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  1. skeletor

    need cases

    hey...middle of an art project, and I need some compact mac cases...between 5 to 20, and it does not matter if they are badly yellowed, etc...don't need the guts, just the case...if I have to remove the analog board, MB, floppy, picture tube, it's no problem...have stockpiled some tubes, analog boards, mb's, etc if anyone has a collection, i might even drive out from Memphis... anyhow, if anyone can help...it would help....used to be able to find 'em...oh well.. skeletor memphis homeofthedeadElvis
  2. skeletor

    Second SE from eBay

    could be...sometimes, you'll come across a compact mac, with a fan that is literally choked with dust...eye ball yer fan, and see if it's the original squirrel cage fan, ( which is noisy ) or the later SE'S, WITH THE box fans. Also, floppy drives can make noize as well.. many early hard drives, fall victim to stick'em.....one possible solution is to pull the drive, shake it up, and see if that will 'free' it up.. chances are, you'll probably replace the hd, with something a tad bigger
  3. skeletor

    Personal LaserWriter 320

    that's a real nice small laser printer...both the 300 and 320, are pretty good printers. Toner is still fairly easy to find here..in your part of the world, that might be a small problem. I believe the ram max on the 320, is 8MB...many were sold with just 2mb, and never upgraded. If you can ever come across a 16/600 ..score it. especially if the price is right! ....has a ram max of 32mb.....higher ram, better printing and more.
  4. skeletor

    Do all IIsi adapters work with SE/30

    some very interesting posts,concerning these adapters.. In any event, seems that many of us, are pushing the SE/30 far past it's operational mode...doing stuff that apple's engineers did not consider...The SE/30, is such a robust compact mac, no wonder close to 20 yrs after it's release, they are still pretty well sought after, able to do many tasks... think about it..it was a basically a IIx, inna compact case.. when apple was fishing for a name for it...SE-X ? Macintosh SEX ? Now that would have been a hoot...
  5. skeletor

    Should I digitize the Mac tutorial tape?

    Actually I think it was a Windham Hill artist like George Winston or Liz Story. The score is all New Age solo piano music. Far from a dreadful Hippy band. Can be a little monotonous if indulged for too long a period. how true...for a time, that windham hill stuff..was the rage...some of my friends, drove me crazy with that stuff...not that it was bad....but after a while, it seemed to drone on and on.. and yeah, Jobs was a huge fan of the label and it's artists..
  6. skeletor

    Claris 2.0

    Just came across a sealed box of claris works 2.1 for both 68k macs, and early power pc.. Myself, always like claris..up to 4.0 better than MS word....but Word 5.1, was pretty darn good, despite being from microScum...oops, soft... also, found a global village modem, still in it's box.. Teleport internet edition...33.6 fax-slash-modem... with netscape navigator.... sheeesh, remember when Netscape ruled the roost ? before IE came on the scene.... haven't decide what to do with these two new finds...
  7. skeletor

    More stuff from the recycler

    If my some small chance, a camera is left...would be interested...but at that price...no doubt, gonesville..
  8. skeletor

    Four Classics and a Quadra

    great score.....yeah, the Q 800, was a great mac...'member reading in mac world,around the time of it's release, how it performed ' faster' on many chores than the flagship Quadra 950..which costed thousands more.. of course, the 950, had far more upgrade paths and potential....but the 800, really rocked a lot of mac fan's worlds...until the arrival of the almighty 840AV .... Finding classics with those 'ram' cards is nice. The fans on the bottom of the MB chassis, really get clogged up with lint, dirt, and other junk. sure wish they were the classic II..........been jonesing for one, for eons, well..actually a MB for one...however, I did get my faulty mb to finally boot up..but the ram slots need to be replaced...due to age..very brittle amazing how some of the plastic and metal in these classics ( and other compact macs ) age badly....as Mick Jagger once sang.. ' what a drag, it is getting old ' ..... again two thumbs up for a nice score..
  9. skeletor

    Weird noise from Macintosh SE FDHD

    yes, I concur...but it does sound like the neck was cracked, if so, then the CRT is toast....they are very fragile around that area. a few yrs ago, I was working on a friend's SE, and accidently bumped that neck, and heard the HISS of death...... lucky, I had a couple of very nice, and virtually new CRTS...and quickly changed it out...turned out it was a gooood thing for my pal, as his 'original' CRT, suffered from burn in..from MS word.. weird seeing those ghostly images burned into the tube.... for a few yrs, after dark sold a boat load of those programs, i.e. flying toasters, fish, etc....
  10. skeletor

    Weird noise from Macintosh SE FDHD

    aww, the hiss of death...heard it, a few times, over the last several years.. not that hard to replace the CRT....too bad, you're not near by, I have a bunch of good used tubes, with nary a burn-in.. on some compact macs, they were cursed with severe screen ins before the era of after dark. . . . .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...... . . . .... ...
  11. skeletor

    Power mac 6500

    shame that the 6500 series was capped at a measley 128mb... where one could load up their 9500-9600 macs... thxs for the info..
  12. skeletor

    Power mac 6500

    I was wondering about the 6500...I have a 225 mhz running 7.6.1 the ram I believe is 60 ns edo dimms... My 9500, is ready to be pulled from service, and Either fixed and upgraded or I'm considering tweaking my 6500 and replacing the 9500 with it. The 9500 has similar dimms ram...either 60 or 70 dimms.. does anyone know if some of the ram from the 9500, can be transferred to the 6500 ? you know, maxing it out.. How hard is it to put ram into it..and swapping the HD from the 9500 over to it..etc any advice etc...as always, most welcomed !!! skeletor
  13. skeletor

    I have more RAM than you do

    been there and done that....heck, hard to believe, some years ago, the ram most of us have collected, etc was worth a small fortune.. when ram prices was outta this world......
  14. skeletor

    A better day at the recyclers

    Great to hear that your latest trek, wasn't as bombastic as the initial dealings...that way, you'll be able to recoup yer initial purchases.. By the way, Would be interested in the CC, and some of those cd's, like 7.6.1 for the 6500, mac os 8 sometimes dealing with these guys, is like pulling teeth...
  15. skeletor

    Talked to a recycler today

    It's pretty much ruined with this guy, but maybe I'll have luck with the next. What I need to do is go in with a very hard price set for what I'll pay per system, $10 per PowerBook or $5 per desktop or whatever and refuse to budge from that, and walk away if he's not willing to deal. The problem is if you go in and ask for Apple or Amiga or something then they're going to think immediately you have found some way to monetize on such things, or if you just want one or two they'll charge you a boutique price. There's a few other recyclers I am going to try, other ones that get lots of random computers from recycling drives and such where I might get lucky. This time I'm going to try a completely new strategy and I will walk away if the terms aren't favorable. I guess it takes one bad experience to learn the ropes but I think I'm better prepared now. GREED is a funny thing.....recyclers think there's 'gold' in their vast piles of older machines..and looking to get lobster prices....and Buyers think they can RE COUP their unwielding purchases by marking up ..each item..and hoping someone BITES down for a deal... on the flip, some buyers over pay, and offer machines at the lowest of prices..caring 'bout saving vintage machines from the computer grim reaper.. If the 'deal' seems to be one sided, always best to walk away, and hope that no one bites down hard..and buys...