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  1. dibenga

    Newton Documentary

    Thank you for your kind words and it's wonderful that you took the time to sign up for Be The Match. All the best and enjoy your Newton. Keep the Green!
  2. dibenga

    Newton Documentary

    Buzz is spreading globally across the Newton community about Love Notes to Newton , even showing up on some older gear, and some a little 'less' older .. https://www.instagram.com/p/BfoF7VdBhqn/ great shot by @NewPoms #LoveNotestoNewtonMovie You can get your own wallpapers and package installers for Newton here Downloads – http://lovenotestonewton.moosefuel.media/wallpaper/
  3. dibenga

    Newton Documentary

    I'm pretty sure its an e-reader hacked to run the Newton OS. One of the interviewees experiments. Noah knows the whole story
  4. dibenga

    Newton Documentary

    Oh and for those of you allergic to Facebook ( I wish I was)
  5. dibenga

    Newton Documentary

    Thought you'd all like to know the official preview for Love Notes to Newton was released today. You can view it here https://www.facebook.com/lovenotestonewton/videos/1493696204017021/ And if you are interested in learning more or looking for any of the shirts you can check it out here http://lovenotestonewton.moosefuel.media/buy-the-shirt/ Enjoy!
  6. dibenga

    Newton Documentary

    It's got some pretty sweet perks https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/love-notes-to-newton-apple-computer/x/16579620#/
  7. dibenga

    Newtfilm perks

  8. dibenga

    Black MacBook

    Years ago I had a Pismo as a work machine and I had to give it backj when I left the company. It remained a favorite for me. Loved the flexibility of it.
  9. dibenga

    Black MacBook

    I too got my hands on a Black MacBook , got it working. Put a SSD and 3 gigs ram. Surprised that a machine from 2006 would be so agile. Currently it is my favorite in my collection even over my Pismo. And that is saying something
  10. Yeah I have one in my 1400 as well and it's so zippy. But my concern is how soon will a modern OS burn out one of these cards due to read/write
  11. Ive had much success with SCSI2SD adapters running Mac OS7 era. BUt do the newer OS 9 and 10 and beyond offer too much 'disk access' to render SD and CF media unusable? I've heard rumor that that excessive read-write is not good for flash based memory. Is this true?
  12. dibenga

    Apple 30" Cinema Display Monitor

    Not to offend but is it hot? That is an insanely low price for a 30" ACD. Even with that issue. I had an 30" for about a month. It was beautiful but funny enough my main issue was the resolution was , 'just too darn high' . She was glorious.
  13. dibenga

    WD HD in an LC 520?

    That is an excellent question!
  14. dibenga

    Recomend a game to me (Color Classic)

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis http://macintoshgarden.org/games/indiana-jones-and-the-fate-of-atlantis-floppy-version
  15. dibenga

    Recomend a game to me (Color Classic)

    I'm seeing from that list a few need the 040 and I really need to make that 640x480 upgrade