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  1. Dead SE/30 question

    Thanks, I also put another Noctua in my SE.
  2. Dead Macintosh CC :(

    Looks like a USB to PS/2 adapter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PS%2F2_port
  3. Dead SE/30 question

    Last question: the fuses F1, F2, F3 on the logic board - which special malfunctions are caused by them if they are dead? Black screen too?
  4. Dead SE/30 question

    After washing the logic board the speaker produces loud noise now, some sort of screeching as if I would feed the speaker with DC. And still black screen...
  5. Dead SE/30 question

    After that all I had an idea and so I cleaned the original analog board of my SE/30 (rev. C), installed a new Noctua fan and put everything back together including the SE logic board. And what should I say: I got a beautiful clear screen from the beginning, just like new! Everything is working fine: screen, analog board, power supply, video board, floppy drive and SCSI2SD, except the SE/30 logic board which is definitly damaged although it looks like new after cleaning. And I, as an idiot as I am, bought 2 used analog boards (rev. A and from fleabay. Recapped SE/30 logic boards are very hard to find, as far as I know.
  6. Dead SE/30 question

    This seller is able to remove negative feedbacks as I found out, so he always gets 100% positive although selling scrap: sold item I'll try the second bought analog board when I get it from the customs office and then I'll decide which one of these 3 boards I'll try to repair. The original analog board was rev C but not in a good shape, the others are rev B and rev A. Today it's board washing time...
  7. Dead SE/30 question

    So I have to bite the bullet in my spare time. Some other Macs (68k PowerBooks) are also waiting for a long time. Got the fourth SCSI2SD PB Edition today... p
  8. Dead SE/30 question

    I resoldered the 4 pins of the P1 connector and got a steady screen now (with the SE logic board in the SE/30). Yes, a neck (video) board (and a second analog board) is still in the customs office here, I get it from Canada. No, the board is not yet cleaned, as I got it yesterday and I wanted to see if it is working. I'm not satisfied with the screen after recalibrating it: still a bit blurry, can't dim it, as the adjusting knob below the screen does not work. Also I cannot adjust the width. The SE analog and video board are much better. Maybe I'll swap them.
  9. Dead SE/30 question

    Now I did it vice versa. I tried the SE/30 logic board in the known good SE. No bong, black screen, fan is working, SCSI2SD seem to start. That's all. So the SE/30 logic board is buggy, I suppose. UE8 ?
  10. Dead SE/30 question

    Great! I tried the logic board of my working SE and after the bong I got a horizontal white line. When I press on the left topside I get a blurred message, telling me to register ConflictCatcher. The screen collapses after a while until I press again. It seems the ebay seller sent me an analog board ("tested working") with cracked solder joints.
  11. Dead SE/30 question

    Thanks, yes I have a spare SE board, which I can try. If this works I know what I have to do.
  12. Dead SE/30 question

    Hi, I got a dead SE/30: no boing but short rustle from the speaker, black screen, no sound from floppy, SCSI2SD board blinks once, when the Mac is switched on. That's all. I've read "The dead Mac scrolls" and more and these books told me about a bad analog board when getting a black screen. More failures may come, when I get a working screen... So I bought a (working ! ?) analog board / power supply from ebay and replaced the old board and power supply. Same problem now. Could this failure be on the video board or logic board as well? Hope you can help me. Thanks!
  13. PB 540c — advice please

    The power supply of the PB 500 series have two +16V DC pinouts: one is for loading the main battery and one is for powering up the PowerBook. I have one, which doesn't load the battery, because one side only delivers 0 volts.
  14. PowerBook Duo 270c - burning power supply

    A 0,15 uF capacitor on the AC side of the power supply was the bad guy.
  15. PowerBook Duo 270c - burning power supply

    Thanks, I'll try cleaning. In the meantime the Duo was sitting 2-3 hours without power and when I powered it on again, the display didn't go to sleep for about 20-30 mins without pressing anything. The fact is: the Duo was ok for several hours when I got it until the the power supply began to smoke. I suppose that a bad capacitor was the reason for this - will see it when I crack open the power supply. I will post a picture then. At this moment the Duo could have gotten too much power and something inside the Duo could have been damaged. The main battery also was unusable from this time on and had to be removed. The question is, what part of the Duo was affected. In the developer notes http://powerbook.micahgartman.com/ there is a description how the power management works in the Duo 270c. Maybe I'll find the solution there.