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  1. Hey some of you may remember me putting a Western Digital HD in my quadra 650 a while back.. well now i think it may be busted but it is a strange issue. I booted up the Quadra a few minutes ago, it showed the question mark/no disk icon. Then it suddenly shut off. When the power button was pushed it made a noise from the PSU, three pops, then nothing. This happened each time the button was pushed. After opening the case and unplugging the hard drive the comp turns on properly. Heres what i dont get is why the noise comes from the psu when the hd is unplugged then its fine when unplugged? It leads me to believe something inside the hard drive is shorting out but i have no idea.
  2. russman

    9 on a Quadra?

    I'm running 8.6 on my PPC Quadra 650. My experiences; Using a utility to change the gestalt id of your mac will get it to install, but it will not boot without doing some resedit hacking of the system file.
  3. russman

    powerbook 1400 charger..

    Yeah 24 volt is right, just said 9 off the top of my head. I know a charger from a lombard will work though.
  4. russman

    powerbook 1400 charger..

    I believe its 45 watts 9 volts but i am not completely sure, i know a charger from a lombard will work and i think a charger from a pismo will as well.
  5. russman

    Lombard ram problem

    Well, its still very unstable and unreliable. I bought a 256 mb stick and i will try that out, should be okay.
  6. russman

    Lombard ram problem

    Well, i have gotten it working for now with vm on, hopefully it will run better. What i did was set the disk cache in memory control panel to Custom setting at 2 mb. Not sure why this helped but it has so far.
  7. russman

    Lombard ram problem

    Okay, its running with the 128 mb in, seems to be okay. I started up with extensions off, and did a ram test with guage pro, the ram was ok. So i took the daughtercard out and blew out the ram slots and the conncections to the motherboard with a can of compressed air. Then i started it up but it unexpectadly quit system profiler, photoshop crashed with error 2 and wamcom froze the system. I shut virtual memory off and now it seems to be okay although i would like to solve the underlying problem so i can use vm again.
  8. russman

    Finally done it ...

    Wavelan card in my lombard, works flawlessly in 9.2. Also used it in a powerbook 1400 with 8.1 and 9.1 and it worked great there too.
  9. russman

    Lombard ram problem

    But i have no problems with only the one module in so i don't think it is an extensions conflict, i think its just when i have them both in and extensions on it has more to load into memory and then it freezes. I'm not sure if they are the same speed, i'll probobly end up buying a stick of 256 or something.
  10. russman

    $26 well spent.

    Oh yeah sorry, i missed that part
  11. russman

    Lombard ram problem

    I can't see how i would have a bad ram stick, if i can use the lombard with either on in without any problems. Its just when they are together that i can't boot.
  12. russman

    Lombard ram problem

    I got my lombard from ebay today, 333 mhz, 64 mb ram, 9.2.2 This runs os 9 great and thats where its going to stay i think. WamCom is a nice browser too. I have been trying to add a stick of 64 mb to the open ram slot but no matter what i do the two won't play nice. Interestingly it boots with extensions off but when they are on it freezes either before the finder loads or right after the icons show up. I tried flipping them around and the daughtercard is seated well, it boots with one or the other but with both it freezes. Ideas?
  13. russman

    not good...

    Yeah doesn't sound good, i agree that something must have shorted out, how did that screw get in there?
  14. russman

    iMac G4!

    Of course they appreciate the speed of a newer computer. Its like buying a new car to replace your old one, the old one still runs fine and someone else could find a good use for it, but it still could end up in a junkyard. A lot of people don't realize the value of their old items, i mean they could have got hundereds for that iMac on ebay, or even locally. I don't understand why they wouldn't want it as even a kitchen computer or something. I can see getting rid of a G3 or something like that but the G4 is still a fast computer that has a contemporary look and doesn't look like an "old" computer.
  15. Do you have the latest firmwire installed on the imac?