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  1. Tsurasa

    Tsu's Power Macintosh 9600

    Hey all: Here's some pictures.. I do need to dust a bit, and also, my machine has yellowed a bit over the years. I have also a IIci, that chimes, but doesn't boot. That's about the extent of my old mac collection. I would love to get that IIci working, but I might just pass it to someone who has the time/money to recap the motherboard, as I've heard that is what usually needs to happen to fix those machines. Also, for your collections, do you use the machines? I always have wondered if I should leave it running, run it when i use it, turn it off when not, or just leave it off.. I clean it regularly, get out the dust and test the fans.. Just wondering what you folks think about leaving it running, as that's what I usually do. I do turn it off, at times when I'm going to not use it for a while, but some nights I leave it running. Byrd - Thanks for the tip on PCI card placement! I need to clean it soon here, so I'll try that when I take it apart to clean it. Regarding the OrangePC card, it's, well, cute.. But _not_ totally needed.. VirtualPC or whatnot will accomplish the same thing pretty much, I notice both to be just as fast. All I really do with it is run DOS games from my childhood, and some Win 3.1 stuff. The 550 comes with a decent sound card, the ESxxxx, not sure about the number, or x's, compatible with SB16, and also has some kind of wavetable on it?? ??I think?? MIDI files sound awesome when I play them in Win 3.1.. I guess one nice thing is it doesn't use any of your PowerMac's memory, which is kind of nice.. Especially if I have a lot of stuff running on the mac, or big programs open. TheWhiteFalcon - Thanks, I thought it would count as vintage, but wasn't totally sure.. =) Schmoburger - Thanks for the welcome! Your 9600 sounds nice too! Yeah, I love doing things on my 9600, people are almost blown away when I do some of the things I do on it, and they find it out it's a machine from 97'. A buddy of mine was building a DOS box, and I showed him my OrangePC card.. He thought it was very cool, only really lacking the 5 1/4" floppy drive.. That Targa2000 card sounds awesome, I'm guessing they aren't real common, though.. Hotdog Zanzibar - Yep, I'm in that last category for sure.. Though I do have that previously mentioned IIci! That's about it though..
  2. Tsurasa

    Tsu's Power Macintosh 9600

    Hi Folks! I've finally decided to post details about my "vintage" mac setup on the Internet! I say vintage with quotes, as I don't really know if a 9600 would count as vintage... I also don't know if I'd call it a conquest, it's more a collection I've built up starting around late 90s.. It's a little.... Crazy. But I love it! If I can think of one community that would appreciate these specs, I think this one would be it.. I will try to post pictures later on this week, maybe tomorrow after work! For now, take a peek at this: --- BEGIN SETUP DETAILS --- Base System: PowerMac 9600/350MHz CPU Upgrade: Sonnet G4 1GHz CPU Board Memory: 1GB (Could go up to 1.5GB) Monitor: Sun 21" Display (Maxed at 1600x1200 @ 85Hertz) Apple Desktop Bus Input Devies: Datadesk Mechanical Keyboard w/ Trackball mouse integrated & detached number pad Touchpad PCI Cards: Aurora Fuse Video Caption Card ProTools AudioMedia III Card 3dfx Voodoo 5500 for Mac Video Card OrangePC 550 (I think it's a 550...) DOS Card (w/ Pentium MMX 233MHz CPU and 256MB of RAM) Adaptec SCSI Card (Not sure on model, but i think the main internal port is labeled LVD) Orange Micro USB 2.0/Firewire 400 Card USB Periphrials: Microsoft USB Optical Mouse Macally USB Gamepad (looks like the PS1 gamepad) Wacom PenPartner Drawing Tablet Canon Flatbed Scanner Epson Stylus Photo R1800 Edirol UA-25 MIDI/Sound Device Palm Connect USB Cable External Seagate 1TB Hard Drive Firewire Periphrials: External Memorex DVD-DL Burner External DVD-RAM Drive (Swiped from a G4) SCSI: 0-Primary Hard Drive (Just under 200GB) 1-External Sony MO 5GB Drive 2-**NOTHING** 3-Internal CDROM Drive (Whatever the 9600 came with) 4-Internal jaz 2GB Drive 5-External (VERY old) 1x Apple CDROM Drive 6-External 250MB Zip Drive 7-Adaptec SCSI Card Serial Periphrials: Color Stylewriter 4500 (Not functional) Newton MessagePad 2100 Apple QuickTake 200 Camera Supera Fax/Modem 288 DOS Card Periphrials: Old Microsoft Serial Mouse on COM1: PC ProgramPad GamePad (Looks like a SNES controller) on the Game port --- END SETUP DETAILS --- All three audio devices (builtin mac audio, audiomedia III, and edirol UA-25) route through my Sony DA777ES, which was an amazing receiver for the time.. Only real problem I have is the aurora fuse video caption card is SLOOOOWW.. The video displays on the Mac at about 10 FPS @ 256 colors, at thousands or millions, it's unplayable, nothing shows up. I THINK this is due to how picky this computer is with PCI card order... I've fiddled a LOT with this, and this combo has everything working top speed, except the video caption card.. Kind of a minor issue, maybe I'll try other permutations of card combos later.. Also, I have a Apple DOS card too, fastest one.. Sadly, I can't boot with USB Extensions on, it's my understanding that they conflict with the DOS Card.. That's why I picked up the OrangePC card. I _think_ that's about everything.. If you have questions or thoughts, feel free to comment! I would love to hear suggestions or other ideas about my setup! Thanks for reading this, and have a good one!