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  1. Iamanamma

    SCSI2SD Universal Mount

    Thank you for this mount! It works beautifully with the V5.1 boards!
  2. Iamanamma

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    This machine will be running only 1 program all day, and that program does not work correctly in OS 9. I have 2 IIsi Macs that have SCSI2SD boards replacing their old SCSI hard drives, and the machine operators are ecstatic with the change. They say they have noticed a dramatic speed increase. They also only run 1 program, all day.
  3. Iamanamma

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Using OS X will not help me at all. For what this G3 is going to be used to do, I am limited to 8.6 as the OS.
  4. I had roaring success putting SCSI2SD board into a couple of Mac IIsi's. I thought a G3 would be even easier, and to an extent, it was. I bought a 512GB SD card, configured it into 2 partitions, 1 @ 2 GB, 1 @ 500 GB, and installed it. Started up the G3, there were my two new drives. I installed OS 8.6 onto the smaller of the 2 partitions, everything is fine. The large partition has been giving me a ton of grief. After installing Retrospect Client and restarting, the partition came up "unreadable." So I tried to re-format it, and started getting unsupported drive error messages. 8.6's version of HD set-up refuses to try to make any changes stating it can't make changes to an unsupported drive. I got out my patched version of Apple HD SC Setup (7.5.3) and managed a reformat, but the problem I have now is that no matter what size I tell the utility that the partition should be, it will not make it any larger than 4 GBs, which is kind of useless to me. I've tried reformatting and repartitioning, but no matter what I do, that partition stays stubbornly at 4 GB. The HD Setup utility can SEE that I have tons more room, it just refuses to use it. The details command in HD Setup 7.5.3 shows that the partition is formatted as an Apple drive, the version of HD setup with OS 8.6 insists I have an unsupported drive. It's driving me crazy. Has anyone else tried to use a SCSI2SD board to replace the limited sized IDE drive? If you've experienced and managed to work around this issue, I would sure appreciate the insight!
  5. Iamanamma

    About lubricating that floppy drive...

    Hi All: I am working on cleaning some of these old dinosaurs, and was wondering if that plastic sleeve that some of the floppy dives are wrapped in are absolutely necessary? I usually like to put things back exactly the way I got them out but these things tear up pretty easily AND make getting the floppy drive out of the bracket MUCH harder.
  6. Iamanamma

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    You're right, it does. Had a senior moment. I have more G3s, so the RAM chip won't go to waste.
  7. Iamanamma

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    No worries! You and Trag both have supplied me with heaps of helpful advice and material. I decided also to buy that G3 4 new RAM chips from OWC, and a 4 GB VRAM chip from Operator Headgap. The old RAM was from wherever we could find it the cheapest, so I am not sure how great it ever was. I am hoping the VRAM addition might be helpful as well for a performance boost. Currently I only have the stock 2 GB in it, and the more peripherals I added, the longer it took for the video to come up even with the elimination of the wonky CD-ROM. 30-45 seconds isn't a long time, unless you're sitting in fron tof the computer waiting to be able to get some work done!
  8. Iamanamma

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    I swapped another CD-rom (and its cable) into the troublesome tower, now everything is working. I am attempting to install OS 8.6 as I type.
  9. Iamanamma

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Yes, the zip drive is SCSI, and it is working properly. I do have 2 non-working desktop G3 machines. I will swipe the CD-rom out of one of them to see if it works. I also have a G4 and another SCSI2SD board and another 512Gb SD card. I could put it into the G4 (which does have SCSI) and write everything I need onto the SD card that way, then simply switch SD cards in the G3.
  10. Iamanamma

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    I isolated the problem with the CD-Rom before I installed the SCSI2SD. The CD-rom isn't SCSI, so I am confused as to how termination settings on my SCSI bus could be causing problems?
  11. Iamanamma

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Hi Cory. The SCSI2SD isn't all that expensive any more. It cost about the same as a 120 GB SSD. The SD card was the more expensive part, because I wanted a honking big one. The v 5.1 SCSI2SD has software termination built in. It was ridiculously easy to configure it for the G3. I haven't et installed OS software onto it yet, I still need to figure a way around the malfunctioning CD-ROM to do that.
  12. Iamanamma

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    I am going with the SCSI2SD. It actually was a piece of cake putting it in and firing it up. My video and PRAM zapping problems all appear to be related to either that CD-ROM or its ribbon cable, because my issues start whenever it is plugged in. It doesn't matter which IDE port. The PATA hard drive I have works just fine off of wither port, although it's kind of slow and pretty full. I bought a 512 GB SD card. That should give him some space. My biggest problem right now is trying to figure out how to get the operating system onto the SCSI2SD. My install disk for 8.5 is on a CD. I have a USB card in the G3 and a USB CD-RW, but I can't seem to get it to work. The CD-RW may be too much newer.
  13. Iamanamma

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Well, I am back inside the beast, and it appears there is something seriously wrong with the CD-ROM. The vidoe will not start up if the CD-ROM is plugged into either of the ATA ports. This is going to complicate getting the OS onto the new SD Card on the SCSI Bus. The Zip drive and the floppy drive both work, thanks to a Youtube video on how to take your floppy drive apart and clean it. I Have a USB card for this G3, I just hadn't put it back in. I also have a USB CD-ROM. I will figure this all out yet.
  14. Iamanamma

    PRAM won't zap?

    What I am favoring restoring are our G3 towers. If I am understanding you correctly, the beige G3 towers have the ATX power supply? I would be able to find the same thing without excessive amount of difficulty?
  15. Iamanamma

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    I have no idea how to modify cables. Know any good tutorials?