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  1. Unknown_K

    Quadra 950 - Blank Bezel to CD Bezel Kluge

    I kind of wonder why somebody doesn't get a CNC milling machine and just make a 5.25" slot in blank bezels (after you remove the metal shielding).
  2. Unknown_K

    Will a IIx accept this RAM?

    It does not state they are PAL SIMMs and since the Mac II is not listed (uses same type as the IIx) I bet they won't work.
  3. Unknown_K

    Bad caps leading to slow performance ?

    Motherboard upgrade, will dig it out later to see.
  4. Unknown_K

    Will a IIx accept this RAM?

    For 4mb and larger SIMMs they need to be special PAL SIMMs but for 1 and 2MB anything should work, https://www.memoryten.com/p/BBA.html
  5. Unknown_K

    Does anyone know how I might get this off?

    As far as unwanted markings go that looks professional and not too bad so I would leave it. If it is really bothering you take an exacto knife and remove one small portion to see if it is paint or a sticker and then try different solvents to see what dissolved it without risking the case. Be aware that is that marking has been on the unit a long time and the case has discolored at all then removing the marking will still show a shadow in the plastics because it blocked sunlight from discoloring the plastic underneath.
  6. Unknown_K

    Bad caps leading to slow performance ?

    Bad caps lead to unreliable operation or lack off working at all. I think one of my LC 3's has a 68040 board (with FPU and heatsink that barely allows the cover to close).
  7. Unknown_K

    Bad caps leading to slow performance ?

    LC II with dual floppies is a good OS 6 machine, but don't expect much else from it.
  8. Unknown_K

    Quadra 950 PSU pains

    So you gutted and rewired a Q950 PS because of bad RAM?
  9. Unknown_K

    Mac IIfx outputs green video

    I think all the Nubus era cards (and built in Mac video) was SOG. I just use old Sony Trinitron CRT monitors that handle SOG.
  10. Unknown_K

    Mac IIfx outputs green video

    The card is sync on green your monitor is not so you get the green tint.
  11. Unknown_K

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    Yes, you just have to make sure the holes line up and the unit fits.
  12. Looks like glue or epoxy to me.
  13. Well I was down in the lab working on a DELL and the PS was close by so I took a look at it. Astec AA16990 Apple 614-0022 Capacitor ,Voltage, marked uf, test uf, Ohm, Voltage drop % c25 , 10, 470, 544, .19. 1.3 c27 , 25, 220, 212.5, .19, 1.2 c11, 25, 47, 49.39, 1.2, .9 c28, 16, 1000, 917.4, .18, 1.3 c29, 16, 1200, 1095, .09, 1.3 c26, 10, 2200, 2216, .06, 1.8 c9, 200, 330, 312.6 , .11, .7 c10, 200, 330, 305.5, .14, .4 c45, 10, 220, 236, .28, 2.0 c46, 25, 47, 48.7, .95, .9 c30, 35, 10, 10.96, 4.9, 4.1 C30 seems a bit funky at first look at the numbers.
  14. My 660av came dead and I ended up replacing my PS and it worked. I meant to see if I can fix it but have not got around to it (fixing PS is not my favorite thing to do). Anyway I might dig it out this weekend and take a look. Are there more then one model of supply for the 660av?
  15. Unknown_K

    Quadra 950 PSU pains

    Many years go I had a dead Q950 and ended up going to Cleveland to snag one free (ended up with a trunk of goodies). Anyway I swapped the good supply into the dead unit and it worked, I put the dead supply into the new unit and it also worked. What the problem was I have no clue. I just chalked it up to a pin in the PS cable not making contact and went about my business.