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  1. Hi all, I got these a bit back and was wondering if anybody knew what these cards do. They do not have any external ports, and I can't find much online either. Thank you for any advice as usual! https://imgur.com/a/vso2PoV -J
  2. I just picked up a complete working NextStation Mono Turbo (slab, monitor, KB, mouse) from the same friend who I picked up quite a few Power Macs and non-working Compacts for free. This cost me $400 though (the most I've paid for a single machine), but I was pretty happy considering that I picked up a sizable amount of stuff from him for free. Pretty excited to set this up!
  3. Thanks Bolle! Yeah the connector is too tall for me to flex the top frame unfortunately - there are some screwed on standoffs on the Radius 16 as well. Ahh, now I feel silly - thanks JT! I see that the TPD connector is part of the accelerator now. Looking into trying to pry the chassis right now, sounds like a tough/annoying process though x_x
  4. So I picked up a dual floppy SE with a Radius Accelerator 16 and a Radius TPD card (along with the TPD monitor) several weeks ago. Right now it's not booting so I am attempting to check the card to see if it's fitted ok (the two boards seem to be a tight fit currently) The problem is that I can't slide out the SE motherboard because the MagicBus card connector is in the way of the frame. What would be the best way to remove it? I have a hunch the answer is obvious but I am genuinely stumped. Thanks! -J
  5. Thanks guys! And thank you LaPorte, I read through it earlier! Waiting on a new desoldering gun to come in before I go further. I still am having trouble getting some of the white capacitor residue off of the board though, some of it scrapes off with a small flathead but i don't want to be too harsh on the board (already scrubbed at it with IPA a lot). Has anybody dealt with a similar thing? I think if it's safe I'll try some acetone next.
  6. So I picked up a non-working SE FDHD for free last Sunday as part of a larger free score. I anticipated that it would have the exploding Maxell syndrome and it indeed did. The actual acid damage doesn't seem to be terrible (it did disintegrate one pin on the scsi chip, I have a replacement on the way) but the cap directly to the next exploded dramatically as well. Haven't had time to do a detailed wash just yet but the cap leakage seems to have left white stains on the board that aren't coming off with a IPA/toothbrush scrub - would anybody have any ideas on what I could use? This FDHD is in pretty nice condition overall so I would like to fix this board eventually. (First picture is what the board looked like when I pulled it out) (2nd is after the quick scrub) -J
  7. JRL

    Daystar Genesis MP 600 + WGS 60

    No problem! I do still have the Rhapsody disks from Dan, so I think I will try my hand at installing it soon =) It also only has 64 MB of RAM, unfortunately, but I think that's an easy upgrade. Also just realized that this Daystar is actually the Genesis MP 800+ whoops. The Rhapsody disks (the release labeled as Mac OS X Server 1.0) came in an interesting NFR stickered mailer:
  8. JRL

    Daystar Genesis MP 600 + WGS 60

    Some pics of the Daystar - I have the top bezel, it just needs to be superglued back. Unfortunately the Rhapsody install seems to be corrupt so I had to erase it and reinstall a fresh copy of 8.5. Otherwise, it seems to be running great and the 4x200 MHz card seems to be running nicely. Also the Daystar didn't come with any proper HD brackets unfortunately - if anybody has any leads to one please let me know!
  9. I just got these guys on Sunday from a local guy/downsizing collector who I've known for years now (I most recently picked up a bunch of his Power Macs a few months ago) The Genesis MP 600 was once one of the servers for Low End Mac in the early days of the site (my friend did some web work for Dan Knight - it's still running OS X Server 1.0), and the WGS 60 is in a pretty standard configuration. The MP 600 is unfortunately a little weathered (the power button panel screw posts cracked at some point) but I think it should clean up fine. In addition to the two Macs, I also picked up a massive Intel-branded 486 server. Me and Dan are working out a fair price for the Genesis MP currently, but the other two were free! =)
  10. JRL

    Boxed PB 2400c/240 - 56K Warning

    Great scores! That 2400c is arguably nicer than my own boxed one.
  11. Met up with a guy who I originally got a bunch of stuff from almost 7 years ago, and he kindly gave this all for free. Haven't powered up anything yet, but apparently the non G3 computers do have G3 upgrades in them. Will definitely report back with what they have :o
  12. So due to monetary restraints, I unfortunately wasn't able to get *all* of the massive Part 2 lot that I posted about earlier. I did walk away with a number of neat things, including a NIB Newton 130 and boxed Newton OMP (more on those later) The best thing I picked up though was this guy, and I didn't have to order from YAJ to get it :P Got it locally (urbana, IL) from the same collector purging their stuff. I paid around $150 for it - not like I got *that* much of a steal, but I'm thrilled. The PB and box is in solid condition all around, just has some old packaging tape over the melted rubber parts near the frame, and unfortunately the original owner tore the tape off when opening it. Floppy drive is missing the door unfortunately Pretty complete paper wise With the PB 2400c/240 that I got from the same seller earlier in the past summer.
  13. After I resoldered some broken joints on the analog, the 128k works great! It does have a memory upgrade (as I should have anticipated) in it though, it doesn't provide SCSI or anything. I shouldn't really complain though. The drive is totally gummed up so I can't check it out for the time being.
  14. Most of my recent scores were from CL, but this was actually in a Facebook marketplace group.
  15. Got the following for $40 today. All of this stuff was super dirty/beat but cleaned up ok. 128k (Can't tell if it's been upgraded - if it has, not past a 512k or so) - this has startup chime but doesn't do anything. (+kb/mouse) G4 cube (+ psu) Performa 475 IIc + color monitor (+ psu) Personal Laserwriter LS ImageWriter II x2 Small assortment of boxed software/games Pretty happy, can't wait to fix the 128k!