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  1. flecom

    Old Mac, Modern Internet

    man that would be awesome, I was watching the CNN documentary about the 90s and was thinking to myself, man, nobody will ever again know what it was like to dial-in to prodigy and see all the menus and stuff, AOL's full client, etc... would be great if someone could emulate that... the modern internet is neat (especially any kind of messaging/email gateways) but it would be cool to have something era correct running on these machines if we want to show what it was like back then... an OSCAR (AIM) to facebook gateway would be amazing for example
  2. flecom

    PowerBook 1400c and mSATA SSD

    I put one of these in my 1400 without issue https://www.amazon.com/Zheino-Solid-State-Drive-Laptop/dp/B00QWZQ43Y
  3. flecom

    Macintosh Portable, worked, now doesn't

    ok well now it boots fine when it's plugged in, unplug it and it continues to run on battery... but if I try to start it on battery I can hear the drive trying to spin up over and over but won't start (battery is sitting ~6.4VDC and dips to ~6.2VDC when the drive tries to spin up)
  4. flecom

    Macintosh Portable, worked, now doesn't

    ok, the "top left" pins of the LT1179 would be 16 and 15 which is D out and D inverting input the negative side of the cap has continuity to D inverting input (pin 15) positive side of the cap seems to have continuity to D non-inverting input (pin 14), at least the test pad that had continuity to the + side of the cap did for sure but the continuity from the positive side to pin 14 seemed intermittent, like if I was measuring across another cap or something when I realized it seem to change depending on how much pressure I put on the probe... I examined the trace and it looked pretty toasted going to the via, so I ran a lead from the positive side of the cap to the test point and have reliable (0 ohm) continuity now, so lets see if it holds up
  5. flecom

    Macintosh Portable, worked, now doesn't

    there was a test pad right near it after a couple more vias I verified continuity is just fine so I don't think a bad trace is the issue at least not coming off that cap... I did notice however I replaced the 4.7uF cap by one of the voltage regulators with a 47uF cap (doh!) so I replaced it with a 4.7uF to see if that makes any difference
  6. flecom

    Macintosh Portable, worked, now doesn't

    also there isn't a 10uF cap near the buttons, just 2 1uF and 1 47uF cap... I found it goes to a via and I seem to have continuity
  7. flecom

    Macintosh Portable, worked, now doesn't

    so the cap you are referring to is C26? the negative leg has continuity to U2L but I can't quite figure out where the positive leg of C26 is supposed to go, it's kind of covered by the keyboard ribbon connector
  8. flecom

    IDE to SD adapter in a Pismo?

    I used an IDE to mSATA adapter and a little 120GB mSATA SSD I had laying around in my wallstreet, works great!
  9. flecom

    Macintosh Portable, worked, now doesn't

    I will check the traces on that cap, thanks for the info!
  10. anything ever come of this? would love to just use an Opi connected directly to the serial port as a bridge without having to have a separate localtalk > ethernet adapter too
  11. flecom

    Macintosh Portable, worked, now doesn't

    I'm going to open it up and check those out, I left the batteries out for ~24 hours, reconnected the main battery and it came right up... so not sure if that changes the diagnosis
  12. So I recently refurbished my backlit portable, cleaned up and recapped the logic board, and replaced the original battery with a 6v 4.5ah lead acid battery... was working great no issues... shut it down, plugged it in to charge overnight and now it won't turn on... checked battery voltage is ok (floating around 7v) and AC adapter is putting out 7.53v and sinks 1530ma so it seems right on... Tried removing all power for a while by removing the ac adapter, backup battery and main battery... then reconnecting main battery but still nothing, anyone have any suggestions?
  13. flecom

    Macintosh Portable, safe operating voltage?

    well how is it going to reference if you don't know what your battery voltage is going to be? battery could be anywhere from 7.5v if fully topped off till whatever the machine knocks out at, you can discharge a 6v SLA under load till about 5.4v a couple diodes would do it, I am just curious since there is virtually no documentation on the power sections of the logic board
  14. flecom

    Macintosh Portable, safe operating voltage?

    particular reasoning? I know there is an LT1070 in there, which is rated for 60v, obviously the caps in the input are not rated that high but still... mind you I am talking about the battery connection, not the power inlet in the back... I can use a buck converter to bring down the 8.4 to 7.5v but it's going to be a tight squeeze getting it in there just to drop .9v
  15. So I have been doing some reading about the Macintosh Portable and it's power supply and batteries... from what I have read it seems that you can actually turn on the portable from the 9V backup battery and run it for a moment (sans hard drive since the 9v can't sink that much current), is it therefore safe to assume that the portable can run from 9V? Reason I ask is I am looking to substitute the internal lead acid battery and replace it with a 7.4V LiPO battery, which when fully charged will hover around 8.2~8.4V MAX but obviously don't want to fry any of the regulators so I figured I would ask and see if anyone knew any details about this?