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  1. Unknown_K

    Se/30 networking

    Open transport should do DHCP (the whole reason people use it).
  2. Unknown_K

    Se/30 networking

    Those old network cards were built to work with the normal office type switches and hubs so using a 10Mb or 10/100Mb 3com (for example) switch should not be a problem. Connecting the SE/30 directly to a new 1Gb router will probably not work. I have a large network and keep a 24 port 3com 10/100Mb switch running and never had an issue with anything connected to it. Newer machines are on Gb switches and I have a couple old coax hubs for REALLY old machines that I bring out as needed.
  3. Unknown_K

    Complete TechStep

    You still need to be able to fix them once diagnosed. Cool find, have pics?
  4. Unknown_K

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    I think creative might have breifly sold a mac PCI card (Creative Sounb Blaster Live! for mac) but never actually seen one. https://www.macworld.com/article/1020868/soundblaster.html
  5. Unknown_K

    SE/30 RAM speed. <120ns ok?

    Never owned a plus and I think the SE's I have seen were 120ns, will have to check (I upgrade them to 4MB with newer RAM anyway).
  6. Unknown_K

    SE/30 RAM speed. <120ns ok?

    I never seen 150ns 30 pin SIMMs.
  7. Unknown_K

    AppleWorks GS and RAM

    GS/OS 6 needs 1MB of RAM (2 recommended) plus you need RAM for the app.
  8. Glad it worked for you. I think Apple had their own way of using the SATA 1 standard and new drives that are probably backward compatible on generic PC hardware don't work on G5's
  9. I have read a few places that SATA3 SSD drives will not work on a PPC G5 SATA1.
  10. Just to clarify you are saying the HD formatting utilities on the OSX DVD do not see the drive at all and not just a volume does not pop up on the screen?
  11. Is there a jumper for the drive to run at SATA1 speed?
  12. g5 iMac or tower (model#)? Could just be the cables got damaged or cut when the drive was removed? Not sure if there could be an issue with the SATA1 controller and newer SATA drives.
  13. Plastic RAM SIMM holders seem to have that issue of breaking tabs which is why the later versions have metal tabs.
  14. Hot glue gun will hold them in place also (and you can peal that off). I tend to not turn things on without taking a look inside (or if anything is rattling from shipping).
  15. For my 950's I just use 4 pin Molex power supply extensions common for PCs. You can buy simple y splitters or even 1 to 6 plugs on ebay (assuming you have only 1 Apple plug and need more). I don't think each of the 4 plugs on the 950 PS is a different rail to make much of a difference using a splitter.