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  1. Software for Mac SE

    Agreed, I thought about recommending RAM Doubler too, but it had been too long since I used it and I wasn't sure I could describe properly how it works. I'm 95% sure I used it on the Classic (as well as my later Performa). As I recall, it won't allow you to load any program whose RAM requirement is higher than the physical amount you have installed, but it will make multiple programs play much nicer with each other. If Photoshop loads for you but complains about being low on memory, RAM Doubler should help.
  2. help me saving my SE/30

    Have you followed all the instructions in Larry Pina's book (widely linked on these forums) for adjusting the video after making changes? That weird looking screen looks to me like what you get when you turn the cutoff up all the way. The goal is to turn the brightness up to max, turn the cutoff up to max, and then turn the cutoff down until those lines have just disappeared, leaving a normal display. Even before that, you should check that the voltage is adjusted correctly. If the voltage is off, all the other adjustments will have to be redone anyway. But you mention that adjusting the dials on the left didn't help, so maybe there is a larger problem (most likely on the analog board). In general, Pina is very helpful in laying out the steps to be taken in order to check the health of a set. Although he focuses on the Plus and SE, a lot of the material still applies to the SE/30 (which has an analog board identical to the SE, if I remember correctly). The "horizontal rusty thing" looks like a healthy flyback transformer to me, though other eyes more expert than mine may see things I can't. The button next to the reset button is the programmer's switch. I vaguely remember playing with it on my Classic and getting something like that, so that might be the normal function, but I never understood how the programmer's switch worked and learned to leave it alone. Good luck, you've come so far already!
  3. Software for Mac SE

    Nice! An SE with 4MB can run anything System 7.1 era fairly comfortably (granted I never used Photoshop back then so I don’t know about that - Netscape was another app I could never run until I got a Performa, I believe that was a processor speed issue). I believe the SE can do 7.5 but I always preferred 7.1 on my Classic. Have fun!
  4. Software for Mac SE

    After Dark is fun even without the pretty colors (I used to run it on my Classic, I think). Macintosh Garden has several versions, check to see which one might be best for your processor and RAM. Do I gather you only have 2 MB? I had a 2 MB Classic for years and never dared to run System 7 on it until I upgraded it to 4 MB, but I have heard that it is possible with 2 MB. Maybe not so bad if you're only using it for occasional fun and not as a daily driver. I love the early system 7 days (my first Mac) and need to develop more of a "slate" of apps to deploy on my multiple computers of that vintage. So many hours playing Crystal Quest on my System 6 Classic... I also remember a software package called Now Fun! and a book called Customizing Your Mac for Fun/Productivity (there was a floppy disk for Fun and one for Productivity, guess which got the most use) but it's been so long that I don't remember if that was System 6 or 7, 2 MB or 4.
  5. Can you use the video card from the working machine to test the non-working machine?
  6. Need guidance on Classic II repair

    PRAM battery should definitely come out even if it’s not leaking - sounds like you know that. I have more experience with the Plus line, but no video would make me suspect the analog board. (Also, on a Plus, turn up the brightness knob, but I think the Classic used the control panel for that?) Larry Pina’s book referenced higher in the thread is great for procedure, although the SE is the latest machine he addresses directly. Hope someone in the UK can recommend a good parts source for you, I only know US sources.
  7. Need guidance on Classic II repair

    Looking at the context, I think “check/test” is meant. It’s a language issue, not a technical term. Likewise I think “will” often means English “would” (“this is what I would do if I were you”). No criticism intended - I would never have the nerve to post on a technical forum in a language not my own. Very grateful to the folks who come here to share their knowledge.
  8. LC no sound

    I have been following this thread with interest because I have several IIsi machines with sound issues. I haven’t gotten to the recapping stage yet. What do you use for a hot air station? (Sorry I keep coming into threads to ask for recs, I am building out my work bench and it seems to be the most effective way to get opinions on this stuff.)
  9. Sorry to intrude on this thread, but what would you recommend as “good quality” thermal compound? I was just thinking about getting some for another project.
  10. Tanaquil's Hoard

