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  1. Macintosh SE/30 and ROM GGLABS MACSIMM

    Hey hunter44102! Great link! (for the sake of the original poster) Wish I had found it or it had been up when I was fiddlin' with the SE/30. I gave all my old Macs to my Uncle Steve (Who really collects Macs) and have gone pretty much Amiga and Apple IIgs w/ a smatter ing of 8-bit A2, C64. Only mac I have now is a very nice Plus Uncle Steve sent to live with me. (Was thinking about doing the ROMinator on it). The Plus sits with a single Atari ST as examples of "Other beloved 16-bit machines." Gotta draw the line somewhere, one could end up buried in old boxes and not even have time to actually turn one on and enjoy it.
  2. Macintosh SE/30 and ROM GGLABS MACSIMM

    This may or may not help... I had an SE/30 and bought a ROMINATOR II and had some very interesting results: -It booted just fine from the ROM ([apple]+[r]) -It would refuse to boot from SCSI with any system higher than 7.1 -It would boot higher versions of 7 from floppy and would install without error, then simply refuse to boot to the device installed upon. -I tried it with or w/o Mode32 in sys folder -It had none of these problems booting from the original ROM Seems like I found a posting somewhere online about differences in SE/30 logicboards (Dark vs light green). Mine it would seem was "dark" (and dated 1989). I'm writing this from a foggy memory so I hope it at the very least may point you in a helpful direction. Th machine was configged as such: -128MB RAM -Nothing in PDS slot -SCS2SD (configged for ID2 and ID0) Good luck.
  3. SCSI2SD and Apple IIGS?

    "There is no point in running a SCSI-2 drive on an Apple II. Its simply too slow to take advantage of it" Sure man, a given, BUT I am configging this thing ALL WHICH WAYS to see if I can get the thing to fully work with ANY machine I have... I have not had much luck. I've been trying to put the v6 in my Uncle's Color Classic and reclaim my v5 for my Mac Plus or IIgs. I found the v6 to be very finicky. I have formatted a 2gig HFS partition on my ROM1 IIgs w/ scsi2 enabled and disabled (Dang if I didn't space trying to read/write to it). I have formatted and read/wrote to it with a Performa 6400/180 over db25 using the scsi2sd's onboard termination useing Apple's utility (patched). However, after formatting with my IIgs the Uncle's Color Classic recognizes it (SCSI2 disabled), but locks up system 7.5.3 when attempting to write to the device. Additionally, after a couple of boots it now refuses to mount at all. Apple's SCSI utility state's "unsupported" and the patched version, as well as Lido crash with an error -39. The wiki says v6 has issues of term and using over db25. That being said, my experience with v6 has been poor and I'm beginning to wonder if it works at all (latest firmware). Perhaps my machines are simply too old to play nice? (The Performa I used was not mine, and I own no machines of that era). However, v5 simply seems to work nicely and exactly as it should. The v6 has been a trifle. (PM me if you wanna swap something for it ).
  4. Compact mac crt swaps?

  5. SCSI2SD and Apple IIGS?

    I am happy to report v5 works great. I have a Rom1, apple scsi card (rev c clone), and I run a scsi2sd (v5) just fine, even bus-powered. Works great with my ROM 3 too! scsi2sd v6 is another story. It formats fine but locks up when I try to write with scsi2 enabled. I will be experimenting more soon.
  6. Compact mac crt swaps?

    Of the top of your heads, could one swap a classic II monitor into an se/30? (Well splicing on connectors anyway) Thx
  7. Original mac demo program?

    Sweet dudes! Thanks! Won't run on a 128k Seems appropriate sitting here is a foot and a half of snow in Salt Lake City Utah! Gotta try the files. Uncle has a a 512, plus, SE, SE/30, gonna get him to try it on his Color Classic!
  8. Original mac demo program?

    Hello All, My Uncle got his hands on an original Mac (Pre-128 Badge). I was wondering if anybody knows where I might find the original demo program for his display? (Or any of the early in-store demo programs for that matter) Thx
  9. What is the best Apple II to buy?

    I must say this too, though it pains me. I am aware of the reason(s) the IIgs shipped @ 2.8mhz... That being said, it's a wonderful machine, but it's a wonderful machine that is painfully, tearfully, and sometimes disastrously slow. (Think a C64 w/ 1541 disk drive... Frustratingly, "Get up and go to the kitchen," slow). That being said, I always wanted one as a kid, but would not forsake my Amiga for one... I finally got one. And well, I absolutely love the machine.
  10. Project: Apple IIc video/boot problem

    Well, back to the drawing board. I swapped in a known good Character ROM and even a known good 65C02 (Both from a Platinum IIe)... Netted same results... Prob, just let it slide away... got too many projects now.
  11. What is the best Apple II to buy?

    IIgs for the most software options, neat sound, computers and extras are spendy. IIe for expandability (playing with cards. IIc/IIc+ for small footprint. It really depends on if you want the 16-bit IIgs stuff. If not? My Vote is IIc/IIc+ (There is a guy making mockingboards for IIc now ) AND a Floppy-EMU. (www.bigmessowires.com) Disks are a pain and the floppy-emu is SUPER!
  12. Project: Apple IIc video/boot problem

    Great! I have a spare platinum IIe motherboard. I'll try for the swap, dunno why I didn't think of it??? ????
  13. SO I have a new project IIc. When I power it up I get no disk drive spin, just power and vertical color bars. After disassembling it I found an anomaly at the location of the character ROM socket. The socket is a 28-pin. The chip in it is 24-pin, labeled 342-0265-A, and if i move it around slightly it get variations in the video output. I believe this chip may be a video ROM chip for a IIe enhancement kit? (No real knowledge here, just a google search). Is this the correct chip for the IIc? Any help would be great. Thx
  14. BUT... will it work with a IIc Plus? ???? Be as snappy as you like. ????
  15. Huge vintage computer score!

    Interested in trades