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  1. arfink

    Winter & 300 Baud

    Winter Challenge is coming up in less than a month. Get thee ready. Also, when does the new issue of 300 Baud come out? Anyone know?
  2. arfink


    They win a Retro Challenge Mouse Pad, an original first-edition copy of 300 Baud Magazine, and... a CD of tunes made on the Apple II.
  3. arfink

    RCBBS down?

    So, is it just me or is the RCBBS gone down? Anyone want to fill me in on this? Is it finally getting the upgrade we've been talking about for such a long time? Also, interestingly enough, Luddite's Cave hasn't been accepting my CR from Ubuntu. Maybe it's time to try my old Lantronix and see... hrm...
  4. arfink

    Winter Warm Up 2010

    I dunno- I think that's pushing it. Pre-Pentium sounds about right to me. As for game systems, make the cutoff be by bit count on the main processor. 8 bit, say. That would keep things pretty fair, I'd say.
  5. arfink

    Winter Warm Up 2010

    So... get thee an entry together. And load your super shotgun, you got some frags to rack up!
  6. arfink

    Apple ][ Emulated

    Or use Ciderpress. Or PM me and we can work something out, I have already converted them into 5.25 .DSK images, and could make you a .PO 800k image too if you want.
  7. Of course, option 3 is to yank the analog stick from the PS1 and just wire it straight into a custom controller. Soldering iron would be your friend there.
  8. arfink

    Apple ][ Emulated

    Otherwise, check out the huge FTP over at ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/ They have nearly everything, with the possible exception of the latest Proterm.
  9. arfink

    Dumb Disk Drive Question

    That is quite possibly the coolest and most precarious setup I have ever seen. Just think, if you type a little too hard, or bump your head into the leaning tower of drives while bending down to type, smash there goes your monitor. Still, kinda funny.
  10. arfink

    In need of power supply for newly aquired IIe...

    Hope you can find one. I used to own a IIe and burned up maybe 3 power supplies over the course of 5 years of ownership until I finally found one which seemed more stable. Then I did something stupid and sold it at a garage sale. But now I have a IIgs. If you had needed a IIgs power supply I have 3, and a friend of mine named George probably has dozens.
  11. arfink

    Apple II internet

    You couldn't get it working? I did. You will need to manipulate the SHK's on Cidepress according to the manual's instructions for file placement. When I get home I could send you some 5.25 disk images if you want, because I just got my 3.5 drives yesterday and I haven't made a 3.5 disk version of proterm yet.
  12. arfink

    RetroChallenge BBS- down?

    So, is it just me or has the retrochallenge BBS gone down? I hope it comes back soon.
  13. arfink

    Powerbook 5300 and Authoring

    Good idea. I use retro machines regularly in order to avoid distractions. It works remarkably well.
  14. arfink

    Powerbook 5300 and Authoring

    Well, see if it fits the rules from the last challenge: http://retrochallenge.net/2009/winter/rules.html I think that's pretty clear. Good luck!
  15. arfink

    RetroBBS now available (again)

    I know it wasn't announced here, but the alternate telnet address is appsoftint.co.uk It was the original address for the new RetroBBS, so try that out.