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  1. keithiepoo

    Macintosh IIcx Help Needed

    Crap man, wish I could help. That is way beyond my expertise. Have you found a solution? I have a IIcx also, and would like to try to resurrect him as well. Unfortunately, I'm reluctant to "recap" or solder or anything like that. Plus, what kind of a monitor could I possibly get for it today?
  2. Hi guys. Sorry I've been so negligent of late. I've been in the middle of trying to get the dust to settle after an out-of-state move, and wouldn't you know it, Murphy's law strikes. As I'm going through the stress of trying to reestablish my life in a new state and city, my MacBook Pro's main HD decides it wants to rest. Forever. I recently bought a refurbished 2017 iMac, and have been slowly getting my digital life back to some semblance of normal. Aaaaaaaaanyway... I appreciate everyone's input. Rubbing some alcohol on the mobo I don't have a problem with. Soldering I do. I don't know if either would work though at this point anyway. Reading these posts has shown me that so much can disintegrate over time. I'm sure the HD is wasted by now. Part of my reason for doing this was to see if I had any old files on there, to see my old desktop again, etc. I'm a very nostalgic person. Of course, geeking out has something to do with it too. But, at this point, I'm not sure resurrecting a 29yo machine is realistic. Also, what does one do about a monitor?!? There are no more CRTs around, at least I'd doubt any that could work at this point. Are there adaptors available for connecting an LCD? Of course, the resolution wouldn't be more than ... what ... 640 x 480? Tried uploading some pics of the old boy, but my attempts failed. Anyway, thanks. Enjoying the thread, even if I'm a bit pessimistic about success.
  3. Yeah, I appreciate your comments and feedback guys, but this isn't happening LOL I'll seek out someone who knows how to do this when I have the opportunity to pursue it. Thanks!
  4. keithiepoo

    Macintosh Portable

    What was its battery power like?
  5. keithiepoo

    Macintosh Quadra 700

    This was a good machine. I remember using Adobe Illustrator on one of these things.
  6. keithiepoo

    Macintosh IIx Macintosh IIfx & Macintosh IICi

    I think I first started learning computers and desktop publishing on the IIci back in... 1991.
  7. I am not. Never did such work in my life.
  8. Hey guys, it's been over four years and a lot has happened since this thread was last active. I suffered a prolonged un- / under-employment drought, and a bout with homelessness. Fortunately, things are currently looking up again (hopefully). I'm wondering: IF I decided to pursue this in the near future, would it still be possible to resurrect my ancient IIcx? I'm asking more out of curiosity right now since my "power" machines are the ones that need more immediate attention. Thanks guys for being a cool group and for entertaining my questions.
  9. Ha... alright Elfen. And thanks y'all. As a famous cybernetic organism once said, I'll be back. First.. I need to get re-employed.
  10. keithiepoo

    Macintosh Color Classic

    Oh and what gives with that super-modern keyboard? Never saw anything like that back then.
  11. keithiepoo

    Macintosh Color Classic

    Your machines look like they just came out of the box. H... how?!?
  12. keithiepoo

    Macintosh Portable

    Man what year was this??
  13. keithiepoo

    iMac G3 Blu Bondi

    Ahh... looks like my little Mothra (the name for my original iMac that I no longer have).
  14. keithiepoo

    PowerBook 150

    Man... love your old stuff bro. Wish I'd saved my original turquoise (bondi blue) iMac.
  15. Guys, I don't know what to say. What a wealth of responses. I'm currently unemployed, so right now that all's a luxury. But, now that I know there's a chance I can get this old dog functioning again, I will come back to address it. Thank you guys so much. I met my late wife through that machine in an old AOL IM session. I'd love to see if I have any saved chat files that are recoverable. Even if not, the box has nostalgic value for me. I love the feel of the keyboard. And, just seeing System 7 again and hearing the little monkey chime would be cool. For the record, what could be done with a machine like this? Oh... and what's 'recapping', a phrase I'm seeing constantly in these fora?