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  1. Unknown_K

    1988 RCA Dimensia TV

    Do you guys collect a ton of movies on those old formats? I was never one for collecting movies since I would probably watch a good one a few times a decade and it was just easier to rent as needed (or stream these days). My only VHS tapes were the first star wars boxed set. My DVD collections consists of just a handful of movies (The Thing, Lawrence of Arabia widescreen, a fee misc movies I got for free and the boxed set of Farscape plus Peacekeeper wars movie).
  2. Unknown_K

    Jessenator's conquests

    I want a 20" 1600x1200 LCD monitor as well, probably a DELL but that IBM is nice. Why would you want a PS from an OEM HP anyway?
  3. Unknown_K

    Help identifying IIfx Nubus Cards

    Quite a few 950's come with cards like that. Its good to have a working IIfx even with no cards.
  4. Unknown_K

    1988 RCA Dimensia TV

    Solid oak TVs were pretty much a 60's and 70's thing from what I remember (same with the stereo systems built like furniture). This is an 80's TV I ditched on freecycle a long time ago:
  5. Unknown_K

    1988 RCA Dimensia TV

    Thrift stores (when I used to frequent them years ago) had tons of VHS movies for next to nothing. As far as VCRs go I ditched my shitty Emerson early 80's model (purchased new) a few years ago but still have a nice JVC VHS I used in the 90's when I rented movies plus a last generation JVC S-VHS I purchased new when they were being closed out (both stereo). I also have a nice pro rackmountable JVC SVHS players/recorder with level meters I use with my video editing gear.
  6. Unknown_K

    Advice for new 840AV owner

    IF you want something bootable and fast then a Jackhammer would be the way to go, If you just want more storage space then either get a UWSCSI hd with 50 pin adapter on the built in bus or maybe a IDE to SCSI adapter (not cheap).
  7. Unknown_K

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    Which model Hitachi is that and what is the max resolution?
  8. The 9000's are the easiest and cheapest to find but a Radeon 7000 Mac edition would work as well.
  9. Unknown_K

    A tale of 3 Tibooks...

    I have some higher spec T30's with 2.x Ghz P4M's and they run decently but the T40's destroy them with their Pentium M mobiles while running cooler. T30's are kind of thick and have non leaded solder issues with the GPU and RAM slots, but I still like them. Think I have 3 TiBooks all 500mhz and they are nice OS 9 machines. Don't have a Pismo to compare them to and any of my Aluminum G4's would probably run circles around them because of the faster CPU, RAM, HD, and GPU. Maybe a G4 Ibook would be better for comparison. I do have a bunch of G3 Wallstreets so I know about shitty hinges.
  10. Unknown_K

    Broken solder joints

    Lead solder melts at something like 183 Deg C so you want to set the temp to something like 100C higher then that to get a good melt. If you are soldering a part that is large and the board is acting like a heat sink you bump it up some more. So try 300 Deg C and go from there. You have to factor in the heat recovery of the soldering iron (how much the temp drops when in contact with the part you are soldering and how fast it gets back to temperature which is a product of the heating coil wattage and the weight of the soldering iron). Some people crank the temp up for fast soldering but that reduces the life of the heater and can burn the board if you the iron in contact with the part for too long. Remember while you are heating up the solder you are heating up the part you are soldering also and liquid filled capacitors don't like excess heat.
  11. Unknown_K

    Broken solder joints

    The reason a bad solder joint is heating up is because a bad connection works like a heating element (resistance to a line where there should not be any). Not really a good idea to leave it as is because heating and cooling cycles will just make the connection worse, create a bigger load for the old power supply, and possible cause a fire depending on the voltage to that line. My 110 disc CD changer had a bad connection on one of the RCA outs to the receiver (low voltage signal). The right side speaker either worked OK, played at a lower volume, or just cut out. This is a 90's Technics unit that used lead solder so I just melted the solder that was there and added a little more. If the solder looked oxidized I would have used my desoldering gun to suck it all out and then used new solder. Nonleaded solder is much more of a pain to work with since it needs higher temp to melt and flow plus it cracks much easier and you generally need flux to make it flow, For equipment I use a temperature controlled soldering iron and hot air rework station if I work on motherboards and cards, and a cheaper manually dialed soldering pencil for stuff that doesn't have circuits in them where precision temp isn't that important. The major difference between the two is the 2 plug electrical cheap irons are not grounded while the 3 plug ones are. Without the ground you can build up a voltage and ESD some part with a discharge.
  12. Unknown_K

    Broken solder joints

    Most likely cracked while in shipping. A decent electronics 15-30W soldering iron would work and make sure you use the old lead solder with rosin core.
  13. Unknown_K

    040 Recommendations?

    None of the Quadras are cheap these days. If you don't need any Nubus cards a 660AV would be cheap (people seem to not like then compared to the faster 840av). Q650/Q800/Q900/Q950's use tantalum caps so you don't have to worry about recaps of the motherboards. Q950's used to be the most neglected Quadra because of its weight but in the last few years supple has evaporated and prices have gone up considerably (same with the Q700).
  14. Unknown_K

    Advice for new 840AV owner

    The Media 100 Nubus video capture and editing system consisted of 2 Nubus cards, 2 connectors that connected the two cards at the top, a custom external breakout box with 2 cables (1 connected to each card), and an ADB dongle that allowed the Media 100 software to function.
  15. Unknown_K

    PowerBook G3 PDQ overclock to 333mhz?

    How well does that laptop deal with the extra heat?