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  1. dpatten

    pentium 3 xeon

    NOT a Xeon. All Pentium 3 Xeon CPUs were packaged in a SECC cartridge and typically used an Intel 840 chipset. It sounds like he has a bog-standard Tualatin FC-PGA-2 processor, which were common in blade servers. They typically don't work in standard Pentium 3 PPGA/FC-PGA socket 370 compatible boards. They are nice processors, but a bit wasted in a board with only 512 MB of Ram. I'd look for a dual CPU ATX mother board on Ebay out of a 1U server or something with an AGP slot and support for ~2GB of ram.
  2. dpatten

    PC Parts!

    That's too bad you can't find a Canadian supplier, but not terribly surprising. It's an older board and Jetway probably stopped making them 6 months ago, I bet Newegg is just selling off New Old Stock at this point. Maybe you can buy it and have it shipped to someone in the states and then on to you... Did you Check Ebay?
  3. dpatten

    PC Parts!

    I just bought another Jetway 775GT1-LOGE from Newegg for $60. I bought this same board a year ago to build my wife's PC and it worked great. (at least until the thunderstorm until she decided to keep IM'ing her sister through...) It's a full size ATX board and it has 2 IDE connectors, 3 PCI-E x16 connectors (two of these work at only x8 in SLI mode) 1 PCI-E X1 and 2 PCI sockets, 4 SATA 3GB/s ports. Its got a 1066 mhz Bus speed and 4 DDR2 slots, so there is some upgradeability. It supports Core2Duo chips as well. It supports 16GB of Ram. I've got 6GB in mine. It's not a great board for overclocking, but it is very stable otherwise, so you can ignore half of the comments from the 14 year olds at Newegg if you look at it. It's here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813153056 I don't know how great Newegg is in selling to Canada, but in the US I have literally had things sitting on my doorstep 24 hours after ordering.
  4. dpatten

    IBM Model M

    Just use a butter knife or screw driver, liek? That is a great feature.. It depends on the Keyboard. Generally the ones with a grey IBM logo have two piece keys, you can just pull the cap covers off of the key. On the Blue IBM logo models, made by Lexmark in the early to mid 90's, there are one piece keys that require a bit more effort to remove, but still pretty easy.
  5. dpatten

    IBM Model M

    Other than the great clicky sound the buckling key springs make, another great thing about the Model M is that you can just pop the keycovers off and toss them in warm soapy or bleach water to clean it up. A downside is that you need a special driver to disassemble the thing.
  6. dpatten


    coolant dump... On an air-cooled bug motor. Bwa hahaha
  7. dpatten

    Slocket adapter

    Did you try bumping up the voltage a bit??
  8. dpatten

    Slocket adapter

    Depending on the Motherboard, some BX chipsets can be clocked to 133 Mhz. My old Asus P2B with the 440BX chipset runs 133 mhz coppermine CPUs with PC133 Ram. Its has clock speed setting right in the BIOS for 133 (and 112 and 103 and 97 and 83). It also has the ability to decouple the AGP and PCI speed from the bus speed. I can't speak for your board though...
  9. You can carefully cut the solder bridge or leads and remove the part before you desolder the clipped leads. Also, solder wick is your best friend when working with larger surface mount components.
  10. dpatten

    Slocket adapter

    With a bit of a voltage bump, you can overclock those 66Mhz bus speed Celerons to the 100Mhz bus. Also, that 566 Celeron is probably not as fast as a 500 Mhz P3 despite the clock speed advantage. The P3 has more cache and a faster bus. Look for a 1Ghz Coppermine P3 FCPGA. You can find them all over Ebay for about $10. I upgraded a Dell GX something or other with a slocket and a newer Coppermine P3 and it ran well enough for my wife to use it for her main machine until I built a new machine last year. My parents still use it.
  11. dpatten

    Finally... a Quadra 840AV

    There is a conductive copper paint specifically for reparing damaged traces. You simply peel back a bit of mask to reveal undamaged copper, mask the sides and paint it on. Another thing might be to simply run a magwire between the two solder pads that the trace connects.
  12. dpatten

    HP LaserJet 5si w/JetDirect Card

    Hey! You're in Palm Bay. We're practically neighbors.
  13. dpatten

    How to get CPU out?

    I use the special tool that came with Intel 486 overdrive chips. It looks a bit like a rake. the pin spacing on '040 chips is very close to that of a 486. When I'm not at home I also use pci/isa slot cover as a good field expedient removal tool for machines sitting in a dumpster or on the roadside.
  14. dpatten

    Compaq Armada 110

    I've got my Toshiba Satellite 205CDS which is a Pentium 100 machine that I bought back in the day (Don't ask how much...) It still runs Windows 98 great. I'd bag the Toshiba if I were you.
  15. Lunatics convinced that their old machine is priceless are a dime a dozen on Ebay. I once saw a fellow trying to sell an IBM model 5170 for $2000. Those are 6 mhz 286 AT machines. Granted the machine cost 6K new, but that was surely before he had apparently left it out in the rain and dragged it through the parking lot with his car. It was ROUGH. I bought one that weekend for $10 at a thrift shop that hadn't been used since 1988 according to the hard drive. I'll be darned if someone didn't buy it though and not a person with a zero behind their name. I wonder if this is a good way to launder money...