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  1. Transwarp GS clone made again

    GS/OS runs better with a CPU upgrade and some mass storage and plenty of RAM. Most games (if not all) work just fine with a base IIgs system. I put my IIgs systems together a long time ago when parts were much cheaper (or free) and easier to find. $300 for a CPU upgrade is out of my price range to turn a IIgs into a slow mac (my impression). For me a IIgs is a solution for playing old Apple II games without a bulky IIe, plus the IIgs native games.
  2. Large Powerbook Lot (inc. 4 PB 2400c)

    Collecting is only a gold mine if you sell them off at a profit , otherwise its $300 gone. Most of the time you buy a huge lot of laptops there tends to be things wrong with them, which is why they get sold as a lot in the first place. It is fun cleaning them up and making them work again and hopefully you won't have too many junk machines. Finding parts to make them work could be costly and I am sure you figured that out when pricing the lot. Good luck and hope you have pictures.
  3. I think the aws95 card only booted under OS 7.01 or older and of course A/UX.
  4. Mac IIx

    The IIx will probably need a recap and is somewhat picky on memory. They are nice machines for running OS 6 or 7.1. Did yours have any cards installed ( no built in video)?
  5. Help with AirPort cards

    You need a different one for the bluetooth option on those machines as well. I have one of each. The real rarity for wireless is on the G5 PCIE towers. While those units have built in antennas you need a very rare card to plug into the machine.
  6. Help with AirPort cards

    The G5 PCIX towers need an antenna that plugs into the back of the case.
  7. PowerBook G4 lines in internal screen

    Loose,damaged,bad video cable? Does tapping around the speaker fix the screen? Working in the LCD panel is not something I would want to do so you would need to replace the whole panel assuming the graphics chip isn't messed up then you need a new laptop.
  8. Oddly Behaving G4

    Try installing the OS9.2.2 image from os9lives on a separate drive connected to the built in IDE ports and see what happens. Dual processor G4 upgrades install new firmware to work and OS 9 might be having issues with this.
  9. Mac 286 in a 7100?

    The virtual C drive has DOS 3.3 installed but that is software not a ROM feature I would think.
  10. Mac 286 in a 7100?

    Not sure about the 286 board, but the 386 models need some software to setup virtual drives and then you need DOS disks to install the OS and then load whatever apps you need. The DOS screen should be in a window on the mac screen (later cards allowed external monitors and sound, parallel, serial ports etc).
  11. Mac 286 in a 7100?

    From what I read if you have a 5.25" floppy drive connected to the controller board of the card you can read CP/M disks with it (its not the normal PC floppy controller chip). PC cards are fun to play with. I have a bunch of Orange Micro 386 and 486 Nubus boards plus Apples 486 6100 model and the Pentium PCI one. I would recommend a Mac II or IIx for the 286 card (there are 2 versions a single card and dual card).
  12. Mac 286 in a 7100?

    http://lowendmac.com/1998/the-once-and-future-mac286-page/ Article talks about the need to turn off 32 bit addressing so I would think the mac286 is probably a OS 6 or MAYBE OS 7.0 card (they dropped support pretty fast).
  13. IIfx acting funky, can't get it to boot right

    The 2 caps in the second revision (if that is what we are calling it) work with the shutdown function of the machine. I had to rework both of mine after I found out my machines would not shut down using software (there is a thread about it somewhere here).
  14. IIfx acting funky, can't get it to boot right

    What do you have that 5.25" floppy drive plugged into?
  15. IIfx acting funky, can't get it to boot right

    The RAM wasn't where I figured it was so will take a day or more to look for it (I did find some old VRAM I was looking for).