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  1. Unknown_K

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Because I am in Youngstown, odd seeing somebody that close here.
  2. Unknown_K

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Are you actually in Warren Ohio? Anyway the Beige G3's used the old 40 pin ATA cables that tended to be longer and I think you can still find those on ebay. Most cables you see today are the shorter 80 pin type which will still work on older systems but are shorter. Years ago I had to track down a cable for my B&W G3 since it was a custom super long one and needed to be OEM (for the CDROM maybe forget what it was for).
  3. The Beige G3 was sold with a third party 68 pin SCSI card if you needed it to run as a server with SCSI HDs. Internal SCSI was fine for scanners which is what was probably popular at the time along with external SCSI removable media that would not need a faster interface (at that time).
  4. I think most of the people who spend $100+ for a Jackhammer or ATTO SEIV are not doing video capture, they just like the speed increase and are hardware lovers in general. Still a SATA Nubus card would require some very specific skills in hardware interfacing and code writing few people still have.
  5. Unknown_K

    G4 MDD main PSU connector pinout

    Mine died just sitting around and it might just be bad caps. One blows a fuse so I assume it has a shorted output somewhere and is probably not worth messing with.
  6. Slow compacts don't need fast SCSI HDs and as Cory said anything with a PCI slot has cheap and easy solutions for larger faster HDs (80/160 SCSI cards, SATA cards, or for the Beige G3 SATA to IDE adapters). I even shelled out a few bucks for a UWSCSI 320 PCIE card for one of my G5 towers. What really needs a better solution would be Nubus equipped 68040 and early PPC desktop/towers. To get past the slow built in SCSI bus you need a ATTO SEIV (if you don't need it to be bootable) or a FWB Jackhammer and prices for those cards are much more expensive then a IDE to SCSI adapter. What would be cool is a small custom made Nubus card (assuming you can find the Nubus connector cheap enough in quantity) with a SATA interface to either a cheap SATA hard drive or smallish SATA SSD both of which are being discarded in the millions now for larger and faster SSD drives in laptops. You can either make the card small with 2 SATA ports or larger with board area to mount a laptop drive with a second connector for a full sized SATA drive mounted in the case. If you can make one for less then the price of a Jackhammer goes for it will sell.
  7. Unknown_K

    G4 MDD main PSU connector pinout

    Any good websites on how to fix the old QS power supplies? I have at least 3 bad ones in the garage waiting for a cold day to get started on fixing them.
  8. Unknown_K

    Sales figures for compact Macs

    G4's and G5's were cheap a few years back, they might still be reasonable now but the bottom end on ebay macs would be early Intel laptops and Imacs. You will always find inexpensive Mac SE's and LC's because of the quantity sold compared to the other models but look out for bad floppy drives and stripped out HDs (to fix more popular 68k macs). Not sure how good a registry is for compact macs compared to Apple 1 because people who spend the cash for an Apple 1 will keep them while I think the 128K Compacts get flipped much more often.
  9. Unknown_K

    Sales figures for compact Macs

    Any system that sells in the hundreds of thousands or millions will have a glut in the used market when they are worthless. I remember the university I went to in the middle to late 80's had hundreds upon hundreds of IBM 5150 dual floppy no HD machines (probably the original 64k machines with RAM upgrades) in their computer labs for students to do word processing or whatever could fit on a 360K disk at the time connected to high speed dot matrix printers. I am sure after I left they tossed those in the thousands because they were useless, which is why they are worth something now. Personally I wish I could go back in time and save all those IBM CGA monitors and Model M keyboards.
  10. LVD80 standard. If you look at the picture the BIOS has an ACARD label.
  11. I think most of the ATAPI models were for old SCSI only systems where people wanted to replace the dead SCSI CDROM drive with something more easily available like an IDE CDROM, CDRW, or DVD drive or burner. I stuck a DVD drive into a Q950 for fun and it worked from what I recall (connected to a Jackhammer card).
  12. I do kind of wonder what the difference between the IDE and PATA SCSI adapters are outside of just firmware. If somebody could crack that then the much cheaper PATA adapters could be reflashed and make life easier. Also the Addonics adapters I have seem to be the same as the Acard variety of the same model name and firmware.
  13. ACARD uses a custom chip to make their adapters simple and cheap to build. The older adapters used more chips and space, plus those chips are probably not availbale these days.
  14. Unknown_K

    Mac G4 Sawtooth Upgraded

    I prefer my QS single CPU systems for OS 9.2.x use for some reason over the other G4 towers. Both of my Sawtooths have the dual G4-500 CPU upgrades (from a Gigabyte G4 maybe) and run OSX and 9.x on different partitions. My only G4 with a Sonnet CPU is a QS with a 1 or 1.2Ghz model (forget which) I got as a whole unit because it was not functional for the previous owner (just needed firmware upgrade and works fine).
  15. Dust bunnies. The PS needs cleaned out as well. Even with an exploded battery the PDS cards should come out OK so hunting for a 68040 card would pay off.