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  1. JRL

    My ongoing LC 475 restoration

    I posted on your Reddit post, but nice grab and welcome! You should save the cards and MB in the Performa though, based on the picture you posted it did look like it had some upgrades even if it isn't salvageable otherwise.
  2. JRL

    JRL's Conquests

    More of a "re-conquest" of sorts but I had to share as I'm pretty happy! So some of you might recall when I picked up a huge lot of PowerBooks, including 7 2400s (technically 6 complete units (1 Mighty Cat and 1 boxed Japanese 2400c/180) and 1 fully disassembled one), for a pretty great deal. I sold one of the working ones to @jonpurdy recently and now with the stay-at-home order finally got a chance to look at one of the dead ones (GLOD when reset button was pressed). It wound up having a bad CPU - I put in the spare G3 that I got in the same bulk deal and it booted right up. Unfortunately I do get an occasional cache error on startup but it's worked awesome so far. Plus as a bonus this 2400c already had a 120 GB Seagate HD installed along with a 64MB module, as well as a few neat extras in the bag it came with. Now, I just have two more dead 2400cs to go... if anybody has a spare stock CPU for sale I would be grateful!
  3. JRL

    IIcx weird floppy issue

    There are also a few traces that physically look bad (black) but they test fine for continuity. Only one of them is anywhere near the SWIM though, the rest are in the power circuit. Should I just run wires through them anyways?
  4. So I recapped a IIcx recently (all SMTs and all axials) and it works great, with one exception. All floppy drives behave in the same odd manner. When I place a floppy, the drive simply whirs. Pretty much sounds like a hard drive spinning up (loudly), and the floppy drive doesn't even seem to begin the normal read operation/sound before I get a "disk unreadable" error. In addition, no drives eject properly (they all eject as normal on another Mac). The floppy drive cable in this IIcx also works as normal. I've tried multiple floppy drives that were all regreased and work great in the IIci I have here. I was wondering if anybody's had this issue before. I also bought a NOS IIcx board and plan on using that board after recapping it but I still want to fix this board eventually. I tried testing all the traces coming out of the SWIM (where I thought there would be an issue) and they seem to be fine but I figure I might have missed something, and I have the schematics here but I'm not too sure what to look at. Also, sound works perfectly on the IIcx post recap. Thanks! -J
  5. JRL

    JRL's Conquests

    Now that I'm actively collecting again, I figured I'd post an active conquests thread. I've been slowly picking up the majority of one of my good friend's collections for free, with the understanding that I'd help him recap the machines that he is keeping in exchange. Here's what I've picked up so far that I haven't posted about in previous conquest threads (not included in this post were some machines that I gave away to @68krazy, it was great meeting you again!) Previous related conquest threads: Classic II Physically really clean, but has a board that I haven't been able to revive even with recapping and cleaning the board extensively (removed some chips most recently and cleaned under them as well) SE FDHD Had a battery explosion unfortunately. While the board is fixable, it has pretty serious white acid residue all over the board so I replaced it with another FDHD board I picked up from same friend later. With the new board it works great! SE Dual FDD with Radius Accelerator 16 and Radius TPD card + the TPD monitor Not booting presently, going to look into it very soon. IIcx Recapped and works fine but floppy drives have weird behavior on the board post recap. I just picked up a new IIcx board so I'll be recapping that board and putting it in but keeping the old one as a backup. Personal Laserwriter (with LS board) Personal Laserwriter 320 Color Stylewriter 1500 Box with the remainder of my friend's Mac HDD brackets Box with the remainder of my friend's Compact Mac motherboards (including 2 SE FDHD boards, 2 normal SE boards, 3-4 Plus boards, and 2 512k boards), as well as LC III/LC II/Laserwriter IIg/6100/Centris 650 boards. One of these boards I put in the above FDHD. Box with the remainder of my friend's Mac power supplies (IIsi/several SE/Q950) Quadra 950 drive rail Box with various PB 5xx parts (built a working 540 from the parts and should be able to have a functioning 520 soon) There were a lot of other misc parts included as well that I can't remember at this moment. eBay/online purchases: brand new IIcx motherboard, kind of overpaid for this one but happy to just get something that I can recap and not worry about x2 400k external drives boxed IIsi Nubus adapter boxed Kensington Turbo Mouse 4.0 SCSI2SD 5.0 SCSI2SD PB Edition various PB 500 parts PowerBook 150 JEDI memory adapter
  6. JRL

