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  1. Unknown_K


    I never really seen the point of remote access unless you are running a server at some remote location (something you would not do with vintage gear). For me actually sitting in front of the machines working on them is the fun of it. I use KVMs because I want more then one machine available for use but not a separate monitor for each (space issues). If you want to remotely use Macos without any special hardware needs then just go emulation.
  2. Unknown_K


    I use an old Dr.Bott ADB KVM with 4 of my old macs, I also have a 12 port BlackBox ADB KVM. For USB Mac you could use any of the normal PC KVMs (I use Belkin models). For remote control there is software for the Mac/PC called Timbuktu that works into the OSX era if you have Ethernet (the 68k and OSX versions are probably not compatible).
  3. Only if you want it. I have snagged all kinds of macs and kept them for ages except for a 63xx and a Classic II that I didn't like and sold off quickly so I am biased.
  4. I have a bunch of G3s but they are all Sonnet with no jumpers and they all work (well except for a completely dead 500/1Mb).
  5. https://siber-sonic.com/mac/etc/MAXpowrG3manual.pdf
  6. Does it have DIP switches?
  7. That would be 604e and 256K cache correct? Which model Maxpower do you have?
  8. Did you pull the original CPU cache module off the motherboard? The original CPU on that is a 601-100 and the cache model (offset in between the 8 RAM DIMMs) will not work with a G3 upgrade.
  9. Both of mine have 8x4MB SIMMs for 32MB which is more then enough for what I do with them. I had 128MB in one and removed it since it was a waste (and I have a bunch of Q950's they would have been more useful in).
  10. SE/30 prices go up and down because of its popularity. I would sell the ethernet card separately from the machine if you want to maximize cash. Sending out the motherboard for recapping will raise the units price but probably not enough to offset your costs in doing so.
  11. Unknown_K

    What is this card?

    I have one already (might be the one with the daughter card will have to look). If anybody has the plug ins for After Affects let me know, need those and can't find them.
  12. Unknown_K

    What is this card?

    Part of the ICE family (BlueIce) of After Affects boards sold individually and also packaged with Avid and Media 100 systems. http://www.hidefproductions.net/Blog/Entries/2015/3/24_SO_MUCH_SMOKE%2C_SO_LlTTLE_FlRE_BluelCE.html
  13. Unknown_K

    Aeroflex SCSI to USB adaptor?

    SCSI to USB and Firewire adapters seem to be expensive and used for legacy SCSI equipment that cannot easily be replaced.
  14. Unknown_K

    PM 8500 no boot

    The later 8600/9600 CPU with cache on board instead of the separate cache stick are probably not swappable with older boards. 8100 series CPUs are soldered on I think. Make sure to hit the CUDA switch when swapping CPUs and make sure they are fully seated or the machine acts like it is 100% dead.
  15. Unknown_K

    Lower Geekbench score after installing a 7800GS

    Was the old video card using Core Image, there is probably some CPU overhead with it enabled.