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  1. Bunsen

    John's Classic Restoration Thread

    Folks, please try not to quote a 23-photo post just to add a one line comment. Use the Reply To Post box instead of the Quote button. Edited.
  2. What happens if you use a PDS video card, and disable the motherboard video?
  3. Wow. While I can appreciate the convenience and flexibility, my gut instinct is that replacing one connector with another that looks identical and is completely different electrically is just asking for trouble.
  4. Bunsen

    DAYSTAR Universal PowerCache installation manual

    Unsurprising, seeing as I posted that comment six years ago. I suggest copying and pasting the link into archive.org
  5. Done, and removed the blockquote from around the content of the edited second post.
  6. Bunsen

    Mac Portable Video: Where to tap the source?

    So far I've only skimmed most of this thread, but it seems worth pointing out that bbraun managed to capture video from the SE PDS, pipe it over USB, and display it on another computer, with a $12 STMicro ARM Discovery board. If his 68k hacking site is still around or wayback-able (I think it went offline a while ago?) there is a forum thread there about it.
  7. Standard household outlets are 10A = 2.2kW
  8. IIRC, the 2.5" SCSI drives (Seagate Savvio and the like) are 68 pin, not 80 pin. Another option might be to modify the bracket under the drive to drop it down a little, but that's permanent surgery on the case plastics. That gap under the drive is also the inlet for cooling air for the whole system, which might present problems. Or, you could move the drive over into the CD-ROM bay, and use an external CD-ROM when necessary.
  9. Thanks for reporting back, MarkT. Compiling all the information you gathered along the way will be very helpful for the next person who starts down this road.
  10. Bunsen

    Stereo Mod for Color Classic

    Last time I recall looking into this, the conclusion was that the sound IC on the CC does in fact produce a stereo signal, but it's mixed down to mono off-chip. Hence the possibility of stereo.
  11. Bunsen

    Stereo Mod for Color Classic

    I think copying the values from the existing mono output circuit on the CC might be your best bet.
  12. Bunsen

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    True, but that involves porting the SCSI emulation to a whole different processor architecture. Then again, I guess the same applies to trying to run it on the GPU.
  13. Bunsen

    Unable to access the Wiki