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  1. Bought this for $40 on an Australian "overclocking-related" forum. Seller forgot to mention that it didn't include a power adaptor, and described it's condition as "locks up occasionally when using it, probably just needs a new HDD". It got half way through the OS X installer and this happened. Rebooted and this happened. Now it's totally dead :| Should I try and fix it, or would I get more parting it out?
  2. Looks like an inverter board on the left (with the transformer)... Could it be part of the backlight upgrade that was talked about in another thread? That's my guess...
  3. t3h

    USB vacuum tube amplifier!

    Well, you don't get 160 coming out of each speaker, it is split up. For example A 128kbs song comes out as two 64kbs feeds. Umm, joint stereo?
  4. t3h

    Hee-hee, no X for you!

    http://developer.apple.com/qa/qa2001/qa1099.html Read this (Reducing the size of Physical Memory in Open Firmware).
  5. t3h

    Hee-hee, no X for you!

    Use OpenFirmware to set the RAM size yourself. Run it on 32MB
  6. The PhoneNet connectors use the outer 2 wires so they can be run on the same connectors as your phone wiring (which only uses the inner 2) if all 4 wires in your phone sockets are connected.
  7. I can't wait until this idiot relists it with an even higher price!
  8. t3h

    Quadra 700 screen washed out

    Could you upload a photo? I'm interested to see that...
  9. t3h

    Quadra 700 screen washed out

    What's the code under the Sad Mac?
  10. Did you lose the magnet that goes next to the reed switch when the lid is closed?
  11. I wasn't suspicious about the possibility, I've heard of TrollTouch before. It was just the fact that the seller seemed not to list very many details about the machine...
  12. Seems suspiciously short on details...
  13. t3h

    Posting from my Quadra 950!

    Nice! I used to have one of those (with SyQuest AND cd in the front panel, two hard drives behind and floppy drive externally )
  14. Yep, you should be able to run Linux on it.
  15. I do note that while playing with the sources of Basilisk II, there are ROM patches to make the Mac ROM work on a 68060 CPU. Why? Basilisk II has a native execution mode where it passes the 68k instructions through to the host 68k CPU when it's running on a 68k Unix/Linux platform. Said host can be a 68060, so it patches the ROM to make things behave. So it's not impossible in software. However, in hardware, good luck