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  1. gobabushka

    Color Classic Analog Board Diodes

    Appreciate the input guys, ill go ahead and get some caps ordered. Does anyone have a pic of the rear side of the analog board? Just want to make sure I have something to compare it to. Also, does anyone know if I can power up the logic board from a bench power supply for basic testing, such as to see if I hear the startup chime out of the headphone jack?
  2. gobabushka

    Color Classic Analog Board Diodes

    I have not recapped the analog board as the caps looked good on visual inspection, and the machine was "working" when shipped from the seller lol. This may sound like a silly question, but what and where are my B+ terminals? Also what is the best way to test the opto isolators? Do you happen to know part numbers or pics so I can take a glance at the datasheets? I'm not home at the moment, but should be back in a week-ish. @techknight, I appreciate your help!
  3. gobabushka

    Color Classic Analog Board Diodes

    As part of my ongoing saga with my basket case Color Classic, I took another look at the analog board and saw some burning around DL21 and DL22. At least one did not test right on a meter, so I figure it's easy to just replace them Could those cause my CC to not start up? All it does is make a click and blink the front led. I have attached a pic of the diodes in question and a video of what the computer is doing. VID_20190819_002642.mp4
  4. gobabushka

    Mac Plus ROM Error?

    Have u tries different memory? Is the memory resistor selected for the correct amount of memory?
  5. gobabushka

    Color Classic Analog Board problems

    Also, checked the rails to see if there was power, the rails were jumping all over the place. As was said previously, it looks like the PSU isn't going into the on state.
  6. gobabushka

    Color Classic Analog Board problems

    Ok, so I did some reading on an old thread, and I had the analog board out. I removed the metal shield carefully, and reinstalled it. Now, it beeps once and the green light blinks. I currently have it plugged in letting it sit for a couple days to see if it comes up.
  7. gobabushka

    Color Classic Analog Board problems

    The fan does not kick on at all, and no this was a private sale from the Color Classic Club on Facebook but I did it through paypal
  8. gobabushka

    Color Classic Analog Board problems

    Also thank you for yall's help!
  9. gobabushka

    Color Classic Analog Board problems

    When I stick my ear near the CRT neck on power switch flip, I hear the tube charging, and the chirp almost sounds like it's near the fan but I can't be sure. When I first got the machine, the ground strap was out of place and occasionally would arc on a regulator heatsink. I have also attached an imgur link to pics of the 575 board. http://imgur.com/gallery/ZetALXt (Had issues with site upload) I will say, I have cleaned around the caps with contact cleaner and some isopropanol, however they are the original board caps contrary to what I was told by the seller. No one can solder that perfectly. Once I get some serious down time I can also post pics of the analog board, but I would have to remove it again. I did try and touch up and cold solder joints, and saw nothing bridged prior to re-installation.
  10. So I was recently able to aquire a Color Classic with a 575 board. It was supposedly working when shipped. When I got the machine, nothing. I tried all of the normal troubleshooting steps, let it sit, unplug and replug the logic board with power switch on, clean the contacts. I also pulled the analog board and found nothing that really stood out. No blown caps, no cracks, no burn marks. When I turn the machine on, I get what sounds like high voltage, but when I press power button, All Iget is one set of three small chirps. With the logic board removed the machine just chirps. I also have no hd in it, and have removed the pram battery. Could this just be shorted logic board caps?
  11. gobabushka

    So, stupid question...

    Are the through hole caps on an SE/30 logic board plated through hole? If they are, how bad is it in the long run if those came out during recapping it? The computer boots and runs fine, just curious if I messed up, and how bad...
  12. gobabushka

    DuoDock SCSI disk mode woes

    So I finally got most of the stuff I needed to get my Duo running, and I'm trying to move files to it from my 3400. I can't seem to get the DuoDock to go into SCSI disk mode. I'm using the right adapter, no I'd conflicts, but it won't go into disk mode. Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. Well my first Mac project in a while is two fold. I got a great deal on a Duo 230 with the dock. Both work well, except the dock top clips are broken and the slot door is missing. After a trip to Florida for various reasons, it's all up here with me in NC and I can finally get started. While I was down there I also picked up my SE/30 that I got on Craigslist last year. Never fired it up, just bought it and put it in storage because I was in a major hurry. I also put off taking it apart because I didn't have a long T-15 anymore. A year later...find out someone had already removed those screws...lol Got it apart, no battery boom boom, and it just needs a good cleaning and a recap. Should be good as new then! Also everything could use a tad of retr0bright...especially the eBay lbd and mouse...
  14. So I managed to score a great deal on a working Duo 230 and DuoDock! Just missing the ball and Retaining ring(which I'm hoping some kind soul on here might happen to have a spare btw lol) I have been dying to get one of these for many uears!nd, and get it up and running on my desk. (Of which I also need one, being a trucker) I'm going to rebuild the battery pack, and this thing is going on the road with me!!!
  15. gobabushka

    2017-09-23 Beta Site Testing

    I would like to be counted into this beta testing of awesomeness, as long as the site has some FEETS!!!