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  1. RaSCSI Development Thread

    Yes that's fine. Give it a shot.
  2. RaSCSI Development Thread

    Hello! Din would be the outer version yes. The "right" version has a right angle 50 pin scsi for internal use. That's why it has the power connector so you don't have to run a usb cable inside your case if you don't want to, say for a standalone setup. The db25 pinout should be the same, but I dont know if it would be flush, I couldn't think of a easy way to make it work so I left it as a female jack. The crossed out pin is the silkscreen telling you where the ground pin for the network is. The network will have a dot or a cross to indicate the ground, so you need 9 resistor networks (they have 10 pins ). Fuse I left it pretty big to allow you to use anything. I have a parts list @ https://github.com/fran-cap/RASCSI-68kmlaver/blob/master/part information/rascsi_bom.xlsx that might help but any through hole 1A axial fuse should work. The software should work as long as it matches your raspi kernel version. Hope this helps.
  3. Well there's always the thread extension :P. Real background tasks on the mac seems to be an art few developers mastered.
  4. The prorouter in eagle is nice enough to get the job done. I use it for isolated runs of a few traces when I've handfit most of a board to speed up work.
  6. I never really had an issue with PLCC sockets, you just cut out the center and solder it like this: The main issue with through hole PLCC is that the pin arrangement is horrible for multiple in line chips. It's possible but very very ugly.
  7. My house is surrounded by snow and fallen trees so I had some free time to throw this together. I like the idea of having a custom rom in my se/30 because a 10 minute ram check is tedious every time I boot. However seeing that there are no open source projects out there for a rom-simm, and the next best thing requires an expensive programmer for no reason :^). I call this project "EconoSimm" because the total price of a unit is around $15. The major benefit comes from it using standard PLCC flash chips. So while the max memory is restricted to 2MB/16Mb anyone with a standard programmer can flash the EEPROMS. It's open source for everyone to enjoy Basically: Custom roms for less than the cost of a tank of gas Github link: Click here! Board: Totally not thrown together in gimp render: Schematic:
  8. SCSI2SD + Hard-Reset = No booting

    What version? I have a v4 and v5 and haven't had that issue. V6 looked too complicated for its own good.
  9. SE/30 CRT issues

    Well the crackling is a bad ground. Shouldn't be too hard to solve. Solder joints do break over time when exposed to high amounts of vibration, perhaps even the minute movements in a crt due to its high khz feedback were enough to move it lose over time. A generous reflow of all joints with a touch of leaded solder should remove any doubt of bad connections before you troubleshoot other issues.
  10. PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    The way we used to do it with old game boys (DMG's) was to use a razor blade to separate the digitizer/polarizer with a razor blade and peel it off, then clean the residue with 99% rubbing alcohol and align a new polarizer. Considering that the polarizer already looks like its done all you need to do is peel, clean, get a big sheet of polarizing film and some LOCA glue and have a polarizer that will last another 100 years.
  11. Checker board Screen

    Might be ram isnt seated correctly or the ROM's are shot.
  12. I have a source with low cost and unlimited quantities, hint, it starts with C and ends with ina. Alibaba exists Just get a proxy to talk to a connector company, there are still ones who produce eurodin connectors. Min quanties are usually a thousand, but at 0.90 per piece. If you needed the 3 different connectors it wouldnt be more than 300 and you'd be able to make a 1000 adapters OwO
  13. RaSCSI Development Thread

    2 updaterinos, both pushed to the git. 1. is the final v1. version of the internal board as small as I can get it: And here is a din-25 version for use externally. Would be good for people with multiple computers. Probably will order the din25 version soon. Will will see :^)
  14. RaSCSI Development Thread

    PCB alone would be as cheap as you could make it The $35 would be a at cost full assembled board. If you ordered from your local batch house it might be $20 for 10 boards? ($2ish per, don't quote me on that) Depends on how long you want to wait. If you need a board /NOW/ I think theres a japanese version for $100+intl shipping, and you need to buy a pi. I'm probably going to do a mini design tomorrow to see if I can get it to 1 pi (harhar) wide and/or using a 50pin scsi for external use. Edit: I'm looking for work atm, so I'll try to post updates as quick as possible in between application emails .
  15. RaSCSI Development Thread

    Sorry for not updating more Been busy with life stuff. Anyway I've made a new github (lost access to my old one) so this is the first thing on there. https://github.com/fran-cap/RASCSI-68kmlaver That has the eagle files, the extra libraries I used, and information about parts. I did a cost estimate and it would come out to around $35+s/h per so for each board, perhaps cheaper if I can find a good supplier. Going to try and post more stuff soon.