    The latest in my "someone get her off ebay" adventures... I succumbed to not one but two auctions today. Quadra 650 (working) in original packaging with accessories plus Jaz drive (condition unknown), $165 shipped. I couldn't click Buy It Now fast enough. I have been on the lookout for a Quadra 650. A little sad I didn't get the monitor too (it was available in a separate auction, still is actually) but the shipping on that was killer and I have a perfectly good 15 inch multisync that should work fine, I used to use it with my Performa 636. A batch of 400K floppy drives that may or may not be working... This could very well be a pig in a poke, the auction wasn't cheap and for all I know all the drives are completely unrecoverable, but at least one of the drives according to the labels in the picture is one that might work internally with my 128K Version A ROMs. And I just can't resist the opportunity to turn trash into working treasure. (Ask me about the pile of half-working PowerBook 1xx drives in the basement. I might actually rebuild the perfect working PB 180c from that lot this summer, I think I have all the parts I need now.) My collecting is so driven by nostalgia. I have owned a half dozen far more powerful laptops than the 180c, but I will not rest content until I have THAT laptop because my roommate had one back when I was a penniless grad student and I wanted a laptop so, so, so badly. I used to borrow it for very brief periods. (Of course the battery when fully working probably only lasted an hour at best. The active matrix color screens were power vampires. Those were the days!) Same with the Quadra - it's probably fairly similar to my Performa 636 in specs but when I was typing my way through grad school on a Classic (see above penniless grad student, I spent a lot of time mooning around in computer stores between dissertation chapters) the Quadra displays in the Mac store were the height of unattainable luxury. That would have been a year or two before the PowerBooks came into my view. I finally did get the Performa in my last year and it was bliss at the time (color! Netscape Navigator!) but a tiny part of me has always wanted a for-real Quadra. Some people covet the fancy car when they make it big. Me? I just want the computers I couldn't afford 25 years ago.
  11. I was going to keep all my compact restoration questions in one thread, but then I thought it might be easier to get answers if I break them up. As mentioned in an earlier thread, I have a 512K board upgraded with snap-on RAM and SCSI boards, I think both from Dove MacSnap. Either it or the analog board (or both) were not working when I pulled them from a non-working 512Ke some fifteen years ago. Picture of all three: Can I put these boards in the dishwasher without removing any RAM or ROM chips? The RAM is soldered on and the ROM is socketed. They are really dusty and cleaning with alcohol and rinsing lightly definitely didn't remove all the gunk. Sadder news: While trying to straighten the pins on the SCSI board (the ones that plug the ROMs into the socket below) I managed to break one off and it went flying (so I don't have the pin to solder back on). Second row from the bottom, second pin in from the left. Is this fixable? What, if anything, could I do to replace the missing pin? I don't care that much about SCSI on this machine but not knowing exactly how the upgrade worked, I am not sure what to do to undo it apart from moving the socketed ROM chips back onto the main board. I don't even know how much memory this was originally upgraded to - if it has the SCSI maybe it has 1 MB? Strangely, I see no sign of a SCSI cable having been run to the outside of the machine. I don't have any grand plans for this machine since it has never been working since I got it, but I thought it would be fun to get it back into working order.
  12. PB145B’s finds

    Nice haul! If you fix that broken window on the Zip drive, let us know how you did it. I have a drive like that sitting on the “fix someday” shelf. Where do you find your PC stuff? I thought eBay was expensive two years ago, but it seems to have gone through the roof since then.
  13. Powerbook Titanium Booting to Open firmware woes

    Interesting! I’ll have to try that on my beige G3 tower which is having similar problems.
  14. Skate finds a iigs

    That is a beautiful haul, especially considering how expensive IIgs machines seem to be these days.
  15. Performa Undelete/Recovery Software?

    Norton Utilities was my go to back in my Performa days. I’m not at all sure it can recover anything after a full reformat, but it never hurts to try. MacTools was also good. Macintosh Garden has forums as well as downloads and the people there are amazing at identifying long-forgotten games. Post a question over there if no one here recognizes them.