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  1. Unknown_K

    IIx Chimes of death

    One of my IIx's sometimes won't boot until I remove the ROM SIMM and reseat it. Old machines can be cranky.
  2. Unknown_K

    Dumb*]#* eBay sellers

    Sellers tend to pack well if the item has some monetary value to them (as in they paid some money recently for it and its not a $.50 garage sale find they want to flip). Sure full time sellers mostly just give a full refund because they don't want any bad feedback and are mostly just out of the shipping charges if the item didn't cost them anything. Some people will pay for a return just to make sure the buyer isn't trying to scam them or the item is worth much more then just shipping.
  3. Unknown_K

    G5 cases?

    Actually there are other differences between the PCI/PCI-X and PCIE cases, the bluetooth and wireless antennas on the PCIE are internal (that large metal strip to the side of the 2 cooling fans is the antenna and a easy indicator to what type the machine is.
  4. Unknown_K

    Recapping : if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?

    If the capacitors are bad (machine doesn't run or has issues) or they are leaking replace them. Some systems the capacitors are in areas that will kill important traces or chips, others not so much. Just be careful because you can turn a working system into junk by reworking it and not having a clue what you are doing.
  5. Unknown_K

    Mac IIx intermittent RAM issues

    Bad trace in the memory area I would think.
  6. If that happened on a PC I would say some BGA balls on the controller chip are broken, eventually it will quit working altogether,
  7. You can heat it up with a soldering iron or hot air workstation and use a large sewing needle to push the solder out, or you can use a circuit board drill bit and remove it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/10x-Alloy-PCB-Print-Circuit-Board-Carbide-Drill-Bits-Color-Radomly-0-3-1-2mm/372683271091 You can actually drill out the soft solder with one of those bits just using your fingers holding the bit on the plastic part and twist. They are kind of brittle so they break easy, but cheap to replace.
  8. Unknown_K

    Thunder II GX 1360 - Needs minor repair

    Gworld is more for Apps then the OS. I think Photoshop 2.5 uses it kind of like a VRAM cache so that panning around huge images is much smoother. Q: What are the four open SIMM slots on my Thunder card used for? Can I add VRAM to them? A: The four open SIMM slots on the Thunder/24, Thunder/8, and Thunder II Light are for GWorld SIMMs only, not regular RAM SIMMs. GWorld refers to a type of video memory that is used to store off-screen bitmap information for near-instantaneous retrieval by the computer. Since applications have to be specifically written to support GWorld memory, few customers benefit from adding GWorld SIMMs. Q: Which applications take advantage of GWorld RAM on a Thunder/24 or Thunder/8 graphics card? A: The Aldus Fetch application represents one of the best examples of an application which takes advantage of GWorld RAM installed on a graphics card. Other applications include the System 7.x Finder, Aldus PageMaker 4.0g (or higher), Adobe Premiere, and PixelPaint Professional.
  9. Unknown_K

    Thunder II GX 1360 - Needs minor repair

    Is C92 shattered on the back of the 1600 or is it just my eyes? I snagged my GWorld RAM from some AVID Targa 2000 Nubus cards and from what I remember you needed to put a SIMM in every other slot for them to work (top empty middle empty and I think they were 2MB each or 4MB?).
  10. I think the old Sillicon Express II Nubus SCSI cards had 68000's as well. Somebody figured it would be better to offload all the work to a CPU on the card instead of using the main CPU.
  11. Unknown_K

    “660-700” 660AV accelerator

    Looks like the CPU upgrade in my Q950 (68040/50) but without the added cache. I didn't think you could use those in AV Quadras but I guess I was wrong.
  12. Unknown_K

    Compact Mac Test Stand

    Seems nice if you do compact repairs quite a bit. I was thinking about getting an open framed one for working on PCs since I tend to test motherboards outside of cases most of the time.
  13. Unknown_K

    Power Mac G3 worth it?

    None of my 3 desktop Biege G3's seem to be as brittle as my 7500's are. They use very common IDE HDs and CDROM drives compared to SCSI for the earlier models. The desktop models can also use a common ATX power supply if you move a jumper on the board. Downsides are there are a few revisions of the machine that might not allow you to use both channels (master and slave) of the IDE cables and the ATA speeds are very slow (ATA-2 max of 16.6MB/sec). Most G3 ZIF upgrades come out of B&W machines that have a 100 FSB while you are stuck with FSB 66 on the Beige G3 (or maybe 82 depending on revision). PC100 SDRAM (OK it came with PC66 but 100 is compatible and easier to find) is pretty much dirt cheap still compared to anything used on prior machines.
  14. I could be wrong but the cases have a removable plug on the LC1 so you can install a second floppy instead of the HD. Anyway I just wanted one because it was different. LC3's are easy to recap, I have a spare motherboard I redid and forgot where I put it since I installed a 68040 board into the case.
  15. I snagged an original LC with dual floppy drives for OS 6.x. Only other LCs I bother with are LC3's with 7.1 and HDs of course.