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  1. retrogmr

    Jaguar Probs on Pismo!

    What size is the hard drive?
  2. retrogmr


    Check out this auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/Macintosh-Portable-5120-(Non-Backlit)-PDS-2mb-RAM-Card_W0QQitemZ260313018127QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20081109?IMSfp=TL081109104010r20966 I think these cards "stacked", so it's possible you just have a lower capacity model. System 6 can definitely handle up to 8 megs (my current Backlit Portable has 9MB and is running 6.0.8 ).
  3. retrogmr


    Without the finding one of the somewhat exotic 8MB cards floating around (don't remember who made them), you've got a maxed out Portable. Nice score!
  4. retrogmr

    Power Mac G3 Towers & Mac Plus

    Couple of great local scores yesterday: - PRISTINE Mac Plus (1M) with original software, nifty plastic Apple disk holder, Emac 20MB External Hard Drive and ImageWriter II. All this stuff was absolutely clean with no yellowing to speak of (particularly on the printer). All for $20 - (2) Power Macintosh G3 Mini-Towers; one is a G3/300 with 256MB RAM and not much else, second has a G4/466 with 448MB, Atto Express PCI SCSI adapter with 9GB HDD, 3 port Firewire and 2 port USB cards. The stripped G3/300 served up it's motherboard to revive my mule machine (a G3/366) that went night-night after a failed G4 upgrade. $50 for the pair All in all a decent score
  5. retrogmr


    I didn't have to do anything special with mine; I think as long as you have the battery cover on you're all good.. make sure you replace the 9 volt PRAM battery while you're in there.
  6. retrogmr


    Get a Powerbook 100 series (100, 140, 170, etc.) AC adapter; it has enough juice to run the Portable without the battery.
  7. retrogmr

    Outbound Laptop Hooked Up To An SE?

    If there are some things you guys would like me to try out when this thing arrives (yes, I sprung some bucks for this, but this was the last real portable Mac I was planning to buy ), let me know.
  8. retrogmr

    Portable Printer?

    They're actually a re-brand of the Citizen PN48 portable printers... they do have a Ni-Cd battery pack in them, or run off the power supply you see in the picture. There are a couple of ribbons available, single-use or "multi-strike". I'd bet this printer works fine with thermal paper and no ribbon as well. It's a good printer for the occasional printout, with decent resolution (360 DPI).
  9. retrogmr

    Colour Classic plus Performa 250

    Very cool score... I just spent the weekend reacquainting myself with the joys of RegEdit to make a 575 board work in one of these without bugging out. So the question is, what version of System? 7.1 with the 7.5.5 hacks? Straight 7.5.5? 8.1?
  10. retrogmr

    More stuff from the recycler

    Sorry to post here; Mike, check your store mail, still want to pick two of these up.
  11. retrogmr

    Voodoo 5 5500!

    Not positive, but it will definitely be faster than the stock Rage 128...
  12. retrogmr

    Voodoo 5 5500!

    So a local has been pruning his rather extensive stash of Mac hardware; amongst the various bits of systems and software I got from him, just picked up a Voodoo 5 5500. No manual, but has the drivers and the demo software in the box. Can't wait to drop this in my Beige G3 and give Marathon 2 a whirl
  13. retrogmr


    There were only two expansion modules available for that 'book; an external video adapter, or an ethernet card. If it's the latter, they're pretty tough to find; more likely that if it has LED's on it (link and activity).
  14. retrogmr

    Talked to a recycler today

    I don't have a dollar figure to give you, but the Duo Dock Plus is the only one fully compatible with the Duo 280c and 2300's (although other Duo's work in it just fine). Only real difference is the Plus lacks the FPU and cache that the other Duo Docks have. You'd probably want to crack it open and see if there are any NuBus cards or a hard drive installed, that would help the price. You'd also want to be fairly sure the thing worked (do a google on "duo dock tick of death" for a better description of the common problem with these).
  15. retrogmr

    Hook my Mac IIci to a Windows network

    Commercial route would be to find an older copy of DAVE (at least version 2.5) by Thursby Software, but I believe the minimum OS for a version that works somewhat reliably is 7.6 or higher.