCI (notE) CAD card that is supposed to do analog 1920x1080 @60HZ but when you set that resolution the DELL monitor goes blank because it doesn't like the signal. It does work at lower resolutions, I just think when the card is supposed to be doing 60HZ it might be doing slightly less. From my understanding didn't AMD (ATI) and Nvidia drop VGA from their newer cards? You could keep a few old LCD monitors around for old Macs or just find a couple Sony Trinitron CRTs and do it old school at native resolutions that work with SOG and be done with it (while they still function). P.S. Not sure I would want a 1999 era LCD because of low refresh motion blur and bad color reproduction (for business class monitors of the age).
  2. Unknown_K

    [Mac II] SiClone no longer working?

    You need pictures of BOTH sides of each board. Anyway check the capacitors for shorts and the resisters as well. Any of the chips overheating? Any bad solder joints?
  3. Unknown_K

    [Mac II] SiClone no longer working?

    Pictures of the boards would help. Never heard of that board before but in 1989 it cost $5,000.
  4. Unknown_K

    CD-R drives tray height clearance

    They are all different (same with manual ejection holes). I would recommend you just remove the faceplate from the CDRW and see if the bare tray clears.
  5. Unknown_K

    ABD Keyboard and Mouse Options?

    My first job out of college (graduated in the summer of 1991 so probably early 1992) was working in the factory of a Roto-Engraver. They would get designs in on a Syquest 44/88 disk which I seen in the office area but don't recall what it was connected to. They did color separation to be diamond engraved on to large heavy copper plated steel cylinders that were later chrome plated and shipped to printers who would print stuff like cereal boxes and cartons of cigarettes. Syquest was around in industry in the early 90's before the zip came out in 1994 and blew up a few years later.
  6. Unknown_K

    Help identifying NuBus RAM card. (RAM Disk?)

    They were made for video cards that were made before quickdraw acceleration was common, there were 2 versions made and then the concept was dropped. I have a couple of them and they are great in older mac II's (II, IIx) with older video cards. I think you need to do a custom install and check a box for graphics acceleration for the driver to be installed. I think the extra RAM gets setup as a disk cache or Gworld RAM depending on what you need, and I think you can install 16MB (4x4Mb) of common 30 pin RAM.
  7. Unknown_K

    Help identifying NuBus RAM card. (RAM Disk?)

    The drivers should be on any Rasterops video driver disk. That card was made for accelerating Quickdraw video before graphics cardst had that function built in and the RAM can be used as a disk cache if setup that way.
  8. Unknown_K

    ABD Keyboard and Mouse Options?

    Either way stock up on ADB keyboards and mice because I suspect there are more machines in circulation these days then keyboards.
  9. Unknown_K

    ABD Keyboard and Mouse Options?

    The early ADB keyboards (Extended keyboard and Extendend II) are the best if you like a quality clickly feel (and probably the most expensive). The smaller (forget the model name) keyboards look better with compacts but kind of suck. The IIgs ADB keyboards are real nice and about the same size and layout if you can find them. That cheap $15 keyboard is what you would expect to find with a beige PPC machine.
  10. If there are 8 slots you can install 8GB (8x1GB), some machines were PCI not PCI-X and only had 4 RAM slots so those were 4GB Max. Just make sure you don't buy AMD only (high density) or server RAM, otherwise you are good.
  11. Unknown_K

    86/9600 and G3 Case Specs

    Apple used specific brands/models of optical drives for the Biege G3 and for the 8600/9600 so they made the holes for those drives. Sticking in a aftermarket CDRW replacement for example means the holes do not line up correctly.
  12. Those early WEP based wireless cards are kind of worthless. I have an old Linksys wireless router I turn one sometimes as a repeater (you get internet but no connection to the main network) with broadcast turned off for when I mess around with old laptops.
  13. Unknown_K

    PowerBook G3 Wallstreet Saved from Recycling

    Just looked and most of the cheap supplies are for the later G4 laptops. I need to dig out my chinese black brick and see what model it is.
  14. Unknown_K

    PowerBook G3 Wallstreet Saved from Recycling

    There were cheap Chinese aftermarket power bricks for the Wallstreets or you can buy a universal supply with removable plugs cheaply as well. The original Apple supplies seem to not last very long.
  15. Unknown_K

    Quadra 800 - VRAM only showing 256 colours

    You do know how to change color depth in the control panel correct?