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  1. Canby Fat Mac

    Lisa to Mac Plus conversion

    Here is the lisa side of the boards terminals. Just trying to figure the traces on that filp-flop chip. http://www.datasheets360.com/pdf/3693062306706269091
  2. Canby Fat Mac

    Lisa to Mac Plus conversion

    Thats Great!!. And seeing those were the clock battery. Thats perfect. Now to drawing this out
  3. Canby Fat Mac

    Lisa to Mac Plus conversion

    Curious, Does the power button work?
  4. Canby Fat Mac

    Lisa to Mac Plus conversion

    OMG Man!!! Thats IT!
  5. Canby Fat Mac

    Lisa to Mac Plus conversion

    Sorry if this has been asked before. My Lisa is in sad shape and will take time find another I/O board and software. What im thinking of doing in the interim is making a custom motherboard tray with the 30/60 male card end connector for disk, keyboard, and power switch feeds, and a 15/30 male card end connector for speaker, video, and power all running back to a plus motherboard. I want make it swappable so can put the original Lisa 2/5 board tray right back in and Vice versa. I realize the power switch will need a custom circuit to trigger the PS, and I'll have to bypass the Lite card. But how realistic is it to attempt this swappable convention? Only thing online is a Pi conversion but that doesn't keep to the apple Spirit of things.
  6. Canby Fat Mac

    Lisa I/O board parts

    I'm rebuild a Lisa 2/5 and I able to find a MC1489PD, but I'm not able to find a MC1488PD only a MC1488P (no D) is the MC1488P a suitable substitute? Also does anyone know what the thing is below R46? The battery's ate them.
  7. Canby Fat Mac

    Macintosh Portable Card ID

    Came across this card inside a 5120. Can't find much of anything online about it. Anyone know what it is?
  8. Canby Fat Mac

    Mac Portable non-backlit "murky" LCD

    It tunnel vision (well not tunnel shaped). Mac Portables that have been stored in humid areas will get moisture inbetween the glass and LCD. https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/14107-the-end-of-a-pb170-lcd/I fixed this once by leaving a screen in a sealed bucket with silica gel but it took a few months.
  9. Canby Fat Mac

    Using an HD20 with a 128k Mac

    Here an updated link, had to remove the last one. http://earlymacintosh.org/disk_images/3.2%20HD%2020%20Startup.sit
  10. Canby Fat Mac

    Macintosh Portable: IT LIVES!

    SWEET! Always nice to see a MP back from the dead. Nice Work!
  11. Canby Fat Mac

    Kendall's Collection and Finds!

    That could also be a back badge of a 128/512k, the front badge apple is case color and the back badge is the color of the background of the back "Macintosh" / "Macintosh 512K" badge which it brown.
  12. Canby Fat Mac

    Using an HD20 with a 128k Mac

    Heres the Original HD20 Disk with system 3.2 https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=F73182AF83ABB56%218075
  13. Canby Fat Mac

    Kendall's Collection and Finds!

    That poster is super sweet! Now you need a 128k to keep the pluses company :)
  14. Canby Fat Mac

    Macintosh Portable Hard Drive

    The Conner CP3045 and CP3040 are the same hardware and platter with different controller boards. In other words, take the board off your broken drive and buy one of these for a OEM looking replacement http://www.ebay.com/itm/Conner-CP3040A-GLD02-40MB-Apple-50-Pin-SCSI-Hard-Drive-/291619718308?hash=item43e5e3c4a4:g:GzkAAOSwA4dWJZAW
  15. I found a Macintosh Portable 5126 south side of London from the original owner. Got it back to the states today, put in a new battery and was surprised to find it works flawless (even the clock was set powered with 9v dated 9/94). Took it apart to remove the British invasion of dust bunnies and was even more surprised to find all the original caps are installed. Inspected them and see zero signs of leaks. Now should I stick to the side of "Preventive Maintenance" and have the board recapped? Or the side of the purest and leave it "Original as designed by Apple" and "Dont fix whats not broken"