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  1. GS RAM Plus software

    Really? I have it in a ROM 3 machine (has 1MB onboard plus 5MB on the card).
  2. I am sure the aws95 they tested has the PDS card with cache built in so that helped the processor quite a bit.
  3. Make sure the ADB port connector on the keyboard isn't broken. I had one of my IIgs keyboards with a bad connection that drove me crazy until I soldered it.
  4. GS RAM Plus software

    Anybody have a link for the GS RAM Plus diagnostic software disk? I have the card and recently came into some RAM chips so I upgraded the card from 1MB to 5MB. Wanted to check to make sure the chips work.
  5. Unknown_K's latest conquests.

    I have 2 others, one of which is the original (pre 7000 name with T&L). This one was on ebay listed as the AGP model and only cost around $11 shipped.
  6. Unknown_K's latest conquests.

    Just got in a Radeon 7000 Mac32M PCI with DVI. Makes using a LCD monitor with a PCI mac so much easier, have not tested it yet.
  7. Q950 was $7200 , Q700 was $5700. Neither were cheap.
  8. Zif Carrier Advice

    You would probably find a Sonnet CPU card cheaper then the same speed ZIF these days.
  9. Well went to fire up the MDD in my room and it was dead. Wasn't in the mood to figure out why, so I brought up a G5 2ghz DC to replace it.
  10. One large file saved directly to a RAM drive (file has to be smaller then RAMdrive) to take the HD speed out of the equation as well as the OS overhead moving many smaller files.
  11. While I can easily stuff more then 6 Nubus cards into a single machine today, you would have to be pretty rich back in the day to try.
  12. Vince's Conquests

    I wonder if the tubes are useful for early Lugable PCs.
  13. I have one ADC monitor that looks nice connected to MDD and QS machines so 24V on the PS is good to have.
  14. EISA is kind of like PCI just less bandwidth so it will be much better then ISA. You will see faster speed with a 100Mb card on Nubus compared to just 10Mb, just don't expect full speed. There are 100Mb ISA Network cards as well (I have 1) but the bus will severely limit that card as well.
  15. Vince's Conquests

    There are those cheap HDTV to SDTV converters that have RF output.