    Color Classic - No Video

    While there is a chance that it’s an analog issue, I still think you should recap your logic board first before doing anything else. My CC had a few weird symptoms before I recapped it.
  7. JRL

    Best way to open Mac Classic

    Yes. Just follow the pictures in Dog Cow's article and you'll be fine. The Classic board is 8.75 in by 5.25 in.
  8. JRL

    Best way to open Mac Classic

    You won't need to do any jiggling at all if you follow the method Dog Cow posted. Just push down on one of the case underside screws with your driver and pull the back case up in the opposite direction. The other methods that were posted aren't incorrect by any means but Dog Cow's method is the easiest and takes only about 30 seconds.
  9. JRL

    Strange card on a mac plus

    Reviving this thread to say that I picked up a Plus with this set of upgrades recently as well (MegaMath + MegaScreen). Mine was disassembled at some point (I have the MegaScreen and board with the MegaMath installed) but I'm putting it back together now. EDIT: Mine boots up with Sad Mac code 0f002 right when the floppy disk icon appears.
  10. Hi all, I got these a bit back and was wondering if anybody knew what these cards do. They do not have any external ports, and I can't find much online either. Thank you for any advice as usual! https://imgur.com/a/vso2PoV -J
  11. I just picked up a complete working NextStation Mono Turbo (slab, monitor, KB, mouse) from the same friend who I picked up quite a few Power Macs and non-working Compacts for free. This cost me $400 though (the most I've paid for a single machine), but I was pretty happy considering that I picked up a sizable amount of stuff from him for free. Pretty excited to set this up!
  12. Thanks Bolle! Yeah the connector is too tall for me to flex the top frame unfortunately - there are some screwed on standoffs on the Radius 16 as well. Ahh, now I feel silly - thanks JT! I see that the TPD connector is part of the accelerator now. Looking into trying to pry the chassis right now, sounds like a tough/annoying process though x_x
  13. So I picked up a dual floppy SE with a Radius Accelerator 16 and a Radius TPD card (along with the TPD monitor) several weeks ago. Right now it's not booting so I am attempting to check the card to see if it's fitted ok (the two boards seem to be a tight fit currently) The problem is that I can't slide out the SE motherboard because the MagicBus card connector is in the way of the frame. What would be the best way to remove it? I have a hunch the answer is obvious but I am genuinely stumped. Thanks! -J
  14. Thanks guys! And thank you LaPorte, I read through it earlier! Waiting on a new desoldering gun to come in before I go further. I still am having trouble getting some of the white capacitor residue off of the board though, some of it scrapes off with a small flathead but i don't want to be too harsh on the board (already scrubbed at it with IPA a lot). Has anybody dealt with a similar thing? I think if it's safe I'll try some acetone next.
  15. So I picked up a non-working SE FDHD for free last Sunday as part of a larger free score. I anticipated that it would have the exploding Maxell syndrome and it indeed did. The actual acid damage doesn't seem to be terrible (it did disintegrate one pin on the scsi chip, I have a replacement on the way) but the cap directly to the next exploded dramatically as well. Haven't had time to do a detailed wash just yet but the cap leakage seems to have left white stains on the board that aren't coming off with a IPA/toothbrush scrub - would anybody have any ideas on what I could use? This FDHD is in pretty nice condition overall so I would like to fix this board eventually. (First picture is what the board looked like when I pulled it out) (2nd is after the quick scrub) -J