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  1. Unknown_K

    Auto inject floppy lubrication

    You get dust trapped in the grease and it hardens.
  2. Unknown_K

    Possible to share one ADB keyboard among two Macs?

    12 port also
  3. Unknown_K

    Lucky IIx acquisition

    Those boards plugs directly into the CPU and FPU socket, those PDS extenders are just custom connectors for the cache board that sit on top of the accelerator board. The problem with boards that plug directly into the sockets is that every Apple model has different placements of the CPU and FPU and there are other things on the motherboard that get in the way. That is why there are so many Daystar adapters for macs just like there are so many Applied engineering 040 models.
  4. Unknown_K

    Thunder II GX 1360 - Needs minor repair

    Not a clue. Measure the L3 part and then google the dimensions in mm and see what comes up. You will also need to figure out the value.
  5. Unknown_K

    Thunder II GX 1360 - Needs minor repair

    (L) Inductor, same as the part next to it L3
  6. Unknown_K

    Rosen Flea Market IIfx Restoration

    That second Nubus card (Rasterops) is a nice card.
  7. Unknown_K

    The biggest haul I’ve ever made.

    How does a IIfx end up in the pile of not worth selling? The sales DVDs should be ripped to ISO and dumped at archive.org
  8. Unknown_K

    Floppy drive for Macintosh IIfx

    Most beater machines are stripped and even if the board works finding a SCSI HD and working floppy drive will cost a bunch of money and even more if mounting hardware is needed. The second to the last beater I purchased was a 660av and from what I recall it needed recapped, new PS, and a HD and I still need to find 2 legs for it. Thankfully the CDROM and floppy were fine and the recap was uneventful (did it myself). Last one would be a Mac II that still needs traces fixed.
  9. Unknown_K

    VHS Video editing on early PowerPC macs.

    Not sure what your problem was with running out of memory on the 840av. You are limited to the max capture resolution of the hardware (not much different then what the 8500 can do) and the speed you can dump the captured video (and quality) to the hard drive. Stock 840av drives would not be up to keeping up with a video stream if you had it set to max rez and color depth. There is a reason people purchased RAID arrays and SCSI cards. Any major editing suite will pretty much stop capture if you drop frames, and they also use RS422 to the decks (if they have it ) plus timecode to set up captures at the correct point without getting out of your chair. Speaking of DV/VID8 a local guy I snag hardware from has a side hobby of grabbing vintage concert video people grabbed with handheld cameras and digitizing it. He has some high end gear and a couple DV decks for playback and he told me all DV recorders were junk from the day they came out and he has to make multiple passes sometimes to get a perfect grab without glitches. Could just be the tapes did not age well but he hates the format.
  10. Unknown_K

    Floppy drive for Macintosh IIfx

    Floppy drives will wear out eventually, especially the motorized 68k mac ones. I regret not snagging more when they were more common.
  11. Unknown_K

    VHS Video editing on early PowerPC macs.

    Its just the way the streams (audio and video) are processed that a few millionth of a second difference between them starts to be noticeable after a while. Any decent setup has a time based correction input (or one built in) to keep the streams in sync (basically a reference stream). MPEG cards and add-on boards (for both Mac and PC) were only a thing for a couple years until CPUs got fast enough to decode MPEG in real time. Encoding MPEG took a while longer.
  12. Unknown_K

    VHS Video editing on early PowerPC macs.

    The apple built in A/V ports work OK for short low resolution captures but anything long will have sound sync issues. There are plenty of PCI cards you can use for capture.
  13. Unknown_K

    Recent spike in PPC Mac prices?

    Any laptops with parts missing sold as-is isn't going to get much money. People will pay more for the top end models shown to work and are complete and in nice condition.
  14. Unknown_K

    Some OSX conquests.

    For classic I have 6.08 to 9.1 on CDs and floppies plus some machine specific CDs.
  15. Unknown_K

    Recent spike in PPC Mac prices?

    LEM seems to think the 700-900mhz iBooks were the most unreliable models made.